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Obama leaves WH without press, breaking protoco

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by SourGrapes

How do you know? Were you there? I am no Obama fan, but let's talk about real issues, not made-up ones.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by DEEZNUTZ

Spot on.

But you forgot about the bit that if he takes the press along, the soccer match that is supposed to be about his daughter playing with other kids, becomes a photo op for the President.

The POTUS presence at the game would be enough of a kerfuffle for the organizers, coaches, parents, and kids, who are just trying to play a game of soccer. With the press there all trying to get another angle ("So coach what is it like to coach the President's daughter?" "Is she good enough to play for the USA team yet or do you just play her because of who she is?", etc, etc.) it would have been a circus and unfair to the other kids.

I think Obama did exactly the right thing here.

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by SaturnFX

Originally posted by whatukno
reply to post by DrMattMaddix

that is a lot of twisted logic. Now your blaming an airplane crash halfway around the world on Obama? You even managed to bring up the old tired worn out Red Scare nonsense into it all.

You must live in a frightening world indeed.

Haven't you learned yet that nothing, and I mean nothing, can happen anywhere in the world without it being America's fault...specifically Obama's fault.

He sits in the oval office with controls to death lazer satellites, remote controls to the haarp machine, and the magic crystal ball guiding the zombie hoards of course.

And to agree otherwise makes you a sheep. You new to ATS?

Neither of you completely understood what I wrote...

I didn't say it was Obama's fault... Those that read and understood my post are probably laughing at the direct responses to my post.

Here, I'll type slowly yet again...

OP is about Obama breaking Protocol.

He does this merely hours after a Presidential plane slams into the ground killing all on board.

It's in Russia where any conspiracy can be covered VERY well by their investigation.

Obama comes into my speculation tying the two events together because there are TPTB (Obama's Bosses) MAYBE firing a warning shot to all global leaders.

He vanishes for two hours.

On that same thought, where was Hilary and Obama prior to the 2008 election?

They ditched reporters for a long time; some speculated that they were seen at the Bilderburg meeting in VA.

Diversion and misdirection happen all the time. Especially at the top.

The only transparency in their activities, has and always will be, what ever they choose to feed to the masses.

I choose to ignore any main stream reports that will be coming out... ESPECIALLY anything Russian.

Obama missed the greatest Photo OP of his life.

What better way to connect with his middle American Mom's & Soccer Dad's that are real parents. Sorry, official story is Major Fail.

How did anyone not notice him at the soccer game, snap a pic, etc... Boggles the mind when you actually use it to look for what's not been reported.

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by JauntyFlannigan
No scheduled soccer game for the team his daughters are publicly known to play for during Obama's disappearance.

Perhaps they play in another Northwest Washington league.

Just sayin'.

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Thank you for posting this, I see it slowed the ceseless condescentions that were dragging this thread into the ATS muckery. Interesting, a briefing on Poland's situation would probably be in order and would fit the bill of a couple hours. Why lie about it though?
Perhaps he was at a soccer game, who played? Who won? Let's ask some questions and get some answers before we go bashing the OP. Yeah the OP kinda asked for it with the anti-christ angle, but the question is IMO no less valid, and is certainly interesting if verified that there was indeed no soccer game to attend considering the events at the time.

Of course, I've seen worse PR work by a Diebold POTUS...

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 07:27 PM
May I respectfully suggest, to those interested in Obama's whereabouts/activities during this 'missing' period, and who don't buy the 'daughter's soccer game' story... try asking if:

Any other leaders/prominent persons were missing, or unexpectedly changed their itinerary during this same time?

Where were the leaders of Russia, China, The UK, France, Canada, Germany, etc ... during this time.

Personally, I think it's just a Dad wanting to spend some private quality time enjoying watching his daughter playing soccer. Sometimes there is NO conspiracy, no matter how much you would like there to be one.

But if I was going to start asking questions, I'd start with my suggestions above.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 07:42 PM

Originally posted by RestingInPieces

Originally posted by allgoodnamesaretaken

I'm going to my daughter's soccer game. Yes, I know it's 10:30 p.m., but there's nothing unusual about going to a soccer game in the middle of the night.

Did Obama go to a soccer game at 10:30 pm?

You seem like one of those people who use modified examples of things that never happened to make (non) point.

Of course he attended the soccer game to see his daughter play just

like he attended Columbia University. ^Y^

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:01 PM
reply to post by Dagar

Why would you do something so horrible as to use logic and reasoning?

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 08:54 PM
Does anyone remember when bush was in a classroom reading books with kids when the planes hit the towers and continued to read books

Gosh - Obama has a family and went to his daughters game - Because because some foreign president and his foolish pilot crew did not take warning and decided to land and kill themselves does not mean obama has to take the death of someone seriously - He cares for his family

Last time i checked the polish president wasn't a family member of obama - He doesn't give a squat.

Also the last time i checked - It's the pilots decision to land - Pilot was like "oh hey it's just some fog not a problem i don't need to listen to any warning at all - I'm the pilot - The god of the plane" yep pilot messed up and the russians are scared and seriously don't want to take the blame for some BS they did not do

Stop calling conspiracy - Pilot was a moron...End of story

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 09:39 PM
I'm no big fan of Obama either, didn't vote for him. But I swear the people who really dno't like him are just getting on his case about absolutely everythnig he does now. I don't see tht a president should maintain some traditions, and this sounds like a stupid one. A press conference every ti8me he leaves the whitehouse? And so what, he went to watch his kid play soccer. I'm sure his people had him contact whoever he should to give his sympathies about the horrible Polish situation. I don't think he should blow off his kid's soccer game as a result, his staying home wouldn't have raised the polish president fro the grave. If Obama was the surviving Polish prime mininster, sure, *he* shouldn'g to a soccer game right now. But, we're not polish.


posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 09:43 PM
Did anyone even bother clicking on the School Sport's schedule that was linked to this thread?

Where the hell is the Soccer game that was played on 4/10? I checked the schedule and Soccer is played in Fall and Winter.

The last soccer game was played on 2/24.

So what's wrong with this picture?

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 09:50 PM
No Soccer game existed, unless he has a Delorian and a crazzy Doctor for a friend.

At least people see the problem here.. Broke protocol and openly lied about why.


posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 11:54 PM
reply to post by JauntyFlannigan

Right on! thats what investigative journalists used to do! Great pick up!

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 12:02 AM
It's the president's daughter for crying out loud

You do know she has body guards right? And there game is private for other - Private citizens...Stop being fools and think it's all over the internet

What if someone wanted to do something to his wife or daughter? Get real and stop being imbeciles - He has HIGH security around him

What did america expect? He's doing all he can

Or did america expect him to get on air force one and say sorry? First of all it's between russia and poland

If i was president of america i would not even care...Did poland come down to us when we were fighting the japs? Who is america to poland? Last time i checked they don't like america too much

Sorry poland - In america and reality the term "kiss me im polish" does NOT apply to america - I'm sorry if you have any issues you can take it with the americans.

The last time i checked the motto of my country = We invade people - We don't kiss them. The world knows that for sure

America does not play games with russia - Russia is something to fear - I fear them and they obviously don't like us/must fear us.

If russia did something...Then russia will tell you - What can america do? america cannot help no one - You think russia is going to let an american on their soil to investigate???? The russians know 100% how corrupt the us government is and they would never allow that

Wether accident or conspiracy...We don't know and i don't think we will know - We don't ask mother russia to tell us if she has a conspiracy up her sleeve...You don't question a good mother.

russia might be completely innocent and prolly being set up by something - Don't accuse Mother Russia of things she doesn't do...You guys and gals need to calm your nerves and stop ASSUMING things. Leave russia alone and i speak as an american here

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 12:44 AM
Ok, ok, did his daughters game start 2 hours earlier then scheduled? Wouldn't the press know were he was going anyway, and at what time the game was scheduled for? Obviously the game was rescheduled, or something else changed.

I mean, ask yourself questions before jumping down someones throat.

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 01:19 AM
Most of the people posting in this polish president dies in airplane crash is blaming EVERYTHING on russia

Look at vlad himself...He looked shocked and dumb founded because in the pictures he knew that all the lunatics are going to start accusing him of a conspiracy and the current president.

If the poles don't like the russians...Why did you use their air planes then? Maybe it's a technical fault in the planes the russians built - NO ONE'S PERFECT

Some of my BEST and closest friends and comrades are from russia - Russian people are generally a nice people. I just don't understand why all the hates is projected towards russia.

The kgb is barely functioning anymore...Get real you guys seriously have lost it all.

Russia is not my country - I have no right to defend them - But i do have a right when russia is a close ally to america and the treaty we signed - The russians are just as peaceful as anyone would want to be

The soviet union was just people taking advantage and abusing the mother land

it's not soviet russia - IT'S MOTHER RUSSIA - get that into your thick skulls...Thank you people

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 01:43 AM

Originally posted by Grumble

Originally posted by yellowcardyou're the one who mentioned race...

I was saying exactly the same sort of thing until recently, when I finally accepted the obvious: this blind, unreasonable hatred of the man is clearly motivated by a factor beyond all of the excuses given. It is clear that fear of race is the underlying cause of the hatred being displayed.

I was so very proud of the America who elected him. It truly was a stunning display of the progress we have made. And by the way, I was not a supporter, I was just thrilled that we made such an anti-racism statement. But we must remember that if half of the country are fully participating in the 21st century, the other half wants to return it to the 19th.

So if people are racist and that's why they didn't support healthcare reform...then what was Clinton's excuse? If Republicans took the house and senate in 1994 when Clinton was trying to implement policies that Obama is trying to implement now, then what was Clinton's excuse? I think people are rewriting history, so either people are going through time shift or people like yourself have forgotten the past in the current politically charged environment.
People act as if the right wing loved Bush, the only people who loved Bush were evangelicals who believed that Bush was going to implement a "Christian Nation." Those who buy that he was trying to do that also misrepresent the past. You know who the most devout Christian to take the White House in the past 50 years was? Jimmy Carter. People are only remembering what they want to remember, and that goes for both sides. Calling critics of Obama racist is getting ridiculous...and you know what? So are the critics of Obama who call him "radical." I'm convinced neither side knows what the hell they are talking about.

[edit on 12-4-2010 by yellowcard]

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by yellowcard

that person didnt say everyone that hates obama must be racist, just the ones that have an illogical amount of hatred for the man. you can dislike a person without trying to look into everything he does with the preconceived notion that there must have been some sort of nefarious meaning to it and manufacture ideas without a shred of proof, lack of proof defending a person isnt proof of guilt.... but people seem to have forgotten this. innocent until PROVEN guilty. not guilty now lets find what he is guilty of. I dont really like obama but even i am getting sick of seeing all this ridiculous claims and conspiracy that are all founded on the fact that there is no proof to defend him and not proof to convict him.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 02:52 AM

Originally posted by joel.ohman
reply to post by yellowcard

that person didnt say everyone that hates obama must be racist, just the ones that have an illogical amount of hatred for the man. you can dislike a person without trying to look into everything he does with the preconceived notion that there must have been some sort of nefarious meaning to it and manufacture ideas without a shred of proof, lack of proof defending a person isnt proof of guilt.... but people seem to have forgotten this. innocent until PROVEN guilty. not guilty now lets find what he is guilty of. I dont really like obama but even i am getting sick of seeing all this ridiculous claims and conspiracy that are all founded on the fact that there is no proof to defend him and not proof to convict him.

And what would you call a person the is white and has a illogical hatred of a white president? This is the flaw in your reasoning you try to make the pieces fit and sometimes it is just illogical hate hence the name illogical. But I guess it is easier to play the safe hand rather then truly look for the truth. Good luck with that.

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 03:27 AM
1 - what exactly do people expect him to do , re the poland situation ? [ that would not permit a 2 hour absence ?????? ]

2 - which part of the world is " teetering on the brink " - according to polish associates here in the uk - certainly not poland - yes its a national tragedy - and a vast majority are mourning the deaths - but the surviving govt ministers have the legitimate authority to carry on with the running of the country untill elections can be held - the country has the support of EU nato and the USA , poland will pull through

3 - if he was attending am alleged " secret meeting " why not bring the other party to the white house ???? the press do not have 24/7 access to the oval office - or detsails of the contents / passengers of every vehicle that arrives / leaves - secret meetings could be held daily with the press totally in the dark

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 04:13 AM
I have learned a scary lesson from threads like this one. Slowly it beginning to sink in.
Thank you ATS.
I finally realize just how many crazy, illogical and hot tempered people there are in this world. The percentage is way higher than I would have ever known, had it not been for the internet and sites like this one, where every hair-brained idea gets its airing, and as often as not, acquires its crowd of followers.

However did we manage to get this far with society with so many quacks in our midst? Or maybe that should be, no wonder we haven't gotten to where we need to be.

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