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The Secret of Success...

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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 05:18 PM
Is to not despise success or be afraid of it.

If you consider having many friends and love around you to be success, then you must get rid of the anti-social mindset.

If you consider monetary wealth to be success, you've got to stop hating wealth. I believe every human is an incredibly powerful being capable of anything - things we haven't even yet imagined. I believe we are all omnipotent and just have yet to realize it. But I see people every day fearing and hating what are their greatest desires, and this is exactly what keeps them from accomplishing their ultimate goals.

We all have different goals and different agendas, but none of these will be accomplished until we relinquish all fear, and declare that hate is not even a part of our being any longer.

The fear needs to go.

This has been a public service announcement, brought to you by the official Kyle Orton Army.And now you know.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 07:26 AM
I agree with you KyleOrtonArmy, we have a strange
way of looking at what should be a simple form of

We panic about how many shiny things we should adorn
ourselves and homes with, we kill each other over beliefs
that have no concrete proof, but suit our style of living.

We hate or love, because the box in the corner of our rooms
tells us to and that fictional negative tales are more important
than the old dude down the block who struggles to go to the

We worry over not having a certain amount of round discs of metal
or different pieces of paper that someone agreed to call currency,
when the REAL currency of kindness and love is looked on as
something that belongs to a forgotten time... and the nieve.

Money is a tool, we've agreed to use it in our world, so we should.
To brighten up yourself and your surroundings can be seen has a good
thing, if it makes people around you smile... and of course, yourself.

It can be seen to be healthy to worship Gods, to believe that when you
are asleep, somebody is watching over you and loves you, the only
down-side to these beliefs is that we kill each other because of them.

Humans have a great capacity to be able to change their world for the
better or worst.
We can go to other planets, we can imagine things that can change
universes, we can love and be loved, a intangible feeling for scientists
to behold.
And we can be total assholes too.
'Paint Your Wagon' should be looked on as a Life manual.

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