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The Medical Industry Has Gone Amuck and Why

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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 07:58 AM
Here is a video of an interview of Dr Andrew Wakefield by Dr. Joseph Mercola. concerning the MMR vaccine that brings out a whole lot of extra concerns about the safety of our entire medical industry and where it is coming from and why we are having problems with it.
Dr Wakefield

In this interview, Dr. Andrew Wakefield shares his personal and professional insights into a number of topics, from the gut-brain connection so often seen in autistic children, to the safety of a number of childhood vaccines.

But most importantly, he sets the record straight on the harsh criticism he’s endured as the author of one of the most controversial vaccine-causing-autism studies ever done.

In addition to his hotly contested MMR study, published in the journal Lancet in 1998, he has published about 130-140 peer-reviewed papers looking at the mechanism and cause of inflammatory bowel disease, and has extensively investigated the brain-bowel connection in the context of children with developmental disorders such as autism.

It is a long interview but please watch to the end because he alludes to some very serious problems we have in the scientific reliability of our "accepted medical practice."

We have for so long idolized the medical professionals and rightly appreciate their hard work and altruistic motivation on our behalfs. But there are things we take for granted and that doctors take for granted that seem to be off and the method for the acceptance of "accepted medical practice" seems to be flawed by big business, big government, big publishing and the profit motive.
We trust the government and the FDA and the CDC and the AMA and medical professionals to be looking out for our welfare.
But when any problem comes up we find that big business does not take responsibility and uses it's influence on big government to silence opposition, remove competition, falsify data and ram the whole thing down the public throat.
To begin with in 1918-19 the Spanish influenza resulted from innoculations against various diseases. But Wikipedia still contends that it was resulting from a disease, the swine flu, so horrible that it would send a person into cytokine shock. The cytokine shock resulted from the immunizations not the flu. You will find an acccount of this on When people tried to point this out in the 70's protesting the government's attempt at mandatory vaccinations, the book was banned from the mail as "against accepted medical procedure." In other words "accepted medical procedure" is whatever the AMA says it is and anyone who differs on that is run out of business.
Of course we assume the AMA uses strict scientific proceedures to make it's decisions. Information has to be peer reviewed and results have to be consistent and reproducible. But what you find, like the recent Climate-Gate, is that data is falsified, peers who disagree are disqualified, and anyone who objects is run out of business. This has been standard policy for a long time. Dentists who warned their patients against mercury in the silver fillings were run out of business. The discovery the laetrile would cure cancer got Vitamin B 17 outlawed. G Edward Griffith wrote A World Without Cancer on the subject. Vitamins are getting outlawed by Codex Alimentarius. GM foods are being promoted without being tested while the FDA ignores the rat deaths & organ damage in tests in India. It's one big WTF moment. Vaccines cause autism. Fluoride is poison. Chemtrails are poison, but they don't exist because we live in a parallel universe where nothing exists that the govt/medical industry doesn't acknowledge and they lie through their teeth. Vaccines are causing chronic illnesses that the doctors dismiss because they are trained to dismiss them and they don't seem to make a connection. The CDC claims we had a Swine Flu Epidemic and tried to vaccinate us, but instead of keeping track of who had what virus and who was vaccinated before they got sick, they pretended to be overwhelmed and didn't keep track. The whole purpose was to sell more vaccines. And they sold them to the government with the provision that the government only would be responsible if we died. Nobody could sue them.

I know I should be putting in links for each of these, but they are all out there on the internet and easy to find. If anyone wants to argue I'll be happy to put in links, although I tried to find the link where someone in the twenties had a notary public attest that the record keepers on the small pox clinic inductees were told to record a no for a yes if the patient had been vaccinated against small pox. I'll find it.

The problem is that the medical industry got hijacked by an organization that maintained a respectable front, but was really a criminal gang. This same criminal gang got roots through philanthropic gestures into our schools, our universities, and bought up the news media and politicians. Some people knew about it a long time. But most of us were totally in the dark and only became aware of it because of their other illegal activities like 911 and the resulting wars, that defied explanation and got us wondering what was going on. And even this only got sustained attention when the healthcare bill passed and people suddeny started realizing that the Congress is under the control of somebody else.

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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 04:13 PM
S & F

I've read some statistics that concluded it was you are saver at home then you are in the hospital.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 05:07 PM
Excellant post! May I suggest that more people put more top-down collaborations together like this on ATS (et all)? It works for the PTB, which is why they implement a pyramidic structure to incorporate lesser cell movements under them. You can analyze small issues, but you are working hard against the grain to make a larger issue of matters when you try to draw the connection between your tiny issue and what controls those issues. From the top of the pyramid of power you look and see the connections much easier, because you are above the clouds of delusion, and can connect the dots.

For example, you could argue about the effectiveness of drug endomightafixedaproblem.butwouldrathermakesummoney in it's relation to causing cancer in group A of somesuchstudy as authorized by the highly acclaimed private research of Wannabea Good Scientist, PHD and Then try to correlate the actual impacts of this dogged research to truth, while a hundred armchair scientists, agents of disinfo working for the man, and valid searchers for truth argue their sides on the subject.

It is intensely frustrating to waste ones time even reading such a thread. Why? Because we have already established the FDA was built on the opium trade, have their interests - the ideologies which guide corporations - in the pockets of the people, and will only hint at cures while perpetuating the collection of money from innocents who believe they are actually contributing. Those who know better than to support the system already realize that a dollar towards cancer research actually supports the beast. It employs the same people who would perpetuate the system, channels money to the elites who deserve no more, and possibly buys a radiation unit to damage the health of the ignorant who has not done their homework well. Guilty by proxy, because with knowledge comes responsibility. I'd rather be sad and wise to what's going on than blissfully ignorant and happy anyday.

This was a good summary, and from here we could analyze any particular of a corrupt system. It agrees with the OP. I don't even want to post on threads here which don't address the Priority of issues. It's not unfriendly, I care plenty. But to read 13 pages on a thread revolving around a minor issue to draw attention to a bigger point that could then be capsized by calls of "off-topic" just isn't my idea of a good time! Our time is, or should be, important. There are more currencies than money. "Time is love" I've heard it said.

posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 11:44 PM

This PDF shows that diseases were dropping in occurrence before vaccines were discovered and initiated.

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