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Questions For UFO Buffs

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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 10:53 AM
Interesting theory, RadarLoveGuy! What makes you think that the earth is being protected?

And I'm not buying the other poster's theory that aliens are harvesting humans, thus explaining all of the people that go missing each year. The aliens, if they wanted to do this (which I doubt!) could just grow humans on their huge motherships and avoid any of us becoming suspicious. And anyway, surely with their technology, thye would be able to synthesise any compounds they wanted, rather than 'harvest' them from humans?!?


posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 01:14 PM

Originally posted by Millions

Interesting theory, RadarLoveGuy! What makes you think that the earth is being protected?

And I'm not buying the other poster's theory that aliens are harvesting humans, thus explaining all of the people that go missing each year. The aliens, if they wanted to do this (which I doubt!) could just grow humans on their huge motherships and avoid any of us becoming suspicious. And anyway, surely with their technology, thye would be able to synthesise any compounds they wanted, rather than 'harvest' them from humans?!?


Maybe they don't care if we are suspicious because what are we going to do about it?
If I ever see an alien inside my home I will kill it. I have a feeling that a 44 mag headshot will put one down for sure.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 01:45 PM
1) well no matter how advanced technologie is, there will alway`s be accedents that will happen.
you cannot prepare for somthing you do not know.
what if they had trouble and came here to fix it, and got more trouble and crashed, i do not believe it was shot down.

the technologie they use can be way more simple than that we use, its all about the basis it is build on.

i dont remember where i read this, it was a book about ufo`s in the past.
a farmer heard some loud noises saw some flashes, he went to the place and saw a strange looking vehecle, with a man outside, a plain normal man only its clothes where not from that time.
the farmer went back to get its gun and when he came back he saw a metal rod with a note on it, saying it worked, nothing more.

2) observe and maybe even at some point protect us from extinction events.
i have seen an marvelous ufo myself, and i don`t think it was a craft with aliens in it, more like scouting drone, scanning, and totally ignoring humanity itself.
now that i type this, it could even be some kind of space police/hunter searching for , well you name it, it was sending out all kinds of colors and was not trying to blend in.

for why they do not help us, i think there are a lot of reasons to be found in humans towards animals.

3) organized crime, business, profit,
a ufo gets reported to the police > government> defense industries > business.

so its not strange that its all veiled in secrecy.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by Hadrian

humm, you`re on to something there.
we can imagine us like star trek in the future.
some kind of tv program called the earth soap. the world war on "niburu" the struggle of the martians to survive, and the wonders of art from the small tiny planet qwerty.

would that not be worthwhile to look at instead of the thousands of years old human fantasied tv?

so im saying could these ufo`s be recording apparatus and nothing more, a rare "operah"meeting with the inhabitants could be etc.

thank you!
for my new view on my own ufo sighting

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 02:19 PM
I find the assumptions made here quite extraordinary. UFOs are an amazing and serious topic, and some of the ideas that have been presented in these two pages seem to widely miss the mark. I think the real issues are the mysteries of 1) the wide variety of craft sightings reported 2) reports of what appear to be multiple species 3) their lack of formal contacts and 4) governmental silences or denials of these reports including excuses that aren't persuasive.

I live in Southern California, and worked in an office about 3 miles away from the Miramar Naval Air Station, home of the (former) Top Gun Flight School (from Tom Cruise movie fame). The area is heavily patrolled by the military and is completely covered by radar.

I did not see an Unidentified Flying Object, what I saw from my office window was an "UNIDENTIFIABLE" flying object. It was not configured in any way that would make something from Earth work: no wings, no jets, no propellers, not even tied to bags of helium.

It moved in ways that are not possible with our technology, apparently violating the rules of inertia, capacities to move so fast and stop so suddenly that it did not seem to travel, but merely appear from place to place. Whatever it was did not seem to disturb the local military, nor was there any mention of the event in the press (censorship?)

My description is not unique, but I have no answers, nor have I ever seen a clear explanation of what is undoubtedly real phenomena.

It's not the lack of answers that I find frightening, its the apparently bogus answers to all the wrong questions that have me concerned.

Be very careful to be informed when you purport to answer questions as to what these are. Some first person observations, or some serious discussions are most urgently needed.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by Dromadus

could you have seen a "reboot" of a typical ufo? or a update that was processed? a little glitch in the ufo`s software/hardware, a propulsion defect.

quite a lot of "earth" like problems that i can imagine a alien craft can produce.
so what you saw could something like that fit in?

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by UfoSpecial

Exactly what part of my comment are you referring to as wrong? If it's the part about aliens being here en masse, perhaps I can explain myself better.

I believe that at one point in the distant past, aliens (and therefore their transportation devices) played a much bigger part in our lives. They were an everyday part or our existence. But now it seems they have gone into hiding. Every now and then someone spots a UFO, someone claims an alien was walking around their backyard, but they are in no way as plainly obvious to all of us as you make it sound.

reply to post by Aquarius1

You are absolutely right. I may think the Roswell crash never happened, but I can't provide any proof. What I did do is explain why I feel that way. Long story short, we're better at faking things and making things look extraterrestrial. Hence the images of aliens and ufo's now look nothing like the supposed wreckage and remains of the Roswell incident. They look too much like movie props of movies that would have been made at the time.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by danj3ris

Okay, I see what you mean then. ( I didn't mean you are wrong as in "bad" or anything).
I also think in the past they were here in bigger force and I also think they were responsible for the destruction of some peoples of the earth in past ancient times.
But because of the NASA footage and the tether incident and other solid evidence, I see they are still here en mass, although we only get a peek at these evidences on rare occasions. all added together it seems to be a lot of evidence though.
Right now there is so much official secrecy still maintained, and ridicule, social stigma, that it just doesn't seem too important to most.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by Quickfix

No problem Quickfix, I have been following the Roswell case for more years then I can remember and know some of the respected serious researchers, not currently doing any research myself, when I did it was personal, never have been out there.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 11:10 PM
Interesting report, Dromadus! Very interesting!

You say though that the local military base didn't seem to respond to your sighting - why do you think this would be? What do you think?

- Maybe it was from the local military base?
- Maybe the local military base didn't detect it?
- Maybe the local miltarty base did know about it, but also knew that they would be wasting their time chasing after something so much more advanced?
- Maybe the local military base were warned to 'stay away'?

I'd be interested to hear what you think.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 01:58 AM
Excuse me if I have this story wrong but this is what I've read about the Roswell Alien Crash:

(I know I'm going to have this mixed up)

At the time Lockheed had the the fastest plane in the World. Tesla had developed the Death Ray, a weapon that would shoot out a lazar and disable all the mechanics, logistics, and operating equipment of a craft to take it down. The Lockheed plane took off from a base in Texas, heading West towards California, supposedly carrying the Death Ray. While en route, the pilot spotted a UFO, he radioed in, "Do we have any friendly's in the sky?" "No", so the pilot proceeded to engage and used the Death Ray to take down the UFO.

I'm not sure his name but he has a 3 part video of him on youtube, talking about this story and how to make anti-gravity. He shows an example of a metal ball going through an iron rod. He says he discovered anti-gravity by an experiment where he fasten to magnets at opposing poles together, and dropped from 57 feet up with another ball, and the magnets screwed together fell to the ground slower.

Not sure if he is reliable, thought I should mention it, hopefully someone knows who I am referring to.

1. The Roswell technology was very advanced. Not sure if these story hold any weight, but I've read on the internet that when scientists entered the craft to study it, they lost complete sense of time and direction, inside the craft was like being in a different dimension, all the tools had minds of their own and would play tricks on the scientists. Pretty alien if you ask me.

2. Why are they here? They could have built us, for one, if not, the usual story is an agreement to give the US technology and the Grey's can abduct people as they may and report it to the government whom on how many, but the Grey's broke the rule and started abducting far too many.

If TBTB are directly influenced by the "Aliens", then we can observe the Alien agenda right now in this life we are living by just following history and current events.

3. There must be some negative outcome if the TBTB's disclosed the presence of advanced ET presence. I don't know, maybe ET is trying to communicate with the world by remaining incognito.

As far as the Middle East goes, I've read theories on our presence in the Middle East is to kill off people who are part of an Ancient Alien Bloodline. Not sure how you can prove that.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 03:36 AM
reply to post by Millions

I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a UFO "buff" but I know a bit about them.

1) We didn't shoot down the UFO at Roswell by all reports there was a big storm that night and that might be what caused the crash. I also doubt that the craft that crashed had interstellar capabilities. Think about it this way, the aliens fly here in some sort of interstellar craft or perhaps even tunnel through a wormhole to get here and then rely on UFOs for transportation in and around the solar system and here on Earth.

2) The first thing any thinking civilization does as soon as it can is look for other life in the Universe. Think about it, we humans have already found exoplanets and we have top scientists looking for them hoping to find something that is like Earth. So of course a civilization capable of interstellar travel is going to show interest in us, perhaps even monitor our transition from Type 0 to Type 1 Civilization. I doubt they are hostile. Actually I too am skeptical that they are even here but I'm playing devils advocate

3) I'm not sure I believe the government conspiracies either though I'm almost certain that what happened at Roswell was not a weather balloon crashing to Earth. Part of me wants to believe that the government is as in the dark as we are about UFOs but the only way to know for certain would be for disclosure of their documents. We know they keep tabs on UFOs but we don't know how much they know about them. The only way to find out what they know is to get disclosure.

In conclusion:

I'm pretty skeptical about this topic. I saw a UFO a few years back but seeing only deepens the mystery. It could be aliens, it could be time travelers, it could all be our imaginations or some aerial phenomenon we have no explanation for. We'll never know until legitimate science gets involved, the problem is most of the legit scientists of the world laugh at UFO believers (mainly because of all the new age, reptilian, Atlantis, nibiru crap that gets lumped in with UFOs)...

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 03:47 AM
reply to post by Millions

in regards to question #1: murphy's law

as for other crashes, I'm pretty sure those are of terrestrial origins if not outright disinformation; kind of like inundating the skies with those chinese lantern...very effective I might add

ETs have their own schedule and reasons...if and when they reveal themselves will be their choice

posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 12:47 PM

1) Assuming Roswell and stories of other crashes were true, then we can only assume that the alien technology isn't particularly advanced. Otherwise we wouldn't be capable of shooting down these vessels with our primitive technology. And surely advance futuristic alien technology would have some kind of anti-crashing measures?!?

This kind of technology seems like something we, ourselves, will be capable of developing withing the next 50 years. Don't you think that it is odd that, out of civilizations which could be millions of years more advanced than us, we happen to be visited by one so close to ourselves in terms of scientific knowledge?

What have we got that can travel interstellar distances? Also, we had quite a lot of advancement (exponential advancement) after 1947, so recovering tech from such a craft could help to explain this bit of catch up. As for not crashing, the Space Shuttle is a far cry from a horse and buggy, and yet, they've blown up, haven't they? The more complex something is, the more it can go wrong. Many suspect early radar is to blame, with interfering with the craft's guidance. As an unnatural phenomenon, it is conceivable the pilot simply wasn't prepared to handle the interference, who knows, could be a lot of reasons for such a crash.

2) These aliens are clearly more scientifically advanced than we are. It seems logical, therefore, to conclude that if they had hostile intentions, they would be able to wipe us out fairly easily. Therefore, if not for hostile reasons, why are they here? And if their intentions are to assist mankind, then why not gift us their knowledge for purposes of health and science. They could probably cure cancer tomorrow! Again, if their intention isn't to help us in this manner, why are they here?

First, you said they seemed to be not so much more advanced then we are, now they are? For all we know, our only technical separation could be their interstellar drive. As for their intentions, it's hard to try and determine their intentions, as they are (by definition) of an alien mindset. They could be military scouts, scientists collecting specimens, even lost tourists, for all we know. If they were hostile though, we'd likely already be toast. But, they don't seem interested in being buddies either, by their silence.

3) The whole government collusion conspiracy bothers me. If these aliens are so advanced and all-powerful, why allow some grubby little American politician to dictate their disclosure timeframe?

The only way, theoretically, is that they too, would benefit from the secrecy. Also, as stated, their tech may be more advanced, but the logistics of warfare may be problematic, and its possible we've since developed some countermeasures that may at least be partially effective. Or, the secrecy simply enables them to better carry out their mission, whatever that may be.

And why haven't other governments came out and officially declared their existence? Look at the size of Russia, India or China. If there have been several crashes in the USA, as we have been led to believe, then surely there will have been some in these other countries too. So are all of these governments agreed on this policy of secrecy? Why? Look at all the land mass in the middle east. What about crashes there? Why don't these countries have access to back engineered technology? Why haven't these countries - who don't follow the American political line - admitted the existence of UFOs?

I don't think that EVERY alleged crash is a genuine one. Indeed, most don't hold up to the evidence test all that well, Roswell being a notable exception. Still, it could be the same reason the US keeps the secret. Whatever it is, my bet is that once known, we won't like it one bit....(and some nations have made official statements supporting an interstellar origin for UFOs)....

Also, the secret HASN'T been kept all that well. There are tons of leaks. However, as long as you can recover physical evidence (which is easy under National Defense reasons), and maintain an air of ridicule around the subject, then the leaks simply don't matter...they won't be believed.

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