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WikiLeaks Founder, Julian Assange: International Man of Mystery

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:08 PM
I was greeted with a very interesting article in the paper's this morning and amid the recent controversy surrounding the latest actions taken by the internet whistle blowing phenomenon that is WikiLeaks, my interests were peaked. Julian Assange, ever since I first saw this man last year there was something that struck me as odd. Not in terms of his appearance solely, but from the general persona that he portrays every time you see/hear him speak, which is very rare. So after reading this article, I decided to delve into this a bit more and see if any truth about who this man is and to see what his true agenda is... unfortunately or fortunately, whats known about this man is just as hazy as the details surrounding the decryption process of the infamous Iraq war video.

Keep your eyes peeled on this fella', hes the new face of the anti-globalist-criminal-warmonger-corporatist-regulatist-fascist-Orwellian movement that is the emerging new world.

Julian Assange

Always dressed in a dark suite, with his long locks of golden hair, this semi-eccentric figure lives life out of backpack and with his laptop. But this man's commanding presence should not be undermined, his deep voice and his tenured use of it through concretely reasoned wording was evidenced during the recent WikiLeaks conference at the NPC. This man clearly delves in shadows, only emerging when there is truth to be told. He is elusive as his birth child, WikiLeaks has no headquarters, no office, no formal structure other than the name and the truth-seeking ideology attached to it. Co-founder or not, Assange is clear about who holds power at Wikileaks. Who gets the final call in a dispute? "Me, actually," Assange says. "I'm the final decision if the document is legit."

He has never spoken about his upbringing in Australia, fearing it may compromise the security of Wikileaks. I thought this was odd, keeping his past a secret, even though there are some loose facts about his existence in the southern continent. Is it something that he did, someone that he knows, something that he said, in his past, that may in some way be the achilles heel to the WikiLeaks operation? It's unclear. But Assange has had a much more clear internet history.

In 1991 Assange was charged with 30 hacking offenses, all while he was a teenager. Targets then, included Telecom, Australian National University and even a remote hacking into the Australian Federal Police system to monitor their workings. He did plead guilty to 24 of the charges... but what resulted in the investigation of 1991? It was a stunt pulled by Assange and possibly some collaborators in 1989, against the DEC and VMS.

The WANK (Worms Against Nuclear Killers) worm was launched from Melbourne as an attack on the NASA website. It is accepted as the first politically motivated digital crime. The word WANK appeared... along with a message:



\__ ____________ _____ ________ ____ ____ __ _____/
\ \ \ /\ / / / /\ \ | \ \ | | | | / / /
\ \ \ / \ / / / /__\ \ | |\ \ | | | |/ / /
\ \ \/ /\ \/ / / ______ \ | | \ \| | | |\ \ /
\_\ /__\ /____/ /______\ \____| |__\ | |____| |_\ \_/
\ /
\ Your System Has Been Officically WANKed /

You talk of times of peace for all, and then prepare for war.


1997 saw the release of an astonoshing book titled Underground (AVAILABLE FOR READING HERE, strongly recommended). It was written by Dr. Suelette Dreyfus and a co-researcher was none other than Julian Assange. The book detailed the workings of Melbourne's computer hackers. Here is where it gets interesting. In the book, the real names of the hackers weren't used, instead, their online identities. One of them was called Mendax. The biographical details of Assange that were available on the WikiLeaks website match the details about the hacker called Mendax.

Throughout the book, Mendax (Assange) is delivered as a very intelligent child who never knew his father and lived a nomadic life with his mother, who moved from town to town. Mendax (Assange) at one time lived in central rural Queensland:

''For a clever 16-year-old boy the place was dead boring. Mendax lived there with his mother; Emerald was merely a stopping point, one of dozens, as his mother shuttled her child around the continent trying to escape from a psychopathic former de facto.''


''Sometimes Mendax went to school. Often he didn't. The school system didn't hold much interest for him. It didn't feed his mind … The computer system was a far more interesting place to muck around in.''

-Page 53, Underground.

It's very interesting to note that Mendax had a very deep voice for his young age, a characteristic which is still present in him today. Dreyfus promised to never reveal the true identities of the hackers whose stories are told in her book, notably, and with much detail, that of Mendax (Assange). In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, Dreyfus spoke of Mendax:

''He is not politically motivated. He is more concerned with truth and the quest for it. He is certainly not party political. I think he sees that there are good people on both sides of politics and definitely bad people. He is a very brave person. He is absolutely convinced that it is worth taking high personal risks in exchange for getting truth out to the community.''

Those who are supposed to know him well never comment on this enigmatic character. Questions arise around his recent ventures with Wikieaks, is it the result of a developing human conscience or just the development of a very intelligent child.

David Kushner (New York Times) states:

"... [Assange] lives like a man on the lam. He won't reveal his age— 'Why make it easy for the bastards?' He prefers talking on the phone instead of meeting in person, and seems to never use the same number twice. His voice is often hushed, and gaps fill the conversation, as if he's constantly checking over his shoulder. Like him, the organization behind his next-generation whistleblowing machine can also be maddeningly opaque."

Not much is known about this man, but his presence is foreboding and his agenda is riveting. I believe the epigraph written by Assange for the book 'Underground' speaks wildly about this individual, using an Oscar Wilde quote to explain his mission.

''Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.''

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:26 PM
reply to post by serbsta

Great post OP . I've thought there was something 'different' about this guy , but it feels like a 'good' kind of different .

Maybe he is a 'messenger' for mankind .

Whatever his story may be , I can't say that I blame him for being secretive or elusive or anything . Most people who expose the truth and the corruption in high-places usually wind up committing suicide or their brakes fail on their auto or something else even more sinister .

Whoever he is , he has my vote .

Long may you run Mr. Assange .

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:38 PM
hate to sound morbid here but

with a low deep voice, blonde hair
could he really be an Alien trying to help us
sheeple find the truth???

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:43 PM
reply to post by okbmd

That's exactly how I feel. It's a 'good' different, so far I've found nothing, no dirt to smear the man with.

reply to post by boondock-saint

An Alien who lived in rural farms for most of his life?

Don't think so.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:55 PM
Sorry, I don't think he is an alien sent here to help us. I do think that he probably had something happen to him, daddy issues maybe, that made him deplore lying, not a bad quality I might add.

Given his line of work, I doubt most people looking for him want to wish him well. Be it governments, big businesses, what have you this man had made few friends and far more enemies, I'm certain most would show up at his funeral just to make sure he's finally dead.

That said, I applaud his work and his purpose, if it truly is simply to bring light to the truth and corruption that hide so easily in the open today.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:55 PM
Great thread, I was wondering what motivations the creator of wikileaks had, and they are appearantly benevolant! What an interesting character, I may read that book.


posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:00 PM
Here is a interview with the guy.

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by searching4truth

That said, I applaud his work and his purpose, if it truly is simply to bring light to the truth and corruption that hide so easily in the open today.

I suppose only time will tell, but from what we know about him and his organisation so far, we should only be protecting them.

reply to post by MysterE

Agreed, only positive information about this guy is known so far (unless you consider his teen hacking period as evil). That being said, we have no reason to hate or distrust, we only have reasons to protect and praise.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:57 PM
great thread. thanks for sharing your research, serbsta. and thanks for the video, groomlake. all very enlightening.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by serbsta

I do not see Julian Assange as a man of mystery.

I see him as someone who is just like us ATS'ers, a "conspiracy theorist".

Quote from : Wikipedia : Julian Assange

Julian Assange (English pronunciation: /æˈsɑːnʒ/; born in the 1970s) is an Australian journalist, programmer and Internet activist, who lived in East Africa as of 2008.


Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in CopenhagenHe is known for his involvement in Wikileaks, a whistleblower website.

Assange sits on its nine-member advisory board and is a prominent media spokesman for Wikileaks.

He has also been described as the site's director and founder (although he does not use the latter term for himself), and has stated that he has the final decision in the process of vetting documents submitted to the site.

Like all others working for the site, Assange was an unpaid volunteer as of January 2010; being able to self-finance his work because of money he made earlier with Internet-related activities.

Assange was the winner of the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award (New Media), awarded for exposing extra-judicial assassinations; the 2008 Economist Index on Censorship Award; and various other media awards.

Since Wikileaks has opened, Assange has appeared at news-oriented conferences around Europe such as New Media Days '09 in Copenhagen and hacker-oriented conferences, most notably as a special guest speaker at the 26th Chaos Communication Congress.

He has recently appeared on international news agencies such as Al Jazeera English, MSNBC and RT to discuss the release of of the July 12, 2007 Baghdad airstrike.

WikiLeaks editor on Apache combat video: No excuse for US killing civilians

He is going to be gone after by the best as supporting hacking.

Plain and simple, they will use everything to destroy this man, mystery or not.

Not that I support hacking, nor what he's exposing, I just know what they will do due to the Pentagon and the way the Military believes.

They see nothing wrong with siding with idiots like George W. Bush or Dick Cheney.

I wonder if Julian Assange did anything on the Project for the New American Century.

Quote from : Wikipedia : Project for the New American Century

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) was an American think tank based in Washington, D.C. that lasted from early 1997 to 2006.

It was co-founded as a non-profit educational organization by neoconservatives William Kristol and Robert Kagan.

The PNAC's stated goal was "to promote American global leadership."

Fundamental to the PNAC were the view that "American leadership is both good for America and good for the world" and support for "a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity."

The PNAC exerted influence on high-level U.S. government officials in the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush and affected the Bush Administration's development of military and foreign policies, especially involving national security and the Iraq War.

I'm more interested in P.N.A.C., the bigger fish, the criminal's colluding.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 12:30 AM
reply to post by SpartanKingLeonidas

Anyone living the way he does and working on projects such as WikiLeaks carries a sense of mystery around them. To what extent? That's up for the reader to decide.

Originally posted by SpartanKingLeonidas

Plain and simple, they will use everything to destroy this man, mystery or not.

Completely agreed. Australia will completely block WikiLeaks once the new national filter is in place. With the passing of the Digital Economy Bill in the UK they will probably classify some of the information on WL as copyrighted, it will be enough to shut it down within the UK.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 02:39 AM
I just found out that a lot of information was available on his personal website which is It has been taken down, obviously something to do with Mr. Assange's privacy concerns, but some information is still viewable via archives.

Have a look: (Search '' and click on the latest page from 2007, it was taken down after that)

Very interesting blogs.

The dude also writes poetry.

Wed 27 Sep 2006 : If you saw

If you saw two bodies entwirled in the dance

Bound to each other with effortless grace,

Joyous, momentous, elliptical grace! 

hey whirled through the ether, in delicate spirals,

For eons they danced, until in the blink

Of proverbial eyes, one crossed o'er the brink:

One caught a cancer, and started to brew

And choke and ferment and splutter and spew,

Find itself overtaken, cauterised, bled,

Starved, smothered, covered in rash

Wheezing away, overheated with fever

Till it could dance no more, it could not keep step

As it coughed up its blood, and collapsed in a spasm,

And cancer descended on dancers romancing

The universe, and time; and life, in time,

Till the life turned malignant and tripped up the dance:

What if you knew that the cancer was you?


Interesting fella.

[edit on 10/4/2010 by serbsta]

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 06:54 AM
Good thread, now here is an interesting article on AOL News:

WikiLeaks' most public face is that of its lanky, white-haired editor, Julian Assange, who seems to cultivate the image of a mysterious nomad. A 2008 article in the Sydney Morning Herald described Assange as an Australian currently living in East Africa. "His parents ran a touring theatre company and Assange claims he attended 37 schools and six universities in Australia alone," the paper reported, citing an e-mail interview with Assange. But Assange was fuzzy on many details, including his age, saying he wanted to "keep the bastards guessing." (An Australian newspaper account about Assange published in 1995 identified him as 23, which would make him about 38 years old now.)


Perhaps the best-documented accounts of Assange come from 1990s Australian press reports, when he was charged for hacking that he did as a teenager in 1990 and 1991. Reminiscent of the hacking exploits fictionalized in the movie "WarGames," Assange allegedly used a modem to access other computers. Among the places targeted were an Australian university, a telecommunications company and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He even taunted police investigators looking into the hacking, according to the government. The prosecutor alleged that Assange and another hacker gathered passwords that allowed them unlimited access to other computers. "It was God Almighty walking around doing what you like," the prosecutor said, according to a local newspaper account.

He does seem to have a sense of humor and knows what he is doing.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 07:23 AM
Absolutely awesome post. Good to see you popping out with some fine treads lately.

This one here interests me greatly.

I am very concerned with all these high-profile truth-sayers coming out against the conventional establishments these days.

It seems odd to me that they would all be allowed to operate so openly, blatantly and with so many allegations- without the Governments shutting them down.

Seeing this guy was busted in the past with so many felonies against him, I can "see" him selling out for the CIA, (or a various number of organizations).

He releases the data...

They watch to see who reaches for their "revolution solution".

Or just "bump up the trust factor" from the people by presenting "good info now", and then hit them with the mind-altering disinfo when you got them hooked.

Both very possible in my eyes.

Not saying that is the way it is. Maybe he is legit.

But this is too cloak-n-dagger for me to put all my bets on this guy not being a spook for higher powers.

Seems fishy, and I trust my radar.

I am not saying he isn't "what he says he is".

But I do not trust him or his little organization that magically owns the "whistle blower's market" these days.

Who knows? Surly not me...


Great thread! S&F!!!

PS- I stole the Oscar Wilde quote. Can you blame me?

PSS- I learned a lot about this guy today. Thanks.

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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 07:55 AM
how long till this guy dies in an aircraft malfunction.... =s

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 08:35 AM

Originally posted by serbsta
It's very interesting to note that Mendax had a very deep voice for his young age, a characteristic which is still present in him today

LOL I'm sorry but what does this have to do with anything? Ok so he has a deep, piercing voice. So do I. It's not a magical power...

Or is it where our power comes from, and the voice is resonating with a better frequency to derrive spiritual power from. Thus controlling reality!

Seriously. What does his voice have to do with anything.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 09:02 AM
This is maybe funny, but to me from the beginning he was alien-like. He is indeed very special.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 09:18 AM
Good on this guy glad to see there are people out there that still want to give it to the government. I would surely join his side if i could wouldn't it be awesome if there were more of him in this world that could join together and screw the government altogether and get the real truth about all of what the government is hiding from us that we should all know.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 09:27 AM
If his mother was apparently always running from a mad psychotic de facto this could have had some bearing on his mind or maybe in his younger days of hacking he may have seen something that made him want to dig further to the truth. Yes there is something strange about him but maybe this is all a cover I know if I was doing what he has I would be covering everything about me to make sure I threw as many people of the real track. In replies in here there is a diff story to his upbringing like someone his parents ran a touring troup but another says his mother was running from a psychopathic defacto. Hope he brings everything down

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by serbsta

typical scorpio traits '

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