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Bank con exposed on MSNBC!

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:07 PM
i can't believe this crap!

and how much do you want to bet NOTHING gets done to stop anything like this from happening again!!!

the all mighty dollar wins every time

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:12 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

This is from OCTOBER 27, 2008. Actually watch this one Endisnighe. He has been trying to tell people about this SINCE THE BEGINNING. Yet you write him off because of MSNBC.

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:17 PM
The link is down somebody post an accurate link and embed please.

I need to see this.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:25 PM
reply to post by David9176

What, you think that I do not listen to MSNBC?

MY GOD, do you not think I know about the manipulation of the banks?

They instituted a federal banking system takeover! David, my name is David, I know what has been done.

We as a people have been robbed, not by ourselves, but by the banking industry.

Sorry, I know what has been going on, I am waiting for the outcome. Do you actually think that more controls by the VERY same people is going to help you?

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:25 PM
MMM I agree its good its on MSM...

I just dont really get the Big deal about it.

Whats New?

Did you guys think something differant happened before?

This is how it always has worked,

You phone for a loan.

The bank transfers the digits to you via a computer screen.

They never ever had that money in the First place, never have since lincolns time.

You then pay them the money back they never had anyhow.

Plus interest.

If you dont they take your real wealth like Houses, cars, clothes etc?

Its always been like this, and the factor of what the "Prime/Subprime" underwriting criteria on the loan have always varied anyhow, there has always been high risk lending, if you are a high risk the computer screen will lend it at 7% or whatever and if you are likely to pay it back they lend it at 3% or whatever.

But they actually prefer bad debt, because they get back for it quicker by forclosure (taking real wealth property goods metals) or government bonds etc, than good debt, as this takes longer to pay back and they cant charge soo much for it, or keep the lawyers employed, the bailliffs etc, all these people have jobs and borrow more money themselves...

Dont believe the Scam in the Scam that the fix we are in is due to some Bad debts being mixed in with good debts, total whitewash and bulls**** its because they never had the money to lend in the first place, and they went further in there greed than before. not because people diddt pay, they like that theyhave something physiscal for it rather than bits of paper with pictures on it.

No problems for them if you dont pay as they have your home or car or clothes or all three anyway.

Before computer screens they wrote the 000000's down on bits of paper, and it still was actually nothing there, didnt exist.

The Fed thing, well yes of course, but thats not new either.

We all know the fed is a private or rather FEDS are private banks, that charge for money that costs them nothing, and have always passed that debt onto the populace through labour (slavory) since the gold standard was dropped.

I am glad its on the MSM like this, but this case is being highlighted as such.

I dont see any differance in the Modus Operandi of the last 100 years, and more, except the gold standard.

They have to do this to keep the cycle going, unless debt is taken no matter how risky or if the government/people have to bail it out, well then growth confidence and money is not in the market, so people dont borrow so much, which the current scam cant have. It would collapse.

The set up is like a tumour growth it has to grow or go into remission and dissapear.

The capitilistic economies of the world cant stay afloat or stable at all, to survive and not crash there is an inherent need to grow, create more more, lend it out, so people spend more.

I thought this was obvious and known...anyhow maye more soo on main street.

Bit confused about fuss but very glad was on that network.

Of course most of the people watching that network press the computers buttons that create the 000's anyhow so they knew it already.

When the FED or a loan house does it its no differant, neither has the gold/phyiscal ability to cover what they lend, and have not for decades, the Poeple have laways bailed out/payed for the Fed anyhow.


posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:27 PM
Remember when they admitted to losing over a trillion dollars...

If they are allowing this to be said out loud we should all be very skeptical. It means that either something is about to happen that will distract us all or they have a patsy. They will no doubt use that to bring in an even worse system under the guise of reform.

There is no way MSM suddenly became rogue.

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:30 PM
So why don't you Americans do something about it? This is one of the reasons I have a hard time taking Americans seriously with all their manufactured outrage as of late... I mean you're all so "outraged" about the stupidest crap like Obama's birth certificate, health care for poor people, "death panels", flag pins, teleprompters, taxes on the richest billionaires in America, Obama being the communist anti-christ, etc, etc, etc. And then you have an genuine fraud perpetrated against the American people like this, and it's barely on the radar because you can't pin it on the Democrats or the Republicans. It's like if you can't use it against the opposing political party it's not of use.

Where's the thousands of people protesting the federal reserve holding signs with bankers sporting a Hitler stache? Where's the bricks going through the windows of bankers? Where's the people calling for a revolt against the federal reserve and the whole banking system as it stands? It just doesn't make sense to someone like me on the outside looking in, American priorities are so far out of whack with what's really important. This is the kind of issue that actually affects every single American in a tangible way unlike so many other "issues" that get exponentially more attention and outrage.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

Do you actually think that more controls by the VERY same people is going to help you?

Get off it man. He's stating the same thing Ron Paul has been. Go ahead and right it off because of bias.

If the guy is supporting and exposing something you support...then you support it.

The actual OP is not really new news...he's been talking about this for a long time.

I'm sorry that you won't accept it. Come on're better than that.

Yes, the fact that this is allowed on television is something I don't understand....especially when Glen Beck was on his initial kick against the Federal Reserve.

What I don't want is Corporate control of the "PEOPLE'S" money. Getting the info out to a completely different audience however is NOT a bad thing.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:33 PM
reply to post by ISHAMAGI

The video I posted above your post says essentially the same thing....coming from the same guy. Just imagine it on national television.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by endisnighe

They instituted a federal banking system takeover! David, my name is David, I know what has been done.

By the way...Cool name man!!!

I know you know about the banks and the fraud that has happened. I'm not questioning that. The problem is you are trying to discredit the info and you shouldn't be.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by _SilentAssassin_

S & F...Surprisingly frank and on MSNBC, no less.
Too bad no one watches MSNBC.


posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:41 PM
Hold on -- is anyone watching the WHOLE vid -- it's not just on how the Fed is evil -- the 2nd half is on how where in this big recovery and corporate profit is awesome and pretty soon Reaganomics will be back and everything will rock!

haha -- what a joke -- they got one dude mentioning how GDP rate actually is lower -- but then he gets dismissed as a naysayer.

The fact is the housing mortgages are going to have a 2nd crisis and then commercial real estate will go. Then in 2012 corporate debt comes due -- big time.

But wall street will have none of it of course -- the Fed is just a scapegoat for capitalism in DENIAL -- it doesn't matter if the Fed gets blamed. The Fed are the banks! If we get rid of the Fed we still have the banks -- no difference.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:42 PM
Huge find! Good job!
I've liked Mr. Grayson ever since I can remember. Too bad He and Ron Paul can't/won't partner-up in 2010 presidential campaign. They both got my vote. Maybe they'll run together on the constitutionalists

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:44 PM
reply to post by drew hempel

corporate profit is awesome and pretty soon Reaganomics will be back and everything will rock!

Well WHY would MSNBC promote such a thing? I thought they were all about Socialisms....supporting Obama's radical agenda.....and the unions.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:45 PM
reply to post by ZombieOctopus

Good questions, my Canadian friend.
Truth is most young people in the USA are brainwashed and appathetic video gamers who havn't a clue as to what is going on about them. Us older folk remember the Viet Nam lessons. These younger folk arent aware of anything in history before their birth and precious little since. Not a hopeful situation for reversal of the NWO take over, I'd say.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:45 PM
I thought "the market" was suppose to be able to allocate capital efficiently enough so that "bubbles" never form in the first place...

... that's why they get paid anywhere from 10 million to 4 billion dollars a year. Right?

Oops. The market isn't infallible, is it.. so much for that hypothesis.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:52 PM
The real financial "con job" is convincing people little green pieces of paper are worth something.

So, what is the difference between a US $5 bill and a US $50 bill???

Ans: The arrangement of the ink on the paper...that's it!

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by Dometheus

This worked just fine for me. I was able to grab it from the link with real player. Thanks dude!

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:57 PM
Yeah, the theory behind MSNBC is the same as everything else?

People, you have to realize we are all together!

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by ZombieOctopus

and when they see "colored" revolutions they actually believe its genuine.

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