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Noam Chomsky's newest video!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 08:46 PM

Choose your bandwidth. It's a Real Player file.

My views on Chomsky and his scholarship are well known. If you arent aware of who he is there's BIO link at the bottom of that page. (the short of it is that he's professor emeritus at MIT, lecturer, world traveler and general pain in the ass to our corporate-owned-government-media-syndicate)
This video is dated 05/20/04 and is chiefly concerned with recent tyrannical moves by the US government to control space militarilly.
What this means is the ability to strike anyplace in the world that the US leadership feels necessary, AT ANY POINT!
NICE huh?
Another "hinted" at option this militarization of space would allow is for US leaders to be able to engage in combat WITHOUT HAVING TO DEAL WITH THE HUMAN ISSUES OF THEIR OWN PEOPLE.

I put that in caps becuase I dont think the kids here understand what that means.

Let me explain. The leadership, civilian and military has always been worried about public support for wars of aggression. the recent demonstrations against the war on Iraq before the war started were ALARMING to those with the control. This, however, has been a known since Vietnam. What hasn't been so much of a problem has been the backsliding from enlisted men and women. During Vietnam there were protests from former soldiers but it could be dismissed by the "Masters of infinity" because they were drafted. Now we have a volunteer army and they might not act as robotically as desired. In the event that our current army begins to question the leadership they can simply go around the situation and deploy weapons around the globe without the conscience of men and women and those sticky emotions.
Nice again huh?

Removing the human factor entirely.


Think about it left and right..think...think...think

You are absolutely free...regardless of the conditioning you've already suffered.

P.S Here's a second link

Dated Oct 2001 but the message seems cryptic to me with all thats come to pass since.

[Edited on 3-6-2004 by Voice_of Doom]

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 10:02 PM
Other than your video well known liberal, Noam Chomsky, the subject matter, "...recent tyrannical moves by the US government to control space militarilly", has been extensively covered:
objectives of the united states in space
U.S. Military Takes First Step Towards Weapons in Space
usa will rule space!!

As such, thread closed.


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