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Predictions from an acquaintance

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 04:32 AM
Years back a friend of my mother's got to meet me. He is one of those odd type people who is too himself and isn't very socially adept. It also turns out that he has quite the eye(third or otherwise) for things that a normal person usually would not see.

Some examples of actions:
-We were walking in the woods behind my moms house and he could point out where roads used to be and where battlements and cannon mounds were set up. He also pointed out a previously unknown grave site as well.
Another odd thing is that he was able to detect some kind of wasps nest over in the woods and deterred us from going in that direction.
(as a sad note, the woods are going to be flooded into a lake as part of a golf resort... such sadness for the environment as well as the property taxes. So thusly I can't go back and verify some of this stuff anymore or search for more clues to past roads and battlements.)
-He asked me if I ever tried to talk to animals... no person would usually ask that just randomly! He also pointed out things about my mother's pets(without her around cause she would get all hissy fit) in ways Caesar Milan could only dream of.

Among the bizarre actions and quiet "sticking to himself" attitude, there were random predictions made. Here are some I can remember:

-(the biggest one)The USA will be DIVIDED by some sort of cataclysm(seemingly seismic) and from that chaotic civil war will arise. The populous themselves would also divide and WHITE will no longer be the majority of race. (scary!)
-(my mom randomly asks me so I assume she got it from him)I get told to watch out for a girl with black hair. As she apparently messes up my life or something like that.

There are most likely things I have forgotten(many years have passed) but I felt like ATS would enjoy hearing of such predictions.I would also like to meet with this guy again but apparently I don't remember his name and I am sure my mom will beat around the bush talking about it because she is quite well... the definition of a bitch(she is disowned by this side of the family because of her selfishness, she barely keeps friends so she may not even talk to the guy anymore).

*Thank you ATS for giving insight on your thoughts of the personality of the guy as well as his predictions(and any similar ones you may have seen or heard). Also, feel free to ask questions. It make job my memory for more predictions and actions he may have done that I witnessed.

*No thank you ATS for not taking this stuff seriously or referring that he is maybe some kind of "psychologist" that is very perceptive and likes to fake these kinds of things. This guy isn't as nearly socially adept or even hateful in a way for me to even consider him to do such things. He was like the "Jesus" type of kind, as if there wasn't anything wrong in the world but something was on his mind. (high credibility)

*(I also apologize for calling him "socially inept" as I have no other words. It isn't like he is a loner and is some kind of crazy(though the abilities in and of themselves could turn someone that way) but that some of the mannerisms and asking strange things isn't exactly tactful for a first meeting. Thanks for understanding)

EDIT: See last part of "thank you" section.

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 07:06 AM
It's really sad that your woods is going to get drowned, particularly if it is an old battlefield. I'm doubting it was an actual battlefield though, perhaps just winter camps. There's nothing extraordinary about picking out old battlements and roads, just look at the trees and the lay of the land. Before the civil war there was little woods left in Virginia, after the war many pastures became forest since most of the cattle were gone so trees older than 150 years predate the civil war. Old cedar and chestnut stumps tell stories too as they don't rot away even in 100 years.
As for his civil war prediction I've heard that a few times here on ATS
Mind you just a FEW times. Who knows, these old codgers have something on the ball.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 07:20 AM
Sounds very interesting, and the klind of dude I`d like to meet.

Can you remember any dates or greater detail of the cataclysm facing the US?

What would the nature be of this "race divide"?

What did he say about your mother`s dogs?

Also, I find it interesting you said that he "got to meet me".
Usually one would say "I got to meet him".
WHo are you? Are you someone special?
Perhaps English isn`t your first language?

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 09:34 AM
reply to post by psilo simon

Do you think I am the guy? If I was I could answer you easier...

No dates but the future. Can't really remember but it would happen in the future.

White would not be the majority anymore. Not certain if that means Black or Hispanic taking the lead.

Basic things about them that normally people won't mention. (see the part about him asking me if I talk to animals)

I said "got to meet me" because I went out and talked to him. He wouldn't have done anything if I hadn't. Imagine walking around all day not talking to each other.

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