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Chemists Create New Element

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:23 PM
Smashing Berkelium atoms and Calcium atoms has finally yielded element #117, currently dubbed Ununseptium, and has filled in a gap in the periodic table of elements.

Russian scientists have recently detected the super-heavy element, once believed to not even exist and if it did, the half-life would be so tiny as to render it unobservable or inconsequential. However, some scientists are theorizing that with the increased heaviness of this class of elements, may actually come increased stability.

The writer of the paper to be published in Physical Review Letters says, “We have managed to expand the borders of the physical world.”

It doesn't seem, however, that there are currently practical applications for Ununseptium.

Previously mentioned in this post in the What is the relevance of 117? Help Please. thread.

The Great Beyond: New element ‘ununseptium’ plugs hole in periodic table - April 07, 2010

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