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C-Street Residents Face Rent, IRS and Ethics Troubles

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:19 PM
The property of C-Street became famous for the the corruption that happens there, but there's more to be uncovered. The C-Street residence is listed as a "church". Some pastors asked the IRS to remove this "church" status, as it's clearly more like a brothel than a church.

The members of Congress who live there may be violating tax laws. They're paying $950 per month when a comparable living arrangement actually costs more like $4000-$6000 in a nearby hotel. A simple apartment (without the amenities of C-Street) cost $1700 per month. This difference MUST be reported to the IRS...

This is an incredible and interesting story and I advise you to view these Rachel Maddow videos to get the whole story. Complaints have been filed with the Senate Ethics Committee about these Congressmen violating the Congressional Gift Prohibition Rules.

C-Street IRS Troubles
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