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Mt. Etna Eruption ~ Local Coverage (latest event: Feb. 19 0500 local time! )

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 07:15 PM
I'm having an eerie feeling that this eruption is just the tip of something bigger and catastrophic coming up in the next months

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:03 PM
reply to post by Hithe Merinos

Man is so infinately small, "Man is so infinately great" -Alister Crowley

The tidal buildup of energy from the moon in the earths crust is channeled into the non-ocean areas as heat energy in magma which fuels volcanos. It was only a matter of time before the energy became more concentrated into specific locations, as the rest of the earths crust was reaching a satisfactory equilibruim point.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 03:01 AM
reply to post by silo13

Hi Silo13,

Great news coverage of Mt. Etna volcano Silo13.

I know your home is made of stone, so be careful of earthquakes Silo13. Be careful and keep your eyes and ears open.

You have a lot of friends here in the old USA where you are formerly from, and we want you to stay safe.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 04:02 AM

Ok so I love Etna, but I HATE the earthquakes.

I've no idea of a r-scale level on the one we just had but it sent pens rolling off the computer table.

The showing on RSOE is hard to see really, making it difficult to pinpoint if the center originated here or south of here but wherever it's center we sure felt it on Etna.

Gonna poke my head out the window and see if her cloud cover is still too thick to see (as it was earlier)...

EDIT TO ADD: Nope, still can't see her top - so - can't report anything new there.


[edit on 10-4-2010 by silo13]

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 04:10 AM
At the site of the webcams is nothing to see. Maybe a little rest??? But stay alert, you never now. Hey Silo13, can you maybe setup a webcam stream from your window/ roof? I hope you had a good nightrest?

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by ni91ck

Hey Silo13, can you maybe setup a webcam stream from your window/ roof? I hope you had a good nightrest?

I'd give anything to do that but the only video capability I have is with my digital cam and it gives what - maybe three minutes? (And yes, it's overcast today but I'll keep my eyes open.)

I'll have to look into a cheap video cam. It can't be that complicated to set up and stream... Hmmm, now you got me thinking.



posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 05:54 AM
Do you think there is a possiblity that Haarp might have a hand in it? We had years of tornadoes and hurricaines and earthquakes and tsunamis. Do we have the new Year of Volcanoes? Or could it be due to galactic alignment? Or could galactic alignment be an excuse for mischief from Haarp?

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 06:05 AM
I set you up thinking hhmmmm, don't forget it's weekend pall. Don't do to much, enjoy the weekend! If that island wasn't that far i could help you???

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 07:27 AM

Originally posted by Chamberf=6
reply to post by jazz10

If you think there is a connection between solar flares and earthquakes, you might want to read Phages thread on this subject.
His collection of data sort of debunks the idea.

Solar activity and earthquakes

No, his thread TRIES to debunk the idea. Google solar activity and earthquakes, and you'll find lots of published, scientific studies in peer-reviewed scientific journals, from NASA/smithsonian, The Chinese Academy of Science, and the Russian Academy of Science that have all showed a correlation between solar activity and earthquake activity. One scientist even went so far as to saying that solar activity could possibly be used as a predictive tool for earthquakes.

Phage is a skeptic, and always will be. It doesn't mean he is always right.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 07:36 AM
reply to post by nikiano

One scientist even went so far as to saying that solar activity could possibly be used as a predictive tool for earthquakes.

I see things first hand, on a daily basis, that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the dependency Sicilians have on the moon.

I'm left with little doubt the same thing could be said, in all truth, for the Island and and her dependency on the sun - (beyond the raising of crops and drawing in the tourists of course).

Could the earthquakes and volcanoes be the instruments playing to the direction of the sun.

I've no doubt and that's all I need.


posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by silo13

Sit back and enjoy the view. Thanks for sharing

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 06:40 AM
Apologies if this link to images has already been given (couldn't see one on a scan of thread) but here are some shots of the event.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 01:37 PM
It's a strange thing this.
I was working outside all day.
I heard a few 'booms' but, it was hard to tell what was going on as the day was so murky and overcast.
Sitting down to dinner what do I see?

The old Dame got one over on me!

She blew!

I guess there's

new lava flow, etc.

Will try to get pictures and more info but I have to tell you, even though she's spewing lava (so says the television news) - I can't see a thing and the next couple days are going to be rainy BUT - I'll have pics ASAP.


[edit on 16-4-2010 by silo13]

posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 12:04 PM
Reports on the news? New lava flow...
And from below? Earthquakes...

From 'my side' of the Mountain?

I can't see a bloomin thing, lol! (This pic taken early 22.04.10)

Yeah, I've still got my eyes peeled but, nothing to see here (yet) folks!


posted on Apr, 22 2010 @ 04:14 PM
reply to post by silo13

Thats a beautiful picture silo. You are lucky to view one of mother natures wonders.
Stay safe

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:45 AM
Ok - I know I read somewhere ant behavior is linked to earthquakes and catastrophes.


What's up with the ants here?

Let me back up a bit - Etna is active and though I can't get any good photo shots from where I am (and in this weather) the television news assures me she's erupting and spewing and minor earthquakes confirm this.

Now back to the ants.

I noticed lines of them yesterday - paths and paths of them, black with the little guys.
Places where they've never been before.
Today, I was watching a black streak of them and wondered what was up, it looked so weird, the line was topped in white... Masses and millions of ants moving their eggs!

A chill went up my spine.

All over my land I found these guys marching about, rushing madly, and in all cases the workers were/are moving their eggs.

All the holes they originate from are low, where they're moving their eggs, to high ground.

I use no poison of any kind on my place.

It's not hot enough yet to justify the move.

they're moving their eggs from holes in ground, holes in wood and cement alike, but all moving their eggs to higher ground.

VERY unusual.

So, what's up with that?

Is Etna telling them something I can't hear? Are they receiving privileged information I should somehow try to interpret? Or should I just get out the Raid and wipe out generations to come while I have the chance?

Any ideas ATS'ers?


posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 11:50 AM
That is very interesting. Have you noticed an absence of other larger life? I mean like birds, or squirrels (I don't know what animals might be roaming Italian cities). Have you noticed any dogs or cats behaving unusual?

The ant thing interests me. I'll check in later on this one...

posted on Apr, 26 2010 @ 01:32 PM
The fact they're moving out of holes in the ground and trying to get higher to protect the eggs made me wonder if some noxious gases are being sensed and or released ?

May sound weird but have you tried sniffing down one of their old holes ?

Is there an easy chemistry test you could perform for sulphur or any other gas which could be indicative of a major eruption?

posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 01:52 AM
To the above two posters:

Yeah, I've been keeping my eye on the animals. Nothing unusual in that case.

As for the gas - (laughing) yeah, I did take a sniff around the areas where the ants are coming from (12 holes over a huge area) and no, can't smell anything.

It's still going on today though - still... (How many eggs do these little buggers have)! (Creepy thinking about what's going on under my feet, and house and area)!

On a good note Etna is really clear and bright today - Maybe I can get a shot of some action today.

Thank you two -


posted on Apr, 27 2010 @ 02:44 AM
Oh! That reminds me of one of the most bizarre experiences I have ever had while I was in Sicily... and it was just days before Mt. Etna erupted.

A few of us were out driving one night (can't remember where it was), and all of a sudden there were a bunch of frogs jumping onto the road. We didn't think much of it at first because it was raining a little, so we just figured it was because of that. But after a few more minutes, there were masses of them.... I kid you not when I say we couldn't see the road or the ground!

Our car ran over thousands of them for miles. In front of the headlights, all we could see were all these frogs jumping all over the place. The car barely could keep traction and many times we started to slide out of control. We had to go really slow in order to figure out where the road was and not get into an accident. It was just so weird.

I wasn't going to say anything, but then I came across this...

So, maybe it was just coincidence or maybe it was just the rain... but you never know.

Just saw that they have a more recent article too...

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