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The True Hidden Structure of World Power

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posted on Apr, 13 2010 @ 09:37 AM
greate post its verry informative

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I have a question for you protoplasmictraveler, if you wouldn't mind answering for me. It's refreshing to meet someone that actually knows more on this subject than myself.

Anyhow, you mention that the King of England, as the Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, recognized America as a Roman state, or something to that effect (forgive my paraphrazing). Do you have documented evidence of this? Was there some kind of official contract or something like that drawn up? Thanks ahead of time.

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by HothSnake

Actually the Treaty itself is a contract, and when you take the time to decipher, decode the King's Enlgish and the Titles with a dictionary current with those times the Treaty itself speaks volumes.

However you will see within both the Treaty of Paris, and the Treaty of Ghent that ended the War of 1812, clear references, to sealed documents by secret committees of Congress, that are attached to the Treaties.

In otherwords for example: Title X11, Sub Section B, Paragraph 2: See sealed agreement by Secret Committee of Congress.

So clearly some other related documents exist, that select members of the United States knew of them and agreed upon them, but secretly in Committee and then Sealed them, once agreed, so that general members of the Government and Public could never read them.

Like out TV News, History courses also give us 'select' soundbites, to impart a portion of the picture, an often distorted portion of the picture as 'fact' for the masses.

It takes some time to read the hundreds of pages involved in these treaties, and they are written by the Lawyers of the Day in English that can appear pretty confusing on the surface as some of the words and titles are not commonly used, some are down right obscure, but the Devil absolutely lays in the details, because unlike letters to our significant others, friends and relatives, Treaties are binding legal documents, and they are never using words figuratively but always literally.

It takes an honest and open person to first admit that they don't actually completely understand the words or just what they are saying, and then to make it contingent upon themselves to do the study and the research on the language and words, and titles so they do actually understand or at least have a much better understanding of what they are saying.

For someone who just takes the time to read them, with a dismissive mindset of, oh it doesn't mean that, because history tells us this, that is more or less, what everyone at the top of the pyramid is counting on the average and the majority of the people doing.

The truth is, the bulk of the evidence is easy to find, but most people just insist through sheer stubborness that the evidence fit their accepted dogmas, by dismissing a lot of things, that aren't really fully evident without a dictionary of the day, and the willingness to delve even further back into History to look at the preceding treaties and where the Titles and Respective Powers emenated from and what they mean.


posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 11:19 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Thanks for the response, but let me see If I understand... The fact that the King of England recognized us as a vassal state of Rome was in a secret (closed session agreement) that is referred to in the "Treaty of Ghent" that ended the hostilities of the War of 1812? But we won't find these agreements, because they were destroyed or stolen during the War? I guess what I am asking is is there an official treaty, document, etc., that we can view online that lays this out in open, or is it a secret sealed agreement that was never publicly disclosed, by the King, the Pope, or the United States?

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 11:45 AM
reply to post by HothSnake

No to my knowledge there is no Official Congressional Document that has ever been published online.

Chances are fewer than a dozen originals existed to begin with. One would be on file with the Court of Madrid, the Monarchs of Spain would have an official copy, since they were a party to the Treaty of Paris, another would be on file with the Court of their High Mightiness of the Netherlands, since they too were a party to the Treaty, another would have been kept by the Court of Versailles, that while it existed in France was in fact the King of England’s Court within France, as in the Holy Roman Empire’s eyes, the King of England was also the legitimate King of France and not the Bourbon Kings. The British Monarchy and quite possibly the Parliament would have kept an official Copy, the Vatican would have received an official copy, and the Congress of the United States would have retained an official copy, and I imagine it’s highly possible that Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams, one if not all of them retained a copy in their personal papers.

When you look at who would have been in possession of the originals, and why it would have been, and still is not in their best interests to reveal such a deception, the reasons are obvious as to why this tightly guarded information is not out there.

I do believe another reference exists, and that’s the Golden Plate that was inscribed by the Founding Masons, and buried in the Capitol Buildings Corner Stone. I am pretty sure if it is ever dug out that they put the truth on it. It probably reads something like “We dedicated and give this structure and nation to the glory of Rome”.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding some of these explosive documents that give us the full details of history is the sheer volume of them that likely exist, not just in relation to the United States, but thousands of years of agreements between different nations and monarchs and governments.

In the last scene of the first Indiana Jones movie, after he finds and rescues the Arc of the Covenant from the Nazis trying to capture it and use it as a weapon too, he hands it over to the United States Government, that recognizes it as the magical and very destructive weapon against the damned and those who are not righteous, and boxes it up in a crate, and hands it to a lowly clerk, to stack in a warehouse full of crates of similarly destructive and rare things lost to history, as it was just yet another piece of junk to store away, with no real importance at all.

Now I mention that, only because in theory these documents would ever come to light, if someone very powerful like the Pope or the Queen of England, or the President of the United States were to ever reveal them, but for anyone else who is very close to one of those powerful people, and might have access to such an explosive revelation, they would likely have access to dozens if not hundreds of others explosive revelations.

Like it or not the deepest conspiracies don’t come equipped with URL’s and that’s something that the on-demand world of conspiracy buffs and aficionados has a hard time understanding.
The fact that they are conspiracies means they are all about secrets and keeping secrets, and the average person who through due diligence, true physical investigation and sheer luck that stumbles across such explosive secrets is far more likely to engage in the process of blackmail than web site publishing.

Thanks for the question.

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 12:31 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Well, I can certainly see why there wouldn't be any complet publicly exposure of these documents, since the system is built on secrecy and lies. But, as you say, they are alluded to within the Treaties and agreements that are for public viewing. If we follow the clues, and the existing historical record, the answer should be obvious for anyone that takes the time to look into it. Of course, most people won't, so it will likely remain relatively unknown to the public at large.

Thanks for your reply.

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I really appreciate your reply, its sincerity and, as usual, its eloquence and clarity. Thank you for humoring my questions. Between my personal slave master whipping me a bit too hard these days and two young kids, it took me a while to find the time to post a reply worthy of this thread.

I have to say there are two statements in your reply that I find particularly wise and I would like to elaborate on these if I may:

Perception becomes a person’s reality regardless of whether the elements to it truly exist.

I am in many ways indifferent to it, it is simply the reality on the ground and like it or not, we all have to deal with it.

I am by no means anywhere near as well read as you or some other very knowledgeable posters on this thread about the specifics of the power structure. My main area of interest is the human mind. In a sense, the human Operating System. It's development over eons, the patterns within its seemingly super complex but yet super simple structure, and how it is the the ultimate tool and weapon in our fight to survive as a species.

Based on (among many many others) cultural references, sense of history, genealogical background, religious and ethical belief system, and in general, knowledge (or the lack there of), the mind has to create a 3D map of its perception of reality and place itself somewhere within in it. Since even the best thinkers of our species, ultimately limited by their knowledge and brain processing power eventually hit their limit, we can say regardless of the scope of this map for each individual, it is surrounded by darkness and unknown.

The map, in shape and nature, seems to have tremendous parallels with our observation of space from our vantage point earth.… In fact, one could easily argue that it is very probable that the model of this map of self and identity is indeed directly based on the model we observe in the physical world. Looking out from a tiny center, limited by what is observable, mostly solid darkness, full of specs of information, within which we try to establish recognizable patterns and use them to our advantage for our survival. What determines the accuracy of this perceived map is knowledge, while brain power determines the complexity of the observed patterns.

For example, while observing the night sky, the high priest of an ancient time knows darn well that there are no rams and virgins and scorpions in what he recognizes as patterns in stars, the constellations. He simply does not know why they are the shape they are, or even what those little lights in the night sky are. He has the desperate need to explain what he is seeing first to himself, and then to other intellectuals and then to the masses.. But the priest's sheer existence depends on the protection he enjoys from the ruling class. So, by definition this new knowledge is the property of the ruling class. Even if we were to assume absence of any sinister plan, the ruling class wraps up the scientific fact in a myth simple enough for the masses to understand and accept, while complex enough to create a sense of awe, and puts it to use for any and all purposes as it sees fit…

While the myth becomes the map of reality for the elite at a somewhat sophisticated and philosophical level, the masses enjoy a watered down version matching their relative intellectual level. And the ruling class finds more and more ways of using this information to establish order, impose ethics, provide pacifying comfort, go to war, etc. It has always ben so foam the tribal level of social organization involving 100 people or so to the greatest empires of the history… The only difference being in the level of discrepancy in knowledge between the most knowledgeable and the least.


posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 06:47 PM
But what happens to the truth we started with?

On one hand, now that everyone believes in the myth, the truth is hopelessly useless since no one will believe it if exposed, and the abusers of the myth simply won't allow any damage to their favorite and most useful myths.

At this point, only in the hands of a few, it is also very fragile and vulnerable. Can disappear so easily and suddenly with an invasion, earthquake, plague or the simple simultaneous deaths of all its possessors, and It can also be easily stolen, all of which have happened over and over again throughout history… Libraries burnt down, whole cities slaughtered. Therefore truth and knowledge needed protection. It could not be trusted to the hands of kings, thugs, weaklings, idiots, rulers, peasants, etc. So it needs to be guarded, hidden, behind layer after layer of secrecy, deception, distraction and killings. In fact, for it to be powerful, the truth needs to be guarded at any cost…

So, this is where the organized church comes in to the picture. An organization that is built specifically to hide truth and spread myth. And if it is successful and survives, it is an organization where the core truths end up being hidden under countless layers of organizational and physical secrecy and protection. And the longer it survives, the stronger of a weapon truth becomes. In fact, one hardly needs access to the factual truth hidden from us. The mere knowledge - not the perception but actual and factual knowledge - of the fact that our reality is based on myth, made up stories and outright lies is in fact the real weapon enables these institutions to use perceived reality to their heart's content.

My observation of the human condition, is indicating that most people, upon becoming fully or partially aware of the existence of such a secret and powerful paradigm, we tend to gravitate towards the notion that the truth being kept under lock is in fact even more supernatural and absurd than the myths we have been fed by these people. They assume alien visitors out of space, shapeshifters living amongst us, parallel universes etc. etc. However, except for the doubt we all feel inside, there is really no evidence to suggest the existence of any such phenomenon. On the contrary, the truth that is not revealed to us is most certainly very mundane, factual, most likely incriminating, and above all definable within the parameters of the physical universe we can observe. In this context, Rome is one of the few, and by far the strongest of the handful of organized truth-bearers which survived the test of time, invasions, famines, plagues, infighting, philosophical and scientific developments etc., over the ages..

I am truly hoping that you do not see my discourse as a diversion from the subject matter of this thread which seems to be sweetly swaying between the factual and philosophical… The main point I am trying to express is that not being content with this system is akin to a fish not being happy about being wet. The only way of getting to dry land (if that is what is desired) is to evolve out of the water, the timescale of which is unfathomably long when the unit of measurement is an individual's lifespan.

The current internet-enabled awakening that seems very special to us truth seekers, is the point we are in within this evolutionary process. Hope is a good drug to be on, but I feel like I have now realized that it's only a placebo which loses it's effect once it is known to be a placebo. Objection to people professing a new beginning, the dawn of a new civilization, the end of tyranny, etc. that will be the fruit of the current awakening. But, similar awakenings have always been present, and after each one, given enough time, like a school of fish or a flock of birds, the human flock seems to organize itself in the same exact formation… And that is a pyramid. It always was, and it always will be for the foreseeable future.

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posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by may_be_true

An exceptionally well written post, that I and I am sure many others appreciate you taking such time and care, to formulate and share with us all.

And thus it concludes with that age old adage “The more things change, the more they stay the same”.

In truth the human condition has changed little if any at all since the days of Troy and Ur.

Technologically and scientifically it can be argued that we have grown by leaps and bounds, but from a human and psychological perspective, the same plots, petty intrigues, gossip, hopes, and fears, and psyche are pretty much the same then as they are now.

I think what so many people, in both the ancient world and the modern one look to do, is to espouse another age old adage, sometimes unknowingly “As above so it is below”.

People do tend to look for the Universe as a whole to be a macrocosm that is reflective of the microcosm of life on planet earth as we know and perceive it.

Some might go so far as to see Universes within universes, all a mirror image of the larger one that they are contained in.

As long as we truly can’t understand and fathom the logistics and science of the Universe, theories will continue to abound to help people frame a comforting reality to coincide with their temporal existence in it.

That rise of philosophies and the systems that are then employed out of them will likely remain as those hierarchal control grids until that day, when there is no more guessing, and one’s guess can only become right, by having a submissive group of people to agree and validate it as being such.

In a way it’s rather ironic that perhaps one of the most wonderful things about being human, that is being social, so often becomes the worse thing about being human, when people take their beliefs and ways to anti-social extremes.

Hopefully it all leads somewhere, but in the meantime we all do certainly seem to be stuck here.

Stuck in a rut and as anyone who has ever had their vehicle stuck in one, the surest and sometimes the only way out of it is to rock the vehicle back and forth.

What do humans say when it comes to our beloved collective rut? Don’t rock the boat baby!

Yet clearly some of us aspire to precisely that.

Thanks for a very thoughtful reply.

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 10:22 PM
Though things may seem hopeless at times, it does give me some hope to see so many that actually understand this system and where it really eminates. Last time I was on this site, I made a few posts like the "Amerika: Still a British Colony" post, and soon got frustrated with the level of ignorance that I was confronted with. I see now that many have woken up to these things, but it is far too few.

Just remember... Like Christ told Pilate, they have no power except that power which you give them. This is a system of hanging one self, based on ignorance, greed, and stupidity. There is a way out, you just have to study the system and find it. It's a system based on legal and binding contracts, and within every contract there is an out.

Also, keep in mind that this power system is temporal. It is based on a matrix of perception within a physical world. Look within yourselves, and stop dwelling on all of the money, sex, drugs, cars, mansions, sports and entertainment (culture) that they dangle infront of you. Everything you need; everything you will ever need is located within the 5 inch space between your ears. They have no power over that, except that power which you give them by filling it with their trash. After all, every want, every need, and every action begins with a thought. Take your minds back, and you'll take back the world.

posted on Apr, 15 2010 @ 12:18 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

People do tend to look for the Universe as a whole to be a macrocosm that is reflective of the microcosm of life on planet earth as we know and perceive it.

Yes… And in the scientific realm du jour, my favorite one is the Big Bang.

I understand that it was affectionately named with geeky humor by scientists, but it still makes me cringe when I think that, when what we call modern times becomes the ancient times in the future, it will be studied that humans believed there was a "big bang" and there was "nothing" before that and "everything" right after… Similar to a cell in our body tracing its origins to the very moment of conception, and deem that there was nothing else before that. A bit self involved, a bit selfish, eh? No respect for the 6 billion other conceptions roaming around?

I should fess up to oversimplifying the theory to make a point. But, my version is really not that much more simplified than the basic storyline currently dispersing in to the psyche of civilization even though scientists with six digit IQs are busting their heads trying to crack the code day in day out and, in absolute terms, still know only a little bit more than nothing. Nonetheless, the story seems to be catching up slowly and receiving a decent welcome from the masses.

After all, it still leaves room for questions like who caused the big bang, what kind of a superior creator would have set up such an intricate set of events and purposefully begin a process that would yield a little planet gazillion staryears later to allow for its favorite creation, the human, to blossom and worship him/her/it. I suppose some adjustments to the supernatural storyline will need to be made over the next millennium to accommodate the logic holes but it is a certainty that today's cutting edge science will become tomorrow's religious belief.

And now, when we see Vatican starting to slowly hijacking an idea (if they haven't helped form it already of course) and start spinning it to be able to expand their philosophy, which is currently showing its medieval age, we can officially start calling it a myth even while it's meant to be the fruit of the sharpest minds in the science world.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 10:19 PM
Cease to trust the institutions of this world. One cannot blame any secret society, government, army, or other entity when we the people ultimately are responsible for actions taken abroad and at home. A refusal to acknowledge the blood on our hands does not make it disappear.

One begins to do right things when naivety is shed. Do not be intimidated by jargon, acronyms, and other complexities. Consciousness… it is yours to discover. Simplicity and elegance. In truth you will find forgiveness.

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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 10:31 AM
This is very informative, though in a sense, all of it can also be manipulation. I'm pretty sure they have all the different routes our thoughts could plan as escape routes blocked, or hijacked. Thats why our thoughts need to take flight.

I keep thinking there is a way, and it should be become a true underground that grows expansively, as more awaken.

All of us are immersed in this world's infastructure, and the web is very tight, but we can be free in a variety of methods, even without the funds to buy more land, individually and restructure. Whatever method we use, whether its creating our own net, infrastructure, household to household, or jointly buying land a little ways off the beaten path, or whether we actually pay attention to those many hundreds of thousands/millions losing their homes, and especially the ones who can't relocate, but end up without, grouping up and finding alternative shelter (eco/shelter/gypsy caravans with some vehicles turned into greenhouses), I don't know. I have thought out of the box.

But there are key elements we should always bear in mind: 1) withdraw. withdraw support as well. Let them know it. I always think they should have a clear concept behind losing support, that you are handing back to them, all the karma for this world, for its mismanagement by elite, corporate/banking interests. Because they are doing all to attempt a negative harvest and putting mass starvation, disempowerment of ethnic groups of humanity who always had access to land and resources, wars, disease, rape of natural earth and nature, all creatures great and small, and fascism/slavery, on our shoulders, when this entire game is being played out by them, though its really our Higher Selves watching over and determining how this plays out, and what circumstances exist in our lives. The trap they set for others is going to ensnare them while many they tried harm will fly free.

But we need to wake up to see, wake up out of darkness, and sleep, illusion. When we're waking up, we can write and work our own group magic by showing them they stand alone and telling them they will never receive our endorsements again, and sharing with them the biggest dreams we have for an equal world with all things redistrubted, freedom, intrinsic rights to land and resources, no need for banks and slavery, no wars, getting along with the natural world and clean alternative technology. We do have a voice, and a mind, and its time to use them.

2)not to react. Not to give our power away to the two sides lurking, the Big Brother/Daddy state, nor the conservative, neo fascist heartless one, but choose to see our own instead, freedom and cooperation, volunteering, not demanding, educating ourselves and our children and learning how to be self sufficient. Even in apartments we can create our own alternative energy generators and grow foods, sprout seeds, propagate heritage/organic seeds, and create our own networking with others, always lend a helping hand.

3)We can create and design all the alternative technologies under the sun, in workshops, in groups, the elder craftsman instructing the young teenagers, and youths.
Start to see, think, instruct, and love each other. Do everything from a sense of peace, and equilibrium, sharing self with others.

4)We can stop buying from them. Invest in each other. Make lists with others of essential services and goods, and start to give, trade, and "buy" if absolutely required by lack of alternatives until our freedom emerges fully, from each other. Stop giving away income to Churches. That "tithing" system could feed the world, dvelop their own independence, energy, seeds, tools, and creation of clean alternative technology so they are free from needing support, many many times over. Support each other, the healthier we are, the healthier our neighbors are, the more we allow for true free markets, with no franchises, but many versions of things being created small scale, the more we gain, and THEY LOSE.

5)As we gain in awareness, and opt out, and find ways to be generous. Become self sufficiten yet technologically advanced, ourselves, and share this, export this to all the disenfranchised people, for unblocking our Greater Good, our help from our Infinite Selves in the Great Beyond, occurs with love. When we give we receive.

6)And start to reflect in our hearts our true natures, the nature of Infinty. Ask who we are, what we came to do. How to help ourselves, family, friends and this world. What really is here, under the matrix.

And opt out, and start to redesign this world around by forming bonds with each other.

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posted on Apr, 21 2010 @ 10:43 AM
The first step on the road to freedom, underground resistance, sovereignity, is to form bonds with those around us, who are of like mind. While most are asleep, there are growing numbers awake and we should literally form local groups, put out some notices, meet in some homes, and special areas, outings, to discuss things regularly, and form online discussions.

Think if you didnt buy their goods and services, how would 20 people of like mind, perhaps growing to 100, or more, start to create and buy or trade from each other. Could 20 people, or more withdraw from their jobs and reshift into smaller necessary work times, to give more time to preparations, can they cut corners? Just an idea, some things work, others may not, trial and error for what does. But we don't need to give them our incomes, for their goods, and ultimatley we don't need their employment in the end, but our own.

Its time to form our own underground, and find calm reflective ways to respond rather than jump on any bandwagon for any dictators that may emerge.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 01:26 PM
Looking at this thread two years after being posted... wow, you hit it right in the money. Even predicted the Sandy Hook incident.

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 02:48 PM

Originally posted by traceee
Looking at this thread two years after being posted... wow, you hit it right in the money. Even predicted the Sandy Hook incident.

It is a very interesting thread and has turned out to be somewhat prophetic. Man I miss ProtoplasmicTravler and his well thought out posts and wisdom. I wonder what happened with him?

posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by hawkiye

you arent kidding. I have always been intrigued by "the city". The "tri-force" of world power between DC, Vatican and London. It is one of the first subjects I researched. I loved this thread.

also, ProtoplasmicTravler is very much missed. I wish someone would reach out to him for a second chance or something...... for him and others. Guy was a BEAST. Educated many on many things and contributed to the over all quality of ATS....a BEAST.

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posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by Josephus23

bush and his dad how did they get inducted or invited into the mystery school, skulls and bones?
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posted on Feb, 4 2013 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by wayno

lol watch this

He sounds like an ATS member.
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