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The True Hidden Structure of World Power

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
First if in fact aliens are present, which I am not in a position to neither confirm nor deny through first hand knowledge, lets agree that they are alien!

Meaning they are not like you or I, from our world, or likely have our same values, or tastes.

Well, no, that's not a given.

Many alleged contactees speak of encounters with human-looking off-worlders - "Nordics", "Andromedans", "Lyrans", "Pleidians" etc etc. Beings that are homo-sapiens like us, sexually compatible with us - but from a different planet.

If that's true, and we are not the only homo-sapiens in the galaxy, that creates the possibility that other humans have infiltrated us or otherwise meddled in our affairs throughout the ages.....

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 01:47 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

They are not here to invade. The universe is soo darn big that places like
earth abound thousands on our galaxy alone.

This is a "harvest" planet, but the goods are not materials - its us.

To understand what is to harvest, you need to look the other way on how
humans perceive themselves from what the educational system
indoctrinates: we are evolved apes, and science (the pillar of reason) can
"prove it".

Our whole society is built to form this cage of doubt, fear around the
harvest, so the "camp" goes on ad eternum. Aliens, Free energy, the
occult should give you the creeps, like people from safe villages on the
amazon must create their legends from the "outsiders" to create the
truman show effetc on then.

You are born into a mental prision where the keys are in lunacy,
dementia, conspiracies... and of course aliens and of course "what is"
your real consciousness.

The harvest... is about the real nature of the spirit, and its whole
experience through the physical realm, and why there is the interest
on keeping us in misery, war, hunger, terror and the likes.

When we experience these terrible things, our communication to the spirit
goes through several translations as our multi-dimensional existence is far
than the physical.

So, human RAW emotions can be captured by the flow of chakras by...
interdimensional and evolved beings that operates in that lower polarity
of interest... their energy soil is here, and slaves souls, not free spirits
are created by this material society, that keeps us on repeating the
same mistakes and going through the vicious and deceptive routine
of problem-reaction-solution (911, false flags, microchipping, swine flu).

The year is NOT 2010.... in fact is close to 30,010, as the Homo Sapiens-
Sapiens emerged real fast, or should I say engineered?

What these societies benefit? They have the knowledge that is suppressed,
and they know how the re-incarnation and polarity game works (STS,STO).

I will stop here.


posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by RobertPaulsim

I am familiar with these theories, and the Hidden Hand concepts put forth here on ATS, and the Ra or Tera Papers put forth in other places on the Internet and the Law of One.

The truth is if you have read the Celestine Prophecies and see something true in them, we all feed off of varied energy sources around us, the auras in plant and vegetation life, the mountains, the sea, the sun, the moon, are all sources of energies.

It is clear through dream states, and meditational states that we also exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously, and our concept of time, space time, and time space, is hard to quantify.

Yet between you and I my friend, I spend a lot of time in this dimension, and enjoy many of the sentient experiences that come along with it.

We of course pay a price for that bit of stubbornness and frivolity, but clearly, we could make this portion of time space more user friendly for everyone.

We all in fact are tapping into energies surrounding us in various ways and forms, so when it comes to theoretical battles on an ethereal spiritual energy level between say myself as a human, and some one from planet x, then they are going to have to bring more energy to bear, and be able to channel more than I can.

Between you and I, put your money on me! As I will absolutely use self belief and the power of positive visualization to tap into the necessary energy sources required to defeat any entity that stands between me and a Fat Burger, with Chili, Onions, Cheese, Mayo, Pickle and Lettuce, charbroiled of course.

So much of what is going on are forms of psychological warfare, meant to intimidate, meant to rob, meant to defeat.

So ask yourself, why all the trouble, why all the lies, why all the manipulations, if victory is so easily assured?

The truth is that victory is not assured and so much of what the occult is about, is creating a convoluted path, full of pitfalls, and contingencies to attain your own state of evolved and total awareness.

The Powers that Be, do not want the average person to understand these things, be able to perceive these things, and certainly not utilize these things, and once again you have to ask the question why.

My physical sentient corporal form is charged with the same spark of universal and primordial energy, any other dimensional or other worldly being’s is.

Why in a universe evolving simply to understand and order itself, would I have any need to fear any other entity engaged in that process, and all entities are engaged in that process. The answer is I don’t have any need to fear these things.

Now some people who think along these schools of thought, might refer to me as a wanderer, but the truth is none of our inherent charged energy originates from the human gene pool, so being human is simply not a limiting factor, or the limiting factor so many people believe.

It does entitle you though to two mini-Fat Burgers for just 3.00 on Monday through Wednesday, and if anything that’s what those who don’t share our corporal dimensional physical sentient state are jealous of and missing.

Note to all inter-dimensional beings reading this thread: Yes Fat Burgers are that good and you can’t have one! Na, na na boo boo!

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by cupocoffee

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
First if in fact aliens are present, which I am not in a position to neither confirm nor deny through first hand knowledge, lets agree that they are alien!

Meaning they are not like you or I, from our world, or likely have our same values, or tastes.

Well, no, that's not a given.

Many alleged contactees speak of encounters with human-looking off-worlders - "Nordics", "Andromedans", "Lyrans", "Pleidians" etc etc. Beings that are homo-sapiens like us, sexually compatible with us - but from a different planet.

If that's true, and we are not the only homo-sapiens in the galaxy, that creates the possibility that other humans have infiltrated us or otherwise meddled in our affairs throughout the ages.....

Well we know that culturally that many subdivisions of humans indeginous to the planet have vast differences in taste and perspective.

Throw a few hundred light years of distance into the mix, and they are bound to be just as pronounced.

But clearly if they are humanoid, and we are humanoid, then there is no reason in theory to allow them to dominate us, or to believe they are inherently superior.

Simply put, we have to empower ourselves my friend, no one else is going to!


By the way I do hope these Aliens are being selective in the earth humans that they date, or taking adequate sexual protections, Sexually Transmitted Disease would be a very embarassing thing to go back to your home planet with!

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 02:35 PM

Originally posted by ProtoplasmicTraveler
But clearly if they are humanoid, and we are humanoid, then there is no reason in theory to allow them to dominate us, or to believe they are inherently superior.

Simply put, we have to empower ourselves my friend, no one else is going to!

Well said! The state of [debt] slavery on our planet is absolutely appalling, it's about time people step up and make some big changes

By the way I do hope these Aliens are being selective in the earth humans that they date, or taking adequate sexual protections, Sexually Transmitted Disease would be a very embarassing thing to go back to your home planet with!

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Interesting thread and hard to face facts, but that's what's great about ATS.

In truth the Revolutionaries had no money in which to purchase these assets, but the principle nations that owned them, Spain, England and France had not only plenty of money, but plenty of men to continue taking the fight to the Rebels and to isolate them through trade blockades and military action into eventual submission.

I haven’t completely read the thread, it’s pretty intense, but I have something I think needs to be told. First, it appears the Americas were “owned” much earlier than what this thread discusses. For example, Papal Bull of 1493 pretty much divided the world in half. The Pope “gave” Spain and Portugal each a portion. In compliance to th, when Columbus returned to Espanola, if he was unable to convert the savages to Christ, then they would be massacred or made slaves. It evidently was horrendous and still is for indigenous peoples the world over.

The Taino people discovered Christopher Columbus on their shores in the Caribbean Islands in October of 1492. At that time, the Taino were a nation of more than 15 million human beings. The largest population was on the island of Bohi'o (around eight million). Bohi'o is known today as Espanola. The countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are on this island. On Christmas Eve, 1492, Columbus wrecked the Santa Maria near the shore of Bohi'o. The people helped Columbus get all the goods of the ship to dry land before it sank. Afterward, of the people and the country, Columbus had this to say....
.... They are an affectionate people, free from avarice and agreeable to everything. I certify to Your Highnesses that in all the world I do not believe there is a better people or a better country. They love their neighbors as themselves, and they have the softest and gentlest voices and are always smiling.... - Columbus' Log.
When Columbus returned to Europe, Pope Alexander VI issued a new papal document, at the request of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, granting Spain the right to conquer the lands Columbus had already "discovered" as well as any that might be "discovered" in the future. This document was the bull Inter Caetera of May 3, 1493. (Read Papal Bull of 1493)
In his absence, the Spanish seamen left behind took advantage of the Taino hospitality on Bohi'o by attempting to take control of the island. After seeing the true intent of the invaders, the Taino fought back, but were overcome when Columbus came the second time with 17 ships, loaded with canon, war dogs, armed soldiers and horses. Bohi'o was turned into a giant concentration camp where two objectives were met: the mining of gold through forced labor and the extermination of the people. By the time Columbus was relieved of his duties as governor of the Island in 1500, only 100 thousand Taino were left alive there. This is a population reduction of 7.9 million people within a period of less than eight years! After he left the Caribbean, Columbus' policies remained in effect. Within 50 years the entire area was depopulated. By then slaves were being brought from Africa as well as from the main lands of North and South America.

My point is, Revolutionaries never owned of America, neither did the English, Spanish, French, etc. The Pope, from as early as 1493, took acquisition from the native settlers of the Americas. The Pope has always “owned” it. Sad but true.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by Gutterpus

Some great additional resources there for people to devour! Thanks for posting them.

It is in part, those giftings and deedings by the Vatican and Rome to various Roman states and entities, that required nations like Spain, and the Netherlands to sign off on the Treaty of Paris that ended the Revolutionary War.

Even though they weren't belligerents or participants in the conflict, they had sizeable ownership stakes.

So their investments had to be and were protected.

What is interesting, that while the people have been granted nominal self rule (if you call regulating one another with hundreds of thousands of codes and laws self rule) all those principal monarchies empowered and founded by and through Rome and Roman principles still exist.

There is still a King of Spain, Still a King and Queen of the Netherlands, and still a Queen of England, and not only are they wealthy, but wealthier than ever, and clearly they aren't going out of business anytime soon.

Neither is Rome at this rate!

Thanks for posting.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by Izarith

OK. I'm sick of Freemasons who don't know what they are talking about. And I know why they don't know what they are saying. Their ignorance is completely honest on their part. Let me enlighten you a little on how your FRAMEWORK works. While cleaning a home one day I found an old text from the 1700's which was reprinted from an early 14 and 1600 works. I imagine they haven't changed much. It was the European Instructions to the American General Commandery. It was a thick book written in code with the code guide in the front which I memorized and burned. The oath taken requires that the oath supercede all other oaths that have been taken and which may be taken in the future. SUPERCEDES ALL OATHS WHICH MAY BE MADE IN THE FUTURE. How many mason presidents were there? Their oaths of office were illegal since they already swore a lifetime of loyalty to their order above any public office they held or hold.
Secondly, the book was very clear that all initiates were to be tested, the test was unimportant whether it be spitting on a cross or urinating on the flag, yes those were two of the options given. The important part was the response. If you did the sacriligious or unpatriotic act you were told you did well and were to be led off to a certain path within the inner circle of the order which I shall not name. If you refused you are told that is the correct response and you are led off to the blue lodge path to do the public good works of the organization. All of you who say the masons aregood and fine, you are right-your part in the order is good and fine. Congratulations on being upstanding people. But, let an initiate take the other path and the instructions from Europe clearly state to tell the rest of you they failed and were not allowed admittance.
Believe it or not. But quit presuming you are in possession of all the facts.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 04:48 PM
Excellent thread the way you put this info together,Ive saved this link to a file. may even print this and use your clear way to describe the hierarchy to the sheep.

slightly of topic i watched a film the other day, John Travolta was a tall alien it was called Battlefield Earth filmed in the year 2000
In the middle of the film the earth men go to the capital to a library which was actually pointed out to be denver . and the op implied Denver to be the new DC
funny eh it was in a film as the capital made way back

Loads of films point to Denver even documentaries


Priesthood Of The Illes .pdf

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 04:56 PM
reply to post by Rockpuck

Skull and Bones, who may or may not have stolen some ideas from Freemasonry, are not in fact Freemasons.

The book I cited in my last post listed the some 50 plus orders it was giving instructions to, along with masons were the Skull and Bones, so, you get your marching orders from the same place- Europe. Again, the only reason your lodges don't seem to house the conspiracies is because you are in the public PR organization of your order. That's why they are so open and public and morally minded. The masons in question are not in the public circle and you will not find one at your meetings. Just a system of control and deflection. Circles within circles. My what a web we weave we we decieve.
And I'd really love to scan and display the book for you- well, all the books that came with them--they once belonged to the Warder of the order in the 1800's (I found them in a really old house). But I like breathing. Nonetheless, I'm trying to clear up why so many masons seemed to be apalled that people are talking about their order when they know there is no wrongdoing going on. Sadly, there are dark masons afoot. Your leaders should know this, they are the ones who do the testing of the initiates.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 04:59 PM
reply to post by dashar

You may also find it interesting that Denver has a large underground bunker off of it's airport. Not that underground bunkers are safe-- all one has to do is drill a well and poison the water supply below and block off or dump poisons into the above ground ventilation shafts and all inside are dead, so they aren't really that safe IMHO.

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 05:28 PM
This thread has served to remind me of just how infantile the human race really is.

With each new "era", which the ascended and ancient masters may have termed as "Generation" in their discourse, comes the inevitable discovery of who we as humans truly are, and what those humans who existed during previous "Generations" have become, and seek to accomplish as they tend to the next era of CONCEPTION.

This EMBRYO we exist upon has for it's existance the sole purpose of growing a species of being that you and I, in this physical form, only read stories about or sit on websites like ATS and relay ideological theories interactively about.

The truth of the matter is - that the HUMAN SPECIES is something more. MUCH MORE...

We read about the ascended, about miracles, about magics, about ethereal existances, objects that bind, incantations that summon, acts that govern, ghosts, demons, aliens, IronMan, the Hulk, Xmen, an ideologically insane proposition of opposed diametrical agendas... diabolic, theologic, and all under domination.

The Vatican was the one that proposed the understanding of the Big Bang "theory"... which Science today has proven.

How did the Vatican know, before it was proven? (I know that some folks still don't believe in the Big Bang - please humor a fellow with the possibility of it's existance, on your behalf... While a fellow inserts a viable reason for things as they exist) Who is it that's really in control of these people? and furthermore, besides the cannonized books known as the Bible, what TRUTH is being hidden from the rest of mankind locked away under the Vatican?


Knowledge is Power. Power corrupts....

and you really, truly wonder WHAT it is that governs the Vatican?

If we look at the Bible strictly as a reference of historical fact vs. a book based upon spiritual virtues, we will recall a period of time shortly after Mankind's derivative existance where - outside of what the Bible, specifically the book of Jasher, (a book that was NOT cannonized by the Vatican mind you) divulges, It was recorded that beings outside of the sphere of physical human existance materialized upon the surface of this planet, that were human in nature and appearance, who then proceeded to interact with the daughters of men. This is in direct agreement with Babylonian accounts.

The Earth from that time, until the time of Noah, became filled with lust, with new information from on high that corrupted mankind, and with violence so vile, it was as if anarchy was replaced by hell itself.

This knowledge was referenced within the canonized Bible in the Book of Genesis, HOWEVER, another Book which again was not canonized by the Vatican reveals further information, known as the Book of Enoch. Further preponderances on this topic were written by Noah as well. None of this was made available to the public by the Vatican. Interestingly, that information came to light with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Later, the Amazing revelation that a Bible found in use in Ethiopia contained the Book of Enoch, which those Dead Sea Scrolls that have been discovered collaborated with, and have match textually in unison with the book found in Ethiopia.

The one who led this "invasion", (which in reality is known as the second rebelion) was known as Azazel, a member of the organization established by 'YHWH', who took it upon himself, at (obviously) the recommendations of the first rebelion's leader Samael, to bring himself and his entire organization down to Earth, and interfere with the affairs of mankind.

Effectively, a "third of the stars of heaven" (SEE REVELATIONS) were influenced to cast themselves down to this earth with the rebelions of two out of seven arch angels.

It was a man... a human being... known in those days as Enoch, who it is said Governed the entire world, with justice, and righteousness. And the people loved him. Can you imagine that? A man that ruled the world, that everyone loved.

It was Enoch, it is recorded, that would seek to escape from mankind, and who spent the majority of his days secretly in discourse with One known as YHWH. Jehovah, as YHWH is known as in the English Language, told Enoch to return to mankind, which Enoch did, but grudgingly, as this man that everyone loved, would rather spend his days understanding Jehovah, because he loved Jehovah. His love for God was the very ingredient that in turn bestowed upon the human race it's benevolence. It's why the people loved him, and willingly gave allegiance to him.

Enoch's righteousness was so prominant, that it was to him that Azazel approached - a mighty Arch Angel with powers so unreal, it spins imagination to fully comprehend - to ask him if he would petition Jehovah on their behalf, begging forgiveness of their trespasses and ask God if they could return to Heaven. Enoch, knowing full well who these individuals were, still agreed to their request, and thus it is revealed that Enoch made petition on their behalf to Jehovah, through God's Arch Angel Gabriel.

The answer that came back, which Enoch in return disclosed word for word to Azazel, was not only a resounding NO, but it included a testament of damnation against that Arch Angel that most likely inflamed his heart with anger - an anger that could have easily vaporised the messenger - if it weren't for one fact, and this fact alone.

Azazel had no power over Enoch, as Enoch was, and is, more powerful than any Arch Angel. Enoch was a man, just like you and me. And in turn, mankind is irrefutably the direct descendants of Jehovah, unlike the Angels, who are created into servitude.

Azazel, like his predecessor Samael, thought to take for themselves Free Will, which was not thiers to inherit, but reserved for the sons of God themselves.

Enoch was recorded as having been called to heaven directly by Jehovah, to replace the position Samael once possessed, which is that of the Governance of the Earth. While Samael has been directly deposed of his position as it existed in Heaven, still reigns on this planet as it's governor until such time arrives for Earth to be harvested for God's descendants.


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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 06:59 PM
Interestingly however, the 'other' brand of human being will be harvested as well, and become unto their father as Jehovah's children will become unto Him... two distinct forms of human being evolving right here on this incubator. Genesis 3: 15 exposes this very fact, and gives proof of a division of mankind, and an end result.

So, what was so special about this Big Bang I mentioned earlier, and how is it the Vatican knew about it before it was scientifically 'proved'? The answer to this is the very key as to what the entire issue of domination is all about. I will end this here, and if you want to know more U2U me. Otherwise it's up to you to discover the facts as they exist.

The important thing to remember, is that Earth, is just an EMBRYO...

The Spirit Creatures that were refused entrance back into Heaven, under Samael, as well as under Azazel, still to this day exist. The bible reveals that they have been 'confined to the vicinity of the Earth', so that their sphere of influence could interfere with the operations in Heaven.

It was Enoch who accomplished this, Also Known as Metatron, the Prince of Angels. The Lesser YHWH decreed the Heavens closed to these creatures, which now that they have been confined to the vicinity of the Earth, makes them understand that the time of reckoning for them rapidly approaches. So what do they do?

They set up a World Empire, governing it's affairs towards an ultimate demise under their hand. This is where the World is at today. The culmination of their conspiracy to destroy God's Children - ALL OF THEM - before their demise arrives.

Collectively, they will succeed, but not to the point where it becomes absolute. They seem to fail to recognize one small detail about mankind. We are the progeny of God, and under the guidance of Metatron. At least those of us willing to Love our Creator enough to understand these things, who will find that our ability to ascend above the powers that be, in the end of the matter, is what it will be that becomes an individual salvation against destruction.

"Unless those days were cut short, NO FLESH SHOULD BE SAVED..."

No FLESH would be saved. That includes the flesh of animals, of plants, of insects, of the creatures within the oceans... No Flesh...

That's pretty intense, wouldn't you agree?

Destruction at that level could only arrive through one of three ways. Thermonuclear Holocaust, Solar C.M.E., or direct impact from a large enough sized asteroid.

Flesh has survived the C.M.E.'s, the Asteroid Impacts, and even the volcanic eruptions.

Scientists would even include that Mankind survived Nuclear War - as there exists evidence that proves there once was a Nuclear War fought on this planet in the past... probably due to the very things mankind is facing in today's world, via the Vatican, and it's Masters.

This time however, it has been promised it will be different.

I am so ready, to understand and realize that difference...

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 08:44 PM

the organization started back in the time of hitler. was hitler there first attempt at world population control? they have openly MONUMENTIZED their intentions of population control. that is why i believe there is a national law that statesall municipal water sources(tap water)must contain aspartame, a chemical in which has NO beneficial health purposes or cleaning purposes for the water. it is absolutly unnecessary, but the govt states that all water plants put this chemicalin all water. a chemical that actually attacks human organs.

what i say isnt opinion, it is all documented fact.

why would they put such a chemical in everybodies drinking water? well, hitlers method of population control didnt go ovcer so well, did it?
everyone on this planet HAS to drink water and eat food. oh wait, food has to have chemicals as well. high fructose corn syrup IS STILL BAD FOR YOU dont believe the commercials.(scroll down to next post for continuation)

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 08:49 PM
why would theyhave commercials out saying that it is ok for you to consume high fructose corn syrup if there wasnt actually something bad about it. its a commercial for damage control. any artificial sweetner is HORRIBLY bad for your body.
there was a study on artificial sweetners and they found that your body DOES NOT digest it. the sweetner crystalizes inside your intestines. bad for you cofe drinkers.
diet soda contains phenylalline. a chemical substitute for sugar as is sweet and low. guess what, in all studies of phenylalline, every person who consumed it had measured brain seizures. they couldnt feel it, but the computers recorded it.


and as i say, these are not my opinions, these are documented facts.

question everything.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by Josephus23


So I understand your fascination with Rome and the power that has been inherent since the fall of Troy and then passed down from the Greeks to the Romans to the Holy Romans to the Vatican.

I understand the Jesuits and the Black and White Pope and the allegory within each.

But my entire take on this deal is that the ones who REALLY call the shots are above and beyond what we know or we might think we know.

I am slowly beginning to believe that we have an elite who enjoy, or should I say rely upon, being in and practicing or involving or invoking some type of evil incarnation, withcraft, spirit, or being that same call Set, some Satan or Shatan, some Yahweh or Jehovah, some Horus, some Krishna, some Dionysus or Mithra, but mostly Jesus.....

Unless, that is, the Christians and the Muslims and the original True Torah Jews are all right and there is a righteous God, and we are in the last days. Fa Sho.

This presence is malevolent on so many labels; it can even manifest as your best most idealistic dream.

We are up against an enemy with limitless resources and eternal patience.

But we have........

Hope, which happened to be at the bottom of Pandora's Box.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:47 PM
Its not the masons or what they say, its what the common masons don't know about their organization. That world power is not just there in the masons, but divided among many under the radar world powers. How they wish they could unite and all profit at the same time. That is the key. They all need (want) the profit. When the time is right, when the moments right, it will happen. Then shortly after Cthulhu will rise & give power to the beast. Revelation 13:2

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:10 PM
Ok so when none of this happens when Obama is in office i take it you'll realize how foolish these thoughts are? or will you make up some bull# excuse and continue living in a dream? some people need to get outside once and awhile.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:58 PM

Originally posted by Gakusthrea
Ok so when none of this happens when Obama is in office i take it you'll realize how foolish these thoughts are? or will you make up some bull# excuse and continue living in a dream? some people need to get outside once and awhile.

What in the world does this mean?

Are you trying to make a point, or are you just vomiting emotional words onto the screen with an attempt at a red herring fallacy be attached?

Seriously, I am stupefied from the obvious willful ignorance that you have presented.

How does that fit into this thread in any way, shape, or WTF????

Um..... Uh. Seriously?

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 12:48 AM
If this so called NWO takeover thing has supposed to be going on for centuries than why didnt it come to fruition when Great Britain had the British Empire at its height, when it ruled a quarter of the planet?

According to some, the players are the same bunch.

And who the hell is the Black Pope?

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