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christians, follow your book.

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by Raist

Originally posted by SirPsychoSexy

Originally posted by tektek2012
if you do not follow your holy book to perfection, you are a satanic hypocrite who deserves to burn in whatever place your religion calls for. you attack atheists for not believing; yet you pretend like you truly practice what you push on everyone don't, because you would be a much more awful person if you did.

I like how they have bibles in the courtroom, but they don't forgive me for driving drunk. Or they blow up abortion clinics. Where's the forgiveness?

Hello?? Forgiveness is a huge thing for Christians, but none of them practice it.

Really? I was pretty sure I worked hard at forgiveness. I fail at times but normally I do pretty well at that. I do have other struggles though.

Christians are never perfect, some may act it but they are only lying to themselves or those around them. Those that act as such are really fooling no one though. But just a reminder please try to not generalize an entire group by some you meet.

Generlization is bad for all.


I didn't mean I should have gotten off for my mistakes.. such as driving drunk.

Just wish they would leave things such as the bible out of settings such as the court room. I have not met any Christians who follow what I consider basic rules of the Bible.

If you own a 500k house and drive a hummer, don't ask me if I am saved by Jesus (happened before to me at a gas station, brand new H2).

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 03:09 AM
reply to post by saint4God

i've read the silly holy book. i live in between a triangle of evangelical churches, of course i'm going to rant...because honestly; they are the ones with the correct ideas on the topic. burn harry potter books, stone the gays, and spit on others of difference. anyone who can't see this is blind of the topic. maybe its because i'm the only one of my family who isn't just an atheist. i have a different outlook from childhood, i never knew anything of christianity until i became obsessed with needed answers. what i found was terrible ideas that should of been destroyed centuries ago...because of my upbringing being different than almost anyone you have ever probably met. living my entire life with no knowing of god. saying his name when doing the obvious this's and thats at school and what have you. but not understanding a single thing. my parents protected me from it. while it made my teenage years a little harder, as not having a brotherhood to calm me into a divine ignorance, i've come to some rather intricate knowledge not many people could ever find.

that being said i'll keep the idea of god around for my children, atheism is rough on children.

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posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 03:21 AM
reply to post by troubleshooter

religion is such a paradox. its everything but the truth.

yes religion created the foundation for ancient times. at a time where they did follow the book correctly.

religion is shoved down my throat every time i speak to someone new. well, not religion. only christianity. they'll tell me that they "know its symbols, of course some of this hasnt happened, its stories to create the foundation of life" (the smarter ones of course) and after i get them to say that, i'll say something like "so how about god, couldn't god be another symbol" and its always the same, "No"...nothing else. because 'god is our leader'.

you might as well be following 'the sleeper', 'you're' just as damn brainwashed. one philosophy means one mind, thats why i have been using the perspective. because its not stereotypical to lump everyone together, when they all are the same being, nothing more than a piece of meat living a life with no new thoughts that can ever become apart of your consciousness.

posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 07:36 PM
reply to post by SirPsychoSexy

I never said anything about you getting off for drunk driving or not. Though truthfully I have no sympathy for people who get DUI. I forgive them but they deserve any punishment they get.

I was replying though about Christians not forgiving. Some who call themselves Christians might not do so and they might not even be Christians. I do not know their hearts only their actions.

As for a 500k house not hardly I work hard to pay for my 68k house that houses my family. Hummer even if I could afford one I would not waste my money on it. I do drive a nice car (in my opinion) that I love. But I do 98% of the work on it myself because I cannot afford to have others do it.

But in regards to the person driving such a vehicle and asking that there is nothing that says a Christian cannot own such a thing, they are the type that just likes to spend all their cash on something that is considered extravagant.

You say you have never met a Christian that follows what you consider basic rules of the bible. Mind if I ask what rules you say those are? Also mind you that there is no perfect man (in the sense of people) so all Christians are bound to fail and fall short of what others expect of them. If you are looking to man to guide your way you are looking at the wrong thing because man will always let you down when you get to know them. The only real perfection is beyond man and is the only real truth. People always fall short.


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