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Carbon Dioxide May Explain 'Near Death Experiences'

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posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by predator0187
reply to post by LususNaturae

I agree with the whole '___' thing as well. I have actually heard the crazy stuff that happens on that drug. I know it what is responsible for our dreams, so in the fact that you are think you are dying you would have some horrible things going through your head, and then this drug is released.

Scary, but interesting. I think '___' is responsible for all NDE's and probably lots of aliens abductions, but hey, that;s just my thought.


Then depending on your stripes, for I understand that not everyone is geniunely seeking, but rather is working to attempt to dissuade others instead, often with some true knowledge should attempt to find out for yourself.

A very possible method, that you might be rather surprised at, would be notebook/journal, and to not give up for at least a month, more if you start to feel some stirrings and connecitons.

And spend at least an hour listening to dolphins and whales on an mp3 player, doing dishes, or whatever, chores in the evening, and then sit quietly, around 9-10 pm, or so, 11 good too. And close your eyes, look into your heart, some binaurals, theta, alpha, or dolphins/whales on, look deep. Focus on infinity, an infinite universe within, and double check to see what being composed of fractals is, or the layers within, reach in...Then spend some time asking silently: Who am I? Why am I here? How do I progress, let go of conditioning, ego, preconceived ideas of the world, and see through this matrix? How can I help? I wish to connect to my Higher Self! I wish to remember my dreams!

Don't take anything before hand, nothing that increases '___'! If anythign, try to raise your frequency through a light meal, salad, maybe some cheese and rye crisp, just light.

And if possible, do this under the stars, ensure that you've listened to the whales and dolphins for they raise your frequency, and try to go for that feeling of rapid waves of vibrations, if you can, pay attention.

This only works for those who seek.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 10:48 PM
My son had an nde, last year when he was very ill, just prior to turning 18. He was very ill, and collapsed without laying down in bed around midnight. He was given a choice to stay or return, with a light figure on the wall.

One thing that occurred when he chose to stay with us out of love, is that though he was extremely ill, for days, he was instantly cured upon returning to his body. And though he spent half the year nearly sick every fall to spring, he has only briefly experienced any illness this year.

None of the explanations they try to make fit, covers the data, it might roughly attempt to explain some of it, but not well, its not a perfect fit, and never covers all of it.

Therefore its not logical to assume this is the explanation. Dmt isn't either, and in fact the studies down showed marked differences in the experiences of those in the studies which included a feeling of distortion, and the actual clear, more aware than ever before, experiences of nde, which lacked the lsd, psychedellic experiences I had read about connected to their studies.

posted on Apr, 11 2010 @ 10:59 PM
Sort of tangent but sort of related,

the notion of 'explaining' something is often done to still anxiety &/or curiosity.

so 'explaining' something can also, especially in the case of the paranormal, be code for dismissing it, making it seem somehow trivial.

People claiming science often presume cause & effect assignments rashly, prematurely & arbitrarily.

What science should coolly clinically note is an association between to parameters without jumping to causes & effects.

One may be the cause of the other or visa versa, or they could both be effects of something else or either could be a cause but only in conjunction with some 3rd [4th, etc.] parameters necessary.

Additionally the notion of 'explaining' mass simultaneous sightings of apparitions or UFOs etc as a 'mass hallucination' is a means of DISMISSING shared real experience as nothing.

If there were a REAL phenomenon of mass hallucination it would be an amazing kind of collective mental telepathy.
Governments, Corporations & real scientists would be all over it researching it. To find out how it works & how it might be used for silent communication [or to manipulate people].

But nobody i know of is researching 'Mass Hallucination' because everyone thinks it is pure bunk.

There is no clinical laboratory demonstration of 'Mass Hallucination' nor is there any aggregate data collection of its occurrences,

Which is why the term 'Mass Hallucination' is a NON-scientific term.

'Reality' by definition could be a 'Mass Hallucination.

And how is it when a bunch of psychologically expectant, with careers hanging in the balance, physicists get together around a hadron collider aren't mass hallucinating 'discoveries' especially when you consider all the elaborate equipment needed & millions of lines of software code needed to 'INTERPRET' the data?

something to think about.

I realize that consistent predictability is what we tend to follow, which science usually comes up with, but often only at the expense of trashing all the data that they have dismissed as 'Mass Hallucinations'.

Further, science is biased that there IS a coherent explanation for everything/anything. And that pre-conception is inherently non-scientific.
They have already closed their minds to the fact that things may be incoherent/unexplainable.

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posted on Apr, 12 2010 @ 04:08 AM
reply to post by predator0187


I agree this an interesting area...... a star & flag for you

I also started a thread about this in the breaking news forum a little while ago, citing a different article (the thread's gone quiet now).

You might find that some of the comments & info linked to therein are of interest & complement the discussion in this thread.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

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