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Food & Body Additives Cause All Illness

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 08:24 PM
I'm adding this thread as my written testament to what I believe is the root cause of today's poor human health. I believe that increased rates in obesity, cancer, diabetes and the multiple autoimmune diseases, along with many others, are caused by toxic ingredients and chemicals purposely added to food and everyday products. We now see today the result of product manufacturers drive toward maximum efficiency and profitability. There is no limit to what won't be used in the name of profit. No line will not be crossed regardless of the consequences to human health.

The following is an up to date list of FDA safe and suitable food ingredients used in the production of meat and poultry. This list alone is devastating to human health, yet it merely applies to only two products. Literally every product manufactured today has its list of poisons. You won't easily find a single thing absent of harmful ingredients. People expose themselves to this everyday from soap, shampoo, hair products, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving cream, laundry detergent, cleaning products, etc... As if that's not bad enough there's a whole other category just for food.

Food additives like preservatives and pesticides are not only causing disease, but obesity as well. People are getting and staying fat due to these additives! While this is my own personal opinion, I've seen this twice now first hand. Two people close to me, one my girlfriend, were approximately 25-35 lbs. overweight and decided to test this theory of ours. We were trying to adjust our diets toward more organic foods and away from processed, but our efforts were weak. Finally we committed to eating only 100% organic food, period. Without lowering total food intake or exercise of any kind the girls were able to drop all their excess weight in a matter of weeks! They are convinced, as am I, that organic food only is the answer to obesity. They not only keep the weight off, but eat anything and as much as they want without gaining any weight. This is no exaggeration and should be understood as the fact it is! Try it and see.

There are some very obvious things with food that should make any critics think. One is organic raw sugar versus refined white sugar and, worst of all, sugar substitutes. While raw sugar is clearly the least harmful and possibly even beneficial it is by far the least popular? Refined sugar and chemical sweeteners are not only the overwhelming favorites of consumers, but are also used exclusively in other products needing a sweetener.

Many of the worst toxic ingredients can be found in food and body additives? They are known to cause the very diseases and disorders currently on the rise, yet they take little blame? Cancer was once a rare topic, but now it has literally touched every family in some way? We now have entire hospitals for child cancer that was once unheard of? I recently heard of child Alzheimer disease? Diabetes and mental illness are rising. So on...

All these illnesses can be directly caused by these additives.

All these additives are directly added to food and body products.

All these food and body products are being used everyday by everyone.

What is so hard to understand?

Whenever I try to explain this to someone they deflect and defend these toxic products? Most commonly they state "If this is true, why then are people living longer now?" My answer to this is simple. Surgery and disease management. Surgery is obvious. Managing, rather than curing, is just another method of profit. More illnesses are being treated successfully, even long term. These treatments are expensive, therefore profitable. Profiting from illness only strengthens my argument.

This topic is arguably the most important one of them all. This subject should be atop discussion forums here at ATS and everywhere else as it is critical to the health of all mankind. This is, in my opinion, precisely why we are sicker, fatter, stupider and utterly worn out, both physically and mentally. This modern plague is not the wrath of an all powerful God seeking to punish us. This is potentially much worse than that despite the fact it is man made. These are tactics that only serve to maximize profit of products and have always been around. The big difference is there once was a moral limit and an understanding of what price is too high to pay. The limit was anything as long as it caused no harm. That no longer exists.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by Zerbst

I agree on some of what you are saying, but I've just read a book titled Panic Nation: Unpicking the myths we're told about food and health (Stanley Feldman and Vincent Marks, eds).
It looks at some of the statestics that have actually been validated and the research we take for granted. The authors conclude that most of the "health scares" have no evidence and are used to support pressure groups and the media.
Sure one hardly saw cancer several decades back, because people died and didn't live long until modern medicine resulted in a growing number of cancer survivors.
Life before modern medicine was short and brutish, and organic farming has such a broad definition that there is not enough arrable land to support it. It means starvation and could take us back to the days before food security for the lower classes. It is far from green, and actually wasteful.
The Western lifespan is increasing every decade with modern medicines.
"Natural chemicals" are just as bad as "artificial chemicals", yet their potential harm is hardly discussed. Except, perhaps salt which is said to be poisoning us, yet the Japanese eat twice as much as Westerners and live significantly longer, while the tribes in the Amazon or New Guinea eat no added salt and die young. The same goes for longevity amongst the meat/fish eating tribes in the Arctic - who never get heart-attacks despite a high cholestrol intake.
Just consider how easily harmless and tested substances are seen as harmful and blamed for creating certain conditions by the overblown and multi-billion rip-off "alternative health" industry.
It's good to be healthy and live a great lifestyle, but things get out of hand when unproven alternative therapies claim to treat (and often cure) AIDS and cancer.
Obesity has various markers, but no consensus. It could well be down to genetics plus the apparent addition of "junk food" and lack of exercise.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:26 AM
It is all about common sense. During winter my diet is based on onion, garlic, potatoes, carrot, root celery, rice, lentils and peas, sauerkraut + luxury citruses and banana. During spring, summer and fall I eat seasonal products. I live at country and work through internet. I need to go to capitol twice a month for two or three days. These visits are painful. I can't cook there so I need to go to pub. As I eat only known meat, I'm almost starving at the great city - Prague. Quality vegetarian food is f..g expensive there. Trendy pubs offer expensive salads - all of them are hydroponics from Holland/Belgium and maybe irradiated (no way how can consumer know) - it taste like plastic foam anyway. In western world, if you have no car and can't cook your food, if you are poor, you are judged to unhealthy diet of preprocessed #.

As for argument about starvation - western countries are able of food self-sufficiency for hundred years. At least for sixty years (first green revolution). Quantity argument is lie - now we need quality, not quantity of JUNK food.

I did not touche other aspects of this great trouble - patented crops. Are we crazy? Our society is insane if we pamper Monsanto and similar beasts.

Edit to add: just two weeks ago I spend weekend with my sister who is living at France. She is say 10 years older then me and she consider herself as "alternative" (she is, compared to rest of the herd!) but still I found vast discrepancies between our worldviews. For me, it is unacceptable to pay by credit/pay card my daily/weekly shopping. If there are any money on my bank account I demand cash immediately. Back to the topic. She was amazed that I eat raw onion, raw garlic! F..k them city bitches - smell of perfumes (especially if combined) is really disgusting. Onion, garlic, horse # and sweat? Its our live.

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 10:44 AM
I think that exaggeration in this case is counter productive. We eat unhealthy food, and we live stressful life. It causes illnesses and it hurts immune system. But it does not cause ALL illnesses. Half of Europe was wiped out when no one heard about preservatives/food color/artificial sweeteners and co. And everybody ate organic then.
So why is there need to go beyond obvious? Organic is much better/healthier then non-organic. Organic does not make one immune ,not to infections nor to cancer/(other) auto-immune disorders.
Creating unnecessary panic and stress causes just as much damage as adding allowed toxins for $ or whatever.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 05:06 PM

Originally posted by halfoldman
reply to post by Zerbst

Sure one hardly saw cancer several decades back, because people died and didn't live long until modern medicine resulted in a growing number of cancer survivors.

This doesn't begin to explain child cancer. I was born in 1968. Throughout my entire childhood the consensus on child cancer was it was impossible. There weren't rare occurrences of children with cancer, there were none. Your explanation is out of date propaganda. If you want to keep believing this is all normal you better take a refresher course on living in denial. I'm sure there is a federal organization out there providing one.

Sorry if I'm being rude, but this cannot keep being accepted and explained. Something is horribly wrong when child cancer becomes an epidemic overnight? There are many other adult diseases suddenly afflicting children, both physical and mental. Something is wrong whether we want to accept it, or not.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by ZeroKnowledge

If these chemicals are known to attribute to the same diseases that remain our largest causes of death, why can't we refuse their use? Is it coincidence that we have rising cancer, diabetes and mental disorder rates, especially in children, at the same pace as rising corporate profits?

If it were your child dying of cancer, that may have been a direct result of some billionaires profit increases, would alerting it be causing unnecessary panic? Would exposing the unnecessary death of your child for corporate profit be an exaggerated panic? If these toxic chemicals serve only to make rich people richer, wouldn't that be in fact what's unnecessary?

Check the links in the OP for facts on these chemicals. They are only used for efficiency and they absolutely attribute to all illnesses. Taking them away will only decrease profit margins, create jobs and reduce serious health risks. Keeping them will, not only have the opposite effect of stopping them, only allow the problem to escalate and cause more damage. If you can't see this to be an important issue you fail to know the issue in the first place.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 06:22 PM

Originally posted by ZeroKnowledge
I think that exaggeration in this case is counter productive..........But it does not cause ALL illnesses. Half of Europe was wiped out when no one heard about preservatives/food color/artificial sweeteners and co. And everybody ate organic then.

You are right and you are wrong. Your correct assumption is that ALL diseases and illness is caused by food, this is not correct. Genetics has a large part in passing on certain genes that show weakness to certain parental combinations that allow for diseases such as cancer and diabetes, etc.

You are incorrect when you stated that half of Europe was wiped out while still organic. In this instance the food didn't have anything to do with it; you are referring to the black plague which was caused primarily by bad hygiene and garbage/dead bodies in the streets. General lack of proper food handling allowed for rats to infest all common middle to lower class housing at the time and rat feces mixed with food products started a big part of the illnesses at the time. The bubonic plague is a very dangerous disease, and while it was alone devastating, it was solely carried by rats and transferred because of general human mis-handling of daily necessities like cleaning and maintenance of habitats.

As far as the O.P. is concerned, I completely agree. Food additives and preservatives are a huge, if not 99% cause of major obesity and other illnesses in this country and all over the world. I admit myself of being "addicted" to crap like Burger King and Pizza Hut on a far more frequent basis than I really should, however so many people don't realize that where there is money to be made, the health of the individual is expendable.

So many different food production companies rely on cheap additives to provide for our growing population so that they can survive too. Organic food is outrageously expensive, but rightfully so because it takes time to make it right, not to mention safe.

Many of you don't realize that whole industries are linked to a single cause; in this case the O.P. is correct in stating that additives lead to obesity and illnesses. To the previous posters arguing longer lifespan, I have these rebuttals and questions:

1. Why is our lifespan longer now than before? (Your answer: Advances in medicine and drugs/surgery)

My answer: Of course this is correct, but if taken into context with food additives, how many of you depend on drugs for one illness or another? Probably a huge part of the population. Now here is the kicker............How many of you take multiple drugs to counteract the SIDE EFFECTS of the other drugs? Probably just as many if not more of the same statistical number.

My father is Diabetic. He is taking over 12 drugs twice a day to counter act previous surgeries from a heart attack and abuse of his body due to bad eating habits over the last 5 decades. The doctor ADMITTADLY in front of me said that half of the drugs were to counter act the side effects he experiences from taking the TWO drugs that he actually NEEDS to survive.

Now take this context with food additives and the medical connection: Eating improperly and eating additives/preservatives/chemicals/pesticides will lead to illness naturally, so lifespan is extended by medicine by taking a drug right? Ok, I can concede that, but don't forget the other 11 you need to take to counter act those.

2. Food additives aren't causing all disease and illness? (Your answer: People before additives weren't living any longer and were just as unhealthy)

Again I can concede some of this, but again it comes down to context and social standard. Take smoking for example, while mildly off topic and me not being a smoker, take this into consideration.

The Native Americans who have lived here for hundreds of years before we came to America had smoked Tobacco and Peyote respectively with almost no documented cases of cancer, which is why you always see the old wrinkly chief smoking the pipe. While today's standards have smokers dying off in their 30's on a regular basis. Simply put, chemical alteration to make it addictive.

This is the same process used by food companies not only to preserve, but to make their food "taste" better to you. I will give you another great example:

A friend of mine heard about a technique of switching soft drinks from regular to diet for no other purpose than to see the amount of sugar intake and chemical alteration that could affect her body. Within the course of a few months, without changing the amount consumed or the frequency of the consumption, she lost over 20 lbs. just from retaining water due to the high sugar concentration.

My mother is big into organic foods as well and is average considering most women in their 60's. She recently started an organic diet in the last three months, and I can tell you from an eye witness point of view, she lost at least 20 lbs. just in the first 2-3 weeks. So I absolutely agree with the O.P. on the organic vs. traditional food argument. However you must be cautious where you get it as some companies claim to be organic, but use the same chemicals in order to tap into the market that has rejected their traditional food line.

In the last year I started a process that most people would consider crazy. I purchased a complete set of high grade surgical stainless steel cooking pans for around $5,000. This will be the last set of pans I ever purchase in my lifetime and my children's lifetime. The process of cooking is valid in this argument because it can also lead to removing valuable nutrition and vitamins from the food we cook on a regular basis. The process involves cooking with water instead of oils/fats. The cook time is only 15 mins. for a whole chicken breast, cooked vegetables and whatever else you want to add.

Before I started researching the food additives consequences I would have considered this to be a move of madness, I could have purchased a car for that much! But because I have seen firsthand and researched everything the O.P. stated and can validate 95% of it to be true, I completely support this idea and hope that more people will jump on the same research bandwagon to a healthier lifestyle. Only then might we need less drugs to survive and start living longer on our own terms, not the FDA's.

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 07:14 PM
reply to post by Kingalbrect79

Much thanks for the support and response here.

I agree with you that genetics can make some prone to these illnesses, but what is altering genetics could be linked to this as well. Some want to oppose me by saying there are other contributors to disease besides the mentioned. I never said there wasn't, only that these chemicals can alone cause virtually every illness known. Should they not be a concern merely because of this? Why defend them when they offer nothing good and potentially a lot of harm?

So glad to hear about your mother! I too have witnessed this effect first hand. It's what motivated me to create this thread, as well as one titled "Obesity Cure? Please take my weight loss challenge." I truly believe these toxins harm humans in many ways.

You are right on about food preparation, that cookware purchase is anything but crazy. We are kept in the dark about the negative effects to nutrition from over cooking and sterilizing our food. There's rumor of government planning to sterilize all food through radiation under the guise of protecting us from bacteria like ecoli? What people fail to realize is radiation will effectively destroy all nutritional value. Food without nutrition is equal to starvation.

Thanks again for the support.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 07:41 PM
I think that in ALL illness you and I disagree. Genetics do play a part in transferred genes between parents before any food intake is even considered. There are just certain diseases that are prone to repetition, much like you have your "father's eyes" or your "mother's personality". In each of these cases the link is purely genetic, however there are new "diseases" such as obesity which is not genetic, it is inferred upon the individual. The lifestyle of the individual can have a drastic effect on the offspring of the parent. This is why fat/obese people have obese children, lifestyle, not necessarily a genetic link. The reason a genetic link is given as an answer to this problem is because medical solutions in the form of drug therapy has resulted in skewed results based on outliers in the study.

The entire process of me cooking my food is more about the quality of the cookware and the process in which it is prepared in order to retain the food's natural ingredients. The pans are equal thickness throughout the entire surface area, not just thick on the bottom of the pans like most pans on the market. They are not Teflon so they will not transfer harmful cancer causing chemicals into my food upon cooking, and because the thickness is the same all around the food is cooked evenly upon all sides insead of on the bottom and light on the sides. Overheating leads to a drastic loss in nutrition and all the healthy portions of your food are retained in the pool at the bottom of the pan after you remove what is left of your food from the cooking process.

Aside from this, I think we are on the same page. The food preservatives and additives are a major cause for the "numbness" of food taste buds in most people. When is the last time you asked a friend to try a storebought steak compared to an organic one? 99% of the time they will pick the chemically enhanced version because it costs less, not because it tastes like Tofu, which is the unfortunate stereotype that is placed on organic foods. "Hippie" was merely an idea of love and openness to others and the earth around us, which is what we were intially sent here for I think.

I cannot comment on our origins as this is off topic, but needless to say that what we are being fed is a watered down McDonalds "Coca-Cola" version of the real thing. Don't get me started on their fries.........Yuk.

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 08:10 AM

Originally posted by Kingalbrect79
I think that in ALL illness you and I disagree. Genetics do play a part in transferred genes between parents before any food intake is even considered.

It has far less to do with genetics then it has to do with what your parents ate and what your parents parents ate imo. Even if you have the worse genetics possible eating healthy will help you dodge just about all degenerative diseases. Its a lot harder to fix defects due to your parents faulty diets.

I agree with you OP, somewhat. Additives aren't the only culprit, a lot of it has to do with processing techniques. The processing allows us to eat totally unfermented grains, rancid oils and total non foods. Refrigeration and supermarkets also play a key role allowing most people to store and eat un-seasonal foods or foods that were traditionally fermented to keep them from spoiling

posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 08:57 AM
I have recently cut out most of the processed food I tormented my body with. I noticed, seemingly, that once the artificial flavor enhancers you get used to are cut out of your diet, you begin to taste fresh, unprocessed food in a different way again.

Also, I have always warned my family about aspartame. Most of them could not believe that something of the origin and with the effects that I proclaimed, could pass our strict food regulations. My aunt went on another diet trip a couple of months ago and started to drink gallon upon gallon of the cheapest sugar-free cola our stores have to offer. She is now regularly seeing a doctor for migraines and problems with her vision. I am glad I can't even find the slightest bit of "I told you so" satisfaction in that, however this convinced me further that this stuff is the devil.

I would also agree, that you cannot chalk up ALL illnesses to stuff we put in our bodies. However, the rise of ailments like cancer and alzheimer's should make us at least think twice if all the stuff thats out there, including but not limited to food, is free of direct dangers to our health.

Just remember how we found out about asbestos after it was far too late to limit the damage and begin to critically think about what you are putting in your mouths each day.


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