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Americans! Are you ever going to revolt?

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 10:45 PM

Originally posted by kennylee

Although there are a lot of armchair warriors in America, it hasn't gotten bad enough for a Revolution yet. A Revolution would be the very LAST approach to try and fix our broken government.

It seems pretty easy for someone in England to sit and want a Revolution in America. It would kill thousands of people and probably finish destroying America. Is that maybe what you foreigners want? Do you want to see us completely destroyed?

I would rather live in the US today than anywhere in the world. Why don't you all revolt against your government and let us know how it works out for you......

americans have gotten soft and they ahve learned to be very VERY dependent upon the government... they (for the most part) have become sheeple that think they are entitled to everything...when in reality they are not.
Arm chair warrios aside... there are millions that are fed up and near to a breaking point... The govt. wants trouble, but they want it on their terms, so most americans are going to stand around with their heads in a dark stinky place and be complacent with the fed. The real warrios are doing what is needed at this time... they are informing the public of what is going on, and whether the fed likes it or not... the giant is waking up.

If the shot is fired it will not be by the hand of the militia ..although they will get the blame.

but the fuse is lit, and right now it is at a medium burn level...

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 10:48 PM
Reply to post by boondock-saint

Unfortunately this is miles from accurate, I have yet to see a first person shooter where when you hit the reload button the character drops the fresh magazine on the ground by accident or forgets to release the bolt of a gun from the locked position. The games rarely account for true ballistics, the weight of a combat loadout, sweat in your eyes or blood on your hands from attending the wounds of another. You can play COD or any other game as much as you want but it will never really prepare you for drawing down on another human, squeezing the trigger, watching them fall or the fact that you won't sleep after the first battle you take a life in.

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by MIMRblazin

I also have lived here all my life, almost 40 years. I have had all of those happen to me- and then some. Consider yourself lucky, so far.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:34 PM
Are you the one who speaks for all of the The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

I could just as easily call YOU a pushover for letting England's big brother set up a survey shop on all of you. LMAO.
England placed more people-monitoring cameras on it's people than almost any other country in the world.

And what about those dudes on Youtube walking around London with megaphones; this thread makes no sense when they walk around showing the police state of England the way they do while offering hugs. Is everything fine over there?

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:51 PM
reply to post by muzzleflash
Now, that is real revolution! No deaths, but rather, non-compliance in the partipication in useless consumerism and material competition, acceptance and teamwork among all people, regardless of color or religion.

The wealthiest families will find it increasingly tough to retain their wealth and they will begin fighting among themselves over dwindling profits.

After centuries of pitting people against each other over superficial physical and economic differences, they will begin to fight among themselves over a dwindling empire.

Who cares if one has a more expensive new car, a big house, the latest gadgets. These things are immaterial and one cannot bring these with them in death.

These things are the trappings of the slaves, but we must be careful that the new slaves will not replace us as the new 'consumers' and put us out of our place and into the prison camps.

As the powers that be find it far more favorable to bypass congress and instead enforce bills as they did the Healthcare 'reform' the stakes increase, the dangers increase.

People must be careful, the government can easily declare martial law upon spread of violence and it is exactly what they want, unfortunately so they can install a totalitarian government run by corporations and backed up by the traitorious elements among military brass.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 01:15 AM
Revolt for what?

We are finally providing healthcare for our citizens like a modern nation should.

Our military forces are restoring a sense of pride to countries who have been demoralized by totalitarian dictators and feudal warlords.

We are reducing the proliferation of nuclear weapons more and more each year.

Its been 9 years since America has witnessed a terrorist attack on our soil (a credit to Former President Bush and to the continued work of the Democrats)

We saw a gain in jobs last month, a sign that our mini-depression is slowly turning around. Stocks are on a slow climb upwards and people around me are finding jobs left and right.

As a citizen of Louisiana (not just the United States), my gun rights are being protected by legislature seeking to retain that right to my state (and Louisiana isn't the only state doing it)

The question is, my English friend, why aren't you emigrating to the greatest country on Earth yet?

And why haven't you thrown a rock at the cameras in London yet

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 01:25 AM

Originally posted by Haydn_17
Im not sure i understand, the English colonists revolted against there goverment due to a tax introduction, and created your own country, laws and constitution.

But today your complete pushovers, youve had your constitution basically ripped up, your freedoms are being taken away everyday, your guns are being taken away, isnt it in the constitution that you can revolt against the goverment?

But nooo you dont do anything, nothing at all, you just keep going to work, eating mc donalds and moaning at the world.

You need a leader, somewhere to rally and stay there untill your heard, dont let no riot cop in 12 inches of riot gear scare you off, your meant to stand up against the bigger force, thats what you did before DO IT AGAIN!

Long live the Fifth Column.

Wait.... what?

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by muzzleflash
Rather than fighting them outright.

Just stop doing things.

Stop paying them $.

Stop buying pointless crap from the store$.

Stop paying for all their crap$.

This is IMHO, the only way to fight.

Using weapons only leads to pain and death, its retarded.

Well said.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:12 AM
Haven't you noticed the nice weapons they have to play with are you serious?You got kids thinking its great to fire on folks who pose no threat and call it a war,fire on wounded,torture and they will defend there behavior with vigor.
You got people stupid enough to believe a building can collapse at free-fall speeds without explosives.

We got folks who believe a guy in a cave an ocean away can elude 80% of the top modern defense agencies in the world that comprise of the top gdp countries on earth.

You may not want to admit it,but those in the intel community know that if you are wanted you will be found very quickly. The fact that he is not in our custody proves he is dead or he is working for us.

There are people till this day refuse to believe we hired bin laden and trained him to fight during the Russian afghan war and was still on the payroll up untill 911 according to cia whistle-blowers.

We got convinced into unneeded wars that wasn't declared by congress, which are now helping to bankrupt us, which is in turn requiring congress to try to sneek illegal taxes and repay debt to the bankers who started the mess.

Cia fbi you are as smart as they come i bet ya never knew you could spend yourself into insecurity did ya?

We have folks believing that fighting a war against brown hodgies is securing our freedom.

Last i checked The only person making us walk through naked body scanners and warrant-less wire taping violating our liberties and Unalienable rights was standing here on U.S. soil.

They are two far invested into the current political theater to understand that if they can do that to brown people an ocean away how easy do you think it would be to turn them 20 year olds in Apaches lose on some tea party goer or Or some one who refuses to pay health care tax ??
How easy would it be to set up the militia with all the press they are getting by the media and link them to tea partiers, by committing atrocities and blaming it on them.
Its is so elementary dictatorship 101, attack yourself blame it on your enemy use the gov to destroy your enemy.
What is stopping them the law? Posse comintitus was repealed.

I could go on but you get the picture.
They will get the government they deserve it is the law of nature.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 03:29 AM
The founding fathers didnt have an XBOX 360. I am rather busy practicing my revolt on Call of Duty Modern Warfar 2. Once i get 5th prestige i may give the real thing a try but i doubt it. Time to make another Hotpocket and kill me some noobs. LOL

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by Haydn_17

On March 31, 2010, Guardians of the Free Republic served Governors in all 50 free sovereign Republics (States) with the American Peoples’ Declaration of Restoration for the united States.

The American Peoples’ Declaration of Restoration can be read at:

The American People have organized a plan to take their nation back which is called The Restore America Plan which can be read at:

The American People have implemented the Restore America Plan via 26 representatives who are signatories to the Declaration in each of the 50 free sovereign Republics (States). These 1300 men and women together make up the core of the organization known as the Guardians of the Free Republic for which information is available at:

A one hour and 49 minute initial radio program entitled “De Jure Grand Jury- Presentment March 29th 2010- Restore America Project” aired on March 29, 2010 and can be listed to here:

One can listen to weekly updates of the progress of the Restoration of America which are provided by Guardians of the Free Republic’s Dr. Sam Kennedy on his “Take No Prisoners” weekly radio program which is broadcast every Sunday night between 8 and 10 p.m. on the Republican Broadcasting Network (RBN) located at 2251 Doublecreek Drive Suite 302, Round Rock, TX 78664, phone # (800)-724-2719. Radio programs on RBN can be listened to for free when live or can be listened to from the archives (free for a 24 hour period) on the RBN website which is:

The radio program that aired April 4, 2010 entitled "Take No Prisoners" was broadcast by the Guardians of the Free Republics representative Sam Kennedy on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) ( This same program airs between 8 and 10 p.m. every Sunday evening.

Below is transcribed what Sam Kennedy said in hour 2 of the 04-04-10 radio program:

“With great pleasure the de jure Gran Juries of the 50 free American Republics in comiti [acting in concert with], the well regulated Guardians of the Free Republics duly assembled in all 50 jurisdictions have the honor of making your acquaintance and issuing the attached warrant for the ARREST of your BOND.”

“What’s an ‘arrest’? Well, this is not a CRIMINAL arrest. It’s a CIVIL arrest.”

“We have notified the Depository Trust Company [where each of these public official’s bond is being held on deposit] and the Government Securities Division of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation, a division of the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation.”
“What have we notified them? You’re no longer insured to act in a de facto corporate capacity. The office is now reabsorbed into the original de jure capacity on the land following the law of the land respecting the Constitution.”

“How terrible. You can no longer just make it up as you go. You can no longer issue executive orders imposing your will on the People. It is back to REAL LAW not ADMIRALTY [law] FICTION. The People are no longer protected against your misdeeds by your bond. All of your actions are now underwritten either by the People’s bond and we included a bond, a contract, whereby we stand behind the Governors, the People stand, the sovereign People stand behind the Governors to protect them against accidental misdeeds or they can rely upon all of their own property and future labor.”
“So when I said to the agent [an F.B.I. agent interviewed Sam Kennedy earlier on Sunday, 04-04-10, listen to earlier parts of this radio program] and the state investigator
that he [the Governor] was ALREADY REMOVED from that office I wasn’t just kidding.”

How long can he [the Governor] function without the People being protected by a public hazard bond? Three days. Beyond that he’s [the Governor’s] on his own. And that’s why he [the Governor] has to take the new oath of office which is similar to the old oath of office with one difference. He [the Governor] expressly recognizes that he is in direct contract with the People, not just some presupposition that oh there’s this amorphous Constitution that he can obey if and when he desires. From now on his actions are bonded by the People. And as you’ll see we’ve accepted the contract later on in this first paragraph so let me reserve my comments further.”

“The letter goes on to say, as of this day the office of Governor with a capital ‘G’ in each of the 50 incorporated States with a capital ‘S’, is reabsorbed into the de jure office of governor of the respective REPUBLIC. In other words, welcome back to the land and the law of the land. It goes on to say the Armed Forces of the united States duly presented with lawful de jure authority, in other words the People assembling on the land in all 50 jurisdictions, are overseeing the implementation of certain general orders pursuant to the attached Declaration of Restoration.”

“Now, the only reason I’m even revealing any of this [the content of the letter to the Governors], is because people have taken that Declaration and published it all over the web and they shouldn’t have because these are private matters between us [the people] and these men and women [the Governors] giving them quietly an opportunity to do the right thing, to take the burden off their shoulders and return to being the Peoples’ public servants and not just political hacks who make it up as they go along. Every time they want to do something, pass another bill, that’s why they call them ‘bills’, they are bills that you have to pay, literally.”

“The letter goes on to say, as you may have heard the free American REPUBLICS and the de jure united States of America REPUBLIC have been reinhabited by the sovereign People. Now you know what sovereign People means. As an operation of law, proper sovereign authority has been restored. Just like the church members could just restore their sovereignty by simply saying we’re meeting as the church body politic. [listen in hour 1 of this broadcast to the example Sam Kennedy provided that had to do with a church’s leadership reaffirming its own inherent authority over its own affairs which is a right the church has even though at an earlier time its officers registered it with the state as a religious institution]. That’s all we did.“

The People of the united States in every single jurisdiction met and said we are, we’re not telling you what to do, we’re just telling you we have assembled to reinhabit those de jure REPUBLICS. Do any of you wish to get in our way and tell us we can’t? How can we not have the right to reinhabit the REPUBLICS that are still there and have been vacated by you? “

“And we go on to say in the letter, you are now operating under the bond of the sovereign People and rightful freeholders on the land. In other words, some of us have land patents. We actually own the land, not deeds to the CORPORATE county. You are now operating under the bond which is attached of the sovereign People and rightful freeholders on the land pursuant to Constitutional limitations.”

“How lucky by the way and how blessed are the People of the united States that now they understand by virtue of this program that their public officials at the head of each REPUBLIC are now restricted to their own state constitutions, their own REPUBLIC constitutions.”

“We went on to say, which by the way means foreclosure is going to end over the next month or two because the state can no longer execute under Admiralty law that is reserved for the united States REPUBLIC and now courts actually have to respect rules of procedure. So, if a bank wants to prosecute your mortgage and can’t produce the note, your foreclosure is ended. That doesn’t sound like such bad news to me.”

“As you can see folks this is not about anybody imposing their will on anyone else. We do not wish to tend anyone else’s garden. You can continue life as you know it and go through your foreclosure and pay the taxes the way you’re accustomed although those things are going to change very shortly as the whole BONDING system comes to an end. But, we’re not going to tell you, we don’t want to tell you how to live your life at all. The opposite is true. If you have, if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans facing foreclosure to banks that actually loaned you your own money, because under the present system of money a promissary note just like a Federal Reserve note is actually considered an asset, and they enter your promissory note that you sign at the closing on the books as an asset then write a check against it then they circulate that asset, they place it on deposit at DTC [Depository Trust Clearing Corporation] again and they trade against it and issue nine more loans against it, you’d have to know more about the banking system to understand, but trust me, they are trading on your promissory note and lending you your own money. Believe it, your signature on the promissory note creates the negotiable instrument that in the present system of credit is considered money.”

“Banks trade promissory notes as assets. Whole companies buy and sell them. They bundle them up together with real estate trusts and sell them in markets specifically as assets. And you wonder why the system is falling apart, why it’s collapsing. The system of credit is predicated on money laundering. You take a Federal Reserve note, a promissory note into Mom and Pop’s deli, you buy a corned beef sandwich, they worked hard to give you that work product and you give them a piece of paper that’s a promise to pay. It’s only because you believe in it that it has any value. But we are the biggest money launderers on the planet. Their hard work gets exchanged for pieces of currency that are on the verge of falling apart.”

“Anyway, those of you, hundreds of thousands of you, who are facing foreclosure, you now have your remedy in tow. Because with Admiralty removed from State courts, they have no ability to prosecute you on innuendo. When you say the bank needs to produce the original note, which they never do, I know it sounds crazy to those of you who haven’t been through foreclosure. The bank doesn’t produce the note because it’s been off-traded in Europe ten times over. They can’t find the note, literally. Check the court records. See how many cases they were able to produce notes on. None. One in a thousand - maybe. And so, your foreclosure nightmare has ended.”

“And the tens of thousands of you facing prison for not being able to pay I.R.S., its demands to share in your work product, from your sweat and labor, your remedy is here now.”

“The letter goes on to say, each of the signatories of the said, oh this is so important, this is still on page one, each of the signatories of the said Declaration have expressly by that action, in other words by signing the Declaration, accepted the Constitution of their respective de jure REPUBLIC and the Constitution for the united States of America circa 1787 as binding contracts upon you, thus memorializing their lawful standing and your duty to serve.”

“Now, finally, since 1860 this is the first time we have been back in a binding contract with our public officials and they must now obey the Constitution or face the penalties. They’ll be personally liable and, believe me, among the 1300 People who signed this, there are many skilled People in contract law. I wouldn’t want to go up against them in any court anywhere, whether it’s the court of the de jure Grand Juries or the courts of the united States of America and these restored REPUBLICS.”

“As one by one you’re going to see the law venue change, the flags [in courts] change, as the names of the States change from State of New York, a CORPORATE entity, back to the original New York which was a signatory to the Constitution.”

“By the way, those of you who say Constitution of the united States, you’re not reading from the original Constitution. Check out the original document. It says Constitution for the united States. And the present Constitutions that many of you refer to even in textbooks that say Constitution ‘of’, that is the CORPORATE substitute from 1865 with the United States victory at the Appomattox Court House. Everything changed and you don’t even know it. One word, when President Clinton said it all depends on how you define the word ‘is’, he wasn’t kidding. Just change the word ‘is’ to the word ‘for’ and ‘of’. The original Constitution which you can check out on the internet just put in ‘Constitution photo’ and you’ll see photos of the original is the Constitution for the united States and the ones in your textbooks that say Constitution ‘of’ are not the original article. That’s why our Declaration says circa 1787. There’s been a swindle right under your nose and you don’t know it.”

An finally, the final section, the final sentence of paragraph one, this is all one paragraph on page one, says with the burdens of acting as a CORPORATE agent under color of law are lifted from your shoulders, this letter is intended to welcome you back to the brotherhood of mankind in the spirit of forgiveness. You and your children are free, the era of illicit corporations and banking cartels posing as legitimate governments is over. And that’s a mouthful if you knew what I knew and what the other 1300 signatories knew about governance in the united States of America in the 21st century.”

“So that’s the opening paragraph and that’s probably enough to whet your appetite for what’s coming or certainly enough to get you to hate us as covert reactionaries, evil men who just dire to be tyrants and threaten people, uh, vigilante militias. Well actually as you can see, actually ‘militia’ is a tarnished word, but the Constitution has provisions for militias. The Constitution does not have a provision for an army, do you know that? It says that there can only be a standing army during time of war. Maybe that very special emergency has persisted all these years. The Constitution, your Constitution for the united States of America, provides for a standing navy in Article 1 and for a temporary army. The rest falls on the backs of militias and that’s the truth.”

“Read your Constitution, not just what somebody teaches you in a civics class that he or she was taught by a history professor who’s completely ignorant of the history of this country, the most important event being the takeover of this government in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act.”

“Paragraph one, page two goes on to say, the People capital ‘P’ are committed to a peaceful, honorable, and nonviolent transition which unfolds quietly behind the scenes as a mirror image reversal of the 1933 world coup. So I guess our commitment to peace and nonviolence is stated right there. Why would anyone doubt it?”

“It goes on to say, it is the Peoples’ intention on behalf of your safety that the general public be no more attuned to the return of their money, law, and freeholdings than it was to their theft in 1933 under Executive Orders 6102 and HJR192. For this reason, all of the events described hereunder are classified Top Secret. Obviously some of the Governors have violated that to a degree.”

“Um, I just mentioned Executive Order 6102, for those of you who are not familiar with that and HR 192, here’s what really happened in 1933. In a period of three months, in every industrialized country, the same laws were passed. In Canada they were articles of Parliament, or acts of Parliament rather in Australia. In Germany they burned down the Reichstag, all within the same three months, all funded by the same banking cartel.”

Executive order 6102 signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it may have been April 5th, perhaps, of 1933, said the following, ‘All United States persons, you see the evil of that word, are ordered to turn in all of their privately held gold other than $100 in jewelry to a branch of the Federal Reserve bank’. How do you think the founders would have reacted to that in 1775? You think that would have put them over the edge a bit early?
And yet we accept it as perfectly normal.”

“Our great grandparents had been so beset by the Great Depression, a planned world event, that they actually turned in their gold and then HR 192 said the following, ‘All obligations payable in gold are hereafter null and void. From now on, debts can no longer be paid, they can only be discharged, [which is] another legal piece of terminology to pull the wool over your eyes. They [debts] can only be discharged in United States currency.”

“Let me tell you what that means. It means that if I owed you $50,000 in gold I borrowed from you, a third party, the United States, came in and said you no longer have to pay him back. Well I’ve got news for you, the Constitution says Congress shall make no law impairing the obligations of contracts. That obligation of contracts is ancient – goes back to mercantile law with men on camels traversing the earth – their word had to be their BOND to survive. And it was the obligation of contracts that allowed men to even draw up the Constitution which is just a contract.”

“So, how was Roosevelt able to wave a magic wand and take your gold away and tell you through HR 192 and The Banking Act, which by the way no one read, no one ever read that, uh. Much like today’s passage of the Healthcare Bill, at least you got three days to read that. Back then The Banking Act was passed with one copy in the possession of one House officer and quietly they passed it, in the dead of night. And what it said was that I no longer have to repay you that gold because you can no longer pay anything. We are removing the system of gold and replacing it with a system of credit.”

“Your money was stolen from you under your nose and the only way he [FDR] could do it and not be lynched was by making it apply only to U.S. persons, fictitious trust accounts, United States persons/resident/citizen, all of are subject to the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION and they took your money. They took your gold away from you at Federal Reserve Banks. They shipped it through Canada, overseas, we’ve seen the invoices on those shipments. And they socked it away in the basement of the Federal Reserve by moving it from one room to another room. From your pockets to the bankers’.”

“They [the bankers] paid you 22 dollars an ounce and two weeks later I think it was, they raised it to 35 dollars an ounce. Who do you think made the bounty on that? You think all of that wasn’t planned in advance? So let’s not be so naïve to imagine that this system of credit is anything but evil at its inception. And the only way they could do that is by using legal terminology. That’s the importance of words in this society. Applying it [the new policy] to U.S. persons, sending the executive order out to members of the army and the F.B.I., unfortunately, who thought that that meant it applied to everyone. Well it applied to no living men and women. It applied only to legal fiction trust accounts. Back then, I don’t know where they were on deposit, but nowadays there on deposit at the Depository Trust Company as of 1963 as I recall.”

“One other thing, for those who think they live in the land of the free and the home of the brave and hate me for stating these things, these are crimes against your children. Executive Order 19 what was it 41 or 42, passed by Roosevelt, I forget the number of the Executive Order, 9901 or something like that or 05 or 06, something like that [1942, E.O. 9066] interning on the stroke of a pen, the entire population of Japanese Americans, [Executive Order 9066: The President Interns the Japanese Population] a 100 and, there’s speculation whether it’s 110 to 125 thousand people. An entire race of Americans put into prison camps without a warrant, without due process of law, without an appeal, without counsel, without any protection. Tell me it can’t happen here.”

“All of my Black American friends and my Asian American friends, Indian American friends and Jewish Americans, you all know it can happen and it’s the rest of us Caucasian Americans who have to wake up and smell the roses. Well we have. And this time the united States got the message.”

“You, wild horses couldn’t keep me from that F.B.I. meeting and won’t keep me away from the others. I don’t sound like this during a meeting like that because I am genuinely blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to sit down with the people who have the guns and the power now that we have the authority. We are members of the sovereign People. We – are – back!”

“And the only thing we demand is that our orders be followed when it concerns our rights. Because without our consent, all you have is slavery, you don’t have freedom. Don’t tell me we have to do it at the point of a gun; have to produce a piece of paper that indicates I am a subject class citizen in the land of my forefathers. I will not do it. I will not comply and now I don’t have to comply and all of that is going to change for sovereign citizens, excuse me, oh I apologize, for members of the sovereign People, behind the scenes because the People have stood. I am so proud of the People. Thirteen hundred of you, many of you trepidacious. Many of you don’t have the fire in your belly for what I’ve been doing publically for the last few years. I don’t expect you to.”

“But, truth be told now there are thousands of you who have written to the official, uh have gone to the official website or written to the official email address of and said I wish to join, I wish to be a part of this thank the Lord that finally the People have woken up, thousands upon thousands of you.”

“I’ll have to hire an army to go through those email addresses and database you all and make it all clean, but at least you can listen to the program [Sundays 8 p.m. EST “Take No Prisoners” on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) @]. Fortunately, we’re heard around the world and understand the importance of the process that is ongoing.”

“Let me say this to each and every one of the men and women who have been occupying the office of governor with a small ‘g’. Now, you are all now in de jure capacity. We welcome you to operate under the law of the land. We welcome you to be out from under the yoke of Admiralty and equity. Admiralty was never intended to come on the land into state courts. And anyone who knows law understands that. Unfortunately, most lawyers are not trained a hoot in Admiralty. This F.B.I. agent is an attorney which made it especially gravy on the plate to talk with him. But like every attorney I’ve ever spoken to, not one has had any training in Admiralty law except Admiralty attorneys and they truly know what’s going on in civil and criminal courts of the United States.”

“Just time for a couple of comments. Uh, just so you know, none of us are seeking any interviews. We’re not seeking publicity. We’re not seeking glory. The glory truly goes to the Lord. This is an amazing time in history. Boy, to think that people could and would find the courage, the strength, and the information to come together like this.”

“So I say this to you. If you truly value the future for your children, if you’re a reporter or a journalist or a producer and you truly value the future for your children and you know that something’s not right. Then instead of going out and doing a story, why don’t you just do some research on the links I’ve given you tonight. Learn the truth. We don’t need any stories to save the country. We don’t need to awaken the sleeping American public.

“Things will change quietly in the background like they did in 1933. You know in 1933 they held secret meetings with Federal judges and they said, the law’s being replaced by equity and Admiralty. There will no longer be any lawful money. So, you can’t have people pay in court because they can only pay in gold and silver because that’s what the Constitution says. Congress shall coin nothing but gold and silver. And so, you’ll have to have them discharge their debts and that will be with promissory notes. So, your courts are also going to be issuing bonds in every case and on every incarceration. And those bonds by the way are also at DTC and they’re being bundles together in real estate trusts and being sold on the backs of our prisoners. Now you know why there are two million Americans in prison. It’s a booming business. If you don’t believe me, talk to the President of the Corrections Corporation of America.”

“An so, we don’t need to be awakening the public to these things. In 1933, when they held that meeting with the judges, not one judge protested. By the way they also told them you’re going to have to get people’s consent by tricking them into confessing to be legal fictional accounts substituted in their name under the social security system. And not one judge said that’s fine and I’m issuing a warrant for your arrest. They all complied. That was the bankruptcy of the United States, by the way, in 1933, to the bankers.”
“Take all the gold and all the property by way of deeds and registrations of cars and the like. Now you know why the state gets your title and issues you a title. Shouldn’t the owner issue the title? The State does, you accept it. You accept a marriage license. If I said to you, how do you feel about people in China needing state permission to be married, you’d say that’s awful. Those lousy Commie bastards! Well, don’t you go to a County Clerk here and get permission? Don’t they tell you what tests you need to get married? I’ve got news for you. I have a Biblical marriage. Two people taking a covenant in front of witnesses under the Lord. It’s a covenant with the Lord. It’s not a covenant with the State that gives them the right to send social services in to seize your children. You’ve been deceived and misled. But, you can find your way back, quietly behind the scenes. Every judge will be visited at the Federal level. And we’ll now be given the opportunity to come back to the law. Every attorney will be given the opportunity to go from a letterhead that says Attorney at Law back to one that says an Attorney in law. The Attorneys don’t even know why, that’s just what they were told what to do in law school.”

“All of that’s going to change. I encourage you, forego the stories. But if you do the story, do your research and bring the truth forward because if you don’t you’re going to force my hand to seek out the Glenn Becks and the John Stossels and others who just might give me a forum. And then the American people would be awakened. I don’t want that because they’re going to be angry. This plan states several times that we do not wish to awaken the hostility of the American People. Everyone can have it any way they want and if you wish to be a member of the sovereign People all you’ll have to do is act like it and you’ll no longer be a slave to the United States and the tax situation will be remedied. By the way, the Fed is being rolled back into six, uh, centralized divisions for clearing checks, that’s it. So, um, with that said, I think we’re out of time folks.”

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 07:54 AM
The problem is, our government is so massive, there'd be no chance and any beginnings of a revolution would be immediately quelled, and media spun before people even knew what happened. It's not my fault the majority of Americans are so stupid. I tried to wake people up, and people labeled me as a nut. I've since given up on Americans, as they are some of the most idiotic people in the universe. There will be no revolution. For those of you on board with me, move out while you can.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by kennylee

I am not american but I couldn't not to quote what you have said. A big star for you.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by gandhi

I agree, I too see a worldwide revolution coming, this new world order bull is not just in America, America is just the Empire base. The rich elite banksters have their sticky little fingers in every Nation, all over the world. I just hope it doesn't turn out like the revolution the French had that time.....Bankers, you days are numbered. Count your coins while you still can.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:27 AM
You can revolt in Britain by protest voting for the BNP, even if they fail in government, it would usher in a fresh breeze of change.

And with regards to not paying taxes, it is a good solution as you do not pay taxes when in prison, so you have not 'fed the beast'.

Correct me if I am wrong on this second point.

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:39 AM
First off I dont believe the time will ever come to full on revolution here in the US, but lets just say it gets to that point, I think ALOT of you guys are discounting the fact that I would venture that 10-33% of the military will join the people without a doubt. Sure alot of the young soldiers these days are brainwashed and gungho on killing even if it means their own, but this is not the majority of our forces by any means. I dont know about you but the few I know in the military all but one would for certain jump ship and take what goodies they can with them to help out their families and friends. Soldiers are Americans too dont forget that and it would take this edge to pull something like this off.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:46 AM
Americans should not revolt. The thing is, we do have representation, (btw that is why we revolted to begin with, it wasn't because of taxation, it was taxation without representation.)

We have representatives, they may not be worth a crap, but they do represent us. The solution is to elect better representatives that will actually represent the people instead of the corporations and special interests.

The idiots that represent the internet revolutionaries on this board don't seem to realize that if they ever actually decided to go full bore and overthrow the government, there would be a dozen nations at our doorstep ready willing and able to take us over.

Not only would outside interests be gleeful to lend a hand in destroying this government, but drug lords would be more than willing to take over entire cities and communities. They are better armed, and violent to a nth degree.

At the same time, they don't care either. I think some of these "Revolutionaries" are in fact working in conjunction with either drug cartels or outside interests who would love for the United States government to be overthrown.

If they aren't they are truly stupid people, to the extent that they may actually be mentally retarded.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:52 AM

Originally posted by whatukno
Americans should not revolt. The thing is, we do have representation, (btw that is why we revolted to begin with, it wasn't because of taxation, it was taxation without representation.)

We have representatives, they may not be worth a crap, but they do represent us. The solution is to elect better representatives that will actually represent the people instead of the corporations and special interests.

The idiots that represent the internet revolutionaries on this board don't seem to realize that if they ever actually decided to go full bore and overthrow the government, there would be a dozen nations at our doorstep ready willing and able to take us over.

Not only would outside interests be gleeful to lend a hand in destroying this government, but drug lords would be more than willing to take over entire cities and communities. They are better armed, and violent to a nth degree.

At the same time, they don't care either. I think some of these "Revolutionaries" are in fact working in conjunction with either drug cartels or outside interests who would love for the United States government to be overthrown.

If they aren't they are truly stupid people, to the extent that they may actually be mentally retarded.

Well said, star for you.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 08:56 AM

Originally posted by gandhi
reply to post by MIMRblazin

Those who trade freedom for security are ignorant and deserve neither.

Not sure who said that, but just because everything is safe, doesn't mean its free.
President John Adams said it, it's my signature on my e-mail. It's beginning to become more meaningful every day

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by whatukno

And what we see here is why I say only .0112 percent of the population would ever have the kind of moral fiber or conviction to actually revolt.

As you can see, the status quo, simply uses divide and conquer methods to cast what ever fear inducing dispersions it can, while promoting the idea that a dysfunctional system, can be made functional, through the very same dysfunctional means that led to it being a dysfunctional system in the first place.

We don’t have representatives, because our representatives don’t listen, nor do they consider, the preach, and the preach these exact kinds of politics of fear, where they really for their own selfish, nefarious purposes, and hidden agendas, paint people they have in fact never met or listened to with the broadest possible brush to taint those people.

Of course the people are so brainwashed, so confused, so intimidated and kept in such a state of fear and terror that they can’t even see that the very people doing that to them, are in fact tainting themselves callously and brazenly by insisting that all is well, and anyone who thinks otherwise, must be influenced by some greater evil, than what they are decrying.

Politics, real politics, used to be about finding a consensus, common ground, and compromise position between disparate parties.

Now it is just the art of politicians selling talking points, sound bites, and vague notions to conjure fear and insecurity, without actually any tangible proof to along with it.

The politics of emotional manipulation is all that is, and one thing is for certain, while they are busy talking at people, and telling people, they sure aren’t listening to people, and if they aren’t listening to people, or considering people, then they aren’t representing people.

So no, in reality the people have no representatives, the corporations have representatives, the representatives have representatives, the people though do not have representatives, what the people have a cadre of shameless criminals, who would like the people of this nation to believe anyone sickened by their oppressive tyranny is the criminal.

The system is broken, the process subverted and corrupted, the idealism has become a perpetuated falsehood, nothing will get better through such a tainted electoral process, and clearly those who do aspire to office, are not interested in listening to the people, but talking at them, to perpetuate their own power, greed and excesses.

The numbers don’t exist to reach critical mass to change the system, because of the kind of disingenuous and self serving, agenda driven, peer pressure used by those seeking to perpetuate the system at any and all cost.

Part of that costs, is your right to be seen as an individual, to have your ideas heard, to have them considered, without being labeled a terrorist agent or member of a drug cartel, simply to dismiss them and you in the most contemptuous and dishonest way.

For shame.

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