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European Parliment Questioned on Chemtrails

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 12:03 AM
Reports of ' chemtrail" spraying have been reported in the U.S. , Europe , South America , as well as the U.K. So much data has been collected of the chemical makeup of these trails which many people (sheeple) , who still call this previously unseen phenonmena ; contrails. The European Parliment are questioning why such high concentrations of Barium , Aluminum , and Iron that are being sprayed and for what purpose. Finally : an official recognition of what is going on in everyday life. Thank God for the internet , that it might unite the

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 01:01 AM

About time ! And Sheep is the correct word too..

Those who say the Chemtrails (Persistent Contrails) is just contrails are flat out lying or very scared of the phonomena..

I'd sugest an eye doctor or something....
Or when a trail last for 6 hours and idiot say it is a normal contrail, just plain wacked in the head....Ive stopped talking to those people, it is like arguing over a spade, when the topic of discussion is apples..

Also, I have said this a long time, WHEN the public pressure becomes to creat, the Govts. will use the Co2 Man Made Global Warming as an EXCUSE to hide the chemtrails in plain sight !!

Mark My Words !!!

Adding this, just to show the gushing of so called 'water vapor' from this I'm guesing 4 engine Jet...How many lbs of water is spewing out from this plane every sec? and, why are some 2 engine planes have 3 trails ????

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