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America: The Grim Truth

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 03:51 PM
To those of you who have found a life more suited to you elsewhere, good for you...enjoy your life. I am getting ready to go home from a hard day's work, hang out with friends, have a beer, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Oh man, such a terrible quality of life!

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 04:00 PM
I have been reading ATS for many years, and have never felt the need to post until now.

I am an American and I do love where I live. My dad fought for our country for 20 years, and started his own business for the rest of his life. My mom was educated but chose to raise 3 boys. One brother chose the productive life in the military and the other chose to put himself through college and is leading a productive civilian life. I chose to get an education, get a job and never looked back. The decisions by each of us were based on a Military Dad, heavily religious and conservative republican parents, in a medium income. My parents cared about us and the community they were in and taught us not about their personal views but about how to take care of ourselves and others we meet along the way.

I am middle aged, 3 boys, married for over 20 years. We do struggle once in awhile but we pull out of it with hard work, tightening our own belts, the help of family, co-workers, neighbors and our church if needed.

I do put in 60 hours a week, but I always have my weekends off and enjoy 3 weeks off every year. If my work needs me on a weekend or to postpone a vacation I will gladly do it and I have in the past. Why? They deserve it because they chose me to be employed with them. And there were 500 candidates to choose from. I am honored.

I have healthcare for my family and always have due to the companies that my wife and I have worked for. It was never free, there always a cost that I have to pay even now.
I have been to Taiwan, Germany, China and just about every state in the US.
When I travel I do talk to people and find out about them, their likes and dislikes. For the majority most love where they live and love the fact that the USA exist due to them receiving and getting business.
The worst place I have been is a town in California and a town in Taiwan, the best place I have been are another town in California and one in Germany. This is based on personal opinion not fact.
Most people except where they live and what they do without searching and going to another journey.

I have worked hard to be where I am at today; I do not consider myself a sheeple my choices were my choices. I do vote at every election (I get some and some I don’t), if I feel strongly on a certain policy or candidate, I will learn more about it or them, and either help try to change it or except it. We raise our boys the best we can but the direction I give them is based on what I was taught growing up and other lessons I have learned from all sources. I am raising them to have their own minds and open the doors for anyone that needs a hand. I am also raising them to fight for what they want and whatever they chose keep fighting for it.

We have family members and friends who have not been so lucky, but we help them the best we can by financial means and by our support. I personally know people that want everything handed to them without putting in effort; they are now the same age that I am, and they are complaining about the US and who is in office and not being able to get healthcare and not having a job. It is tiresome to listen to someone who doesn’t even try. If you give them a leg up, it goes to something else and the complaining continues. They have made their decisions and I cannot force them to change, they need to commit and change by their own doing. I will be there for them when they have proven they have changed.

Our city (and most do) have financial assistance and food programs to help our citizens in need... you have to look for them – work hard to find them and then apply to receive them. You cannot just expect to sit on your butt and expect everything to come knocking at your door.

I love political and religious debate, but I do have a sign as you enter my door that says “You are welcome in my house but if you enjoy my booze you cannot talk about politics or religion” The reason I have the sign is due to experience , I shut it down because it doesn’t mix well. I associate the Internet as booze; you can freely talk without being held accountable until you have developed relationships on the internet or on ATS.

Where ever you live, you need to try to succeed in work and in life, and know that you affect everyone one around you good and bad. I live my life how I chose but also know that their will be ramifications. I can’t imagine not wanting to work hard, I am driven and that drive comes from my ancestors both living and not.

My opinion:

1. I am not going to run away from my home due to hard times or a change in an opinion. I am going to continue to work hard to keep and maintain my home, if it is within my means. This helps my community, my state, and my country.
2. I am not going to run away from my country due to hard times or a change in an opinion. I am going to work hard to live with (or fight against) and work within the current administrations policies and current world events. This helps my community, my state, my country and possibly the world.
3. Change is good; it keeps you vibrant and keeps you thinking. 4 more years of any president would not have benefitted any group (with certain beliefs). I do have exceptions... but only my opinion and only one comes to mind.
4. No change? Sounds like a place that would be rather boring and we would never make any progress.
5. Humans need to learn and progress, each individual can make a difference as long as they communicate and not send out information that is only directed at one group.
6. Reality is we dictate what our economy is doing and it is a reflection upon us, we are the majority force that makes the economy live and die.

Here is a current link to the US economy one specifically on the std. of living. It also has a link to International Economics.

Here is another one

This is a link that I enjoy for the national record keeping of the US.

This is my one sided personal view, but read again I am not telling you what to do I am only telling you that I love this country.

There are many other web sites that you can visit that tell of our history and the history of other countries. I could not find any factual websites that know the future.

Thanks and I apologize if it is long winded and not grammatically correct.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by johnnyg5646
I think everyone should post their education level when responding to a post from now on. So many of the people on these boards have NO idea how to do real research, or how to tell what research is valid.

To anyone on either side of the argument who cite facts from their own lives as reasons for supporting their claim, please don't do that. It makes you look uneducated.

Just couldn't resist commenting on this beautiful sophisticated reply.

.......Uhmmmm.....I am lost for words..

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 05:11 PM

Originally posted by CestLaVie
laws laws laws. I can't have chickens, i can have food stamp. I can't build a home, I can pay 1000 dollars a month to a baron. I can't go to an unlicensed medical practitioner, I can die in a hospital when the Gov pays the bills. I can't walk to work, I can't afford to drive. I can't get hired, but I have to pay to survive another day. I can't live in the street, but I can't live in a car or vehicle. LAWED to death. With no jobs. I can't farm as I live in an apt. so IE: I can't eat. So, what is so free? Laws, laws, laws. Lawyers eat and buy land.

just a few more step into a Orwellian Dystopian world oh wait there is one of those its called North Korea

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 05:21 PM
I came out of poverty after totally screwing up my own life for the first ten years of my adult life. With an investment of under $200, the worst weeks income I've seen was around $800 25 years ago.

I've never needed nor asked for government aid of any sort. I pay for my own health care out of pocket and can see any MD I wish. In fact I generally get up to a 50% discount on services by paying out of pocket.

Seven families right now are supported by my efforts and those who work for me seldom quit. They are happy, I'm happy, My Wife is happy.

I live in a place where freedom is king. I can carry a weapon anytime, hidden or no without fear of breaking any law. I can hunt and fish for my own food and often do just that.

Anyone living in the US can do what I managed to do and many have done far better.

In the end, its not where you live as much as it is who and what you are. If you are miserable here, you will be miserable wherever you go. If you are motivated and put in the effort it is nearly impossible to fail here. Those who do the whining are not surprisingly those who don't try, who are not motivated, who won't lift a finger to help themselves and who constantly expect the government to do things for them.

People who are not motivated would of course not like the US. People who are motivated and want something out of life will find more opportunity here than anywhere else.

All of that just to say, if your not lazy and don't mind work, there simply is no better place on earth and you would have to lie to say otherwise. If a person is a lazy, do just enough to get by and take every government handout type of person, they would of course be better off in a just enough, unmotivated society.

I'll take opportunity over the security of a Nanny State any day of the week. I just hope the Nanny State, me, me, me people never succeed in ruining this country.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 06:47 PM

Originally posted by Blaine91555
I live in a place where freedom is king. I can carry a weapon anytime, hidden or no without fear of breaking any law. I can hunt and fish for my own food and often do just that.

So freedom for you is carrying a gun??! And why do you need to carry a gun? Because of crime or just for being cool? I really dont see what guns has to with freedom. If you need a gun to defend your freedom, you are not free IMO.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 06:57 PM
reply to post by CDippa

'The American Dream', it's a beautiful concept indeed. And it spread throughout the world: European 'dirt poor' for example have just as much opportunities as their American variant. Any person with an average IQ can work hard in school, and go to an affordable college & get scholarships, make it to prime minister or president...

I guess the difference is whether or not to look after those who, despite all opportunities they have, still not fit in your system: those who don't have that average IQ and/or didn't make it through school, made the wrong choices, wasn't much of an entrepeneur, fell sick, got sacked, a divorce, debths, burned out, mentally ill, pregnant, old, spoiled ... or even plainly not willing to fit in your system...

I work for those who don't adapt, those who always experience failure instead of success. People in poverty don't experience having the same opportunities as I have, although pure objectively spoken you'd say they have. The cause and effect of their problems is a downward spiral, the deeper you get, the harder it gets to crawl back in society. And the harder society treats them (not on purpose, it's in the details and structural).

Whatever you do, you'll always have people who don't get to take full advantage of the given opportunities, for a dozen of reasons; socio-economical, personal, circumstantional factors...
You can either ignore them, blame them for not fitting in or try figure out a way to actually coëxist in a way that works for everyone. Tragically the last option is by far the most difficult, as can be seen almost anywhere - I can't even recall any real good-practices .. Some Scandinavian countries perhaps...

It's a political choice in the first place, but a personal as well. I respect and enjoy the concept of equal opportunities, but you can't always blame individuals for their lifepath. And it's not about everyone becoming as rich as the rich, you just shouldn't have part of a society living in the margin. There's too much contrast with the ideals a self respecting society/humanity should have. Reasonable solidarity can be accomplished without people being afraid it will exist at the expense of their personal wealth.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 07:49 PM

I come from Germany, that's a nation where they build houses out of stone and cement and not wood and plastic like over here. Most of the power lines are buried in the ground as well, instead of the forest of poles they have over here. The German phone system is ISDN, digital all the way to your handset, they have 3-4 GSM networks + another GSM network for their railway system. Broadband, I can get a 16Mbit/s dsl hookup in all metropolitan areas, and at the very least a 768Kbs hookup virtually anywhere in the country. The Autobahn is exceptional in terms of how they maintain it, what a smooth road in comparison to the pothole riddled asphalt over here. Hey when I came over here I had to learn to look out for those, anecdote has it only East German roads _were_ worse.

Well tell you what: GERMANY SUCKS and I'm GLAD I'm over here. Just one part of it is the universal healthcare system you bring up. Germany has had that for years now, with the caveat in 2007 health insurance became mandatory there as well. If you make less than 3600 EUR net income a month (that number may have changed) you are REQUIRED to seek insurance with a government / state-controlled insurance carrier, if you make more than 3600 EUR (or whatever it is today) you get the choice of going to a private provider. Now the thing is, I only paid somewhere around 95 EUR a month for a PREMIUM insurance plan with private insurance, most of the population in Germany makes less, the cheapest insurance they can get starts at 200 EUR going through the state insurance scam. I know, I had to get the 200 EUR/m deal after I got laid off and started as a freelancer.

AND!! With the government insurance you get the worst imaginable service. In fact, some doctors in Germany have two waiting rooms, one for government insurance patients and one for paying private insurance patients. The very same doctor I went to as a private patient would see me within 30 mins of me arriving at the office.. after I went on the govt plan I had to wait an entire morning to be seen.

You can keep your universal health care I don't want it. Tell you what - because you allude to the fact that the American (Western) lifestyle is meant to be damaging - I don't want your (universal) health care either. If you like you can have my ration of prescriptions and chemotherapy.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by jmotto12

I am honored to give you your first star! You do a very nice job of writing, and I would appreciate it if you would do some more. Thanks for your post.

You brought valid points to this discussion, and I think the one that means the most to me is that it was your heritage that helped you to be self supporting and comfortable.

We all need to dig back to our roots to survive at times. It is ad that some do not have those roots to go back to. With some luck they will adopt yours.

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 08:31 PM
reply to post by Gromle

Originally posted by Gromle

Originally posted by Blaine91555
I live in a place where freedom is king. I can carry a weapon anytime, hidden or no without fear of breaking any law. I can hunt and fish for my own food and often do just that.

So freedom for you is carrying a gun??! And why do you need to carry a gun? Because of crime or just for being cool? I really dont see what guns has to with freedom. If you need a gun to defend your freedom, you are not free IMO.

Nice Strawman! Classic in fact.

Freedom is the fact that I make that choice myself and it is not made for me. Slavery is when somebody else makes those decisions for you.

What country are you in? If your in the US, why do you fear inanimate objects? I fear bad men, not the tools they use. Me, I'm a pacifist.

I use my guns as a tool to obtain food. You know, that stuff you eat to stay alive. I love the fact that if the systems shuts down, I and my loved ones won't go hungry or suffer much. We all know how to survive. Do you? If not and the system shuts down, don't you want people like me around to feed you?

I keep a gun to protect my home. Response time is about 7 minutes here which means the Police don't prevent crimes, they clean up the mess. I consider it my duty to protect my home and family. I would not be much of a man if I did not, could not.

Guns are funny things. They just sit there hurting nobody. In fact no gun has ever hurt anyone. Only people can do that. I've never understood the fear of a few bits of metal. People often terrify me though. Bad people are all heavily armed. When one is about to end you or your families lives, pointing your finger at them and saying bang won't help much. The Police officer who shows up after it is all over won't help you much.

I got this photo in an email yesterday. It sort of applies. A bit to radical for me, but poignant none the less.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 08:41 PM

Originally posted by Gromle

Originally posted by Blaine91555
I live in a place where freedom is king. I can carry a weapon anytime, hidden or no without fear of breaking any law. I can hunt and fish for my own food and often do just that.

So freedom for you is carrying a gun??! And why do you need to carry a gun? Because of crime or just for being cool? I really dont see what guns has to with freedom. If you need a gun to defend your freedom, you are not free IMO.

I would have to disagree with your opinion simply because there are always criminals in this world. If someone breaks into your house to kill or rob you what are you going to do? Hit them with a bat? What if they have a gun? Guns are illegal in some countries (some are allowed for hunting) but just because the guns are illegal doesn't mean that they are non-existent

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posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 08:46 PM
reply to post by DOWNUNDER WARRIOR

Actually 80% of us are still at our professions and the recession has had little impact on us. Most of us are doing just fine.

The Truth About Australia and Crime.

The current crime conditions in Australia vary from low threat in rural and smaller communities to more serious and somewhat dangerous threat in major metropolitan areas. Australia's urban crime rate is on a par with most large cities in the U.S. Residential burglaries are common throughout Australia and are among the most likely crimes encountered by Australians and foreign residents alike. Some burglars can, at times, be confrontational if they enter an occupied residence. Armed robberies have been reported in the Canberra area as well as throughout Australia. In these cases, the weapon of choice is usually a knife. Although firearms are sometimes used, they are the exception rather than the rule. Australia has extremely restrictive firearms legislation and the purchase, licensing and storage of a firearm is very difficult when compared to U.S. standards. Local police have attributed a majority of these burglaries and robberies to the growing problem with heroin and methamphetamine (ICE) addiction.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 09:32 PM
The article has good and weak points. The strongest being health in america. We didn't get to be the fattest country on the planet for no reason! The upside of the quantity of food available, has its downsides, and that's QUALITY(what its made of or has been added to it) and how it affects our bodies, combine with our lifestyles. Our HC system, is for profit, Not for health. I could be a little biased due to my 1st hand experiences of those I know, but it caused me to look around a little when I sensed something was wrong.

Do not get it twisted though, I strongly believe a doctor, who is tasked with the responsibility of saving lives, as grim as it can be, should be well paid, as do educators who are in charge of basically raising generations of the future from kindergarten to college. But, and their always is a but, I have a a problem when the middleman intercepts or denies persons in need the very thing that may save their lives, for the bottom line. On the same coin, it is also in the hands of regular people to actively aspire to an active lifestyle, as today, I noticed the shift from seeing kids playing sports of all types, be it organized or recreactional, now are glued to a cellphone, gaming console computer or television, while stuffing their faces.

Adults, like myself have stopped being as active physically due to (so we think) working hard, and deserving of time mated to a couch when we're off, versus sticking to a child like mindstate and playing a little outside when off. Bypass the processed foods, cook from home, it helps greatly weight wise. Go outdoors and see nature the people in it have changed, but nature itself, is still what its always been, there are still trees. Concrete hasn't enveloped the globe.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by Reign02

Well, I live in Canada and I don't have any guns because I really don't see a point for it.

Also, I've never been shot, nor has anyone in my family, nor has anyone I have ever met to my knowledge. I can't recall having ever seen a gun to be honest with you. And I live in the 2nd biggest city in this country (in a pretty rough neighborhood too).

Maybe I'm just lucky?

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 10:55 PM
reply to post by predator0187

well, good ...maybe he will keep hisd goat smellin' butt out... good ridance to him.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:16 PM
I just got through eating a late dinner after getting home from work. Wow, it's finally nice to see so many hardworking folks here, I actually feel like I'm in the majority this

I've also seen a lot of replys to my initial comment and about my situation. Yes, I am blessed and I have God and hard work to thank for that.

I also realize that there are so many that don't have the opportunities I had...or do you. If you look, I said about 12 years ago, I lived in a barn...let me explain, hopefully it will give some guidance and what it may take to get ahead.

I was finished with a divorce, and was basically was amicable, but after fees and splitting what was left with the ex...I was broke. At 35, I wasn't going to bother my folks . So here is what I did...

I bought a small piece of property for nothing down, took awhile, but I found it...3 acres in a rural area. Then, I built a small 16x30 shed/barn on heat, no running water, and only had a utility outlet put in and two light sockets...defined it as a workshop for zoning. The lights ran off a utility pole ok'd for constructing the a friend to run the power in for me... the building was built from discarded and recycled materials and packing crates... only costs was the roof and roofing tin.

After 2 months, I had enough saved to get a wood stove to cook and heat with. I remember it was a COLD time the shampoo suds froze before I could rinse my hair...God's honest truth. The water came from a two gallon dispenser with a simple flip water spiggot. The stove costs about $150.00.

For food, I would buy a 1.00 bag of corn meal and cooking oil...I would cook fried corn bread on a camp fire until I got the stove... just like my great gran daddy did in the civil War. I would buy stale donuts for 10 cents apiece as they were throwing them away and have that for breakfast and lunch. This went on for about 2 months.

I would read by a single naked light bulb... listen to a battery radio for news and music, and go to bed when it got dark.

Finally, I got some furniture at a yardsale.. table and chairs, a couch, and finally a coffee coffee I ever had. By summer, I bought a gas grill with side burner and could actually cook. I had a huge garden and by then was eating fresh veggies, and was actually saving a decent amount of was here also that I got the first of multiple side jobs...

eventually I did weekend pullups for the bread vendors at the grocery store I worked at, also helped the Lil'Debbie snack vendor, got a few yards to cut, and finally worked about 3 days aweek at a garden center. Somedays I would work from 3-4am until 5-6pm...I liked Tuesdays as I only worked 8 hours...

finally, I saved enough to dig a well. Running water...BUT only at the well pump house... I would coil the hose up in the sun in the morn, and come home in the evening and hose down in my swim trunks for a 30 second hot shower..promptly followed by a refreshing blast of cold water.

Long story short, I finally had a nice little cabin for weekend retreats...landscaped the lot with fruit trees, fences, a storage shed, gardens and trees, grape vines, nice lil' place. Further, I went to night school, learned about real estate and a community college for about 30-60.00 a course over 2 years.

Finally, I put it up for sale... move to a very rural area and rented, met my wife to be...we bought an old farm house fixer upper on 5 acres for under 90,000 and agin started putting in sweat equity... with the money I had from saling the barn/cabin...I bought the 45 acres behind me.

I took some risks too... I am not savy, but I know a good product when I see or eat it. I asked the adviser at the bank( it was a free service with the checking) about Krispy Kreme Donuts and what he thought about bying stock when it was offered...he laughed. It honestly hurt my feelings and i felt humiliated...BUT, I followed a hunch and bought a bunch of KK at 35.00 months end it was over 100.00 a share....I sold at time I went to the bank I asked how he was doing... and smiled back.

My wife and I also have invested in some real estate, done well... looked for good low, sell high...there are some good buys outhere..

anyway, what I can do too. no silver spoon, no magic, just hard workand integrity and good ethics. That's all...

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 11:34 PM

Originally posted by predator0187

So your one of the very few and you want us to judge the country on you?

How much time did you get to spend with your kid when she was growing up?

I do not know how old you are but barely anybody has no mortgage, truck payment and can afford to send their kids to college.

And do you know why that is?....

Do you have ANY idea who was it that put us under the boot of the bankers, and the rich elites, as well as who set up the current IRS system?....

IT WAS A FREAKING PROGRESSIVE/DEMOCRAT.... Woodrow Wilson..... who put us under the boots of the bankers, and the rich elites....

Yes, it is true that Bush did things that were not good for America, but Obama, and his "Progressive administration" are picking up where Woodrow Wilson left it, and they are MAKING IT WORSE....

I have lived in Spain for 10 years, even lived for a short while in Portugal for vacation when I was living in Spain.

Yes, there are many countries that have good things, and so does the Republic of the United States of America, but I am sorry to tell you that the BS written by that man is nothing more than a LIE....

I grew up with two sisters, one of them was a girldfriend of mine for a while, and they both stayed in Spain. One of them came to the Republic of the U.S. and is living here, and she says she doesn't want to go back. Her sister also wants to come to the states but her husband doesn't want to...

THINGS ARE BAD IN EUROPE.... Perhaps you haven't noticed but in Greece THERE ARE RIOTS AS WE WRITE THIS.... There have also been riots in Spain, and most of the world including the UK because of the green taxes that increased the price of oil, and everything else and people could not afford to buy gas, or, and food.

There are many people in Spain, and other parts of Europe WHO ARE LOSING EVERYTHING just like it is happening in the Republic of the U.S.....

The OP is nothing more than lies, and propaganda by the left so that people "believe" we are in good hands because of the "healthcare reform"....which again is nothing more than PROPAGANDA...

BTW...yes in "Socialized healthcare" countries people do have to wait much longer than in the U.S., except for certain hospitals which happen to be in "Democrat zones"....

Not only that, but the healthcare gets worse because everyone wants to go to a hospital even if it is just because they "sneezed"....

I do online gaming, and I know people from all over the world.. I have read people say wonderful things about their Socialized healhtcare, and I have heard horror stories about Socialized healthcare. For example a woman who lives in Austria who had an eye infection, this was a few months back, I asked her if she went to the hospital, she said yes but she was tired of waiting because the docs were checking other people, and children for regular stuff, meanwhile she was there waiting with her eye redder than a tomato, and it wasn't getting any better so she went home with an infection in the eye. She was finally seen like 3 or 4 days later, and I am not lying as this is what she told me, and she was finally prescribed some meds.

You should read about how many Canadians have to come to the United States, for example, pregnant women because there aren't enough beds in hospitals from time to time in Canada. Or because there are treatments and operations which are not covered by "Socialized healthcare" and patients have to come to the United States to get those treatments, or operations, and these are not all rich people...

You should also read about the "bankruptcy' which those natiosn which have healthcare are dealing with....

There are people who for some reason "believe' that "free healthcare" means noone has to pay, or that money grows on trees".... which of course it is not true.

We are now in an economic depression, and now the Progressives want to set up, and implement more taxes when there are millions of Americans who have lost their jobs?...

Whose taxes you think will pay for the healthcare?... the rich?...

Despite the lies of Obama, they are not going to do much to the rich... Remember that there are millions of "Progressives/Democrats" and Liberals who are rich despite their whinning...

BTW, I am NOWHERE to being rich.... and neither are many Americans and we are going to be the ones to pay because some Americans beleived the lies about "change" and never even stopped to ask what sort of "change" are you talking about.....

Anyway, the OP is nothing more than PROPAGANDA from an Obamatron...

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posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 12:02 AM
It is definitely true that a North American lifestyle is designed to make you unhealthy.

I have eaten what I regard as a relatively healthy diet all my life. Very few visits to fast food restaurants, lots of fruit and vegetables from the local farmers market.

However, I have recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My sugar count was 16.7, compared to 3-5 for normal sugar levels. I eat very few processed foods.

I firmly believe that there is so much processed sugar in things that we don't expect it to be in that even eating healthy can get you in trouble.

American diets have been designed to be unhealthy, as shown by the current massive obesity issues in the United States, that you rarely see in other countries.

in the USA, where the Soy and Corn crops take over 60% of all arable land (Corn is used for Ethanol fuel and High Fructose Corn Syrup) there is not enough arable land to produce the required fruit and veg intake for every American if everyone chose to eat healthy.

Food lobbyists keep the price of junk food low and the cost of fruits and vegetables high. In Europe, junk food is a lot more expensive and fruit and veg are subsidized by the governments. I was recently in England, and a six pack of coke cost three times as much as a flat of coke in Canada. Vegetables were half (or less) the price they are here.

America is doomed for food failure, and the standard of living will continue to drop as Americans' health continues to get worse.

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 12:13 AM
reply to post by OnceReturned

ok so not millions. however just because they don't file for bankruptcy does not at all mean that they don't pay their bills due to more important bills being paid i.e. mortgages, car payments, food or other bills that MUST be paid to be able to get to work and feed their children. myself case in point. dr.s assured me i had a form of lymphoma and i was required to be poked and prodded day in and day out. made to do many body scans and uncomfortable and painful procedures. then i was told basically "our bad, here's your bill. at least you're healthy eh?".

i got my $13,000 bill and looked into a lawsuit for being put through all that and them not detecting anything. i'm no dr. but wouldnt they be able to detect a blood disease such as lymphoma with a few vials of my hemoglobin? it's as bad as NORAD claiming they couldn't detect and neutralize the hijacked aircraft of 9/11.

only in a greedy country like america would i go into a hospital and feel ripped off that there's nothing wrong with me.

as i did not file bankruptcy i can not afford to pay off 13,000$ and pay for my roof over my head, feed me, and pay for my car that gets me to work so i can afford these things. now i'll just have a 13k$ collections on me that will prevent "american dream" materials such as a future auto or a new home.

i think you may have jumped the gun and labeled the author as someone who "wants to tell everyone how bad the US is.". i only agree with him because i feel the EXACT same way. i'm sick of seeing corporations and big banks get bailed out of things they mess up while the "little people" don't matter and have to deal with their problems in MOST cases on their own. me and my fiance' talk about moving to europe or asia or canada almost on a daily basis.

i feel the author of the article is just a fortunate individual who was able to escape the clutches of our corporate run country

posted on Apr, 8 2010 @ 12:16 AM
Here's how America runs:

1) The politicians are not in it to help the people, they are there to help themselves make as much money and as many connections as possible, and for the Government pensions.

2) The pharmaceutical companies are not interested in curing diseases. They are only interesting in creating drugs that will treat the symptoms that you have to take for as long as possible. When was the last time you heard of a drug company actually curing an illness? Probably Polio in the 1950's, which was not cured by a drug company but by an independant scientist, who gave the cure to the world for free.

3) Priests and the Church are not there to help you find Salvation. They are there to make money and lack any of the spirituality which they preach.

4) Healthcare companies are not there for your health. They are in business for profit, nothing more.

5) Police are not there to serve and protect. Most of the police force has become as corrupt as the criminals that they claim to protect you from.

6) The military is supposed to be for defence of the country, but there are currently so many military personnel fighting in unjust wars around the world that if America was attacked, it's unlikely that the country could defend itself effectively.

7) Bankers are supposed to help you make money, but in reality are only more interested in getting you deeper in debt for longer and longer.

There are so many completely hypocritical systems in the USA, it's too many to name.

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