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Robinesque Ruminations

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posted on Jun, 15 2017 @ 08:31 PM
What a stupid world!
Oh, don't mind me, or I may bite. I don't have long. I'm hungry and need to go eat. Yellowstone is rumbling. I'm sure nothing will happen. Or not. This was the year I pick as one to be worried about. I'm sure I'm wrong. The inflation has subsided within the caldera. This bunch of earthquakes is outside the caldera.

Norris started to rise again. Just a bit. And why am I here writing now? I'm underground. Stupid reasons back on that QuakeWatch thread. I'm only here in case anyone ever ... whatever...

Oh, when I came on the internet, I thought it was going to be an amazing way to communicate. Boy, was I wrong. It's now become noise. The lines of communication are like watching twenty cable news networks all at once, and each talk show has multiple talking heads, and the heads are talking over each other. Kinda like Alex Jones talking over the folks on a BBC interview. Great entertainment though. The noise.

My ideas are tiny pops, lost among the din of a rainstorm on a metal roof.

posted on Jun, 24 2017 @ 09:49 AM
Why do I doubt me?

The other day, I decided I'm wrong. I really doubted that this would be the year Yellowstone decided to show us what it really is. It is not a destination for tourism, but rather, it is one of the most powerful and dangerous things on earth. The tourist at Yellowstone this summer, are no different than those that lived in Pompeii in 79AD. Wrong, those in 79AD had no way of knowing what they were sitting up against. Tourists today have access to all the information needed to know that they are in the mouth of one of the world's largest volcanoes. It's just that they are confident nothing will happen to them while they are on their visit to the park.

Why the heck did the volcano have to act up now? Why did it have to happen just before my prediction is due?

Mostly, it's the law of averages, and the volcano hasn't been very active for a long time. I suppose, it had to happen sooner or later. Just why now?

So, it seems interesting that the swarm is not on the edge of the caldera. It is to the northwest. And it is obviously not tectonic. Which means either water, or magma, are moving. Could be both.

I really doubted myself the other day. Despite this newest activity. I was in denial. I then understand why people doubt me. It's natural. However, my doubt disappeared and I became sad again. Because I realize there is no way possible to make anyone believe me.

In fact, you call bull sh t on me. I still have a big chunk of my brain that is telling me that nothing will happen.

In fact, I just realized that volcanoes may be on the low end of activity world wide. I'm going to check on that. It could be my imagination. It is really hard to watch all the volcanoes since many are remote and it is hard to compare one volcanic eruptive phase to another one elsewhere. They are all very different.

But, using the news as a quick reference, there has been no big ones making headlines.

Had to add and edit...

It seems that the earthquakes are increasing. And then I had to check the lunar schedule. Yesterday, it was a new moon at perigee. Go figure...

Ah, who cares. I shouldn't. I should be focusing on my kid who has anger problems, and he can't control his temper when playing. Me too...

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posted on Jul, 6 2017 @ 12:25 PM
I must be sniffing glue. Actually, it gave me a headache. I was repairing a air bed with GOOP. Available at Canadian Tire, and it works. But, ventilate and wear a mask. It will give you brain damage... but it works...

Oh, I'll leave my personal travails out of this equation. I will not tell you how crazy reality is in the state of Canadistania. I am the most patriotic Canadian. I have served in our military. However, I know there were people here before my people immigrated here. My father was telling me that immigrants should have certain positions in the government. I argued that I am an immigrant. I don't care if my family immigrant a few generations ago in some cases... My country is great, and full of cow dung...

Now to the subject. A week or so ago, I wrote out here somewhere, that I wish I could be a Woody Harrelson TYpe and go to Yellowstone and watch the eclipse. Here's an article about the big earthquake next door to Yellowstone.

The internet is becoming WOody Harrelson.

Hi, I am so weary. So, weary. Focus. Focus on the moon. Where was it at the time of the earthquake? Oh, right. The moon is nearly full and was in the sky above Montana. I think it would have been about 2 or 3 o'clock in the sky. Not directly over head. Ha. The eclipse is coming. the Moon is over America. And, coincidentally, there have been swarms near Yellowstone that are fluid in nature. I can't say which it is. It could be magma, it could be water, it could be both...

Hi, again. It's hot here. I thought about writing and explaining all my theories again. But what's the point!? I will be drowned out by the hundreds of people pointing at Yellowstone and claiming something's up. Of course, I pointed to this date in time, and place and said that Yellowstone would blow in 2017. Go back and you will read about it. However, it is buried somewhere deep. Also, I can't remember if I wrote it as Robin, or as Eric. I love George Orwell he was so right...

I looked at the moon chart's and it told me that there was going to be a lunar pumping action over Yellowstone in 2017 that was similar to 2008, and then again in 2010. I predicted 2010. Documented here as proof on the original Yellowstone thread. Documented. I got the second biggest swarm in Yellowstone history down to the hour.

When I predicted this activity way back then, I wasn't exactly sure what would happen because the tidal influence would be strong, but if the volcano was not uplifted, then not much may happen. However, it is obvious now to anyone watching, the volcano is on the rise. And, at the same time, you have a strong lunar influence.

I'm going to stop now. I've been here before. Seeing the future, and not being about to do anything about it...

Good luck ya'll , I think we'll be needing. I have to get out of this room The vapours from that glue are still in the air. I feel like those poor souls that were call the Oracles of Delphi.,... xcjhsdgfuiogsdsd;klhjsgdhiosgdogsd



posted on Jul, 28 2017 @ 10:25 AM
Last night, a rare thing happened. I slept in a bed. Air mattress. None-the-less, a bed. And the repairs held. Finally.

Despite my sleep deprived state, I am started to get rest and think more clearly. I was bedside with someone in the hospital. During that stay, I was trying to keep up with yellow stone as best I could. The phone was tiny. I went on to you tube and watch live streams, and I made some comments. I finally commented there, that I have been wrong. I claimed the big something at yellow stone would come during the eclipse. I made the prediction in 2010 here on ats. But I remembered, it was not the cycle I was seeing during the eclipse. I knew I was wrong. It wasn't until I was looking at the lunar tables, that I realized it's December when the strongest lunar cycle begins. duh. I confessed in the comments, and told anyone there, who cared, to go and look at the apogee perigee tables for themselves. So, that's why I am here and now. We still have more time...

I would go and find the posts where I talk about my predictions. They're there. I just don't care enough. The one thing I have learned is...

there is no way to warn anyone about what is to happen because they're are now hundreds of people claiming they know...

of course, they didn't do it in 2010 and document it. but even if I bring my words back and try to make a case, the white noise, and the "dis-information" are deafening. I know for a fact no one was listening to me when there were less "alarmists" out here giving their two cents worth. Wow, how much is that worth today. In Canada here, we don't even make pennies anymore. How would I get change back for my two cents worth? I'm crying a little.

So, short term I think yellow stone will excite and keep sending out small changes. The problem is, that all these small changes are the volcano re-charging and setting itself up for the lunar ball in the winter. The volcano and the moon will be locked in a tidal embrace. At this time, the volcano is not under stress. In the months previous, she has been on a low ebb and things have been quiet. I've watched it for the last decade without cessation, I now think I can confidently speak about it behaviour with confidence. Up until this point, I would said the volcano was no way near an eruption. Everything now is heading the other direction. This is math. Right now, there is uplift again, and there are swarms. This is normal. What may not we normal is the little swarms are moving and we have a nearby regional large earthquake up in Montana. If, as a region, there is pressure, this could have caused the Montana fault to rupture. It could be coincidence. I'm not claimin' nuttin'.

However, if, the uplift continues, and have more pressures put upon the surface, as in swarms, thermal changes, gas releases, and even a small hydro-thermal explosions, these all could be indications of a significant event in the near future.

This past week, I had a person die in my arms. Then, in my arms, after a long time, that person's eyes flashed back open, wide, into life. Then, her mouth opened wide, and I witnessed the deepest breath I have ever heard. One second they were dead. One minute later, life roared back upon scene.

You just never know until it happens.

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posted on Sep, 28 2017 @ 12:16 PM
My mom died.

You're all stupid. If you take this insult personally, I can't help that. I say worse about myself. But humanity, it's so, so stupid.
I'm not going to search and seek the profound here . Because, I just left a dusty trail in the sky, as I ran fast away from my dusty past. I've got lots of dust in my eyes.

#. All I want to do is swear. you #in idiots. I told my neighbour , a professor, I told him my ideas about the moon and he was too stupid to see what I gave him. morons, i am surrounded by oblivious morons.

if you are reading this, and if you don't know what's coming, then you haven't been paying attention. yellowstone is going boom boom in december

good luck to you all.
i just went on the you tube and told them the same thing on the spectrasomething chat group. they censored me because i was predicting. I'm predicting they will all be surprised when yellowstone blows its top and i'm not. the #ing norris gps is having fun climbing up....

oh, lets #ing forget about the #ing idaho swarm that just happened along with some other regional activity.

today, i told myself, nah, you're dumb, nothing will happen. then i saw a small 2.5m near Chalis Idaho.

at this point in my life, i'm ready to stop talking, right now i'm listening rush limbaugh , we can't get along....

i believe i am an alien
hey, guys, i'm ready to be beamed up and i'll give you my final report.
don't make me stay down here another few months.
i don't care if it's the climax of the movie and all hell's going to break loose
i don't care, i'm bored, they bore me. do i have need to watch the run around like
ants when a kid with a stick starts digging in the mound?.

i need to go to the planet that has relaxation,
it must be a planet that's like a giant bath tub
wait, it would be a planet kinda like yellowstone where there would be warm, mineral rich pools full of tiny creatures that treat your skin with gentle care. like those places where japenese women stick their feet in waters with fishes that eat all the dead skin. mmmmm crusty foot foood

right now, i feel like one of those #ing fish sucking the dead # off some others feet, and i'm suppose to be happy doing it.

# you all

except my kids, and the crew who is late in coming to get me,

oh, and in the last two days, i've seen video titles that show the moon colliding with a planet explaining the formation. I want to scream.

just close your eyes, imagine two planets, on a collision course, even a glancing collision course. if the two were to meet, the explosion it would produce would nearly obliterate both planets. there's no way it would be a tiny glancing blow due to gravitational forces involved. they were not cool solid objects. the reaction of the two would not leave a bit of material to from the moon. the explosion would have spread material far and wide and it would not have coalesced into moon. Every time I see this animation of the collision, i laugh, and then i rage. stupid

I just realized whay i am here. no, no not my purpose in life, no, i'm talking about this stupid thread...
it's my trash tin. usually, crazy people on the street will scream into the air. yell up at the clouds, even internally struggle until it's a multi person quarrel. instead of yelling at my family, or raging against "BRAZIL" terry gilliam, I will write and I don't care who owns it or who reads it.

when my mom died, i was her nurse.
i suffered through whatever it took
her dying did not make me suffer
it was the everything else swirling around me
like the debris within the walls of a tornado

no kangaroo courts could crush me
i only fell on my knees to rise again
no bodies could conjole me
i stood firm
but wounded

when it was all said and done
i was reflecting with my son
i told him"you know what"
i threw open my arms to heaven
i looked up
declared that i have no material possessions
i reject it all
declared that i have no remorse or guilt
because i never fled a fear
declared that the world might as throw
everything at me
because there was no way i would ever surrender

the world is coming people
i'm ready

are you?

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posted on Oct, 5 2017 @ 12:01 PM
I think I'm going to write daily. Therapy. My writings may not make sense to you as I go along. It will be even more of a stream of consciousness. So, it will start making less, and less sense. I will not be connecting thoughts to others and I will resemble the world I live in , more and more. Like, try to listen To Rush Limbaugh. Distraction, deflection, distortion, denial, deception, and lots of other D words. Fu @ ck n Americans. Stupid. Lets debate whether the weapons were automatic or not. Those bullets came in a stream. He didn't have to pull the trigger for each bullets, that makes it automatic.

I feel like I'm being distracted. wait, i have ADHD. ha ha, i'm always this way. however, i mean more than usual

So, I feel i'm missing the bigger picture. That being, if we only have a couple months until the end of the world, I should start to enjoy the little bit of time left before - you know, the unhinging.

Right now, I"m actually listening to Alex Jones. WOW. Snake oil salesman mixed with , woit, i'm not going to continue. And, i'm going to stop listening. He is a character selling products.

That i know to be true. He just asked me to buy his toothpaste. Totally organic....
There's a volcano which make explode due to a lake on top of it. It's in Indonesia. Can't remember the name of it right now. There's a full moon in the sky tonight again. Or, right now. I'm crazy. Do I feel a little more crazy due to the moon? oh my gosh, right now there's some song on Alex about the bone broth. WOW. that 's crazier than me...

i guess i'm okay. or

i've been crazy in the past, but....

I just heard an interview with George Shultz. What an idiot, wants to antagonize russia. Arm Ukraine. Brilliant idea.

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oh, i think the volcano i was talking about was Agung

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posted on Oct, 7 2017 @ 12:39 PM
I said I'd write. I wish I wasn't. I woke up today feeling like a different person. It's not mental. It's more physical. In every way. Let me explain. For example, it probably started with my thumb. I ripped off a couple layers of skin in a ragged way. Leaving lots of ragged land for bacteria. I feel left handed. Anyway, the moon is making the tide high. Go listen to that Blondie song. be done with me....

Trust me, I'm trying to enjoy the world as it goes. This morning I told myself that exact thing and tried to push through this awful feeling I woke up with.

Soylent Green is people

posted on Oct, 9 2017 @ 09:13 PM
I wasn't going to write. Then, I decided I wouldn't write about my present condition, but, would be a short story. I couldn't even decide on a story. I'm not doing well. But so what. That's not new. So, no story. Or, maybe.

Kubrick. The moon? what then.

I've been watching videos about The Shining. Wow. This movie confounds. And since it is so brilliant visually, it's like a painting where everyone sees something different. Or, they are seeing what they want to see. Wow. The layers, have layers and they are filled with layers. Sorry, that must be the fractal video I watched.

I really get it. I get what Kubrick was trying to say. And, believe it or not, there was a fan, who wrote a letter to Kubrick in appreciation. Kubrick was so impressed, he invited the fan to his home. What? That means that this guy, or guyette, figured it out and Kubrick admitted his motive. Wow. I got to find that person, Or I mean I hope I can find the person's name and maybe there's an interview.......

Oh, as for Kubrick's theme in The Shining, madness. Don't split hairs. It's obvious. Even the war themes, and the slaughter of native people's is madness. Kubrick is saying the sick mind is capable of some very sick things and he filled the movie with those images and ideas. It's from the very small to the very big. He makes you feel as if you are a very small, sick boy. And, then he opens the screen up and shows the grand scale. The house is America. The ghosts, well, it was said the hotel was built on an Indian burial ground. I didn't make up this stuff myself. There's a guy named Rob Ager on you tube and he's present many valid claims for his opinions.

But as I've found, there is a big link to the movie Torn Curtain by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie is about the COLD WAR. And, I don't have the energy to go into all the links I found with The Shining and the space program. The space program was not about space. It was about missiles that carried nuclear payloads. WAR. This is Kubrick's theme. War is madness. The first world war was complete madness. The second was mad people reviving the orgy of violence- trying to exorcise the ghosts of the past. Our ghosts are everywhere. I have ghosts. But ghosts aren't apparitions. The are the echos of the voice of violence. The Overlook was haunted by America's ghosts. America's madness.

Nobody sees ghosts.
They always say, 'they saw a ghost'.

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posted on Oct, 10 2017 @ 06:59 PM
Well, I've been tricycling around the hallways of the Overlook again. It must be nearing Halloween. And, will it be Friday the 13th soon as well? It sure will be. So, let me creep you out a bit.

If you've read my writings all the way through, you may remember my crazy theory about how The Shining is telling us to watch Torn Curtain to use as a key in order to understand the secrets. Again, it's all about the space race/ missile race.

If you want to steal my ideas, go ahead, just point anyone who cares enough, back here to hear my answer to the The Shining Code. Because it is a code. I didn't come up with the idea of a code, I just followed the clues. Or, as the kids say today, I followed the Easter Eggs. Wait what? I'm looking for Easter Eggs in October. Whatevar. Back to the point, everything is about the codes. Torn Curtain has lots of codes in the first few minutes. We are told immediately told that our hero is Paul Newman and he is a scientist. He is in room 237 aboard a ship called the Meteor.

Oh, and guess what our protagonist's name is, Micheal Armstrong. Let's pull that name apart. Micheal. The archangel Micheal is a legendary war hero who kills Satan. And Arm Strong. Well, that's just obvious. But wait, there's more... Who was the first person to set foot on the moon? Lance err, Neil, ah, yes, Neil Armstrong.
Did I mention our hero Armstrong is a nuclear physicist? He's a literal rocket scientist. Ha. A real Rocket Man. I had to.

Oh and the room number, look at the number seven. It has a cross through it.

I'm tired. I didn't sleep last night.

Yes, Alfred Hitchcock. He was a director of motion pictures. Murder mysteries mostly. But, he could kill at comedy too. Funny as hell. So, Alfred Hitchcock was famous for what... Easter Eggs. Well, a big fat Easter Egg in himself making a cameo. His head is very eggy. Does he resemble Humpty Dumpty? I will say yes. Anyway, he likes to show up at some point in the movie to give the observant moviegoer a thrill and a giggle. He breaks the wall rather than just sitting on it. The fourth wall is it...hehe

So, where will Freddie make himself a fat Where's Waldo in the movie? Oh, he doesn't waste any time and gets the gimmick over with very quickly. How's eight minutes in the two hour film for ya?

Pretty funny eh? Well, if you watch the movie, you will not laugh much more, if at all. I have to watch it again to double check this claim.

Here's where I freaked out when first developing my ideas about a numeric code to solve The Shining Code. In this scene with Hitchcock's cameo, we also see the activities in a HOTEL. Lots of stuff is going on to distract the senses, but it's so obvious where hitch is. There is one thing in this scene which convinces me I am on the right trajectory. And that's the elevator at the back right. There is a group of men waiting for the elevator. It doesn't look like an elevator because it is old timey. The door opens just like a regular door. I'll post some shots of the lobby and you should be able to see it for yourself before I have to tell you what there is to see.

Can you see it??? I'll zoom in.

Yup, those look like hexagons to me. It's also is etched glass with a negative yin yang pattern as well. That's a major theme in The Shining. Duality...

00ps, I forgot about the number seven.
America's first space men were the Mercury Seven, and this is at their memorial.
Every rocket ended in the number seven.

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posted on Oct, 17 2017 @ 07:12 PM
Well, I failed. I really thought I'd write every day. I didn't. I went off on new thread and I thought that study would sustain me. I was excited about my photos and images until my kid told me I didn't know the difference between a octagon and a hexagon. Hey, I still could make the point about visuals and it's not that important it's exact since there is another, better link to the hexagon in the elevator in torn curtain. Anyway, it's not like I can even convince my family of stuff. I tried.

Just in case anyone wants to look at my Shining thread to see my post where I eat humble pie, just go here...

I was going to post about the yellow vw. It was no accident, and I don't think it had everything to do with Stephen King's colouring in his book.

Also, I was going to post a bit of dialogue from torn curtain that is very odd if you are thinking about the Shining as a statement on the moon landings. A german rocket scientist mocks Armstrong and says he doesn't care if he's from the moon, Armstrong's ideas are bull pucks. Damn now I have to get the actual quote.

"ARMSTROMG: Well, I'm not through yet.
LINDT: I'm afraid, Professor, you have very little to offer.
ARMSTROMG: You know, Professor, I came here because the people who allocate money in my country weren't intelligent enough to pursue a wholly original concept. That works.
Lindt steps up to the blackboard and makes some changes.
LINDT: Nein. Da!
ARMSTROMG: No, no, no, no, no! He changes things again.
LINDT: Pfft! It will blow up.
ARMSTROMG: Well, we built it, and it works, and it didn't blow up.
LINDT: Four years ago we tried it at Alma-Ata. It blew up.
ARMSTROMG: Well then, your equipment was faulty. Your concept was probably wrong too. You misunderstood it.
LINDT: I? Lindt? Misunderstood? Rubbish! You come to me from the United States, and I don't care if you come from the moon! I tell you what you say is rubbish! Look. Look."

WOW. think of this in terms of Kubrick stating he thinks the United States is rubbish. Let's not even get into the moon landing. Let's just think about the hypocrisy of the United States using a former Nazi Rocket Scientist in their missile program. And don't give me the Evil Von Braun was not a Nazi. He was the director of a factory which worked people to death. He was happily developing rockets that would destroy cities. No, just because he was a scientist, does not mean he was detached and didn't want Germany to win the war. He would have definitely wanted his country to win the war. To think otherwise would be irrational, and it's obvious he wasn't an irrational man. So, Kubrick was very aware of Von Brauan.

Also, Kubrick nodded to Torn Curtain because there is the Nazi Holocaust theme when a man is murder in an oven. It's dramatic.

But I stopped because My kid deflated my balloon. I was going to post lots of photos.

Oh, and this failure is not upsetting. Because it's art and it's so open to interpretation and it is individual to each person, even if each person is a dual being..


Sorry, I was arguing math today with myself. Some theorem that's a paradox had some bad math from the start. There is no such thing as 100%. And Schrodinger's Cat is dead by now. Nobody's fed it.

Do you know why I like my kids? They aren't afraid to tell me the truth.

Think about the words, I tell you what you say is rubbish.

The moon came from giant volcanoes.

nevermind. thud

next chapter...

Quote from Torn Curtain script.
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posted on Oct, 20 2017 @ 09:53 AM
I usually don't force myself to write. But, today I am. Don't know why exactly. Probably because last night the USA was rocking with some earthquakes. It was the moon. It's new, and we're reaching apogee. We're coming off of the wonky bit where the new moon and the full moon, aren't near apogee or perigee. Now, the next few months, the moon will hit max apogee, and then by January first, we're at closest perigee. It's going to be a bumpy ride. And, if you are reading this, you know I've been right before...

I really feel like telling someone. ha that's so funny. I've seen the internet. And, it's all static and white noise now. Find a video of old time static. Wait I'll find one. Then turn the volume up as loud as you can. Then scream.

Same effect. If I was to tell my theory online in some way (this thread is not that, this is a confessional), I'd be screaming into hurricane winds head on.

Try listening to both at once.

That's what the inside my head is like...

F the w

I told you so....

Anyway, outside today, it's amazing. Like summer. Except, it's not... My dad is still playing with his tomatoes and trying to ripen them up. When I lived in Kenora, on Oct 31, it would snow. Winter would start exactly on November 1st. Here, in Niagara, you'd think snow was a thing of the past and will never come. If it wasn't for cool nights, I'd be so out of kilter, when it does in fact, snow, I'd be thrown into a depression from the shock.

Wait, there's no global warming, it's a Chinese hoax. he he
stupid Americans, can't fix a health bill, at the same time the baby boomers are all getting sick and needing care, and, at the same time the younger people are getting hooked on heroin because the doctors and dentists were willing dupes... wanting to believe in the tooth fairy and santa and they wanted to believe they could make a painkiller addiction free. ha, i want to use lots of swear words, so i'll stop

back to the white noise in my head

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posted on Oct, 23 2017 @ 08:48 AM
It's hard to write today. Because, it's Monday and the earthquakes are calm. It's going to get bumpy in the next couple days. A volcano will do something weird. How's that for vague. I'll go looking at patterns later.

My mom was a hero.

My memories of her now, are dominated by her domineering nature.
However, cigarettes killed my mother.

There, that's how I'll always view her. Achilles with a small flaw in the heel that brings her down.

She was killed not by one arrow between a chink in the armour. She was killed by a billion tiny darts straight through the lungs and into the heart. Every day, all day long.

posted on Oct, 23 2017 @ 06:29 PM
I'm sure I'm wrong.

But, Wait until you see the mess i make

posted on Oct, 24 2017 @ 09:15 AM
Ha, and they won't let me predict. Told ya. 6.7M . Right on schedule. And it's not just the one, activity picked up all over the place in general.

Second line ha

ya, and a little weird one out in the middle of nowhere. South Pacific. There's a volcanic island near there. I'll have to go look. I didn't check volcanoes yesterday. I am a bad boy.

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posted on Nov, 3 2017 @ 09:53 AM
I didn't finish the month strong. I limped. And, now I'm here in the future on Nov 3. Yesderday, I was lower than a hot, snake's belly at the lowest point of Death Valley... In fact, that snake found a hole, that led to an old gold mine, and I'm in the darkness, as deep as this pit goes.

Cue Bambi and friends in the forest in Disney colour.
I'm writing because Soda Springs, and the crazy bend of the Mississippi just lit up my earthquake map.

Nothing wacky yet, but nothing will surprise me over the next couple of months. The moon is full soon, and the teacup ride is going to speed up.

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posted on Nov, 28 2017 @ 04:59 PM
Well, it started.

Today, I was talking myself into believing that I am totally wrong about the upcoming lunar cycle. I'll be happy to be wrong. I just survived some bad times. I'm feeling more positive. So, I keep telling myself that nothing will happen, and to convince myself of this, I looked at the uplift and such. I decided it's all cool. So what if things are changing. Meaning, Norris was lifting, and it seems to have stopped lifting, and may be stalling or falling. The caldera itself shows subsidence.

So what. Well, as soon as I decide I'm wrong, Norris is showing a tiny swarm. Hee he ha ha. I'm not going to post it, it's not much to look at. However, I am not surprised because I went out before sunset and found the moon in the day time sky. Long shadows and a half moon. This year has been hell for me. I've been reassuring myself it's almost over.

I'm sure I'm wrong. Keeping my eyes open. I'll let you know if things change. Dec 4 is when the moon is full and the pump will start it's maximum spin.

Just to simplify, the lunar cycle now, it much like that in late 2008/2009 , 2010.

posted on Dec, 6 2017 @ 12:17 PM
Well, I'm here, live, and live listening to Trump messing up the middle east...

So, over the last few days, I've asked myself if this year would get worse. With Trump sticking a stick in a hornet's nest, I need not wonder anymore. The year will end badly. Also, am I crazy, or will nothing happen at Yellowstone. I've been hoping, and wanting to be wrong. Because then I'd only have to deal with my broken mind, rather than have the earth itself going into a spasm. I'm working hard to not over react. The moon has been neat. And, the world seems to have had some interesting earthquakes but nothing major yet. This is normal. As I've stated, the event is a system, and a series of events reaching a crescendo. The first big event is a pumping action like a piston. Like starting a car, you need an electric jolt in order to move the crankshaft in order to draw in fuel and then create compression. We don't need a spark at Yellowstone. Yellowstone is a diesel engine.

Now, I never said Yellowstone would erupt-- exactly. err. I'm saying the swarm engine should be starting up. And what did we have yesterday?

A tiny swarm near Norris and it was shallow. Also, one over by the lake Hebgen. Tidal? Anyway, the entire region is having small pop offs. The water is moving under the park with increased pressure due to the extra tidal forces. I've found the earthquakes can't happen when the inertia of earth changes from full moon that close and on the opposite side of earth, and then is followed by the new moon when it's at it's furthest. Now, the tides happen twice a day, so this motion is present everyday. The difference is the manic nature of the moon pulling as hard as it can in both circumstances. The energy causes the water to travel further and under more pressure within aquifers. Also, when the tidal pressure relaxes, the water changes direction and causes erosion. Also, this back and forth lubricates faults, changes temperatures and allows for under ground explosions when really hot water hits really cold water. The reaction must be fascinating to observe (if we could) when it happens in a cramped super pressurized aquifer. Also, ( I'm sorry for all the alsoes) the magma acts like a liquid when pushed and pulled by the tidal forces. This can change temperature zones, and it can send warmer magma closer to the geyser system and can create an explosion. Or, also, under Yellowstone Lake where the magma is really shallow. Remember 2008.

Oh, yeah, I just heard that the Arabs are calling for three days of rage. Hmmm.... not surprising, but still shocking to think we're going backward and back into violence.

Oh, and to check on the regional activity. I did a seven day and there's lots of quakes all the way from northern Utah, through Wyoming and into Montana. I'm sure we all know that the region has been very busy over recent months, And this should not be thought of with out thinking about the lack of earthquakes in Northern Nevada. That swarm is over expect for an odd ball. Migrating magma...? and now it's under Idaho and?or thereabouts...?

Obviously, I'm speculating on a grand scale.
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posted on Dec, 19 2017 @ 01:53 PM
Well, maybe I'm wrong. I watched the moon catch up with the sun but now there's not much happening. I figured, we'll have to wait until the forces start to wane and change. I could claim there's more activity in and around Yellowstone, but that would be misleading since Yellowstone had been extremely quiet. The whole region went to sleep, so the little stuff started me thinking it was coming. It should have started by now. So, this little stuff is all the stuff there may be. Yellowstone may not be under as much pressure as I thought. Even Norris is exactly inflating anymore. The caldera itself seems stable. So, maybe my prediction is a dud. Maybe I'm wrong. Actually, I'll be happy to be wrong. All I want is this year to be over. So, if this is the last, and the most worst thing that happens in the fiscal year, then thank you God. I only write because there was a small one down Utah way I think near that Soda Springs Place. I could be wrong... Good. I really don't want to write at the moment. And, who wants the bother of explaining this, that, and the other thing.

posted on Feb, 22 2018 @ 12:06 PM
Well, the window for my prediction came and went. So, I was wrong.

Yellowstone, it must hate me. For it waited for my prediction window to expire, before unleashing a fun little swarm of hundreds of earthquakes and some are around 2.5M. So, it's a good little swarm. It's not one of the biggest, but it definitely is ongoing.

At one point last week, the whole region was lit up. I'm sure there's more to come. But at the moment it doesn't seem to be gaining intensity. A volcano or two is making news. The west coast America style seems bumpy. Oh, just a note. South America been kinda quiet for some time now. Not the case for Mexico. Alaska too went boom.

So, again, I was wrong. And I"m okay with dat

Had to edit.

I'm wrong again. I just said that it seemed to be quieting. Nope. The other swarm areas had magnitude 3+ earthquakes. Up north in Lincoln, Montana, and down in Idaho at that Soda Springs place.
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posted on Apr, 11 2018 @ 01:12 PM

Like wow. We have a swarm. I'm only anxious because it's on the lake. I don't like it at all.

at all

I've been trying to negate the Trump missile madness and other issues. Now, this. Just recently, I talked myself into seeing Trump's action with the economy in a good way. He put a pin in a balloon and it didn't pop. The markets were overheated so he worked to force it into a correction.

well, maybe I can see the positive in all the recent events which look like the end of the world. ah, well, maybe i'm wrong about the seriousness of it all and life will resolve itself as usual

Oh well, back to listening to Rush Limbaugh being a blowhard, draft dodging, drug addicted, hypocrite talk about climate change. He's trying to distract from the Trump lawyer scandal. He's so funny and I am entertained even if I hate him.

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