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Robinesque Ruminations

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posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 01:35 PM
Hi El Loco

over in this post on the QuakeWatch thread you said (among other things):

[...] It had a little story on carbon sequesrtr- it's a stupid term meant to confuse people. It's pumping Carbon Dioxide into the ground in the same way they dispose of the waste water in fracking. Sequestration. Did I spell it right? [...] Anyway, they are already doing it in many states. Arkansas, Alabama just to start at the A's, I wonder if they do it in Alaska? I don't think so.

Well, they sure want to do it in Alaska. They have various ways of justifying it, but primarily there are two arguments they use. One: it will reduce their carbon emissions (to the atmosphere, at least), but the main thing is it will allow them to continue selling oil products to the military as they'll fall inside the regulated emission limits. Two: they can use sequestering to increase oil and gas production. Oh, they already frack there. But this would give them another way to do things.

Here's some reports:
From Newsminer [dot] com, there is this short report from Dec 27, 2009 entitled Rep Young wrangles millions for carbon sequestration study in Alaska which says in part:

FAIRBANKS — A federal defense bill includes more than $2 million to study carbon capture in Alaska, a project that would boost the prospects for a coal-to-liquids plant proposed for the Fairbanks area.

Rep. Don Young announced the project last week, when he and other House members approved last-minute changes to the annual federal military spending plan. President Barack Obama signed the bill Saturday.

As proposed, the carbon dioxide research project would study whether energy companies could use carbon storage, or “sequestration,” from a coal-to-liquid fuel plant in Fairbanks to improve oil production on the North Slope. Many North Slope wells inject liquid or gas into the ground to force more oil to the surface. The project would determine whether injecting carbon dioxide in place of current techniques would improve oil production while preventing carbon emissions.


“This project is extremely important for bringing cheap fuel to our military bases and to Alaskans,” Young said in a statement. “I am a proud supporter of it and look forward to watching its progress.”

Yep, never mind what might happen below ground... Gotta supply the military with cheap fuel!

Okay, they suggest they'd use this technique in place of current methods (ie fracking), but it's still about using high pressure to "force more oil to the surface".

The phrase "action and reaction" comes to mind...

Here's another report from U. of Alaska. Geological Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide on Alaskan North Slope with Emphasis on Viscous Oil Recovery. This single (big) page .pdf (480 KB) gives us some insight into what they'd like to achieve. Also lets us know what pressures would be involved and so forth. Like 6,000 psi or higher. Times frames of years to decades. Things like that.

And finally here's a pdf (2.5 MB) report from the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership ( and prepared for the California Energy Commission, entitled Alaska Geologic Carbon Sequestration Potential Estimate: Screening Saline Basins and Refining Coal Estimates. Lots of data there. And maps, showing where the best places for this sort of thing are located. In Alaska. Highly seismic Alaska.

Oh, but they don't see the fact that AK has had huge quakes as a problem. Quoting from page 9:

11) Seismic Risk (Seismicity). A qualitative estimate (high, medium, low) of seismic risk based on USGS Seismic Hazard Maps for Alaska (Wesson, et al., 2007). Hazard maps (Figure 4) were constructed using historic earthquake activity, paleoseismic information, and current understanding of earthquake potential. A higher seismic risk could be linked to a higher risk of leakage of stored CO2 where seismic activity might open up fault conduits, or adversely impact seal capacity. However, high earthquake risk is not always indicative of high leakage risk, as is evident in the Cook Inlet where natural gas accumulations indicate that numerous seals have not been breached, even though there continues to be strong and frequent seismic activity in the area.

So yeah, there is a higher risk, but hey, it's not always a risk. They know places where it's not, so that means in places where they know little -- they can hope it'll be okay!

Are we reassured?


posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 04:41 PM
reply to post by JustMike

Of course. The use the CO2 in the same way the using the water to frack. After you've almost emptied a well, you pump in waste liquid CO2 and frack with that.

Frackicide : 1 To contaminate watersheds.
2. To cause earthquakes swarms and large shocks
3 To generally degrade an enviroment so people don't want to live there
4. Coming to a neighbourhood near you.

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posted on Oct, 16 2012 @ 10:47 AM

The computer can't keep up with me. I will not edit this post. I will add as I go and hit reply. I don't want to lose content or time.

Thirteen minutes ago I had a feeling that I would be feeling and earthquake in twenty minutes. The feeling was so strong, I had to stop what I was doing. The time was 11:35am EST.

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Stupid browsers. I'm now on Explorer. I thought twenty minutes was up- but it's 1152.
Hmmm. There is probably a hundred different reasons why I'm anxious. So, this is merely and excercise.

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stupid tech... my point i guess is I should find the closest webicorder to my area. I've moved. Stop. That will be something to search for. I won't make my own.

No earthquake. I'll check around to see i there has been anything big or close. i doubt it.

oh, so this isn't a total waste of time - a link

oh, i'm not well. but. no crisis. i really wish i got a stroke of stupid good luck. i've never really. just maybe once, now. i mean nothing has gone completely off the rails, but - i'm stopping there. things are great. my two kids are reasonably healthy, blah blah robin.

i don't think van gogh chopped off his own ear.
and i don't think he shot himself.

he was never violent to anyone other
so it's kind of unlikely he'd be violent toward himself.
maybe i'm wrong - have to check again. some great new books and theories to check out...

Ug. back on explorer. I like chrome because it fixes my spelling boo boos right away. I'm sure i could. shut up robin.

Times up. I should be feeling quake right at this moment. hmmmm.

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what the hell. some of this has gotten mixed up strange.

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I just checked OHIO. Closest off the top of my head. I will have to go do something productive.
Right. I guess I just want to note where the moon is. At this moment. I've not been watching and it's been cloudy and I guess there's nothing to watch because it's a new moon. I guess I had been missing the big rock. It will come back. So, high tides and all that. Yellowstone had a fluid movement during the build up to peak new moon and coming apogee.

or is it perigee- it's perigee. far away- no, it's close, damn my dyslexia. i know that's not the term when you reverse everything including speak. I forget the other stupid term. That damned anger managment counclillor acted like an idiot and made me feel dumb about not knowing the exact terminology. Who was the freakin' pysch expert? Me or him?
Freakin' idiot.
I made me mad.

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here's the long story short...
i wondered if some bad news might be the reason for my jitters.
so i checked the mail box.
i checked and found a hydro-electric bill.
so, maybe that was the shock. ha ahaha . i'm so funny
maybe now i can relax

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i'm afraid to turn computer off. i hear sounds. wait it's all the birds and squirrels.
i think one hit the window.
bye for now....

30 geese flew by.
heading due west...

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I hope none of you invested too much time with my "feeling". 'cause, absolutely nothing happened.
Except I went and painted some boards. Why do they call it latex paint when there ain't any latex in it?
Wow, just looked 8 minutes left. Um.

So, while I have a memnt, I'd like to confess. I was wrong about the Dow Jones tanking. Maybe that's due to the election. Either I"m way off and wrong about "the plan" (conversion to natural gas) or I'm too far ahead and impatient. Let's hope I"m wrong.

I may build a windmill.

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one minute,

best advice

laugh at yourself

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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 06:44 PM

please. okay, wait.


exhale, again... deep breaths.

The title of the following is, " Scientists in the Dark Over the Birth of the Moon."

You can't know how frustrating this is for me. I know. I know the answer. I am waving my hand around at the back of the classroom. Trying to get some attention. I really don't like attention. That's not exactly true. But for argument's sake, I always sat at the back of the classroom because I hated school, and the teacher, so I was in the back being anti-social. So, it's partly my fault.

I know this. Please world, listen. I think the fact that I can't share my secret says more about society than it does about anything else. That's not exactly true either. My hypothesis is amazing and more to the point, it is a much better, and more complete answer than any other offered.

There is one inescapable issue. The moon's composition is nearly identical to earth. The impact theory falls about at this point. The moon would be different. Simple.

How could this happen and still have the moon's origin far enough away from earth?
An ejection of material in large volcanic eruptions.
Whether they are as I have hypothesized from a mixing of water and magma. Or, some sort of squeezing from a gravitational force which would cause ejections such as you get on Jupiter's moon, Io.

This is the answer. The moon is a child of earth. Our child.

Oh, why hasn't anyone taken this idea and ran with it.

This is why my paranoia gets to me. I keep thinking this trapped is uniquely designed for me. But, no. My ferocious intellect refuses the believe- fully- that Puterman is CIA and is meant to distract me. He he he.

No, the fact my idea has fallen flat demonstrates how hard it is to ////// scratch this bull pucky.

The answer is that our society is just one big popularity show. It's school all over again. Why should I try to be eloquent about the fact that I'm an outside and therefore I'm eating lunch alone.

anyway. i'm tired.

it wasn't a stroke. it didn't come on suddenly
and it's not going away exactly.
i'm thinking it was a sort of short circuit.

I'm so tired of carrying the secret.
i can't figure out if i'm schemgel, gollum, or frodo,

hell, i'm probably more of a angry dwarf if i'm honest with myself

had to add...
i want to cry, Yet, I'm never totally pessimistic. I must be because I keep on trying.
please. there. that's my raw emotion. i am begging. not for money. not for attention. but i want a fair shake...

get it. i like earthquakes and stuff- shake- ha. i am begging. my idea deserves real scrutiny. and if it's bunk, then it will find the dustbin of history and be forgotten.

more and more lately i'm trying to resign myself to the thought that i may die and no one will ever know i found a few big answers. but, no. i really want to be heard- noticed. yes, some of it must be ego. but i won't like the attention. i've learned that when i was finally listen to when i wrote that thread on fracking. i'm talking all the time no just to be heard, but because i'm just always stating the obvious. i'm just curious and can't shut up.

well, here's a stupid idea. i just thought that maybe i deserve to be heard. that i need to acknowledged. hell, i sometimes don't want this. i could be cleaning grease of the top selves in the kitchen. i like doing that. i love thinking and writing and sharing what i've leaned. but more often that not it's pure frustration. so, here's my stupid idea. i've already been on you tube with my whole volcano theory. i've tried my best. i'm still hoping someone figures out a way to spread my ideas. puterman started this thread to help. it didn't exactly do what i had hoped.

i think there must be someone on ATS with the ability or the connection to someone who's popular and/or has the power to enter my idea into the "professional forums". You know,;ksdhfgkh

sorry. i've just been here before. trying and asking for help. i suppose i should have just gone back to school and become a geologist. too damn bad i had to first be a nurse maid to a maniac. me.

i'm going to stop here. hope hurts you know. i'll tamp down this flare up. hey, there was a solar flare recently. this is the great thing about be ADHD. i'm so hyper and manic. sooner or later i'm bound to start off in a new direction. not really. shut robin up now. dual. ug.


I'm proud of myself. we have had a few geologist on the quake thread and i haven' t badgered them.

good boy robin.

i keep thinking "one day" one day they'll catch on and see i'm right. one day. i'm old and tired. geez.

do you remember welcome back kotter.

well, when i wanted to give an answer in school, i could be like arnold horshack.

ooh, ooh, ooh.

oh, and i can't be easily distracted and when i'm on to the next thing, it's funny to realize how idiotic i can be. i picture myself like james woods in family guy when peter gets him off his trail with candy.

Here's me right now because there's a nature show on tv. and i'm going.

"piece of candy. ooh, piece of candy. ooh, piece of candy. ooh, piece of candy...

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my pitch is sort of like this. come on ATS. if you guys are so smart, and if you say deny ignorance, why the hell is my super spectacular idea going to waste out here? i've typed a million words out here. like those damned monkeys, i must have been right at some point.

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 09:46 AM
Here's the story of the birth of the moon.

Once upon a time, there was a fiery planet. It was just a lonely orb with no one to love.

Do you know how hard it is to exist in more than two realms? I want to wrtie about the birth of the moon but - I'm trying to paint cupboards, and deal with robin. I hesitate when I began to write here because I'm thinking they may steal my idea in copyright. I hesitate when I want to write about how misunderstood I am. I have a marvelous rant where I condemn society for wasting my beautiful brain. Oh, wood duck. Sorry, outside my window. there. piece of candy.

Here's a confession. The James Woods comparison came to me when I look for those blue stars that appear when I write. I am too ashamed to take it seriously so I make fun of my need. Oh robin, there you go, another piece of candy. the cia owns ats and they are pumping you for your ideas. and you oblige free of charge and give them your best. dumb ass. juncos. you are one of the million monkeys typing for ats in their war. and all they have to do is feed you a piece of candy, or rather, a blue star. oh blue star, somebody loves me...

so, i have to laugh at my vanity

so, four blue candies, why are you people reading my blech. because you too know my brain is big and i have indeed stumbled upon some really big truths. in fact, i have found a sort of rosetta stone when it comes to unlocking several of the mysteries surrounding our existence.

aside. my dad thinks were an alien experiment. so, you may understand where i get some of my ideas. howerver, i don't think so. i'm a religious zealot. except my belief system is built around evolution and pure science. nothing else....

you may ask. why the freak i am so honest. it's because in science you can't lie. you must see if for what "it" is no matter how ugly or unpleasant or painful or embarrassing or etc.

where i am i going with this. nowhere. because i am trying to avoid the painful task of retelling the same story again. no wonder storytellers embellish. they get bored in the retelling and so they juice it up for there own amusement.

your an as robin. hmm/. yes/ i am avoiding telling you all where the moon came from. and how big volcanoes launched stuff into space. geez. i don't want to retell it. i want to see it. Do you know how the have those computer animations showing all that cool stuff like asteroids hitting our planet. Well, I want to see the evolution of earth and moon as I envision it. That's my real dream at this moment. I want "them", and by them i mean anyone willing in a position to do so, hey, any t.v. executives reading this? I want them to produce my view.

Because the film is running a loop in my head. it won't be gone until i see it with my external eyes. i need to know that it can exist outside me. because unlike so many of my thoughts, this one does not dissolve when i blast it with reasonings

i think i need to exorcise many of my ideas. because the selves in my head are full. that reminds me. laundry and paint cupboards. nice day out.

fire and ice baby.
fire and ice

goldielocks, goldielocks

find a way home

had to add.

firstly, i like painting cupboards. i like laundry. so, sometimes these ideas distract from my life. no, that's not true. anyway, if you want to understand how and why i get distracted, you have to understand the truth is always shift course and sometimes is indefinable

for example, listen to the radio program concerning the number 1
if you've read too much of my ruminings ruminations, you will know that i have never thought

the first thing you need to understand is that 1 does not equal 1
forget about the idea 1=.99999999999999 ...
no two apples in the universe are equal

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I have half an hour to edit this post. And in the spirit of not wasting stuff, I'll use the time to make my claim on the moon theory. I know they'll figure it out soon enough, and they'll claim they were the first. But nope. The full story was first found here. If my ideas remain our secrets, they will figure out the birth of the moon when astronomers find an earth-like planet that has volcanoes spewing out material in a disk. Recently, they've seen big changes on Jupiter. And these changes are being documented by amateurs, like we. When it is discovered that other planets have big giant lava launching volcanoes, the pro-ace scientists will figure it out and apply it to our planet. This will eventually
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sorry, I really need to clean the grease off that top self. Yes, it will be by observing another plant's evolution that we discover our own origins. Or, we could all just listen to me. hehehehe

14 min

Here goes.

Once upon a time, there was a lonely planet. It was a fiery orb. So, other planets stayed away... sorry. again. it's not a fairy tale.

the moon was formed when giant volcanoes on earth ejected material out into orbit. this formed a disk of debris. over time the material coalesced into the moon.

there's the bare bones. imagine if i could tell the story my way and see it borne out for all to see.

for example, imagine early earth when water was starting to pool. those early pools didn't last long. why? poof. one hit from some magma and it's back into the air for you. the water cycle would have been super dynamic. this launched the material. the battle between fire and ice. the new study confirms this with the triggering mechanism of volcanoes is heat differentials. this is fundamental to all my ideas.

this seems stupid, but. watch the following video and you'll understand.

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Ta DA. You now know the secret behind our planet. It's really that simple.

Why am I not educating the world?

There's a big willow outside my window. In one of its crooks, three's a plant. I can tell it's not part of the willow. It's leaves are different. Now that it's fall, it's so much more obvious. The small slender leaves of the willow are yellow and falling. The big green leaves of the, I assume it to be sunflower, are still ready to make some sugars. A seed has taken root in a very bad spot.

is that me?

as soon as i asked the question i laughed,

is that me? what am I? a girl? man, i feel too much.
shut up you pussy and go do some man's work?
paint cupboards?

i must be out of time here

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 12:10 PM
I just had a great idea for a book. Yes, I do. One problem. Again with the problems rob in. Isn't publishing a hard game and you gotta know someone. Hmm. crap. true.

if anyone in publishing is reading this, i got a great idea for a children's book. it's my secret. i won't even give you a clue oops i probably already have.

i suppose i'm just writing this down because - it's a good idea.

robin it's probably not so good an idea. it's probably the paint fumes.

this is why i'm writing. had to get out of the room. and yes, i know the fumes are bad for the planet etc. i almost never use anything strong if something milder will do and i try to not pollute.

i mean, i hate the oil companies, but i don't have car racing.

i watched chitty chitty bang bang the other night.

did i say paint fumes. i meant paint thinner fumes. i'm trying to clean about a decade of collect grease. i tried fracking it with boiling hot water and soap. it sort of worked, but to get it really clean and prepped- you need the big guns. i don't like the smell.

rambling and rambling with no good end
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:38 PM
Happy Halloween

Here's a very scary story. What's scariest of all is that it's true. I so wanted to keep it light and fun. But. I read something and it took the fun right out of my sails. Fracking is making us sick.

So. My scary story is that kids, (the ones we do all this trick or treat stuff for) are being made sick from the water.

The first story is a farmer who leased out her land. The second story is about Windsor, Nova Scotia where they put frack water through the public water treatment plant. I'm not making this stuff up. s&utm_campaign=daily-grinder-read-this-account-of-fracking-in-north-central-pa

Here's a really good resource article.

A so-so article on the Louisiana sinkhole.

Wow. And you wonder why I think they'll be a tsunami on Lake Erie.

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by ericblair4891

Well Happy Halloween to you too! Keep digging for those stories

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 08:19 PM
I just put the last pieces of the puzzle together. The plan behind fracking wasn't to make the United States energy independant. It was, as are all plans by rich capitalists are, just a way to make frucking boat loads of cash. Sure, getting away from the middle east and the arabs is a main thrust. But more to the point, it's to produce gas and sell it. No matter from where, and no matter to whom. In this case, someone figured the Chinese couldn't (psst- t. boone pickens) keep burning coal. And sure the Chinese could go to the Sudan, but that is a political mess. No. The Chinese have a plan as well. That plan was to first acquire the manufature infrastructure and then figure out how to clean up the mess they made getting up to speed. Meaning, when catch up to the rest of us in the west after falling so far behind. They now want to be super energy efficient and green. They are doing it in stages. Tonight, Halloween, I wanted to watch something scary. Problem is, nothing much scares me anymore. Really. Except pollution and the warming. It's real. Anywho. I was going to write about climate change but didn't and got lazy. Then I tried to think of something to watch. I ended you watching a documentaries on the Three Gourges Dam. Go figure robin. Any which way but loose. So, there I am lost in another culture and time. Blissful in not dwelling in my own realm of problems. When a thought cross my mind after the film explained the pollution problem and how the dam has helped clean up the air. Cleaned it somewhat I would say. The thought came like one of those storms and everything makes sense and it looks like a big circling hurricane. Organized. I went to google to search news on China and natural gas. Hey, they must be looking to liquified natural gas to solve this problem. And the Americans have a glut of gas. There you go. Supply and Demand. What a perfect match. so i looks - my my robin you are the cleverest boy...

are you freaking kidding me robin. you are brilliant
china has made the announcement which means this is a decree and all good chinese officials will start converting their vehicles on mass. it's the way they do things there.
So. American corporations contract manfucaturing in China. They assemble a massive fleet of ships to carry giant containers. But those ships are going back to China with too little. I mean, there's only so much old computers and other toxic techo-junk for the Chinese to absorb. Oh, they also take all our scrap metal, and stolen man hole covers. They need big tanks of liquified natural gas for the return voyage. LNG. Yeah baby. There's your stock tip for the day. There's a glut. Gas companies don't have investors biting to get in. Many have taken a loss and gotten out because the price of gas is so low. Perfect time to make a play to take over more of a share in the market. Anyone want to become a tycoon?

Remember the little bird who whispered in your ear.

Well, I think I managed to scare myself. This means there's much more cooperation on a much quieter channel. These moves are preordained.

I just glanced at the news and another thing supports my view. Canada is taken a beating in stocks lately. It's a long story. For whatever reason, our government stopped a forgein firm from acquiring an energy company. This has spooked investors. Which means, the same companies which are at market lows, will soon be benefiting from the Chinese decision. Do you see how things don't add up? Investors should be flocking to these companies because Asian market will be huge. In fact, investors were flocking to gas and this was enabled the expansion and the current glut. But all of a sudden, they scatter as if they all saw the falcon's streaking along the ground. Or, should I say the chicken hawk's shadow. I think it was just a shadow puppet and the hands belong to big money. They want to buy stock cheap.
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posted on Nov, 5 2012 @ 10:10 AM
New Jersey,

Was a 2.5. Now a 2.0

You may have a theory????

Water, water every where. but not a drop to drink

posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 10:08 AM
I've been thinking about this particular compostion for over a week. But it's not getting any easier, or clearer, so here goes. It will bascially be a big dump of articles and not much thought. Constant headaches are limiting insights. All the pieces are there. It's just my brain is too fuzzy to connect them and make it a full picture.

I'll start where I am wrong. I't not all about the natural gas. It's bigger than that. I forgot about the oil. How could I foget about the oil? Obsession. This is what happens when you get myopic. The plan is not just gas. It's about securing all known reserves. As well as developing a domestic supply. It's all about Dakotah stupid. Just as Canada is now in some sort of future-scape with the oil sands. I say, oilsands make rainbows. only god and oilsands can do that.

The U.S. plan is to rip the shiat out of America. Sorry future. I tried. But they are insistent on this course. We are leaving you a toxic wasteland. I'd give up almost everything if I could make a real difference. Shh.

The other day I smelled sewage. It was the river.

It wasn't fishy. That i could have handled.

It's brown.

Oh. here's a bunch of links. i'm sick. who wouldn't be, who isn't?

I was going to just give up and post one. I would also hang up clothes to dry but there isn't a breath of wind. sigh n-144968

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You know what sucks?
I'm neither a leader or a follower.
Because the desire to belong never really goes away.
And you can't lead if you are the only one in the band.

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My only hope is that over time, somehow, much of my thinking will eventually be absorb by the whole. So, therefore, never being wasted. I must have some sort of acceptance because I am looking through my child's eyes. I am somewhat resigned. But not really. Because there are so many times I think, 'this is the moment some one with connections and influence finds these ideas and I can let go.'

i don't want to keep my view. in fact I want to excorise it.
i want to infect thinking. call me a religious zealot, because i want to convert you to a way of thinking which is no less powerful than absolute faith. everything is evolution. it is the unifying therom. because if you back away from the picture you'll see everything evolves in pretty much the same way, on every level, the only difference is the magnitude and the speed.

this is why i see the moon as our child
it was born of the earth

off track

did i say that oilsands created rainbows?
well, all i know is that EXXON is super great for rivers. Like Yellowstone. 2963f4.html

Now. I've made it abundantly clear I am not a finacial expert. Therefore, I am not to be held accountable for your stock losses. Why? Beware of all things economic. Yes, the Chinese are making out like bandits and are becoming, and have become a super power. But they are not immune to industrial disease. The booms of the last century were always followed by busts.

Please watch this program on the crash of 1929. You'll see how stocks are manipulated. This is still happening despite the "regulations". Congress always gets the best stock tips.

I must admit I was wrong about Europe. Well, not wrong. Just way too far ahead. The election put many things on the back burner. Like Iran and Europe. Also, the Isrealis have asked for Obama's attention.

So. I think Iran will somehow come to the front burner real soon.

If you want to understand the big picture. Realize the Americans want to dominate by dominating energy. George Bush Jr admitted they had a problem of being addicted to foreign oil. They found a solution to that problem. They've decided to produce their own supply so they wouldn't have to deal with any other dealer. They can mainline the whole damn thing themselves. They are going to frack for gas. But, I am so stupid, more importantly, they're going to frack for oil as well.

So, in brief, the future is fracked.

I want to steal T.S. Eliot's title and rename this time in history as

the Waste Land

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posted on Nov, 20 2012 @ 09:05 PM
I guess I ended that last entery rather grimly. I will endure. So, just to prove my mind is sharp and my methods are not all maddness, here is fractals. The universe is irregular. This does not mean it is not unified. It all the same. It's a whole lot of repetition. We make the questions overly complex. The answer is every around us. You only have to look. That is why you all depress me so very much. And I mean myself because I feed the beast. I want these patterns all over the place. Instead. I get roadways and stop signs. Lights, whistles, buzzers, bells and sirens. It's straight and intersecting. Not an extension of something that connects onto the next hub. No, no honey bees honey combs here. It's not beautiful and flowing. We could design so that nature and farms work together to fit the land. Instead. It's a checkboard of green and brown squares with little green checkers that are the grain fields which are well fed with potash and plenty soaked with that fine aquifer water. Ah,. what a lush wonderland of dysfunction. Spray it all with round up baby.

they said 4 degrees the other day.

you want the freakin' truth. i long ago realized they were not getting the numbers right. it was obvious the artic was melting way faster than they thought. i went around telling everyone this and no one cared. sure enough, the scientist finally admitted they were short. they were being conservative. i was being realistic. it's happening even faster than this model. 4 degrees is a fantasy. there's no stopping it now. i'm sorry. i gave up over five years ago. i knew it was hopeless. it will happen faster and faster and faster and faster. it's exponential. it manic and hyperactive. like me.

one day, it was a very early spring day. I was outside watching the snow melt. I even took out my camera to catch it. To animate it. Because I wanted to try and show others what I was seeing when I watched the big snow hills melt over a period of time. It was amazing. And there was a system to it. Each day there was a pace. And the sun would determine the flow. And as the darker earth tones emerged, the whole thing speed up and you could feel the energy and the change. It was a dynamic. That dynamic is happening on a grand scale in the Artic. It's not going to be pretty. There will be no ice in the Artic by 2025. It may make partial appearences afterward whenever a volcano decides to blow. But, for the most part, it's on thin ice. And once those cutter make regular channels, it will speed up the melting.

I need to buy another canoe and get a cross bow.

I think I could go a long way on the waters.

So. Fractals.

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 11:54 AM
Sorry. I got lost when I started researching fractals.
I'm writing because I am frustrated. It's day five of my rerere...rebirth. And along the way I found a way to conclusively prove one of my pet theories. Hypotheseses. Hypothesi. Hippopotumusses. potumussamenakhenatenophat.

Yes, that's right. On this day. Whatever the freak it is, I've discovered a way to prove I know the story of Abraham.

How's this for mania?

And the docs say I can't be aware of delusion and have one. Heck, I guess I can have giganitic- NO MAKE IT

BIBLICAL delusions at the same time I'm aware of the fact that I may be having a grand mal fit of arrogance.

At least I can entertain myself. So. Breathing slowly.

On this day, I can say for 95% certainty, that I have discovered the secret of Sodom, etc. And I could find there exact locations. Given the resources of course. Which. Considering. Can I get an Amen?


Not too many days ago, I was longing for another Eureka moment. I realized that I have not had one in a very long time.
Too, too too much of everything. How can one concentrate with too much on one's plate. No.

If you want to know the secret, you can ask questions and I'll give specific answers. I realize I'm a story teller and as such, I am thwarted, and limited by this forum (even though I've thrived here) the story is so grand I can write down the whole essay at this time. But if your curiousity is such that you need to know. I'll give you some hints.

In all honesty, since this idea is so grand, and so proabably true, I'm not knowing how to deal with it. I'm writing here to document the fact and time of my latest thoughts. I've already written down many of my ideas about Sodom so I'm not going to repeat. I've left enough of a trail so that if there is ever a claim of discovery other than mine, we'll know who solved the puzzle first. Me. The way to prove my ideas is there. Meaning. Whomever figures out the method for proving the existence of Sodom, shall be famous. Because....(here's where my delusion goes off the chart...) whomever follows the breadcrumbs, will be changing our world and rewriting history.

told ya. i think i need someone or something to pull me down to earth again.

i never thought there'd be a way to prove it
i was wrong

so, while i'm waiting. i still need to refresh my knowledge base about the story of sodom and gomorrah.
i'm going to write down the elements of the story that i remember most

1. hell fire rain , right, brimstone , came from heaven. says nothing about enemies- so. natural disaster? of course directed by the hand of God.
2. Abraham hears the voice of God and is directed to warn the citizens and his family in the cities in the area to be destroyed. Abraham knew what was coming. So. He saw something. He was an eyewitness.
3. The cities burned to the ground. Somehow, cities made from brick burned down. They didn't say an enemy knocked down walls. It says the cities were destroyed by fire.
4. Lot's wife pillar of salt
5. of course all the sin. i'll not argue they were super sinful, i shall not cast the first stone because the room i'm in is encased in glass.

I'm going to go and read more. I'm sure about more but like is said it's a big picture, big puzzle. lots of parts.
shh robin.


if everyone played along, this would be so much better a game of scavenger hunt.
maybe we're already playing and you're the last to find out
oh my

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New International Edition. The Bible

"Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens. 25 Thus he overthrew those cities and the entire plain, destroying all those living in the cities—and also the vegetation in the land."

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This is meant to be taken literally. It is not a metaphor.
There's a movie on YouTube. and lots of other links. in the movie, they have an earthquake and the ground rifting and magma and lava. pure fantasy.

i swear i had, or am having a stroke, i don't want to drop dead before i tell the whole story. shut up robin. i don't want advise. i wondered how i could manage this and when i start to get excited, i immediatley deflate. i'm tired

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king james

Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;

25 And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.

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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 03:48 PM
I'm tired. Really, really tired. I intend to make a push and give my latest idea a chance. Somehow.
I told someone who is religious. Maybe they'd care. What the hell. I may start a thread and claim I know and get the ball rolling. what the hell. I"m so tired. i want to do a stupid you tube video. i'm so tired. i'm so tired.

I'm not going to claim to be elegant. But my hypothesis is. And the answer and proof must be there. That's what must be bothering me. I've figured out how to prove it. And it may as well be impossible.

I'm going to blurt out the answer at any moment. I'm tired.
oh i started new thread cause i'm an idiot

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posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 11:26 AM
Consider this a virtual prayer. Because frankly I have nothing much else left. Lately I've been trying to figure out when the road started to get rough. Forget it. A few years back, there was a brief moment of relative stability. Then.

So, why am I writing?

I just want to note that I almost went over the edge. That's why my writing has been so incoherent. I don't know exactly when I lost myself. Yes, Halloween was near that breaking point. But it wasn't the edge. That came during the last five months. It was horrible. So many events and transitions left me with little or no power to control my personal environment. But that's easy. I mean the moving and dealing with a # avalanche falling down upon your head. I'm tough. I was tortured physically an physiologically in the army. I can handle stresses. I hate them. And they've made me ill. But I am proud to be able to say that I always fought against my own personal demons and never let them take totally control. However, recently, I was ready to surrender completely. In the past, I have danced on the razor's edge and somehow always came down upon the side of the living. It's been remarkable really. Nearly surreal. I digress.

I nearly snapped. There was a screaming pain in my head that I couldn't stop. No matter what I tried. Or how hard I focused and no matter how determined I was. It didn't matter. The short circuits in my head were driving me into psychosis.

Long story short. Because I'm sick of telling my story and not be heard. shhh robin.

I hate waste. And there's wasted potential all over the place. Maybe it's just because I'm Scottish.

I'm right about the moon and my mega-eruptions. Sodom and Gomorrah. Etc.

I really thought I was going to die and have a stroke. I'm not afraid of dying. No. What bothered me most was that I was going to go away and not get a hearing. My ideas deserve wide debate.


I'll spare myself and give a one word answer for the thing that was driving me crazy.


posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 11:37 AM

In this article, it is suggested that a gamma burst caused the extinction event around 450 million years ago.
No. It was a mega eruption. Mega eruptions are the engine that drives the planets evolution as well as the life upon it.

You'd think something that ties together whole whole existence would actually warrent some awe.

Frack. I came up with wild idea and I'm impressed when I look at it objectively. Really. It's beautiful and elegant and I bet they find chunks of earth on Mars that didn't end up there after a meteorite hit the earth.

You have no idea how sick I am of hearing my very own ideas.

posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 12:11 PM
Hi Robin,

Glad you are still around, I enjoy reading your musings, they often coinside with my own feelings.

I really relate to your last post, when I see a tv show or read and article about something scientific or historic and they make some sort of pronouncement, usually saying they'd discovered how something was done or how something works, I often find myself shaking my head and saying "I could have told you that years ago".

Anyway, looking forward to more musings, be happy.


posted on Jan, 24 2013 @ 12:30 PM

Originally posted by Robin Marks
I'll spare myself and give a one word answer for the thing that was driving me crazy.


I've had a little taste of that. No fun at all, and very hard for other folks to comprehend.

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 02:51 PM
For the record, so there is no confusion, Robin Marks is Ericblair4891. It's me. I divorced myself awhile back.
I'm writing because I am a Wailer. Always wailing about the pain. Want no one forgetting I'm suffering from the torture upon my variant form of existence. Gravity.

I've had a 6 month headache. The trigeminal nerve can cause people to commit suicide. Once again, the game of life has added another element in order to test me. Repetition and conflicts were inflaming my nerve. The pain was if my head was a dry grass pairie, and someone just dropped a match behind my ear. My ear burns. And my head tingles until it because an electric buzzing pain. Then the lights become much brighter until I close my eyes and things turn red. At this point I am engulfed by fire.

I have a unique problem. I am already mentally ill. Suffer migraines. And I have already fought my demons and put suicidal thoughts in a place so far away that it's really full banishment. The problem is that when someone sets of the nerve- some conflict or another- I can't agrue with the person. My illness has removed me from most normal social interactions. I have learned not to even debate people. I run away. Then I'll rant. My old usually rants now seem like fluffy comedy rountines compared to the manical raving I do now. Now, I'm yelling at myself, and becoming the sargent again. Pushing me forward.

One day after a snow storm, my nerve was so bad I went out to the drug store for relief. The roads were brutal. My anger was so great I was playing chicken with the cars. Somehow I didn't have a right to walk. I didn't have a car. I was walking on the cleared road in the proper direction. But people still honk and act like idiots. One guy almost hit me. I whacked his truck with a bag. Daring him to come back and talk some politics with me. I don't like me right now. I'm always ready for a fight. This is usually because I'm living in a state of crisis. Therefore it's war.

I took two tranqz to calm down. Fracking drugs. I'm calmer. I'd thought I'd write before they turn my brain to mush and before I don't have a coherant thought to express.

I will be hanging out watching quakes today. I haven't been writing much lately. Can't, braindead. Couldn't figure out a kids alphabet code the other day without pain. Soon, my mind will be addled with drugs. I will not be smart or witty. But Some brilliant and wierd things come out of me when I finally relax after a long marathon through hell.

Ask me a question.
Just say hi.
Just tell me i was wrong about stocks coming down. Oh, that will happen later. Pump and dump. This now is the pump.

Volcanoes are keeping the world from warming too fast. And you wonder why I'm obbsessed with volcanoes.

I need a love affair. But since I have joint custody of a boy. I don't want a ladyfriend because I need to focus on my kid and only my kid. I want a virtual girlfriend out here that I can talk to, or friends. But in a way were I just continue to be my nutty self and you all just try to figure out what to do with me.

figure out a way people could be given my philosphy and my discoveries.

if that fruit ron l hubbard could do it. with those stupid ideas, then my awesome, factual, and very visible phenomeon could be proved. The moon is our child. Why can't we not know this fact?

posted on Mar, 5 2013 @ 03:06 PM
Hey eric,hang in there,buddy.

Seems some geologist are concerned about the number of small quakes going on in Arkansas and plan to monitor the situation more closely.

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