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Toyota recall coverage and the General Motors bailout connection

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 09:28 AM
It has struck me recently as I have scanned the television at the exhausting amount of defect and recall coverage that Toyota has received over the past few months by MSM. The only conclusion I can come to as I research this more and more is that the MSM, GM and the Government must all be in bed together on a Toyota a bashing campaign. According to the statistics from 2000-2009 only 34 alleged deaths were caused by sticky gas pedals in Toyota cars. Although unfortunate not really that high of a number to cause such a stir and public witch hunt of one the safest and reliable automobile manufacture on the planet. One can’t sit here and think that this is all a coincidence. General Motors has seen a 54% increase in sales in March 2010 alone.
Not bad for a Company that Consumer Reports lists as one the most unreliable in the industry.
“For the last 40 years, General Motors has known that using unsupported, tempered glass in the side and rear windows have contributed to serious occupant ejection problems in side-impact and rollover car accidents.” GM also received result of subsequent NHTSA studies in 1996, which showed that the improved design would reduce driver death in rollover accidents by 86 percent and passenger deaths by 90 percent!”
“However, GM did nothing to make these improvements that would have saved thousands of lives at very little cost.”
“A wrongful death suit has been filed against General Motors by a local woman who alleges her daughter's death was caused by GM's defective seat belts.”
"We allege that not only did GMC refuse to make design modifications to its Envoy due to financial interests, it acted in further reckless and callous disregard by misrepresenting test results and adverse crash test data to prove its vehicles were safe when in fact, its vehicles were not safe,"
"Public Safety at Risk: Bankruptcies Leave Legacy of Defects, Injuries and Deaths" paints a gloomy picture. Between the third quarter of 2003 and the fourth quarter of 2008, Chrysler fielded 3,497 death and injury claims. Over at GM, that figure was 15,284. Averaged out on an annual basis, the figure is 636 and 2,779 individual deaths and injuries respectively, accounting for 47 percent of all claims filed against manufacturers during that period, the report says. During that time, GM and Chrysler represented 38 percent of the market share.”
According to the Transportation Business Journal a provision in the bankruptcy agreements would allow the two automakers to escape auto defect liability for vehicles built pre-bankruptcy. Recalls of the defective automobile would still be required to repair defects. However under the agreement, GM and Chrysler would no longer be responsible for injuries or deaths caused by auto defect.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 09:28 AM
Why hasn’t there been any MSM coverage toward GM’s defectively fatal products lately?
Because the US Treasury is a majority stakeholder for GMAC.
“The US treasury announced yesterday that it will channel a total of $7.5 billion into the car finance company GMAC thereby effectively taking a majority stake in the firm.”
GM receives $5BN bailout - December 2008
GM receives $5.4BN bailout – January 2009
You get the idea……
Oh wait one more thing!
Toyota has recently been fined $16.4M the maximum fine that can be imposed by the NHTSA.
“NHTSA’s largest civil penalty to date was a $1 million fine for General Motors Co. in 2004 to settle charges that the company failed to conduct a timely recall involving windshield- wiper failures in about 581,000 vehicles.”
The attorney Mark Lanier that is representing the parties suing Toyota was quoted as saying…. The fine “is free publicity that counters Toyota.”

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 10:15 AM
All automotive industries will cease to exist as we know them paving way for the new.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 10:30 AM

Originally posted by jazz10
All automotive industries will cease to exist as we know them paving way for the new.

You're wrong. There won't be anything "NEW" to make the Automotive Industries no longer Exist, as we know them.. Are you serious?

Government will never let it happen for a start. Neither will the Fuel Companies. Neither will the Small Parts Manufacturers.

If you have any proof or Data to back your post, please show me. I'd be really interested.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 10:40 AM
reply to post by smoke screen

Thanks Op, I never looked at it like that.

Here in Australia, nothing really happened about Toyota. Seems the Americans got much more Excited than us on the Issue.

I guess we didn't have many accidents involving the Toyota Problem. I think I know why and that is because Toyota have to Modify their Vehicles quite a bit for the American Market. Ie, Left hand Drive, For starters. I guess the Modifications made to a Toyota Vehicle for left hand drive may have been a reason, but, that's still no excuse, of course.

Looking at it the way you do, I think you could be on to something. It's interesting that the American Government and State Leaders took such an agressive approach to the Problem that Toyotas were having.

I thinks it's also interesting that the Problems of the likes of GM are sort of, Kept Quiet.

I heard that Toyota got Fined 80 Million Dollars for not doing something sooner about the problems they were having with the Vehicles.

Thanks, it really does seem like you could have hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 10:43 AM
I'd like to mention something I've noticed with the American MSM.

Especially on CNN many times I have seen reference to terrorists using Toyota landcruisers. Even on these forums this meme is repeated over and over again.

Do terrorists really use Toyota land cruisers or is this an attempt by the US MSM to use neuro linguistic programming to damage Toyotas image?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by smoke screen

Could this have anything to do with Toyota's large number of plants in red states and their connections to Republican leadership like Mitch McConnell of KY?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 11:59 AM
Speaking from experience terrorists seemed to use all types ‘of vehicles. We used to refer to them as “little white trucks” back in my Iraq days. Toyota and Mitsubishi vehicles are extremely common due to its geographic location. These insurgents that my friends and I referred to as “squirters” would ride around in the back of these trucks shooting AK-47 rounds at the tower guards. I really haven’t heard much in the media about the exclusive use of Toyota vehicles in terrorism though. The Toyota Land Cruiser is an extremely popular vehicle in the Mid East as well as Afghanistan and Southwest Asia. It would be likened to the Ford Explorer or GMC Jimmy’s popularity in the mid 90’s in the US.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by Damian-007

Guess we`re all allowed our opinions but we`ll see who`s right

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