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Is this the reason for whales beaching themselves

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 06:59 AM
For quite awhile i have been looking for a weapons system that has the potential ability to cause such distress to whales that it causes them to beach.
I believe i know what is doing it, read this excerpt from an article about Naval warfare.

The other device that's been discussed for a while in the unclassified literature is a hull-mounted pressure-wave generator. (Think of something like an active sonar array that sends out a tremendously strong burst of noise.) The pressure-wave generator transmits an intense underwater focused shock wave in the direction of an inbound torpedo. Since shock waves automatically move at the speed of sound, this provides a genuine Mach 1 countermeasure against any Shkval. If the pressure wave is aimed well and the timing is just right, a “hellacious” wall of acoustic energy will smash the Shkval to pieces. (The Shkval's higher speed makes the collision all the more violent!) This device is ideal for mounting on the hulls of all-electric surface ships, such as the DD(X)/CC(X) fleet of the future, and maybe LCSs and even subs too.

If this is being tested on the open ocean the resultant "punch" Whales would feel would be enormous, i have no doubts that it would cause pressure injuries to their brains and delicate listening structures, They would in effect be blinded and very confused.
Link to original article

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