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David Icke - The Hollie Greig Case & The Scottish Elite Connection

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 04:04 AM
In this new interview David Icke exposes the Scottish pedophilia rings , in particular the so called The Hollie Greig Case , and the elite human sacrifices

David Icke - The Hollie Greig Case & The Scottish Elite Connections to the World Wide Satanic Pedophile Network
March 23, 2010

We follow up on the story of the Scottish establishment pedophilia ring and talk more about the horrifying case of Hollie Greig with David Icke who joins us to connect some of the dots surrounding this and other similar cases around the world. We talk about the world wide spanning satanic network and the connecting pedophile rings that have its tentacles into elite, political and illuminati circles around the world. Why? What is going on? Who are the perpetrators? Topics Discussed: Scotland, Breach of the Peace, the Law Firm, Levy and McRae, Is it a Freemasonic cover-up?

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 06:03 PM



Get the message out as the media cant cover it.

Bring these Sick people to justice.

Justice for Holly!


posted on Apr, 10 2010 @ 06:12 AM
This seems like a wonderful opportunity to get the masses educated on how things really work. If we push this story, they will have to take note and wonder why they've not heard anything about it.

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 07:03 AM
Robert Green the Journalist who has been campaigning for the truth on this issue has been arrested AGAIN!

Robert Green, who has been working so hard to exposed the case of Hollie Greig, has been rearrested and taken to Stonehaven Sherrif’s Court. This has been confirmed by Seargent Adam Bulger of Warrington Police, who refused to address my concerns over Robert’s safety, despite my pointing out that he has gone back to the very courts that he has made allegations about.

We seem to have a situation that people simply get arrested and no-one is told – just like the Gestapo.

In case you would like to phone Warrington police to ask about Robert’s welfare, the number you need to call is 0845 458 0000.

And in case you would like to also give Grampian police a call, their number is 0845 600 5700.

Can you also get on to your MP, who, I’m sure, would be willing to help under present circumstances, no?

You might also like to phone the campaign headquarters for the main parties. The Conservatives can be contacted on 020 7222 9000, Labour on 08705 900 200, and the LibDems on 020 7222 7999.

When you call either of these numbers, please remember to remain calm and polite. Huge public concern needs to be expressed to Warrington, who assisted in Robert’s arrest, and on Grampian. Could you please make sure you highlight your concerns for his safety because he has been working to expose paedophiles.

We will update this page as events progress.

Mike Robinson UK Column
Hollie Demands Justice

As said arrested by the very people he is exposing, and asking for an investigation into!

Make that phone call.

Spead the ATS show on this.

DEMAND in an calm way that this cover up not continue!

Kind Regards,


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posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 07:48 AM
Hollie Greig Is The Issue In The Scot Election

"Scotland's political leaders have hit the campaign trail, after Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced voters would go to the polls on 6 May.

Labour and the Tories said the fight, which will focus on the economy, was a two-horse race between the parties.

The Nationalists urged voters to return "SNP champions" to Westminster, while the Lib Dems called for a fairer economy.

This election is likely to be the hardest fought in many years.

As Mr Brown called the election after inviting the Queen to dissolve parliament at Buckingham Palace, the parties hit the streets of Scotland to get their campaigns under way.

Voters in Scotland, where Labour emerged as the largest party in the last election in 2005, will be asked to return 59 MPs to Westminster." (source)

The above article misses the mark. The only real issue in this year's election is whether or not the Scottish people will vote to protect the weakest members of their society from the most vile members of their leadership. Holly Greig, a little Down syndrome girl, that also suffers from mild retardation, was repeatedly sexually violated by the politically connected and powerfull in her little Scottish town.

This was verified by physical evidence gathered by medical professionals and two psychiatrists, who stated that she is incapable of lying.


* Scotland’s Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini (the Procurator Fiscal (chief prosecutor)in Aberdeen when Hollie’s allegation were being made and then not investigated) is hiring Glasgow law firm Levy & McRae to send letters to all of the media in Scotland threatening them with legal action if they report this scandal. (source)

* NONE of the named abusers (apart from her father and brother) were interviewed by Grampian police.

* £13,500 damages were later paid to Hollie for a crime that had never been investigated.

* After reporting Hollie’s allegations to Grampian police, Hollie’s mother Anne was abducted from her home and sectioned in a mental hospital. An independent psychiatrist later said there was nothing wrong with her.

* Hollie’s uncle burned to death in a car soon after catching her father in the act of abusing her. The authorities stated he had committed suicide. When Anne Greig finally obtained his autopsy report however it showed he had received A FRACTURED SKULL, A FRACTURED BREASTBONE AND BROKEN RIBS. (Ibid.)

* In 2009 BBC Scotland and BBC Panorama became involved in the case. The BBC investigator said that this was a scandal that would “go around the world.” Later on however the planned programmes were dropped, and it was claimed the reporters would be sacked if they broadcast this scandal.

* In February 2010 the journalist Robert Green travelled to Aberdeen to put out leaflets about this case. He is also intending to stand as a single issue candidate in the General Election to publicise it. On arrival in Aberdeen he was arrested by Grampian police. As well as stopping him from standing as a candidate at the election, the bail conditions seek to prevent him from discussing this scandal. (ibid)

So goes the biggest cover-up in Scottish history. The ruling Labour Party is the one that has kept Elish Angiolini in power and needs to go. The Tory Party has also failed to bring justice to Holly. In fact, in-spite of repeated communications with Parliament on the subject, not one MP has stood with Hollie against the establishment.

Robert Green, the journalist that was thrown in jail for reporting this story, needs to be elected to Parliament in order for the Holly matter to be heard. We call upon Scots everywhere to aid and assist Robert in his efforts to win the election.

Since he is forbidden from physically entering the area he wishes to represent, this is no small task. He will need to rely on others that live in Grampian to get his message out for him. The world is watching this election and is very concerned for the physical safety of Robert Green and his person. We call upon the good people of Scotland to watch over and protect him.

Holly Greig is the ONLY issue in this election. A society that allows the weak to be sexually abused by the powerful, without bringing them to justice, cannot survive for long before it crumbles into chaos.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:42 AM

New Video - The Hollie Greig Case. An Interview With Robert Green.

In this important interview ZeroGov talks to the fascinating Robert Green, the legal adviser to the Greig family. He is known as one of the main drives behind the website which is the primary site reporting the startling facts of the ongoing alleged sexual abuse case involving Hollie Greig.

Video Link:-

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