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Guardians served gov's...Ok....and? nothing

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posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 11:21 PM
I think this Guardians of Free Republic is BS even more now.

Times up and....Nothing. Not even the PTB arresting people for "threats". I've heard over the MSM that they are "being investigated for criminal activity".

Such as what? hmmm. Lots of smoke but no fire. Interesting this all came about with the raid up north on the huteree folks.

What are your opinions? Flushing out the "birds" maybe?

Unless something happens, I'm putting these guys in with "spooks" and general inteligence group work.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 12:39 AM
Yes because this, just like all other peaceful change that has been attempted, is going to work wonders, right?

This is a silly concept. You can provide the governors or powers that be all the "papers" you want, but unless you give and follow through with some kind of ultimatum, it is going to go practically unnoticed and uncared for.

The Guardians insinuated an ultimatum and that is what caused some "violent backlash" red flags, but it isn't going to follow through with anything. The governors aren't even going to respond.

Simple facts: peaceful change will no longer accomplish anything. Redress of grievances will be ignored. Any attempts at openly bashing a member of government or a government body will be seen as a potential threat of domestic terrorism.

Of course, there are still going to be all those around that will clamor for this same peaceful change but each and every time the results are the same.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 12:40 AM
tick tock tick tock .....

(crickets chirping)

(owl says) WHO? WHO?

(dog snores away dreaming of a Free Republic Bone)

with mom in her kerchief and I in my hat
had just settled down for a long Liberty nap

when down thru the chimney there came such a clatter
I sprang for my longhorn to see whats the matter

then what in the night before my eyes shall appear
my Governor saying: "Look!! I signed it right here!!!"

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 12:45 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack

peaceful change will no longer accomplish anything.

A lot of people voted Obama into office for "change" of his big policies of "change" was healthcare. And guess what...seems like that has been accomplished...peacefully and through the voting booths.

The problem that you and others that the "change" that is happening isn't what you agree with. So your solution is...If you don't agree with CONSTITUTIONALLY PEACEFUL ELECTED CHANGE...pull out your guns and threaten violence.

You don't defend the crap all over it.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:00 AM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

What you have said is a half truth. What was he saying about the wars before he won the election? And what about the patriot act?

To tell you the truth no matter what I say your agenda is going to cloud how you look at it. The truth does not matter anymore and it is all about kicking the other side. I am ashamed to be a American and not because Obama is the president but because the truth is completely lost here. And the shills and idea-logs have won.

We do need change we need to stop these wars and get rid of the patriot act. What side can I vote for that will do these things. This is why I am ashamed we have no choice and it is all politics.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by Subjective Truth

What was he saying about the wars before he won the election? And what about the patriot act?

I don't know why this is so hard for people to understand or remember. He consistently said during the campaign that he supported ending the Iraq war IF Bush hadn't already set a timeline...AND he supported focusing more on Afganistan. And this is EXACTLY what he has done. I don't understand the confusion.

As far as the patriot act...yes...I wish he would of repealed it or at least modified it to a great deal. But hey...I'm not naive enough to think he is perfect or will do everything that I will agree one ever will. I'm not giving him a is definately a check mark in the "disagree" column with me.

But what does this have to do with me telling half truths??? None of this changes the fact that he did in fact get HCR through...which is a big change (whether you think it will be positive or is a change). So when someone says "peaceful change" is NOT POSSIBLE...they are simply lying. Because it is BECAUSE OF PEACEFUL CHANGE that they are so upset and since things aren't going their way...they give up on how to do things Constitutionally and resort to wanting to go the violent route. To me...that is just a cop out.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

The point is the Health care bill was not even what he wanted. And this is the truth and Obama said he would pull the troops out of Iraq last time I checked we were still there. It is one thing after another but your love of the movement is not letting you see it. You dont need to respond I know you will not change your mind and to tell you the truth I really dont care anymore if you do.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:53 AM
reply to post by Subjective Truth

Yes...the healthcare bill isn't exactly what I wanted either...but I am not so arrogant or naive to think I should get everything I want exactly as I want it. It is a step in the right direction...doing nothing would of been worse...and no one would talk about HCR again for another 16 years.

And last I checked...the troops are leaving Iraq...there is a timeline for can't expect him to just fly everyone out of Iraq all at once..can you? What exactly do you want him to do??? I don't think anything he ever does will be good enough for you and the group of anti-Obama people on here.

I'm not blinded by anything...I'm willing to show my disagreements with Obama...I think you are blinded by hate and could never bring yourself to say anything positive about him at all.

So I can see both good and bad about him...but you only see 100% bad...who do you think has the closed mind?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:54 AM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

What you and all the other Obama faithful fail to grasp is the whole point of a republic is so the majority/mob (via diebold voting machines) cannot tell the minority (really the silenced majority) what to do. If we don't like something we don't have to participate. Nothing about forced health care or any other socialist decree is constitutional period!

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 02:01 AM
reply to post by hawkiye

That really isn't at all what a republic is about.

No where does it say that if the minority group doesn't agree with it...then they are exempt. Where did you come up with that idea?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 02:06 AM
Since it was brought up, I am going to include the patriot act. I hope people realize what this thing can do.

Well let us just start off with MONEY-

Findings.--The Congress finds that--
(1) money laundering, estimated by the International
Monetary Fund to amount to between 2 and 5 percent of global
gross domestic product, which is at least $600,000,000,000
annually, provides the financial fuel that permits transnational
criminal enterprises to conduct and expand their operations to
the detriment of the safety and security of American citizens;
(2) money laundering, and the defects in financial
transparency on which money launderers rely, are critical to the
financing of global terrorism and the provision of funds for
terrorist attacks;
(3) money launderers subvert legitimate financial mechanisms
and banking relationships by using them as protective covering
for the movement of criminal proceeds and the financing of crime
and terrorism, and, by so doing, can threaten the safety of
United States citizens and undermine the integrity of United
States financial institutions and of the global financial and
trading systems upon which prosperity and growth depend;
(4) certain jurisdictions outside of the United States that
offer ``offshore'' banking and related facilities designed to
provide anonymity, coupled with weak financial supervisory and
enforcement regimes, provide essential tools to disguise
ownership and movement of criminal funds, derived from, or used
to commit, offenses ranging from narcotics trafficking,
terrorism, arms smuggling, and trafficking in human beings, to
financial frauds that prey on law-abiding citizens;
(5) transactions involving such offshore jurisdictions make
it difficult for law enforcement officials and regulators to
follow the trail of money earned by criminals, organized
international criminal enterprises, and global terrorist
(6) correspondent banking facilities are one of the banking
mechanisms susceptible in some circumstances to manipulation by
foreign banks to permit the laundering of funds by hiding the
identity of real parties in interest to financial transactions;
(7) private banking services can be susceptible to
manipulation by money launderers, for example corrupt foreign
government officials, particularly if those services include the
creation of offshore accounts and facilities for large personal
funds transfers to channel funds into accounts around the globe;

There is a lot more on seizing money, just look it up. Sorry, if they only accuse you of impropriety they can shut you down, economically speaking.

Now, if you look closer into the bill, they have the right according to this law to go into foreign countries! Does anyone understand this? The US government has passed a law that states they have the RIGHT to go into another country's sovereign banks or financial institutions.

Do you understand what this means?

Answer me if you know what this means?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by OutKast Searcher

When he was elected I was happy I truly was. I was about to lose my job and thought he might change things for the better and I believed him. I actually wanted health care reform but I did not want it to come at a cost to our constitution or our freedom.

Obama is not the man I thought he was. I even tried to give him the benefit out the doubt but then he signed the patriot act that was it. He is exactly the same as Bush I see it now maybe I am ahead of the curve I dont know but I bet by the time 4 years is up many will agree with me. And also it has been fun arguing with you I am going to take a break from ATS for awhile. I will still be reading but I am not going to post for awhile.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 05:04 AM
reply to post by Subjective Truth

ST dont get so upset bro
u have an ignore button
I suggest use it

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 07:04 AM

Originally posted by OutKast Searcher
reply to post by gwydionblack

peaceful change will no longer accomplish anything.

A lot of people voted Obama into office for "change" of his big policies of "change" was healthcare. And guess what...seems like that has been accomplished...peacefully and through the voting booths.

The problem that you and others that the "change" that is happening isn't what you agree with. So your solution is...If you don't agree with CONSTITUTIONALLY PEACEFUL ELECTED CHANGE...pull out your guns and threaten violence.

You don't defend the crap all over it.

When 70 percent of the people tell their elected officials "NO", when congressmen say "I dont care what the Constitution says", and when card carrying commies are in the white house...

Its not change. Its a bloodless coup!

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 07:24 AM
It's become so tiring responding to these kinds of threads. It's always the same thing: partisan politics. Within a half-dozen posts some clown will ALWAYS show up to blame one side or the other. The problems are always with the Dems or the Reps, or the liberals, or the 'card carrying commies'. The same crap day after day.

It's THIS frame of mind that prevents 'peaceful change' from happening. TPTB have successfully manipulated the masses into accepting this thinking which putrs us against each other. The only chance we have is for the vast majority to wake up and realize that this is the elites v. the masses. None of the elites (which includes politicians, bankers, big business, etc.) gives a rats' ass about any of us. Other than to keep us distracted so they can continue THEIR reality at our expense. And there are enough of 'us' that unwittingly continue to promote their agenda out of sheer ignorance and an unwillingness to open our eyes.

A small group of people (like the Guardians or anyone else) aren't going to change jack. It's way to easy to marginalize them. The only way change can happen from the bottom up is for us to achieve a critical mass as a People. And that can only happen when we are able to set aside our political and social prejudices and force change. We have the power as a People to turn the political landscape on its head through the voting box (Dieboild be damned). But that will never happen as long as TPTB have their army of parrots pointing the fingers of blame at one another.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Be quiet everyone, I'm watching Dancing With The Stars I tivo'd from last night. Can't wait 'till American Idol tonight, the competition keeps getting better

AMERICANS ARE LAZY and will need to be pushed MUCH, MUCH farther before forcing some type of change....

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 04:24 PM
Still waiting... I suppose I could make some coffee while I'm waiting. Did anyone really think anything would happen?

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 04:48 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

What follows is a partial transcript of hour 2 of Sam Kennedy's "Take No Prisoners" radio program. Sam Kennedy is one of the leaders in the Guardians of the Free Republics. Kennedy hosts this program on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) ( between 8 and 10 p.m. every Sunday evening.

How will Governors of STATES (which are sovereign free REPUBLICS) who refuse to swear their allegiance to the original Constitution (circa 1787) be removed from office? This answer is provided about a quarter of the way through hour 2 of the radio program cited above. In the weeks ahead, Sam

First, you need to nderstand that the crux of Sam Kennedys argument that is espoused by the other Guardians of the Free REPUBLICS which is that the American government has been operating as a criminal enterprise under the title the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION since 1868 at which time it shifted the law in this country from actual law to Admiralty law (the law that applies on the high seas) [listen to hour 1 and the first third of hour 2 of this radio program]. As such, it appears that because the sovereign People, who are the ultimate authority in this nation, never consented to either of these changes (incorporation, change in kind of law recognized as authoritative), all statutes enacted by the de facto Congress and all executive orders issued by de facto Presidents carry no weight.

Below is transcribed what Sam Kennedy said in hour 2 of the 04-04-10 radio program:

With great pleasure the de jure Gran Juries of the 50 free American Republics in comiti [acting in concert with], the well regulated Guardians of the Free Republics duly assembled in all 50 jurisdictions have the honor of making your acquaintance and issuing the attached warrant for the ARREST of your BOND.

Whats an arrest? Well, this is not a CRIMINAL arrest. Its a CIVIL arrest.

We have notified the Depository Trust Company [where each of these public officials bond is being held on deposit] and the Government Securities Division of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation, a division of the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation.

What have we notified them? Youre no longer insured to act in a de facto corporate capacity. The office is now reabsorbed into the original de jure capacity on the land following the law of the land respecting the Constitution.

How terrible. You can no longer just make it up as you go. You can no longer issue executive orders imposing your will on the People. It is back to REAL LAW not ADMIRALTY [law] FICTION. The People are no longer protected against your misdeeds by your bond. All of your actions are now underwritten either by the Peoples bond and we included a bond, a contract, whereby we stand behind the Governors, the People stand, the sovereign People stand behind the Governors to protect them against accidental misdeeds or they can rely upon all of their own property and future labor.
So when I said to the agent [an F.B.I. agent interviewed Sam Kennedy earlier on Sunday, 04-04-10, listen to earlier parts of this radio program] and the state investigator that he [the Governor] was ALREADY REMOVED from that office I wasnt just kidding.

How long can he [the Governor] function without the People being protected by a public hazard bond? Three days. Beyond that hes [the Governors] on his own. And thats why he [the Governor] has to take the new oath of office which is similar to the old oath of office with one difference. He [the Governor] expressly recognizes that he is in direct contract with the People, not just some presupposition that oh theres this amorphous Constitution that he can obey if and when he desires. From now on his actions are bonded by the People. And as youll see weve accepted the contract later on in this first paragraph so let me reserve my comments further.

The letter goes on to say, as of this day the office of Governor with a capital G in each of the 50 incorporated States with a capital S, is reabsorbed into the de jure office of governor of the respective REPUBLIC. In other words, welcome back to the land and the law of the land. It goes on to say the Armed Forces of the united States duly presented with lawful de jure authority, in other words the People assembling on the land in all 50 jurisdictions, are overseeing the implementation of certain general orders pursuant to the attached Declaration of Restoration.

Now, the only reason Im even revealing any of this [the content of the letter to the Governors], is because people have taken that Declaration and published it all over the web and they shouldnt have because these are private matters between us [the people] and these men and women [the Governors] giving them quietly an opportunity to do the right thing, to take the burden off their shoulders and return to being the Peoples public servants and not just political hacks who make it up as they go along. Every time they want to do something, pass another bill, thats why they call them bills, they are bills that you have to pay, literally.

The letter goes on to say, as you may have heard the free American REPUBLICS and the de jure united States of America REPUBLIC have been reinhabited by the sovereign People. Now you know what sovereign People means. As an operation of law, proper sovereign authority has been restored. Just like the church members could just restore their sovereignty by simply saying were meeting as the church body politic. [listen in hour 1 of this broadcast to the example Sam Kennedy provided that had to do with a churchs leadership reaffirming its own inherent authority over its own affairs which is a right the church has even though at an earlier time its officers registered it with the state as a religious institution]. Thats all we did.

The People of the united States in every single jurisdiction met and said we are, were not telling you what to do, were just telling you we have assembled to reinhabit those de jure REPUBLICS. Do any of you wish to get in our way and tell us we cant? How can we not have the right to reinhabit the REPUBLICS that are still there and have been vacated by you?

And we go on to say in the letter, you are now operating under the bond of the sovereign People and rightful freeholders on the land. In other words, some of us have land patents. We actually own the land, not deeds to the CORPORATE county. You are now operating under the bond which is attached of the sovereign People and rightful freeholders on the land pursuant to Constitutional limitations.

How lucky by the way and how blessed are the People of the united States that now they understand by virtue of this program that their public officials at the head of each REPUBLIC are now restricted to their own state constitutions, their own REPUBLIC constitutions.

We went on to say, which by the way means foreclosure is going to end over the next month or two because the state can no longer execute under Admiralty law that is reserved for the united States REPUBLIC and now courts actually have to respect rules of procedure. So, if a bank wants to prosecute your mortgage and cant produce the note, your foreclosure is ended. That doesnt sound like such bad news to me.

As you can see folks this is not about anybody imposing their will on anyone else. We do not wish to tend anyone elses garden. You can continue life as you know it and go through your foreclosure and pay the taxes the way youre accustomed although those things are going to change very shortly as the whole BONDING system comes to an end. But, were not going to tell you, we dont want to tell you how to live your life at all. The opposite is true. If you have, if youre one of the hundreds of thousands of Americans facing foreclosure to banks that actually loaned you your own money, because under the present system of money a promissary note just like a Federal Reserve note is actually considered an asset, and they enter your promissory note that you sign at the closing on the books as an asset then write a check against it then they circulate that asset, they place it on deposit at DTC [Depository Trust Clearing Corporation] again and they trade against it and issue nine more loans against it, youd have to know more about the banking system to understand, but trust me, they are trading on your promissory note and lending you your own money. Believe it, your signature on the promissory note creates the negotiable instrument that in the present system of credit is considered money.

Banks trade promissory notes as assets. Whole companies buy and sell them. They bundle them up together with real estate trusts and sell them in markets specifically as assets. And you wonder why the system is falling apart, why its collapsing. The system of credit is predicated on money laundering. You take a Federal Reserve note, a promissory note into Mom and Pops deli, you buy a corned beef sandwich, they worked hard to give you that work product and you give them a piece of paper thats a promise to pay. Its only because you believe in it that it has any value. But we are the biggest money launderers on the planet. Their hard work gets exchanged for pieces of currency that are on the verge of falling apart.

Anyway, those of you, hundreds of thousands of you, who are facing foreclosure, you now have your remedy in tow. Because with Admiralty removed from State courts, they have no ability to prosecute you on innuendo. When you say the bank needs to produce the original note, which they never do, I know it sounds crazy to those of you who havent been through foreclosure. The bank doesnt produce the note because its been off-traded in Europe ten times over. They cant find the note, literally. Check the court records. See how many cases they were able to produce notes on. None. One in a thousand - maybe. And so, your foreclosure nightmare has ended.

And the tens of thousands of you facing prison for not being able to pay I.R.S., its demands to share in your work product, from your sweat and labor, your remedy is here now.

The letter goes on to say, each of the signatories of the said, oh this is so important, this is still on page one, each of the signatories of the said Declaration have expressly by that action, in other words by signing the Declaration, accepted the Constitution of their respective de jure REPUBLIC and the Constitution for the united States of America circa 1787 as binding contracts upon you, thus memorializing their lawful standing and your duty to serve.

Now, finally, since 1860 this is the first time we have been back in a binding contract with our public officials and they must now obey the Constitution or face the penalties. Theyll be personally liable and, believe me, among the 1300 People who signed this, there are many skilled People in contract law. I wouldnt want to go up against them in any court anywhere, whether its the court of the de jure Grand Juries or the courts of the united States of America and these restored REPUBLICS.

As one by one youre going to see the law venue change, the flags [in courts] change, as the names of the States change from State of New York, a CORPORATE entity, back to the original New York which was a signatory to the Constitution.

By the way, those of you who say Constitution of the united States, youre not reading from the original Constitution. Check out the original document. It says Constitution for the united States. And the present Constitutions that many of you refer to even in textbooks that say Constitution of, that is the CORPORATE substitute from 1865 with the United States victory at the Appomattox Court House. Everything changed and you dont even know it. One word, when President Clinton said it all depends on how you define the word is, he wasnt kidding. Just change the word is to the word for and of. The original Constitution which you can check out on the internet just put in Constitution photo and youll see photos of the original is the Constitution for the united States and the ones in your textbooks that say Constitution of are not the original article. Thats why our Declaration says circa 1787. Theres been a swindle right under your nose and you dont know it.

An finally, the final section, the final sentence of paragraph one, this is all one paragraph on page one, says with the burdens of acting as a CORPORATE agent under color of law are lifted from your shoulders, this letter is intended to welcome you back to the brotherhood of mankind in the spirit of forgiveness. You and your children are free, the era of illicit corporations and banking cartels posing as legitimate governments is over. And thats a mouthful if you knew what I knew and what the other 1300 signatories knew about governance in the united States of America in the 21st century.

So thats the opening paragraph and thats probably enough to whet your appetite for whats coming or certainly enough to get you to hate us as covert reactionaries, evil men who just dire to be tyrants and threaten people, uh, vigilante militias. Well actually as you can see, actually militia is a tarnished word, but the Constitution has provisions for militias. The Constitution does not have a provision for an army, do you know that? It says that there can only be a standing army during time of war. Maybe that very special emergency has persisted all these years. The Constitution, your Constitution for the united States of America, provides for a standing navy in Article 1 and for a temporary army. The rest falls on the backs of militias and thats the truth.

Read your Constitution, not just what somebody teaches you in a civics class that he or she was taught by a history professor whos completely ignorant of the history of this country, the most important event being the takeover of this government in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act.

Paragraph one, page two goes on to say, the People capital P are committed to a peaceful, honorable, and nonviolent transition which unfolds quietly behind the scenes as a mirror image reversal of the 1933 world coup. So I guess our commitment to peace and nonviolence is stated right there. Why would anyone doubt it?

It goes on to say, it is the Peoples intention on behalf of your safety that the general public be no more attuned to the return of their money, law, and freeholdings than it was to their theft in 1933 under Executive Orders 6102 and HJR192. For this reason, all of the events described hereunder are classified Top Secret. Obviously some of the Governors have violated that to a degree.

Um, I just mentioned Executive Order 6102, for those of you who are not familiar with that and HR 192, heres what really happened in 1933. In a period of three months, in every industrialized country, the same laws were passed. In Canada they were articles of Parliament, or acts of Parliament rather in Australia. In Germany they burned down the Reichstag, all within the same three months, all funded by the same banking cartel.

Executive order 6102 signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, it may have been April 5th, perhaps, of 1933, said the following, All United States persons, you see the evil of that word, are ordered to turn in all of their privately held gold other than $100 in jewelry to a branch of the Federal Reserve bank. How do you think the founders would have reacted to that in 1775? You think that would have put them over the edge a bit early?
And yet we accept it as perfectly normal.

Our great grandparents had been so beset by the Great Depression, a planned world event, that they actually turned in their gold and then HR 192 said the following, All obligations payable in gold are hereafter null and void. From now on, debts can no longer be paid, they can only be discharged, [which is] another legal piece of terminology to pull the wool over your eyes. They [debts] can only be discharged in United States currency.

Let me tell you what that means. It means that if I owed you $50,000 in gold I borrowed from you, a third party, the United States, came in and said you no longer have to pay him back. Well Ive got news for you, the Constitution says Congress shall make no law impairing the obligations of contracts. That obligation of contracts is ancient goes back to mercantile law with men on camels traversing the earth their word had to be their BOND to survive. And it was the obligation of contracts that allowed men to even draw up the Constitution which is just a contract.

So, how was Roosevelt able to wave a magic wand and take your gold away and tell you through HR 192 and The Banking Act, which by the way no one read, no one ever read that, uh. Much like todays passage of the Healthcare Bill, at least you got three days to read that. Back then The Banking Act was passed with one copy in the possession of one House officer and quietly they passed it, in the dead of night. And what it said was that I no longer have to repay you that gold because you can no longer pay anything. We are removing the system of gold and replacing it with a system of credit.

Your money was stolen from you under your nose and the only way he [FDR] could do it and not be lynched was by making it apply only to U.S. persons, fictitious trust accounts, United States persons/resident/citizen, all of are subject to the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION and they took your money. They took your gold away from you at Federal Reserve Banks. They shipped it through Canada, overseas, weve seen the invoices on those shipments. And they socked it away in the basement of the Federal Reserve by moving it from one room to another room. From your pockets to the bankers.

They [the bankers] paid you 22 dollars an ounce and two weeks later I think it was, they raised it to 35 dollars an ounce. Who do you think made the bounty on that? You think all of that wasnt planned in advance? So lets not be so naïve to imagine that this system of credit is anything but evil at its inception. And the only way they could do that is by using legal terminology. Thats the importance of words in this society. Applying it [the new policy] to U.S. persons, sending the executive order out to members of the army and the F.B.I., unfortunately, who thought that that meant it applied to everyone. Well it applied to no living men and women. It applied only to legal fiction trust accounts. Back then, I dont know where they were on deposit, but nowadays there on deposit at the Depository Trust Company as of 1963 as I recall.

One other thing, for those who think they live in the land of the free and the home of the brave and hate me for stating these things, these are crimes against your children. Executive Order 19 what was it 41 or 42, passed by Roosevelt, I forget the number of the Executive Order, 9901 or something like that or 05 or 06, something like that [1942, E.O. 9066] interning on the stroke of a pen, the entire population of Japanese Americans, [Executive Order 9066: The President Interns the Japanese Population] a 100 and, theres speculation whether its 110 to 125 thousand people. An entire race of Americans put into prison camps without a warrant, without due process of law, without an appeal, without counsel, without any protection. Tell me it cant happen here.

All of my Black American friends and my Asian American friends, Indian American friends and Jewish Americans, you all know it can happen and its the rest of us Caucasian Americans who have to wake up and smell the roses. Well we have. And this time the united States got the message.

You, wild horses couldnt keep me from that F.B.I. meeting and wont keep me away from the others. I dont sound like this during a meeting like that because I am genuinely blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to sit down with the people who have the guns and the power now that we have the authority. We are members of the sovereign People. We are back!

And the only thing we demand is that our orders be followed when it concerns our rights. Because without our consent, all you have is slavery, you dont have freedom. Dont tell me we have to do it at the point of a gun; have to produce a piece of paper that indicates I am a subject class citizen in the land of my forefathers. I will not do it. I will not comply and now I dont have to comply and all of that is going to change for sovereign citizens, excuse me, oh I apologize, for members of the sovereign People, behind the scenes because the People have stood. I am so proud of the People. Thirteen hundred of you, many of you trepidacious. Many of you dont have the fire in your belly for what Ive been doing publically for the last few years. I dont expect you to.

But, truth be told now there are thousands of you who have written to the official, uh have gone to the official website or written to the official email address of and said I wish to join, I wish to be a part of this thank the Lord that finally the People have woken up, thousands upon thousands of you.

Ill have to hire an army to go through those email addresses and database you all and make it all clean, but at least you can listen to the program [Sundays 8 p.m. EST Take No Prisoners on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) @]. Fortunately, were heard around the world and understand the importance of the process that is ongoing.

Let me say this to each and every one of the men and women who have been occupying the office of governor with a small g. Now, you are all now in de jure capacity. We welcome you to operate under the law of the land. We welcome you to be out from under the yoke of Admiralty and equity. Admiralty was never intended to come on the land into state courts. And anyone who knows law understands that. Unfortunately, most lawyers are not trained a hoot in Admiralty. This F.B.I. agent is an attorney which made it especially gravy on the plate to talk with him. But like every attorney Ive ever spoken to, not one has had any training in Admiralty law except Admiralty attorneys and they truly know whats going on in civil and criminal courts of the United States.

Just time for a couple of comments. Uh, just so you know, none of us are seeking any interviews. Were not seeking publicity. Were not seeking glory. The glory truly goes to the Lord. This is an amazing time in history. Boy, to think that people could and would find the courage, the strength, and the information to come together like this.

So I say this to you. If you truly value the future for your children, if youre a reporter or a journalist or a producer and you truly value the future for your children and you know that somethings not right. Then instead of going out and doing a story, why dont you just do some research on the links Ive given you tonight. Learn the truth. We dont need any stories to save the country. We dont need to awaken the sleeping American public.

Things will change quietly in the background like they did in 1933. You know in 1933 they held secret meetings with Federal judges and they said, the laws being replaced by equity and Admiralty. There will no longer be any lawful money. So, you cant have people pay in court because they can only pay in gold and silver because thats what the Constitution says. Congress shall coin nothing but gold and silver. And so, youll have to have them discharge their debts and that will be with promissory notes. So, your courts are also going to be issuing bonds in every case and on every incarceration. And those bonds by the way are also at DTC and theyre being bundles together in real estate trusts and being sold on the backs of our prisoners. Now you know why there are two million Americans in prison. Its a booming business. If you dont believe me, talk to the President of the Corrections Corporation of America.

An so, we dont need to be awakening the public to these things. In 1933, when they held that meeting with the judges, not one judge protested. By the way they also told them youre going to have to get peoples consent by tricking them into confessing to be legal fictional accounts substituted in their name under the social security system. And not one judge said thats fine and Im issuing a warrant for your arrest. They all complied. That was the bankruptcy of the United States, by the way, in 1933, to the bankers.
Take all the gold and all the property by way of deeds and registrations of cars and the like. Now you know why the state gets your title and issues you a title. Shouldnt the owner issue the title? The State does, you accept it. You accept a marriage license. If I said to you, how do you feel about people in China needing state permission to be married, youd say thats awful. Those lousy Commie bastards! Well, dont you go to a County Clerk here and get permission? Dont they tell you what tests you need to get married? Ive got news for you. I have a Biblical marriage. Two people taking a covenant in front of witnesses under the Lord. Its a covenant with the Lord. Its not a covenant with the State that gives them the right to send social services in to seize your children. Youve been deceived and misled. But, you can find your way back, quietly behind the scenes. Every judge will be visited at the Federal level. And well now be given the opportunity to come back to the law. Every attorney will be given the opportunity to go from a letterhead that says Attorney at Law back to one that says an Attorney in law. The Attorneys dont even know why, thats just what they were told what to do in law school.

All of thats going to change. I encourage you, forego the stories. But if you do the story, do your research and bring the truth forward because if you dont youre going to force my hand to seek out the Glenn Becks and the John Stossels and others who just might give me a forum. And then the American people would be awakened. I dont want that because theyre going to be angry. This plan states several times that we do not wish to awaken the hostility of the American People. Everyone can have it any way they want and if you wish to be a member of the sovereign People all youll have to do is act like it and youll no longer be a slave to the United States and the tax situation will be remedied. By the way, the Fed is being rolled back into six, uh, centralized divisions for clearing checks, thats it. So, um, with that said, I think were out of time folks.

You can go to the RBN website and sign up for a one-day free access to listen to radio program yourself in the RBN archive ( You can choose to listen to hour 1 and/or hour 2 of the radio program cited above at this website: ProgramID%253D23%26year%3D10%26backURL%3Dindex.php%253Fcmd%253Darchives. Kennedy is slated to speak every Sunday evening on the same Take No Prisoners radio program at the broadcast at the same time on the same radio broadcasting network (RBN) which is reaching millions of listeners both domestically and internationally via its affiliates across the nation and around the globe.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by nuffsaid747

I'll be watching and waiting.

Who is going to be turning all the cops on to this? They're still going to be giving tickets and arresting people.

IRS is still gonna be arresting people.

The war overseas is still going to be engaged.

I've been aware of admiralty law for while and the UCC code.

Lots of people have tried to use it. Lots of folks have gone to jail after they were laughed at.

I'll be waiting for the local municipalities to start changing flags as a "sign".

I still don't believe that this "bloodless coup" is going to do anything...
I will keep an open mind, open eyes, and my powder dry in the mean time.

With "president" Barry and his Incredible performing Ego in office, I'll just wait and see.

I'd like to see what happens if these papers were served to him

Since you seem to be well versed in admiralty law (dang sure better than I!)
I have a scenario in which to try this out.

Lets say I get a ticket or the like. I go before a judge (and NOT one I know
). How would i get off of a ticket for expired tags IF they have no idea about admiralty, the "new" constitution, or 1933? I feel they would likely have a blank look, blink, and say pay the fine.

This is not a question just to say "what now mister smarty pants?", I'm quite serious. I'm a firm believer in "if you're not against me, you may be for me".

Thanks for your time Nuff! Your the info I was hoping to drag out and you came through brilliantly.

Thanks for the information given and all opinions expressed.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 01:22 AM

Originally posted by nuffsaid747
We have notified the Depository Trust Company [where each of these public officials bond is being held on deposit] and the Government Securities Division of the Fixed Income Clearing Corporation, a division of the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation.

That link proves that the DTCC is in bed with the Fed.
And they're gonna revoke their own bond to
operate??? LMFAO

A LIE FOLKS !!!!! Move on along, nothing to see here.

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