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Al Jazeera picks up on Wikileaks story

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posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 09:07 AM
I thought it was interesting that Al Jazeera has picked up on the story. Here's an snippet.

WikiLeaks, a whistle blowing website run by The Sunshine Press, is due to release today what it says is previously unseen footage of a "Pentagon murder-coverup".

Last month the group said it had decrypted the US military video, which shows many civilians and journalists being killed.

Yes, there are probably millions waiting eagerly for this to come out.

Not because we enjoy seeing journalist killed to stifle their voice, but
because the Pentagon/Government is out of control.

And we, the citizens, reign supreme over the Pentagon/Government.

They seem to have forgotten this.

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by 911stinks

I applaud the people searching for truth.

On the other hand, I support our troops and I know that the vast majority of them are honorable men and women, and they are doing everything they possibly can to find the balance between morality, and self-defense, and patriotism.

Now, this Al_Jazeera thing is exactly what the government is afraid would happen. It is "aiding the enemy" in a sense. It is going to put our troops in increased danger, and it is going to stifle the ability of the Pentagon/CIA/Government to operate as they usually do.

I am conflicted?!?!?

Will Al_Jazeera and Al_Qaeda and the Taliban use this information to recruit and politic in Afghanistan, where we have already lost our biggest supporter in Karzai?

Will more of our sons and daughters be killed as a result of a renewed surge of opposition after seeing this video?

On the other hand:

The truth needs to come out, but the shockwaves are immeasurable at this point? Will the government use Patriot Act terminology to shut down and aggressively pursue the people that release this video?

Will this video be the nail in the coffin for Government as usual, and could it lead to terminations and resignations?

Will this video unite the Tea Parties and give them real significance?

Will this video lead credence to some of the Conspiracy Theories and ignite some real inquiry into the governments actions? (9/11 for example?)

I think it has to be released, but if I lost a family member due to a resurging resistance in Afghanistan, then I may not be so quick to applaud it? What a mess!

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