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Israeli/Gaza "expert" former apartheid judge: Send Richard Goldstone back to South Africa!

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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 06:42 PM
In my latest readings the name of our South African Judge Richard Goldstone has cropped up repeatedly. Significantly, he supervised a report about Israel's Gaza invasion for the UN. His work has made nobody particularly happy.
The Judge was on the 1980s' apartheid legal bench that enforced the ultra-repressive State of Emergency in SA. As such, he has more indirect blood on his hands than other white South Africans, probably even a lot more than the murdered SA eccentric Eugene Terrblanche. It is therefore quite surprising how the "apartheid judge" suddenly re-invented himself as a "human rights expert" that is carted around the globe by the NWO to facilitate "reconciliation".
His commision on apartheid death squads never touched the commanders in power, and he refused to investigate ANC atrocities during our post-apartheid Truth Commission. It seems he always keeps someone innocent in line with NWO planning.

I'd say to the world: tell our SA "experts" to go home and sort out their own mess. I'd say the same to Bishop Tutu (despite a more consistant, noble career) or Mandela, but they're too old to travel much in any case.

Goldstone has no business anywhere else because the mess here comes from his targeted obsfucation and an obvious secret deal with the old apartheid ministers and the ANC leadership.
He mustn't pretend to solve the problems of others when he is morally questionable, and his own house is burning!

Please see:

PS: I mean imagine the irony, the guy who enforced all these laws from a top position is asked to investigate the Vlakplaas death squads that operated under the cover of his co-operation! A few footsoldiers were jailed (oh they made sure of that) and made out as psycopathic maveriks. The apartheid ministers who blatantly ordered all this got off sott-free. Lesson? Don't kill for higher commands or ideology: the small man will always take the fall and pay the price!

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posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 08:54 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

Understanding that the apartheid "state of emergency" was the most brutal oppression and justification for seemingly endless police powers (torture) and detention without trial, it always shocks me to see this guy, from Yugoslavia to Rwanda when:

As a judge on South Africa's Transvaal Supreme Court from 1980 until he was appointed judge of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court in 1989, Goldstone enforced the draconian "emergency laws" of the Apartheid regime.[6][7]

(See wikipedia link above.)
Any more info on the good Judge?

posted on Apr, 4 2010 @ 10:15 PM
Much is made of Justice Goldstone's critique of Israel in the UN fact finding mission report on the Gaza conflict. The Chief Rabbi of SA, Rabbi Warren Goldstein already dismissed the mission statement as biased before the fact finding took place. Yet this is not the only content of the report, it finds Palestinian groups similarly guilty. Well that's what we all knew and heard before in any case, so what was the point?
Nevertheless, it was probably one of his better works.

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 06:36 AM
I've often wandered what happened to a lot of the big hitters. Like the way so many of Nazi Germany's greatest minds were never brought to trial because they dissolved into the rest of the world. And lets face it the guys were connected.

Ok Wouter Basson was a big cat, he was responsible for some of the worlds leading chemical and biological weapons research. He le out a lot out in the TRC and he was allowed to get back to a normal life. Thats the only real high profile case I know about. Until today.

Where did the influential people who convinced the government to send thousand of conscripts into Angola, Namibia, Mocambique and Zimbabwe go. In a series of conflicts that got increasingly unpopular even amongst much of the more conservative Afrikaanse population. Yet the war went on as long as it needed to. The state of Emergency only started while we were pulling out of Angola, and Namibia. While the iron curtain was falling, and while De Klerk was trying to broker a settlement.

Where were the brains behind the local propaganda machine (To this day a lot of people in our parents generation still insist they just did not know how bad it was?) Where are the brokers whe secured the nuke tech from Israel? Where are the industrialists involved in the huge resource, industrial, military and civil projects? Again where are the brokers who sold G5's to israle and Egypt in the yom kippur or six day war(whichever one it was).See Lesotho Highlands project, Rooivalk, Rooikat, to name the first ones to pop to mind.
Where are the guys that made sure we were such an essential cold war ally to the good ol' cowbows in the U.S?

I mean we can all agree their policies and morals were flawed to say the least. But who were they. And if they had so much clout then where are they now?

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 10:22 AM
reply to post by da_ruse

Salient points on SA that raises many valid questions. I will try to add things as I refresh my own memory and there were pretty good books on Dr Basson and Vlakplaas, as well as the secret meetings between the Nats and the ANC going back to the realy 1980s. The one person who was jailed and took the fall for the ministers was Colonel Eugene de Kock. There have been talks on his realise last year, but white SA is ironically twitchy on the prospect. The States of Emergency were mainly under the PW Botha era and a hallmark of the 1980s, and De Klerk lifted them after 1990.

While white SA swallowed much of the anti-communist propaganda that led to the border wars, serious war resistance (such as the End Conscription Campaign) developed when white troops were sent to police the townships in the '80s. The slogan went: "No conscription for civil war!" I think the famous Bright Blue song "Weeping" pretty much captured the mood of the 1986 state of emergency, and its touching lyrics that were designed to circumvent censorship laws, remain a classic example of clever innuendo.

What I find strange is that normal people are blamed for systems that they had no control over, but the fat cats get away free. Just like I believe Henry Kissinger is called a "great statesman", but he allowed the bombing of civilian populations in neutral Cambodia during the Vietnam War.

Richard Goldstone is a proven apartheid judge who actually enforced that regime. So how is it even possible for him to head all these commisions on human rights and justice? He should be in jail.

Did he come clean and apologise? Not to my knowledge. Yet people are supposed to bow to him and his UN conspiracy and do what he never did.

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 11:17 AM
reply to post by da_ruse

Even reading the Wikipedia generalisations (that mention but downplay much) is quite refreshing. It's strange in hindsight how much the Kissinger name actually crops up regarding the 26-year long Angolan War, and yet we never heard his name while growing up.
The following article is a must read on the mutinational interests that were involved in Angola, not surprisingly the Bush clan:
See also:

When will all these statesmen be dragged before a tribunal? Probably never, they donate the biggest slice of UN funds and "appoint' the commisions.

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posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 11:55 AM

Basson concentrated on non-lethal chemical agents and chemicals the government had not banned. That included a large amount of ecstasy and Mandrax that were apparently exported or allegedly sold to the drug dealers in communities active in the anti-apartheid movement (see Basson brownies). Most of the stockpile disappeared afterwards. Scientists working on the project later stated that they believed it was to be used to create drug-laced tear gas.
reply to post by da_ruse

The above from your Wiki link on Wouter Basson brought back many a bizarre memory. He was indeed caught with a car full of drugs and documents related to Project Coast in 1997. Many a South African raver was greatful that their parents' tax monies were used for drug experiments, and the cheap ecstasy available for a time, when government stockpiles were disposed of via their criminal connections in the night clubs. Rioters across the globe must however be unhappy that the "ecstacy" tear-gas never came to fruition.

Basson could be charged for his cross-border crimes, but he knows too much and is untouchable. He actually attended to one of his trial judges who had a hear-attack in court during his trial.

posted on Apr, 7 2010 @ 02:22 PM
I Read a biography about him a year or 2 ago Secrets and Lies There was a lot of interesting stuff there. What I always found the most interesting was the emphasis they put on his actual presence in the operations themselve's he was often right there, as part of the interogation process. And if I remember correctly he had complete autonomy on how he was allowed to raise funds.

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