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Twin families

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 06:40 PM
I realized that the family of my first ever friend girl is almost identical to mine, so that we could be considered twin families.

I met Martina when I was 5 in my summer holidays that I spend every year in the same place. She lives around there.
Now, if she would color her hair dark, everybody would believe me and she are twins.
Both of us moved out of a town during infancy, both of us have eyeglasses, both of us studied in a british school, both of us travelled in United States, both of us know a lot of Usa friends and pen-friends, we both like exactly the same thing.
Both of us had one brother.

Her parents work in the same field of my parents, so that both our father cure people, and both of our mothers are involved in schools.
My brother plays basketball and he likes to party. Her brother plays basketball and he likes to party.

Both of our parents are born in similar areas of Italy. I had a ex-girlfriend called Martina for a lot of years. Her brother is called Pietro, and I have a best friend that is like a brother for me , called Pietro.

Martina has a best friend girl that is very similar to my boy best friend. The parents of her best friend are totally similar to the parents of my best friends.

No, don' t tell me that no one told me Martina is actually my hidden twin, 'cos she's younger than me of 2 years, so not possible.

I also want to add that both me and Martina, first born of the family twin to mine, had developed a disease unknown to all Italy doctors. I have a form of scholiosis of the back in the neck that is absolutely weird to doctors and no one found out a similar case.
My neck has difficulty to move down but can easily move in other direction.
She developed a paralysis of the bladder that is absolutely weird for doctors. She cannot anymore do the bathroom thing in the normal way.
I discovered this around the week of 9/11. I had a doctor visit on March 19 2008 that told me the scholiosis won't get worst anymore.
On March 2008, instead, she developed her disease and she's still in trouble.

Now, her family adopted in 2005-2006 a 12 years old boy called Nicola, that was living with a very abusive family.

Before to realize the story of twin families, I dreamt that a boy I know here in town, Nicola, was going to be hosted in my family after a tragedy left him orphan.
I dreamt his last day with is parents, their funeral, and when he escaped on his bike after the funeral. Than, Nicola was living with my family after the tragedy.

I had a bad feeling for him and his family from the first moment I knew him, and I didn't know why. Than, I had the many dreams.

After I realized the fact that Martina's family is so similar to mine, I'm schocked.

I know that coincidences shouldn't exist, and I know that coincidences attract other coincidences, so what would happen if one day I would go to my summer holiday place and both Martina's family and mine adopted a boy called Nicola, same age?

This coincidence is calling for the event of my dreams to happen, so that it could show itself?

I dreamt the exact way I would have known this boy and that one day his mother will ask me to find him because he escaped from home and I'm the last who saw him.
This will make his family and our family know each other, but shortly after a tragedy will probably happen and my mother will want to host this boy in my home, given that he will lose his entire family.
My mother is also the head teacher of his school.

Lots and lots of my dreams come true.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:52 PM
Life's funny

Years ago, I was transferred by concerned employers to an ailing branch to keep an eye on the stock-take and more importantly, watch what was going on in the delivery/despatch quarter

The acting manager wasn't overly appreciative, as can be understood, but I worked to take the heat out of the situation and despite the undercurrents, we hit it off on the surface

After stocktake had been concluded and we were busily restoring things to a modicum of order, one of the staff handed me a slip bearing count-numbers, etc. Except it referred to a section in which I'd played no role. It was my writing, however -- same idiosyncratic emphasis on certain letters, same slant, etc. Mine. I'd recognise it anywhere

Not the section I'd overseen though. So what was the explanation ?

Explanation was provided in numerous other slips bearing the same (mine ?) highly recognisable script. Except they'd been written by the manager

So incredible were the similarities that he and I placed a sample of slips bearing my writing -- next to his. Identical. Yes, a forensic graphologist would have been able to tell them apart, but to the untrained eye (including those of the writers) the scripts were impossible to tell apart. It's a weird feeling and shook us both up

On day, shortly before I was to return to head-office, I decided to take a day off. It was my birthday. I'd worked for several weeks with few breaks and I was entitled to time-out if/when I chose. We had more than sufficient staff. So, mid-morning and when the manager arrived (late) I advised him that as it was a slow day and he was now on-board, I'd be absent for the remainder of the day

He protested, saying he'd only dropped-in momentarily as he planned to take the day off --- because it was his birthday

Again, unable to accept the 'coincidence', we each insisted the other confirm that it truly was the other's birthday via our respective driver's licences

After a moment's staring at each other suspiciously, we both began to chuckle. We were identically dressed -- dark navy slacks, white shirt, deep-red V-necked vest with narrow navy & white trim

Despite being of opposite gender, we were both taller than average, slim, long-legged, with the same colouring. We had the 'same walk', apparently. Very similar personalities, also

Soon after, he departed the company and office gossip reported his wife had twins, boy and girl

A year or so later, I married and also had twins .. boy and girl

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 02:18 PM

Cool stories....Zagari & Dock9...

I haven't had anything as intricate happened however, I have had an unusual life/many 'coincidences'/experiences etc.... Which has led me to believe IMO that some things do happen for a reason, In lots of ways the chains of events that lead to the experience are planned, directed in some way...

just my opinion....

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 04:55 PM
Guys...I feel bad for my friend Nicola. According to my dreams, he will survive while his entire family will die in a tragedy.
I had a series of dreams about this.
Sinchronicities, coincidences are going to bring to this...He will end up to be a guest like the boy Nicola of my friend's family.
I don't want this to happen, but no one can change destiny. Even warning him and his family would make the sitaution even worst.

posted on Apr, 5 2010 @ 06:25 PM
It's a coincidence, or I've been told a lie for many years.......

When I was about 13 I started seeing a girl named April that had just moved in a few houses down. Her and I were immediately attracted to each other from the day her family moved in.

She had the same copper hair as others in my family.
She had all the same interests as me.
She even looked like my mom.
She asked when my birthday was, and bang, it went downhill from there.

I have the birth records that say I was born a twin with a sister named Alice. And I was always told my twin died shortly after birth, but I don't think that's true.

April and I had the exact same birthday, born in the same hospital 20 minutes apart, in a very remote northern mining community thousands of miles from where we met on the west coast.

We grew close, and with all the coincidences we took the information to her mom who wouldn't talk about it. So we went to my mom, and still no answers other than I wasn't allowed to see her anymore.

They moved away after a couple weeks and I never saw her again. That was almost 40 years ago.

Too many coincidences, too many hushed conversations, and the abrupt disappearance of her family.
It always made me wonder if a secret in the family is being held from me.

I'll probably never know the truth.:shk:

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 11:13 AM
I dreamt Nicola in many dreams before to see him for first time ever, after 7 months.
I felt something I never felt before, that evening I met him. Just a sort of immediate connection.
Than, just a few hours after that meeting I discovered we had so much friends in common, despite the big difference of age.
It seems strange, but I noticed him because he ignored me. I'm a entertainer in a youth campus, so every young teen in my town knows me and they practically adore me.
We, me and Nicola, became aquaintance, but than, October 2009, the dreams started and changed everything. They stopped in January 2010.
The events showed in that dreams are those of tragedy and he as a guest in my family.
Than 20 days later I found out a letter written from my mother to my father. It was such a long letter, my father was in the army at the time, but one thing hit me deeply in the heart.
They were talking about a birth of a future child and my mother was having body aches.
That was 1985. Five years before my birth and I'm supposed to be a first-born.
That letter made me sad and scared and I just don't have the bravery to go talking to my parents about that letter. I always think maybe I just misunderstood.
Anyway, I strongly believe that Nicola is a unknown relative of my family...And I think one of my parents has a unknown sibling, or even a unknown cousin.
In fact, Nicola is very much looking like my father, my brother and my father's brother, my uncle is born when my father was 19.

Poster of the post before mine, you should search for that woman. Don't leave something like that incomplete. Your parents probably wanted to protect you from a situation that maybe would have been very hard.
But now, you're an adult and you need to know such big information probably missing in your life,
In your place, I would have been crazy from curiosity and just incompleteness. I wouldn't bear missing such a important person in my life.
I think you were right.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:18 PM
Well,it actually is not that unusual such coincidences.

When I was young and in the sixth grade, a boy entered our school.

From the first day we became friends.

We found out our parents were from the same city 70 miles away.

Then we found out our fathers were born on the same exact day and year.

How weird is that.

In our 10th year of school after many years of friendship and summer fun etc.,he came up to me in the hallway one day and asked me if I had a uncle by a certain name.

I said yes,I did, he was my mothers only younger brother.

He laughed and said,"we're cousins",he is married to my mother's sister.

Small world,I had been best friends with my cousin and did not know it.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 03:45 PM
Oh my, I don't even know if the wives of my uncles have sisters!!!

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 03:57 AM
Well, this story goes on...
Around June 20- 22 I knew a young boy working as a paid educator in a summer camp in my town.

Thing is, he's almost exactly like that boy who was adopted by my twin family.
Both of them have similar hair, I noticed they even comb their hair in the same way when there are parties and big days...
They have a sort of similar behavior and they both are very kind and honest.
While the adopted one was poorly educated by his real family and has now to begin all over again with a " private " teacher, well, I recently discovered that the boy I just knew is dislexic , so yes, him too has a private teacher that helps him with this thing.

This is amazing to me. I believe I found out who is going to be...Well, according to my recent dreams, me and this new boy will have so much time to know each other well, because something big will happen and change our lives, I think.

Strange, eh? I recall telling people in here and on another forum about my dreams about two brothers I know, Alex and Nico.
Well, the adopted boy is called Nico and this new boy is called Alex.

I think there are no coincidences. Alex and me were destined to know each other and we are destined to be friends, even with age difference, I behave like a big brother for him.
My dreams made me wise and I know what is going to go on in our lives soon.

I clearly remember the first days we met and had some conversation. Just a few days after, another educator made me think in a big way. In fact, to her it seemed that we were just like brothers.

I'm very happy now. I think I found out something big here.

I will update if something significant will happen. In the while, what do you guys think?


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