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What if 20 million illegal aliens vacated America?

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by Aggie Man

What if 20 million illegal aliens vacated America?

You would have 20-million teed-off Americans looking for new landscapers...and paying twice as much.

You will be washing your own dishes after your restaurant dining experiences.

Fresh linens on your hotel bed...forget about it.

Cost of new housing...through the roof! (pun intended)

Production plant supervisors would have to relearn English...if they can find some workers.

Highway improvement projects...well, they will be gridlocked.

Those are just a few luxuries to look forward to IF 20-million illegals vacated America.

P.S. they would probably leave behind their natural born offspring...who's gonna foot that bill? Not to mention...they will become adults, breed like rabbits...and here we are again...same place we are now, only now the year is 2020.

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Yeah God forbid some lazy ass American had to wash his own dishes and do his own landscaping.

Here is a hint, all of these things managed to get done long before we were being overwhelmed with illegals. Communities all across this nation grew and prospered in spite of the lack of cheap illegal labor that you claim we cannot do without.

And your claim about the cost of housing is ridiculous. I know more American men than I can count on my hands and toes who were forced out of the framing and building construction industries because they couldnt afford to compete against the criminals who hired illegals to do the work.

Do you not think that in this economy, with so many unemployed people, that we couldnt find anyone willing to do the same work at a reasonable price?


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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 06:45 PM
Just my two cents:

I am an American ex pat living in Mexico. You guys are all focusing on the wrong problem, just like you have been brainwashed to do. The illegal aliens are merely the tip of the iceberg. The real problem is the "LEGAL" immigration.

Now everyone will say, "We are all immigrants. Everyone's family except the Native Americans were immigrants at some point." Even the Native Americans were apparently immigrants at one point. However, for TWO HUNDRED YEARS there were never MILLIONS of immigrants at once. Even the old days you hear about, all the Italians inundating Ellis Island, etc. immigration was always capped at 150,000 PER YEAR. Period. No more than that.

THen suddenly, in 1965, your pal Teddy Kennedy pushed through the Immigration Reform bill. Somehow they had decided that now we needed TEN TIMES AS MANY IMMIGRANTS. That's right. The number suddenly leaped to 1.5 MILLION PER YEAR. And it's been there ever since. Do the math: 45 years times 1/5 million equals 67.5 MILLION immigrants. Subtract 150,000 per year: 6,750,000. That';s how many SHOULD have been allowed in, meaning we have over 60 MILLION too many immigrants. Add the 20 million illegals, and also add in the zillions of brats they have spawned as they breed like rats, well, you get the picture. The title of this thread should be, What if EIGHTY MILLION illegals vacated America. Now that would be more like it.

Most of you probably don't realize that the LARGEST PART OF THE MEXICAN GDP COMES FROM REMITTANCES SENT HOME BY RELATIVES IN THE US. Think about that for a minute. More than oil, and Mexico has a lot of oil, and more than the tourist industry, and I am in the tourist industry and I can tell you it generates BILLIONS of dollars of income.

The brainwashing MSM is trying really hard to stem the flow of tourist dollars from the US to here, and they are strangling the Mexican tourist industry in the process, with insane media hype about, first, the Swine Flu BS, and now every person that arrives here is expecting to be gunned down in the street. The American and Canadian media are making it seem like there is crime everywhere, and it's gunfight at the OK corral every Saturday night on the streets in Cancun.

Well, I have to tell you, there are far more drive by shootings in LA on a typical weekend than there are in about a decade down here. But no one points that out, do they? And apparently the media doesn't like YOU choosing to spend money down here, but they have no problem with Jose and Fernando sending money home by Western Union that DWARFS the amount of tourist dollars that are voluntarily spent out of the country. And these are the so called LEGAL aliens doing that.

NO OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ALLOWS ANYWHERE NEAR THIS LEVEL OF IMMIGRATION. This is far beyond immigration, it is an outright INVASION. And if the US is such a land of milk and honey that EVERYONE in the world wants to emigrate there, why do ninety percent of the immigrants come from one country? The US is allowing more immigration than all the other countries in the world combined. Doesn't that make you wonder?

Here in Mexico it is very difficult for me dealing with the immigration. If the Mexicans in the US had to jump through as many hoops as I do here to be allowed to have a job, well, they are way too lazy, they would go home. It is drilled into their heads in elementary school that they somehow have the God given right to move to the US. Rather than try to fix the problems in their own country, they just go somewhere else, and gain ten times the money they would make down here in a short time.

No one here would ever hire an illegal alien, because they ENFORCE THE RULES. They would be shut down immediately and fined big time, so it is not worth it to them to hire illegals even if they would somehow work for less than the Mexicans themselves, because the extra profits would be destroyed by the fines and shutdowns that would come down on them immediately.

In the US, if Walmart gets caught for hiring illegals, the poor slobs get deported, Walmart made an extra 800 million profit by doing it and gets no fine, no penalties at all. And they then contribute a couple of those millions to some whores in DC to pass laws keeping the game in play. If it were in Mexico, that Walmart store would be shut down for at least a couple of weeks, and fined triple the amount they had saved on wages right away.

Immigration needs to be COMPLETELY STOPPED right now if there is to be any hope to fix this problem. That's never gonna happen. Remember, if it wasn't for Boozehound Kennedy's immigration reform, we would still be at around 200 million people, not 350. Don't you think that would make a slight difference?

It's all part of the divide and conquer plan, and it's working. Everyone who even cares is now focusing on the "illegal" immigrants and ignoring the REAL PROBLEM. and all the Mexicans are getting it drilled into their heads that they somehow OWN California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, conveniently ignoring the fact that THEY SOLD IT TO US. Yes, Mexico SOLD that land to the US. It was virtually uninhabited and they DIDN"T WANT IT. Now that white men have fixed it all up and improved it, they want it back. What do ya know?

posted on Apr, 17 2010 @ 01:12 PM

Originally posted by seagull

Well, you certainly are good at blaming the whole, for the actions of a part. That much I'll give you. As for living in Los Angeles? I'm so very sorry...

That sounds harsh but please take off the rose colored glasses.

Rose colored glasses, huh? Not so much that, as it is a reluctance to blame everyone in a group for the actions of part...

Then come down here for a month or two. I am sure your eyes will be opened.

Here is some light reading before you do.

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