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Deep analysis of the Alien BBC "Internet" Promo

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:11 AM
Recently the BBC has released a promotional clip for their "Superpower Internet" programm. I will be analysing it in detail below. First I want to say "Thank you" to ALOSTSOUL for poiting out this clip in the first place. I looked at his original thread, but when I opened it, I was hoping to see more positive replies. There weren't any really negative posts in that thread, which is good, but too many people dismiss quickly the possibilities, which may not seem as obvious or strong to some individuals. If anything, this video deserves more attention, though it can be understood that some levels of conciousness may be for now kept away from its energetical essence. Let me explain further in a hopefully more understandable manner why it is important.

The clip in question is here

The importance of this promotional spot lies both in the visual and audio presentation, with the narration being here the key.

At the beginning you can see planet Earth from space in the background with one of the main characters of the video in the foreground. The female character appears on the screen as a hologram, introducing itself with the words: "Greetings, citizens of Earth." This suggests that the message is and will be directed to the majority of citizens of this (your) planet and will somehow be important for everyone to hear, being global. Had this been intended to adress a more closed and less numbered group of people, the welcome would have been different and more specific. Notice please also the fact that the woman speaking looks similarly to those of Earth and is dressed (from what can be so far observed) in pure white, signaling the colour of Light and Love.

Continuing, she says: "My people have developed technologies, which allow us to throw off our physical forms and travel great distances in the blink of an eye." This statement implies several things. "My people" indicates she is some kind of a representative of the people she represents, something like an ambassador perhaps. Adding in the greeting she has used, for all mankind, it is very likely from this context she represents an alien race. A positive alien race. "...have developed technologies, which allow us to throw off our physical forms and travel great distances in the blink of an eye." suggests their race has greatly advanced technologically. Secondly it means that because they have managed to throw off their physical forms (body) thanks to ascending to higher planes of existence (higher dimensions of the cosmos), they can travel instantly by thought, which is faster than the speed of light by many times, instantaneous. Think of it as astral traveling. Most people have this capability dormant, as well as other psychic skills. There are civilizations out there which can live and travel by using a mere thought, though they can descend back to a lower dimension to have more interaction with its inhabitants our those worlds and travel in a more fashion way, with very sophisticated technology.

Notice here how the scenery of the video changes at this point. The female ET has an overview of our planet from above, again in space. It could represent to some people a character from religion, namely Christianity. The composition is rather interesting as the Earth is rather small compared to the character, suggesting the alien race playing a larger role of a guardian. The depiction on the left represents the pure form of freedom, travel, flow, love and light, as described previously as without body -> out of body travel.

The scenery again changes, this time directly to the surface of Earth, to Washington DC in the USA. Why? It is the location where lies most of the power (not only political, but also symbolic) of the greatest nation and it is a place with historical political roots as well. Also notice that it is the same place where the famous UFO incident of 1952 took place.

The scenery again changes location, this time to inside of some building. The important factor here is the second main character of the film which appears - US President, Barack Obama. Notice he is the current president, making this spot up to date. They walk side by side on a red carpet, used for ceremonies and important events. On the sides of the hall are hanging flags of other countries. This means the reason of the meeting is global and does not restrict itself only to the US, which will apparently play an important role. As both of them walk, they turn their heads, going to look at each other.

Scenery has switched again. Notice how the extraterrestrial being is always getting closer with each part of the clip since its beginning. It is now sitting directly face to face with Barack Obama, having a dialogue and conversation, when we hear the woman say: "We are in dialogue with your leaders..." This again means more things. One meaning is literal - that race has been in talks with world leaders for some time now. With some directly, with others through various institutions. It would also support the claim of Dr. Greer that at least one G8 country is willing to disclose information on extraterrestrials at some point in the future and does not like the secrecy anymore. It also would support the channelings from the GFL that they are working with various Earth allies. " help the human race survive its infancy." This part does not need much elaborating. They are here to help us get through our early years, while we still have much to learn. The term 'survive' indicates that we could have been wiped out either by ourselfs or by natural events/disasters, if it wasn't for the intervention of these beings. It also suggests though, they won't do all of the work for us and operate presumably on a "need to be done" basis, leaving some work to us since we here here. You could call them our guides. Here you can see Obama giving a speech to someone, probably the press and/or the public.

"For we believe in you." This is another sentence with a literal meaning. The ET race believes in our species, believes we are good at heart and capable of change, capable of achieving great things if we want to. They wouldn't be here or do what they do if there wasn't a chance for success or if we didn’t have the potencial. Again we can see the face of the alien, in space, with Earth - now in greater detail. It is serious and honest and does look human, but you can feel it is different.

Continued below..

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:12 AM
„We are helping your scientists find cures for diseases, which afflict your bodies.“ This could mean there are some extraterrestrials from this species on our planet (among others and the negative ones hidden in underground bases, etc.) operating in high medical circles, making scientific breakthroughs or simply just giving ideas and advices. Or it can me also they are working on cures for the heavy diseases (hence „afflict your bodies“) like AIDS, cancer, etc. – those which cannot be so far publicly healed. Third interpretation relates to the first, since they can as a soul/spirit/energy travel without the body, they probably can also incarnate into some human body and look like us, but be alien on the inside (which is the case of many people by the way). This way they may help also, not just scientifically, but generally in other departments. On the video you can see a detail of the human brain on the screens. This indeed suggest some serious diseases, perhaps even mental, not just physical.

„And helping you to preserve your planets most precious resources.“ This part is trying to say there are some resources on out planet, which are rare and precious and need preserving, because there is a chance they will be depleted soon. Humans use many of them and do not really think of their ecological or spiritual value to the planet, rather how to make the biggest profit, which is wrong. In the picture you can see the rainforest, with the natives in the other frame. Probably in Latin America or somewhere in Asia/Africa. Big trees (wood) are being chopped down, which are, just like plants, important to the air we breathe and are home to many animals. Later you can see the ET use her psychic power (telekinesis?) to push the trucks back. It is obvious that mining and taking in large amount what our planet offers without giving it anything back is wrong and that needs to change. Maybe with new clean technologies or with free energy it can be possible.

The location changes to a desert with a firing tank – war. „Many among us wage peace
and one day, with our help, war may be a thing of the past.“ Many of them are in peace and think of peace of something important. Something, which still hasn’t fully happened on our planet. One day in the future, with their (ET) help, it could be a thing of the past and we will all live together in peace. How exactly? Through ET Disclosure? Through some disaster? Through 2012? Through achieving higher conciousness, people being more concerned and aware? Maybe…You can see the figure again in space on the right, with the planet on the left. This means they are concerned about this issue. They did offer us long ago higher understanding if we put away our WMD’s. And if you remember the UK ITV incident from the 70’s, they also said we need to learn to live in peace. Maybe it goes hand in hand?

You can now see the Earth alone from space, rotating. The rotation suggests time and how it quickly moves. „Our armies are being strong and growing.“ What does this line mean? At first it wasn’t so clear, but it simply means that the fight for - truth, revelation, freedom, love, leaving behind the old and bringing in the new, drowning the evil powers that be, everything what we fight for – isn’t easy and is a bumpy road, but these ET‘s will not quit and surrender and their influence is growing. Everyone seems to feel that a change, a big change, is around the corner, disclosure is near. Things are making progress. As the GFL has said, their position among their Earth allies is strong and the master plan could be finished and launched soon. There is hope for good and light, it only takes time and soon perhaps there will be no need to wait anymore.

„We are the people of the internet.“ This one is a bit hard to interpret directly, but the energy of that sentence says something else than what it sounds like. It’s almost as a code. They are the ones „out there“. Hard to really describe, it’s about energy. Some people may feel it, some may not. The next sentence though is more interesting:

„And together we are shaping the future of humankind.“ Notice one important thing – when the woman starts saying this sentence, you can see it being typed on a screen. The crucial information here is the word „together“ is highlighted, being in the very middle of the picture and the screen, making it the most important part of the sentence. Alone we cannot do much, but when we work TOGETHER, we can accomplish many things and truely change the world for the better. The future = we should be careful towards what we work and think about positive things. The dark cabal knows and fears that when we work together, we are more powerful than them. And when they lose power it’s game over for them. This „together“ can also mean ET + Humans, which is a highly probable meaning as well.

The closing part of the promo is also important, because at the end you can see a woman with her laptop sitting in a living room on a couch and this woman looks EXACTLY as the extraterrestrial guiding us and narrating through this clip. What does that imply? That the positive extraterrestrials we will meet or make contact with in the future will look and do look exactly like us. Why? Supposedly the humanoid/human species is actually the most common in our part of the universe. The last couple of seconds are important as well. The woman literally stares at you for two seconds. This should signal you to think. Think for a second, without any restrains, about the world, about your life, about the situation you are in, about what’s the big picture, but simply let go and think. Right after that you can see the text „Is the internet the greatest power the world has ever seen?“ This means it is the best way to share information and it should be used for you as a tool to learn things, since because of Dark these certain things can’t be found in everyday life or in the mainstream/general public, as they can be found on the web, because that is a place which they Dark cannot control, at least not completely and it is powerful, because it gives you the chance to learn all these hidden things if you want. It really is powerful. Think.

Thanks to everyone who has managed to read till the end. In short I wanted to point out that this video is a part of the acclimization proccess regarding extraterrestrial life in the universe and it is really well done.Feel free to post any comments. I hope you enjoyed it.
Love, Peace and Light

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:47 AM
I think the video is brilliant, its message is fantastic, and it uncovers a new paradigm shift in the people of earth that is out of control from the typical powers.

But I see no ET connection...if anything, it is the shot across the bow from the transhumanism movement that has been picking up speed and will continue to do so as tech advances.

The net in itself is perhaps the most incredible and species mind shifting invention ever.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:56 AM
I know I should say more than this and explain my point of view better, preferably with some interpretations of my own, but in the end, this is one of those cases in which I think a one line post is enough:

It's an advert, made to attract some people, and it works.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 11:59 AM
Thanks for that very interesting read. It kinda makes sense somehow although it is after all an advert. It could also be another way to address the public to the fact that were not alone who knows for sure?
Thanks a again.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:11 PM
This is simply a commercial for a product.

Nothing more.

"people of earth"

"my people have developed technologies"

"we are working to make a better world"

All phrases twisted to get your attention and make you first think-

"huh? Aliens? Huh? What is this?"

By the end you are supposed to laugh and say-

"Ohhhhhh I get it! Humans are her people. The internent is the technology. And, when she mentions projecting her image across space she means online images across earth!!!"

You, at that point, are supposed to say "I get it now, this is not aliens, just an ad for something someone is selling/promoting".

Of course, I am sure they knew a few "fringe types" would not benefit from this realization at the end and would instead STILL go towards an alien agenda or meaning.

That is kinda scary.

Makes you wonder how far you would have to go to "snap a fringer out of his/her dillusions". I mean seriously, if a commercial like this can get a fringer boiling with accusations and assumptions...then is there really ANY SORT of truth these types can actually process correctly?

Or are those types just damaged to the point where they can't even watch a TV commercial without losing their perspective on reality before drifting off to "wacky land".

Pretty weird to watch people get uppity over something as mundane as a marketing tactic.

I am so glad my "reality compass" isn't bent enough to misconstrue the simplest of meanings.

Lord knows the TV isn't trying to "lose you with its depth and intelligence".

The TV always communicates to the lowest denominator of intelligence on the planet.

In other words...if you can't make proper sense of a random commercial, you are screwed when it comes to decrypting the finer mysteries around you.

My advice...turn your TV off.

If something this simple is effecting your judgments on reality to the point of freely admitting to being "one of those types who takes this sort of thing too far", then I fear the TV is a danger to you.

If this commercial has you thinking "aliens are here and this proves it"-

Then STAY AWAY FROM THE TV before you start thinking ALL commercials are true.

Talking teddy bears do NOT live in your washing-machine. And the toilet doesn't talk and burp when you clean it.

If commercials take you for a may be time to get off of "said ride".

[edit on 3-4-2010 by Mr Mask]

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:14 PM
It's an interesting piece OP, but the fact that the Extraterrestrial and the lady in the final scene look exactly the same, is because it's the same actress - my reading of the clip is that it's showing us how we can "virtually travel" around the world and now potentially influence its events.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:41 PM
I see an incredible advertisment, expressing the wonderful ability of unity across the globe, to equalize and develop peace and strategies to understand one another. Our collective consciousness. Kind of reminds me a bit of our star, Sol.

The truth does come out even from the controllers, in this duality because they need to push out white squares, not just dark in the checkerboard floor pattern. But I imagine dark is hidden in the light as well. For example, on the surface this looks like a wonderful testimony to collective communication and consciousness, and brings it together in a classic benevolent ET way perhaps to prepare us for disclosure and acceptance of cosmology. The dark side square could be seen in: by associating et with the internet, its considered to be a online conpsiracy theory rather than the truth, and in addition, could very well be promo for a one world government global system, with some ET associations thrown in.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:55 PM
Hi, techno fans.

Seeing the world in an add. . . Cool.

I once did read:

You don't see the world as it is,
but how you are !

Blue skies.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 01:09 PM
Another idea that just came, while listening to Constance Demby's song, I set myself free, on youtube, was that in a situation of global dominance by darksiders, maintaining a balance would mean the internet, world wide communciation as the collective consciousness or presence of global light, would need to be maintained, not limited.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 02:32 PM
reply to post by Cybernet

Your "deep analysis" is silly, fanciful and full of wishful thinking. It's a tv commercial aimed at a small percentage of earthlings in a small part of the planet who understand the english language, not a universal presentation. And it's selling a product only a few could be interested in.
It was created by an individual or a group of individuals with a message they hope will convince a portion of the market for which the product is intended. It is creative which fits in with Hollywood-type thinking.

To read anything else into it is up to the individual watching the commercial. Like all other commercials, it will eventually run its course to be replaced by another commercial coming from another angle all aimed at selling the product.

Don't get carried away with someone else's creativity. That is the wonder of the human mind.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 04:04 PM
reply to post by Cybernet


It is nothing but an advertisement.

Your thread is a duplicate thread to this well established thread:

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by Cybernet

I'm curious why you keep referring to that lady as an extraterrestrial being. The commercial was about humans using the internet, nothing about UFO's/Aliens.


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