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My 3rd and 4th sightings, need help.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 02:30 AM
Ok let me start off by telling you of my first two sightings. Saw them when I was 8 and debunked them as stealth fighters. This is just to show you my interest in UFO's has been going on awhile (16 years exactly). My 3rd and 4th sightings have not been so easy to debunk.

3rd sighting.

Night sighting.

Me and my brother 12 and 10 respectively were out late one night doing our usual thing. Using our flashlights to try and communicate with UFO's or maybe draw them to us. We were standing at the end of the driveway maybe 50 yards or so from our house. It was pretty typical, the usual high up blinking planes that I have come to know as conventional aircraft. There suddenly came a giant UFO flying directly overhead with a straight route toward our house. We named it "Big Red" and 12 years later I am still mocked for that name so bash on, I am used to it lol. The reason the name came about was the giant red lights all over the bottom of it. I don't know how many lights are on the bottom of conventional aircraft but this one seemed to have at least thirty or so and they lit up the entire neighborhood. It was maybe one hundred feet above our heads and very loud. The strange thing about it being so low is the lack of a usable airport to land such a massive thing at the time. The small airport we have in the area is a good bit larger now, and when planes approach it from above our house I have seen them get as low as maybe 8000 feet. We aren't very close to it. The lights furthest on each side were at least a quarter of a mile apart. When we got to the porch the end had just passed over so we quickly ran behind the house and kept watching the sky. It never came up that we saw and it was low enough to topple the water tower down the road. This was a frightening experience on both of our behalves and 12 years later we still talk about it.
If anyone can embed or post links to very low flying conventional craft it would be a great help in my search.

4th sighting

Day Sighting

This is not too long after the 3rd sighting. This one was around mid morning on the following Saturday or Sunday, school was out hence the daytime visual by the kids. We are out just generally being kids. We are in the backyard playing and my brother stops and starts looking up. He starts yelling for me to look up and forward. Way above me was a perfect example of a daytime UFO sighting, I had all my life looked at night so this was unexpected and very pleasing to see. The UFO was your basic silver with wings and a tail. At first I thought an airplane, I had seen hundreds but the more I studied it the more I could make out features of it. The tail end looked normal enough, the wings were curved out and up. The best way to describe it is a flying stingray. I have done multiple searches on it online including the day of the event and have yet to see something that resembles it. I am asking for your help on this as well. I know it sounds kinda like I am doing a John Walsh impression but please if you see any really detailed pics of a stingray UFO please post them to help me try and debunk these.

I know several of you have your own experiences and you probably know how hard it is to put it into perspective for someone else, but I am glad I could share as best I could. It may not mean much being twelve years ago and still young but I truly have kept those memories fresh in my head throughout my life. If you need more info feel free to ask me, and I will answer as quickly and accurately as possible. Thanks for at least giving your time to read two of the most fascinating events in my life.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 03:14 AM
cool. I liked the bit about using flashlights to communicate with UFOs as a child.

I have seen a UFO that kinda looked like a stingray. It was black though. Reminded me of something batman would drive. The ETs I know let me see it afew months after contacting me for the first time. Maybe they monitor your thoughts. You should ask them to maybe talk to you. I doubt it was a bad ET race, I dont think they would show people their ship for fun. The good ones might

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by ventian


Thank you for posting your very interesting & well written reports.

Whenever someone mentions an "organic" looking UFO, this one as reported on by Internos on the 12.10.09 is usually raised. Therefore I thought it might be useful to post.

Originally posted by internos 12.10.09
reply to post by deejayiwan

Hi, deejayiwan

Mysterious Winged UFO

Around mid-day on April 27, 1961, Bruno Ghibaudi, a scientific journalist, was driving the highway paralleling the beach at Montesilvano (Pescara), felt a flat tire and pulled his car over and stopped. As he began changing the bad tire, and as he was working at that task, he noticed an unusual metallic-looking disc- shaped flying objectcoming in at a low level over the ocean. It passed overhead, slowed, made a sharp turn towards the north and flew away. (Case 16, Project Blue Book)

  • Above is the only known photo of the strange, almost organic multi-winged craft Bruno photographed.

  • Above, the craft as depicted in the artwork from La Domenica del Corriere, April 15 1962.
    During these years, many possible explanations were provided, including grasshopper and a Lockheed L133. But only recently i stumbled upon this article by Romano Di Bernardo:

    Marshal Di Francesco, of Carabinieri Command Group (at that time located in the central Nicola Fabrizi street) with whom I had good relations within the framework of my activities reporter, called me by phone to the office in Pescara on the same day that saw the article regarding the alleged sighting by Ghibaudi, and asked to me to go to his office.
    He showed me the article and asked to me for an opinion on the veracity of the article and photographs published showing objects flying above the beach in Pescara. My answer was not a conclusive "NO", even though my gut told me that this was some badly done orchestrated BS. Anyway i expressed my doubts about the reliability of the sighting. Di Francesco, however, had already decided the news was false and could create issues to public order. Then the author was charged for generating panic on the population. The marshal told me that the "flying saucer" was nothing but a model that in those days was for sale in the toy area of Standa in Corso Vittorio Emanuele. (NOTE: Standa is an italian Supermatrket Chain)
    The marshal had already compared the object in the picture with the model and had no doubts it was the same.
    I went immediately to Standa in order to make my own comparisons and actually the toy was exactly the same as the photo published.
    Then i wrote an article regarding the hoax, but strangely enough it was NEVER published. Days after the Marshall called me back and told me that "we never talked about the case". I've decided to come clean because i've learned that a book claiming the autenticity of the photo is to be published....

    Actually, the article is longer, but this is the relevant part.
    Notice that Ghibaudi, the author of the photo, wrote also two books about "flying models":
    Modelli Volanti (Il libro completo dell'Aeromodellismo)
    Edizioni Mursia - 1965 Milano (prima edizione)

    and Modelli Volanti (Enciclopedia dell'Aeromodellismo)
    Edizioni Mursia - 1973 Milano (quarta edizione)

    Romano Di Bernardo, the author of the article, mentioned a Marshal of Carabinieri, italian local police: for his efforts and his achievements in his investigations on Pescara sightings, he was also awarded by National Ufo Center

    We can consider him very serious and reliable, he also would have no reasons to discredit a sighting so many years after it took place: still, a photo showing the model is still missing. The purpose of his article was just to avoid to one of his friends who was going to publish a book, to publish some chapters based on some hoax.
    Basically, we miss the very smoking gun, but given the circumstances, it's
    extremely likely that the whole story is an hoax.

  • Kind regards
    Maybe...maybe not

    [edit on 3-4-2010 by Maybe...maybe not]

    posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 01:37 PM
    Thx MMN. I have thought for years that my 4th sighting was merely a test craft but have yet to see anything similar. The lockheed you posted is very close except the wings were curved out and up. Very interesting read but the craft i saw was around 1998 so maybe it is a newer version of that lockheed that failed to gain popularity through the research.

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