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History Repeats itself. We didn't learn, we didn't listen.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 02:11 AM

A disloyal portion of the American people have during the whole year been engaged in an attempt to divide and destroy the Union. A nation which endures factious domestic division is exposed to disrespect abroad, and one party, if not both, is sure sooner or later to invoke foreign intervention.

Sound familiar?

The disloyal citizens of the United States who have offered the ruin of our country in return for the aid and comfort which they have invoked abroad have received less patronage and encouragement than they probably expected. If it were just to suppose, as the insurgents have seemed to assume, that foreign nations in this case, discarding all moral, social, and treaty obligations, would act solely and selfishly for the most speedy restoration of commerce, including especially the acquisition of cotton, those nations appear as yet not to have seen their way to their object more directly or clearly through the destruction than through the preservation of the Union. If we could dare to believe that foreign nations are actuated by no higher principle than this, I am quite sure a sound argument could be made to show them that they can reach their aim more readily and easily by aiding to crush this rebellion than by giving encouragement to it.

Sounds a lot like what is happening today doesn't it? Those of you who are angry at the government are being played. Being manipulated and being conned by someone else. You are buying into their propaganda campaign lock stock and barrel.

But it seems there are those that demand that history repeats itself. Those who want to destroy this country, because in it's destruction, they profit the most.

Strange Bedfellows – Idaho Tea Party Speaker Ron Nilson Joins with the Vice Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in New York to Support Special Interest Candidate

CFR? and the TPM?

Are cleverly disguised foreign interests actually funding and controlling TPM and these fringe lunatics? Are you sure you aren't being played?


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