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What is it, "this" or "that"? Make up your mind, FAST!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 01:06 AM
I'm not calling anyone out, or targeting anything specific in any of the following threads but look at some posts just from the past few days.

David Icke - Nut or Brilliant Researcher!
Is Alex Jones a narcissist or phycho or both?
Maitreya...good or evil???
Sea Monster or Giant Crustacean?
Cold Fusion (Free Energy): Reality? or Pseudoscience?

To those all those posters who are making "this" or "that" threads although there are some benefits of creating such threads, (a less complex topic, where more people can have their say, or speculate on either one of the two options presented as well as make for nice thread names) creating a thread suggesting that a matter is always broken down into two parts limits the scope of discussion, and welcomes in ignorance.

It's basically like a biased poll where both options are either false, one is false and the other supports your opinion, or what you would like to be presented as your own opinion (for whatever agenda you may have), or can be used for diversionary means.

This tactic is used very commonly in the MSM as well where someone would be called out for their opinion on a matter, and the person speaking would not even get to present their own view on what ever the topic may be, just simply agree with one of the two options presented. A viewer is watching a news report on a controversial matter and two limiting options are presented to him/her by the reporter, and now in the viewer's mind everything that is not on either side of the presented argument is irrelevant.

What is usually accomplished when making such topics is everything farther than the truth. (Whether that be your intention or not)

Just a friendly reminder that when posting in such topics, you deny ignorance, post carefully and don't get sucked into potential diversion or unnecessary arguments.

Oh and the only "this" or "that" is true or false. (Unless dealing with matters of preference, but that's a different story.)

Deny ignorance!

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 01:27 AM
Yes, I agree with you. It's like sensationalism of headlines. Bad journalism. Apparently people crave flags for whatever reason, and they post ridiculous headlines to draw attention to hoaxes or bogus baloney.

By making this or that, or what if, or whatever, it is not approaching a subject with a factual presentation. If we are to have a credible website, let's look more professional at headlines and subject matter. Too bad there isn't something the opposite of flags, so we could remove a thread by so many flags, like 15 or so.


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