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Satan is behind media attacks on the Pope

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posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 10:09 AM
Go Figure, the Pot calling the Kettle Black

Well, it's a valid thought, but like a Zionist screaming Anti Semetic's when Jews are vilified. Certainly Jew's are affronted with Semetic Slurs, and such, but the Zionist is not a Jew.

This House of Rome is rife with the Devil and his doings. Why suggest "outside" attacks are also of his doing. Hey, the Devil created the mindset of Pedophilia within the Clergy of the Church of Rome.

But, as always, there is a margin of truth being expressed. Problem is, the Devil Manipulates the Media Globally and the Families which run these Media coglomerants are part of the inner sanctum of Satan, by their associations to various "questionable" organizations such as the Masonic, The Bilderbergs, and The Skull N Bones.



posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 11:09 AM

The pursuit of the Pope in an inequitable or misrepresented manner WILL CREATE A DYNAMIC THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO MAKE A MARTYR OF THE POPE.

The Pope will not back down from any accusations of wrongdoing,he will represent the church steadfastly,if he is pushed by media focus he will PRESENT HIMSELF sooner than later to his accusers.The media shouldnt dictate this process by their exertion of pressure,but they will in the name of humanity,so the members of the church MUST COME FORTH IN A TIMELY AND JUSTIFIABLY INDEPENDANT MANNER,and take the initiative in controlling the speed at which this issue is presented to the public forum,sooner rather than later .

We can pick off each offending individual pedophile from each congregation by working together,the church can deal with the Popes actions if they are proven,if society deems there to be a criminal component to the Popes actions then the congregations will support the law AND their fellow followers,the law first and the church second.

Any action that brings persecution of the Pope into the public eye will inevitably give christianity an opportunity or a window of opportunity to use him as a launching point for a new future,a "cleansed"in the eyes of the world future,A NEW BEGINNING.

But beware that numbers tell us we should be hearing about this in ALL RELIGONS,but WE ARENT HEARING THIS.

Why arent we hearing this in other faiths?---because there is an OBVIOUS EFFORT TO SUPRESS THIS UNAVOIDABLE FACT.

This act of suppression combined with the media pursuit of the Pope in the public eye,along with the NEED FOR CHANGE WITHIN THE CHURCH FOR "CLEANSING "presents us with A COMPLETELY FABRICATED DYNAMIC THAT IS PRESENTING THE POPE AS A MARTYR,WITHIN AND WITHOUT THE CHURCH ITSELF.

This is obviously intentional,but is it the Church looking for and manufacturing an opportunity to cleanse itself in the worlds eyes?or are other entities seeking to undermine the Christian faith through public flogging of the Church??Or is there another reason that this MANUFACTURED AND EXECUTED PLAN HAS BEEN IMPLEMENTED???

Be more concerned with WHY WE ARENT HEARING ABOUT OTHER FAITHS SINNERS,it takes an awful lot of power to suppress this kind if information.

We have known about the Catholic pedophiles for many years in a slow and timely fashion this information was fed to us,BUT REMEMBER THAT ALL THAT SAME TIME EVIDENCE OF OTHER FAITHS SINNERS WAS SUPPRESSED!!!!

Now ask yourself why,and by whom,Satan isnt an option on this one,ok?

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posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 11:23 AM

Originally posted by munkey66
Satan isn't doing this to the pope, Why would satan turn on one of his own?

My thoughts exactly! you see, the catholic church is already a front for evil so why would Satan bring it down? Its exactly where it is supposed to be.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 11:48 AM
As noted by a poster, the main issue that the church has with this is the fact that they've been caught, not the crimes that have been committed. Big PR campaign, TV panels, assertions that the Pope is a 'head of state' and cannot be prosecuted, hot-line set up for victims (yes, a church run hot-line for victims of church abuse), and a lot of trying to sweep stuff under the rug. Now here we are with "is wasn't us, it was teh gays and satan, honest...." ("I didn't break the was Steve.......")

Simple solution. The priests (men) who are guilty, and all those (men) who cover up for them, are put into criminal trials, and then into civil trials (to get some compensation to the victims). Let's put these perverts behind bars. If the church tries to protect them, then we keep prosecuting the elders for obstruction. Or would these perverts suddenly take up residence in the Vatican (where there's no extradition. Think Cardinal Markincus.)?

Satan is just a made up boogie-man used to frighten people into following the words of the church (men....not their deity). It has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. It's a big con for corruption of a religion for greed.

Hiding behind a make believe character to escape prosecution defies logic. Unfortunately, the courts seem to allow this kind of rubbish.

Someone also mentioned how convicts often 'convert' so the can absolve themselves of any blame. That's not the whole story, they also have a better chance with the parole board if they are suddenly "born again". The parole board just eats that stuff up. "Sure you've been a naughty boy, but now that you've accepted Jesus Christ you must suddenly be a real stand-up person! Off you go back into the world...."

Remember that only two of the Ten Commandments are actually real laws. Isn't it time we removed religion from our politics and law? If the religions want a say, they can pay taxes.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 12:36 PM
Yes, the word Satan has been fabricated over time to be the bogey man nonsense that fools actually believe is a real supernatural being. In the old testament, the word Satan simply meant adversary, and many instances in its original translation it was used in PLURAL form meaning it WASN'T meant to be a single being, but a characteristic or title. Folks under the churches brainwashing will argue in contrary to this, but fools are they that do not search the words in its original translations and meanings. Completely pathetic!! Before it reached the Hebrew scriptures, it originally meant the darkness of night caused by the setting of the sun in the sky. So therefore I ask, HOW IS THE DARKNESS RESULTING FROM THE SUN SETTING AN EVIL FORCE BEHIND THE MEDIA COVERAGE EXPOSING THESE MONSTERS AND THEIR CULT ORGANIZATION? They (church cults and members) themselves are the Satans and some supernatural bogey man is not causing bad media coverage of them.

Edit - Re-wording for better clarity.

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posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 12:37 PM
Why only one Religon??

This is a critical question that begs to be answered .

We know that sickness crosses all boundries,including religous ones.

Who is suppressing evidence of other religons indiscretions.

We all know and accept the pedophiles exposed in this religon,we arent going to allow the Pope to take one for the team,we want names and addresses,we are coming for each and every one of the criminals that are being protected pending further investigation.

I suspect soon pedophile priests will begin turning themselves in BEFORE THE VATICAN ARRANGES AN ACCIDENT FOR THEM.

Accidents in the name of God of course.

Each individual parish and church must immediatly take action,today,to expose their own little perverts,then we prevent the church from offing them and hiding their crimes and WE ALSO ABSOLVE THE POPE FROM ANY WRONGDOING.

The Pope has no right to be accountable for all of these crimes,Humanity will find and punish each individual even if Humanity has to rip the Vatican apart then put it back together again.We will find justice and continue to support the christian religons.Even the Pope stepping forward isnt enough,WE NEED TO STEP FORWARD AS INDIVIDUAL CHURCHES OR GROUPS AND ABSOLVE OURSELVES OF THIS SIN,the only way is NOW,today,the longer we wait the more we need to be forgiven for.

Look around you on Sunday in your church,if you see someone that has hurt you,please forgive yourself for needing time to heal,but in the name of CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD step forward,go to a police service that wont try to bury your allegations,and report every crime committed against you.If you know of anyone who has claimed to have been hurt ,go to the police and file a report,IN YOUR OWN NAME,you need to risk a little to you know.If you EVEN suspect a child is being hurt based on their appearance or behaviour you OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND TO HUMANITY TO HELP IMMEDIATLY AND COMPLETELY.

If we all do this for one month we can change our churches forever ,and everything rolls downhill so the more people that step forward the faster ---JUST MAKES IT EASIER AND EASIER FOR EACH NEW HELPER,EACH NEW TRUE CHRISTIAN.

This is how religons that truly want to survive will "cleanse"themselves.

Religons are all needed and are all important,but bad people are bad people,and its time for a changing of the guard and its going to hurt a little during the transition.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 12:45 PM
It just goes to show how out of touch this "religion" is. They still think they are in charge of themselves. That they are above any law and above the parishoners [sp?] themselves. They think they are some kind of deity between mankind and God himself. They think that because they are their own soveriegn state, their own "country" if you will, that laws can't touch them.

I've got news for them, and it aint pretty.

When you don't change with the times because you think you are above even that, the times are going to roll right past you, over you, and leave the tread marks on your backside. Time waits for no one. What will be left will be a sad, pathetic shadow of it's former self. The engine has been turned on, the wheels have strated turning, and they are square in our headlights. Let's not make this issue into another short lived news cycle. It's too big and too disturbing to let fly under the radar. Let's keep it in the spotlight people. It's up to us to affect positive change in the world by destroying what is probably the most evil institution this world has known.

For generations now priests have been sexually molesting young boys. These young boys were brought up by their parents to respect and revere these clergymen. Some of those boys were emotionally and sexually scarred for life because of the betrayel perpetrated by the ones they trusted. The rest of the young boys were brainwashed into believing that the practice of the fondling of male genetalia, oral sex and god knows what else [molestation] within the church was perfectly acceptable, and therefor, passed on to the next generation by what was once the victim. Remember, the catholic church is worldwide. This doesn't just happen in America or Europe.

Their demise is immenent. Everybody, including themselves, can see it. People are fed up up with their arrogant, backwards and backpedaling attitude because innocent children are involved. It's become clear that they have been shown to be nothing more than an extremely rich, religion oriented version of the man-boy love association. They are sick, disturbed, and sexually retarded individuals who have no right to be walking free within society, much less in positions of authority.

Discussions like these need to stay in the forefront of media worldwide. This organization needs to be destroyed people. We can do it.


posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by Taupin Desciple

What's scary is that for decades, they did seem to be somewhat above the law. They kept getting away with it! I read stories about priests who were molesting young boys and when complaints started coming in, the bishops would just assign them to a different church or parish. A complete cover-up. That's why so many kids were molested!
Often, the police didn't pursue it, because it was "The Church". There was some sort of stigma at work.
As you said, those days are over now. There are priests going to prison.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 03:32 PM
The priests will only go to prison if the people who have been harboring them in the name of their god decide to give them over to the law.

We must police ourselves in this manner and accept responsibility for initiating change in a timely fashion.If the Muslim women decided to end this silly war with Bib Laden they could do it in one week,he would be turned in in the name of humanity or womanhood immediatly if there was a consensus that it would benefit the families,if the muslim men chose to dom the same the war would end,they instead let this terrorist speak for them by their allowing him to be free when WE ALL KNOW THEY COULD TURN HIM IN AT WILL.

If the Catholic people are willing to hold their own priests accountable for their actions against humanity THEN WHY DOESNT THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY DO THE SAME THING WITH THEIR WAYWARD FOLLOWERS.

This is the way of the future,if you want help from the world you will have to help yourselves first,and women are equally responsible here ,hiding behind fanatic husbands is not an excuse,turn these monsters in,Christian women SAVE YOUR CHILDREN OR YOU ARE SICK YOURSELVES,MUSLIM WOMEN SAVE YOUR CHILDREN OR YOU ARE SICK YOURSELVES.

No man is a rock,no man is an island,no man is whole without a woman no matter where in the world you are.Satan hasnt got a chance against women,not a chance.pedophile priests dont have a chance against women,not a chance,and piss ant terrorists dont have a chance against women,not a chance.


Until God learns how to come down and warm hearts and beds ,HE WILL COME IN A DISTANT FOURTH on the importance to the average man scale WORLDWIDE.

Satan isnt behind these attacks and neither are men,women have had enough and are exerting the proper pressure in the proper places.Thank every god that is worshipped that we have these women to guide us for without them we are surely lost.

posted on Apr, 2 2010 @ 07:01 PM

Originally posted by Badgered1
Satan is just a made up boogie-man used to frighten people into following the words of the church (men....not their deity). It has nothing to do with religion or spirituality. It's a big con for corruption of a religion for greed.

Interesting post, but are you certain about being madeup?

This of course was the premise Satan used in C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters".

IT was perfect. He was blamed for everything of course, but no one tended to actually believe he existed. He and his minions had Carte Blanc on activities of Mischief!

An other example of this was Frank E. Peretti's "This Present Darkness", which went onto give examples of that mischief actively operating in a Fictional Account.

Had me from the begining, but that's a Book Club Discussion.

Personally, I do not discount him. Other Writings speaks of this rascal, so it's not only "the Bible" we have as a source. Many other texts of the Ancient World wallow in Satan, and the Fallen. It is prevailent everywhere, just having names changed to effect the various tribal worshippers

But then, thats My thoughts, and not expected to be of any influence on yours.



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