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The Tower of Babel - Alien Involvement

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:14 AM
reply to post by one4all

it is humanitarian. it doesn't expect you to believe it. it leaves you open to believe what you want, within the confines of humane laws. it is not, humane, however, to insist your reality should be my reality, especially about what happens between my ears. this is my head, not yours. your head is your head, not mine. and if you presume to force them together with your view overwriting mine, then it is no longer humanitarian but tyrannical. there's no such thing as a humane tyranny.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:21 AM
Colin42,some people think in SHORTHAND and they dont even know it ,just picture a little boy always trying to catch up to everyone all the time and he has to constantly pull his pants up as he runs along after everyone.

In order to open your thoughts and ideas up to interpretation by as wide a group as possible you need to put more creativity and more imagry into your communication format,short is boring and boring is short,we want a long memory retention and a long attention span,color my world or I will seek another one that is more interesting.

You are absolutely right about the Babel on and on and on part,this is really the definition of PROGRESS,and you are absolutely right it has been the profuse communicators that have been leading humanity,unfortunately the only places where their talents are cultivated are religon,sales and law,all places that allow them to realise an immediate return on their application of their skills.

Remember that smarter people have more to say,then realise with wide open eyes for possibly the first time in your life what the internet truly is,it is the path to true equality as a species,the only path possible.

It has been the silencing of people through the withholding of real time information and input that has allowed humanity to be misdirected.

It will soon suck to be in religon,politics,or sales,dont ask me how I know this,but it seems like they all exist within BS,and once the BS is thrown out ,everything negative will go with it including these realities,or jobs if you will.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:26 AM
reply to post by one4all

says who ? i'm a poet, writer, musician and artist! i was well on my way to being a doctor of natural medicine, on the president's list and dean's list. not to mention, i'm a mother of 3 children and a wife of one husband and only one husband. what else were you expecting? i'm sorry if i don't fit the stupid stereotype that gets foisted on people via various media outlets, regarding people of faith, but it's not my fault that you believed them.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:36 AM
reply to post by Jim Scott

If it took three days to walk around and one year to reach the top, couldn't it simply be a book that took three days to read through and one year to comprehend or learn? It takes approximately three days to read through the Bible if one stays awake all along and a typical crash course in it takes about a year. What if the Tower of Babel is linked to origins of Freemasonry, where bricks and building techniques, tools of it's trade etc. are used metaphorically to explain and spice up the knowledge they hide? Buildings and knowledge have many common concepts in many ancient cultures, the Hebrew one being one of these, where the Aramaic word "naggar", probably the word used to discribe the pofession of Jesjuah ha Mesjiach in the original Aramaic Gospel now lost, which means both builder as in carpenter or stone mason AND teacher or scholar. Also note how for instance Roman letters resemble building elements like collumns and archs, framework and decor etc. And many ancient buildings from around the world, like temples of Egypt for instance contains coded knowledge written into the floor plans and the structures themselves, suggesting deep knowledge into genetics and human anatomy etc. I just can't see how a building should put fear into God and the lower ranking gods surrounding him. And destroying a building woun't erase the knowledge of how to build them, as we have seen up through the ages. The books and histories may vanish as time runs by, but the buildings and the techniques involved in building them remain. Just a thought.... Genesis 11:6 can easily be translated into "They are all enclosed by one perimiter (or "they have a united one world order" for that matter) and they all share the same Word (as in knowledge base or religion)".

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:45 AM
esoterica insists that a gate is opened via ritual sex magick. i believe that is a cover (conspiracy!) for a real, technological device, quite ancient, that was associated with the temples of the ancient gods from sumer, akkad, babylon, and egypt. after the gates were buried, the scribes took the older writings and artifacts, depicting the devices, as metphorical sex rituals. this is primarily because the gods were born from the gates, as it were
(they emerged from the gates, which is why the abzu gate is later joined by tiamat (the chaotic water), giving birth to the gods in the enuma elish.

so although i believe "magick" is possible, just as i believe in things of the spirit, i don't believe that the old references to the tower are truly "magick" in the traditional sense, but rather technology.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:52 AM
Undo,what is in your head can stay in your head,this is my main point,you dont get to spread your head around ,if you get my drift,not if the ideas coming out of your head will have a negative impact on humanity,and sorry as I am my friend,if your views lead you to believe that you can defend your personal beliefs as if they were your life then,ANY THOUGHT YOU HAVE WILL BE A THREAT TO HUMANITY.

You are caught in the religous trap of "I have a god given right to defend myself and my beliefs up to and including comitting murder to defend those beliefs"

You see there is no right to kill another human being and sorry for your luck but religon and murder are sorry bedpartners and the ENTIRE WORLD IS AWARE OF THIS.

In a humanitarian environment Hitler would not have been able to exist,dont you see that when you insist that your own ideas are more important than humanities welfare that you have become the problem instead of the solution?

You cannot exist as an individual and have an expectation of defending those percieved rights at the cost to humanity that this would incur.

Yes,I am saying no more religous extremism,no more power,no more church money,no more billion dollar advertising campaigns to brainwash as many as possible as fast as possible,the fire sale of humanity is OVER.No more using church earned money to influence governments,laws,AND MOST IMPORTANTLY NO MORE INSIDIOUS RELIGOUS INVOLVEMENT IN OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM.

What I am truly saying is that it is time for a one world government,only a democracy will do,time for a one world concept of religon that does not provide for murdering humans,and time to start controlling how much influence each human is allowed to have on the path humanity takes.

In case you missed that last point,each person can only influence humanities path through their ONE SINGLE VOTE IN THE SYSTEM.

Money doesnt buy you votes and you cant use money to influence others to vote your way,sucks if you are a liar or a con man doesnt it??

Do you see now why religons and governments and corporate entities as we have known them WILL BE GONE FOREVER .They cannot exist simply because the place they existed in is disappearing,the information void that all of these BSers existed in is DISAPPEARING WITH THE INTERNETS GROWTH AND AVAILABILITY.

To me the greatest irony in humanities history is that the INTERNET the one tool that should have allowed religons to experience UNPRECEDENTED GROWHTH HAS IN ACTUALITY BEEN THEIR ACHILLES HEEL AND IS DESTROYING THEM.

Dont fear a loss of your right to choose what you believe in,just get used to the idea that god wont save your arse if you mess with humanity ,and we will make sure that you dont have a couple million fanatics backing you up when we come to fix you,get it ,we are more important than YOU as an individual,WE are more important than your religous BELIEFS,we will excercise humanities right to survive by disempowering all organised religons and relegating them to the status OF BELIEF SYSTEMS INSTEAD OF TWISTED LITTLE KINGDOMS RULED BY DESPOTS .

No religous nutbar will ever threaten to bring their fake little gods down on anyone anymore,the people will soon speak and when they do we will have a better,safer,more secure environment to cultivate our individual belief systems within,just no more threats form religous nutjobs,no more money for the church to use to mess with the world and no more firesale on humanities core values.

Believe in any god you choose,but try to defend your god and we will as a global team disempower you and force you to cease your actions,if you threaten anyones life we will have to eliminate you because you have to be really sick if you will kill another human over a simple belief in a god.

You see we wont wait for your sickness to grow and become powerful again we have seen what it can do,we know that religons are the thoughts of only one man and those thoughts are frought with the emotion that is the ESSENCE OF THE MAN WHO MADE THE THOUGHT.

You see a man made your doctrines,a man wrote your stories,and if you cant even admit that the entire concept of your god is fictional and created entirely by humans then you are ill,you are sick and you are a danger to all of humanity because you cant even understand what is real and physical and what is not,this makes you a timebomb.

To be able to grasp the fact that humanity is more important than your personal beliefs is the true test,it is simple you are either with us or against us and seeing as the entire world will have a TRUE REAL TIME VOTE,do you really think religons of any sort will survive for very much longer?

And dont for a second think that it isnt us against you because this is your achilles heel,you cant seperate your religous beliefs from reality because you have been scarred,you cannot propogate a right to defend something that is not real in any way OTHER THAN IN YOUR HEAD.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:56 AM
reply to post by one4all

There are infact other world languages spoken fluently by as many and even more people than English. Mandarin (Chinese) and Arabic are two prominent ones. And as for reinventing language, it's not really a big process, but to gain success in gaining populatity, followers or speakers of such a language is based more on chance than anything else. And languages are in constant evolution. Some 4000 years ago all Europeans and Near Easterners spoke a common language often refered to as (Proto-) Indo European. Completely different languages like English, Persian, Italian and Sanskrit are all of common origin and it all started out in the area refered to in the story of Babel.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 05:58 AM
reply to post by one4all

pardon my ignorance, but did you just call me a murderer?
do you mind if i paint you with the same brush?

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 06:40 AM

Originally posted by undo
reply to post by Deaf Alien

okay, notice in the text it refers to the building of babel event as something that had also happened before the flood, and it was happening again? read the entire set of passages again, skip over the building reference so you don't clutter your mind with the related possibilities, until you've re-read the entire sequence leading up to and following the destruction of it.

now that you've done that (presumably), consider that the same rebuilding event is outlined in the akkadian text (which predated the written biblical text), ENMERKAR AND THE LORD OF ARRATA, which includes the NAMSHUB OF ENKI passages. these stories are synonymous and they relate back to sumer before it was buried under 8 ft of flood silt.

so, let's follow the bread crumb trail to sumer. what happened exactly ? well according to sumerian-akkadian texts, enlil was angry because he couldn't get any sleep, due to the "noisy love-making" of the humans. THAT is a translation error. it isn't noisy love-making, it's polluted genetics of those creating new children (including humans, plants and animals), being passed down to the following generations, causing wide spread famine, disease and suffering on a massive scale. and as the people perished, their cries went up to heaven.

so why would the "gods" want to close it down? because it was a gate, being used to shanghai people from all over the place, into forced servitude on earth and the re-establishment of the mistakes of sumer that nearly wiped out the human race.

enlil and the council of 70 saw the events unfolding and decided to stop it, particularly because it was a replay of pre-flood events, that inevitably lead to the pollution of the genome of humans, plants and animals.

THAT is why they wanted the gate closed down, from what i can tell. i'm not basing this on just one text either. i've cross-referenced all of this from other texts on the same subject and from a similar time frame.

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Star for You....

Very Interesting Post... You have got my attention, so I will have to do some homework on this. I have come across similar in other texts referring to the corruption of flesh before the flood. (also in the Books of E'Noch)
Sounds very interesting anyway...

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 06:42 AM
You may paint me with any brush you choose,your perspective is important.

I personally dont feel a need to attack an individuals right to choose their own perspective or reality,but when people choose to band together in groups and they use money,power,brainwshing,and physical abuse to enforce the survival of their perspective or belief and they claim to have a relationship with an imaginary all powerful entity that could strike me dead ,I tend to look over my shoulder from time to time to make sure they and their god arent about to do just that ,strike me dead for not subscribing to their reality or perspective.

You see you religous nuts have us all looking over our shoulders and this is what keeps humanity seperated and allows wars and killing to continue,so if the world is as sick as I am of looking over its shoulder you can expect some form of proactive reply.

This means that we know your god doesnt really exist,you dont scare us anymore,we dont want you in the neighborhood anymore because you are unstable and the neighborhood happens to be the planet,so unless you put down your ideological weapons and stop threatening to kill us all we will eliminate your ability to propogate your anti-humanitarian perspective and we will do it via global vote,every human on earth,then if you have a god he will surely come and save you.

But I doubt even you truly believe anyone will come to save you because you know as well as I do that NEVER IN HISTORY HAS GOD SAVED ANYONE FROM ANYTHING.

It is only fear of the unknown and where we go when we die that leads people to believe this trash.

I have met races of humans I am sure you havent met yet,they werent angels,they werent demons,they were humans exactly like us.They are still seeking their creator and still seeking the same answers we are,they just dont kill humans to prove or disprove a belief.They kill,to survive in the physical world we all exist in,but not for beliefs.

I am not sure how life began but I am sure of the physical reality that I live in according to the rules I was given knowledge of,I will live my entire life and never stop learning as a matter of fact I will be learning as I die,but I surely will not EVER BE WILLING TO SACRIFICE ONE SINGLE HUMAN LIFE TO PROVE OR DISPROVE SOMETHING I "BELIEVE"in.

Hands down ,if you would for a second defend one death caused by your religon in a crusade or a religous war ,YOU ARE A MURDERER.

I would cast my vote in a global democracy in which every human on earth has a say and if you became dead because of a global consensus or vote I would not consider myself to be a murderer,but you still would be.

You see you have to ask everone what they want,NOT SELL THEM LIES,not crusade to force them or to defend your own views.

You have to ask,and sorry but ALL GODS DONT ASK THEY TEACH OR THEY FORCE.

Teaching a willing participant who has sought your perspective without threat of burning in hell or upsetting a divine entity i one thing but teaching using threats of death,media and money and power to SELL YOUR VIEWS TO OTHER HUMANS is a crime.

You see none of your current religons would survive if they had ABSOLUTELY NO FISCAL POWER OR ABILITY,they couldnt grow either now could they,in fact they would have to stay in your head wouldnt they??

Now just imagine if the first thoughts a human had about telling lies to others to gain physical tactile advantages for them or their group HAD HAD NOWHERE TO INCUBATE AND GROW.

You see it was one humans thought ,on one single day,in one single spot,in only one small moment,but there was a tactile physical REAL REWARD FOR ACTING OUT THAT THOUGHT.

You see humans couldnt have and wouldnt have survived if we hadnt worked together AS A TEAM FROM THE VERY BEGINNING.

You see we are naturally team players,overpopulation led to a need to gain survival advantages amongst a large group of humans and the smart ones figured out ways to survive at the top of the heap by getting all the less "in the know"humans do all the work.

You see it all started just like it is today,religon and lieing and misrepresenting are not team player traits,they are personality traits.

A few smart people are controlling many not as smart people.

But with the internet a tribesman in Africa becomes smarter than you OVERNIGHT .He can see the world for what it really is if only he can recieve the information he will have a clear head to take it into.

You are more handicapped and disadvantaged than an african tribesman so how on earth can I truly say that I expect your perspective or reality to remain in the future?

I will leave you with one thought that should change your life forever,how is it possible to "convert"someone to a new religon?

Dont you think its possible to covert a religous person into a humanitarian person?

If you show me god I will believe you,if I show you a helpless hungry child you will believe me,RIGHT!!

You already know you cant show me god,why wont you see the children,and why wont you help?

What could be more real than that,more important than that??

Oh yes I forgot,YOUR AFTERLIFE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN DEFENCELESS STARVING CHILDREN.So you allow these humanitarian atrocities to continue to ensure a happy afterlife???

Is this ancient Egypt,or what??

Do this math for yourself,all gods or no gods,there can NEVER BE ONLY ONE.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it,next time there is a religous crusade there might be a little surprise waiting for the faithfull.

Like about three billion of us who are tired of this little charade and we also want to have freedom of belief but we see where you religous nuts are leading us,TO YOUR ONE TRUE GOD.

We cannot have freedom of belief if there is only one god,so I guess all of you that believe there is only one god WILL HAVE TO PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET THE HECK OFF OF OUR PLANET.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 06:53 AM

Originally posted by one4all

You see there is no right to kill another human being

if you threaten anyones life we will have to eliminate you because you have to be really sick if you will kill another human over a simple belief in a god.

correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't you just contradict yourself AND judge yourself in the same breath? imagine what your words read like to me-- you (one4all) think you are god, and with others of the same belief as your own, they are many gods, and together they form one big god, who has ruled my belief in gods, ungodly. gotta love that kinda logic.

In a humanitarian environment Hitler would not have been able to exist,dont you see that when you insist that your own ideas are more important than humanities welfare that you have become the problem instead of the solution?

hitler was in cahoots with stalin. in fact, stalin let hitler march, almost all the way to moscow, unimpeded, because he was doing him a favor (killing the russian RELIGIOUS jews) along the way. when that was complete, stalin began to kill the jews himself, arresting doctors and scientists he had previously avoided doing harm to because of what their educations brought to the "people". stalin killed 40 million of his own people, including religious people, non-religious people, rich people, poor people, middle class people, but he didn't isolate it to that. and all in the name of "the people", who turned out to not like his idea of "the people" very much, since they were frequently his targets. particularly after he starved millions of his own people to death, by stealing their crops and then their seed to plant crops. that's not evolved humanity, that's barbarism.

Money doesnt buy you votes and you cant use money to influence others to vote your way,sucks if you are a liar or a con man doesnt it??

Excuse me? What money ? I take it you're insinuating that i use money to buy votes now? And that i'm a liar and a con man? Better address these grievances to THE INDIVIDUALS WHO DID THEM. Listen, if you keep going down this path, i'm gonna call you on it and it ain't gonna be pretty.

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:14 AM
reply to post by The Matrix Traveller

thank you. i wouldn't have reached that conclusion, had i not interviewed a former member of the OTO and read articles relating to the BABALON WORKING and it's connection to the founder of jet propulsion labs. you can hear the interview here, although it's not really about the tower of babel but it's related to the way my thoughts developed and the connection to extra-terrestrials:

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:20 AM
reply to post by one4all

Religion doesn't kill, paranoia fear and aggression leads to it eventually, just like sorrow, jealousy and it's likes, turning people crazy to the extent that they can no longer live without having to wanting to eradicate something or someone. And more so, people, kill, not religion, politics or science for that matter (what has lead to more people being killed than science and technology anyway? a pointed stick is technology or even a rock used as a killing tool is). So we must stop hurting eachother with meaningless and unfounded hatred. It's just plain silly. I know I myself tend to sound aggressive some times, but it's merely eagerness and frustration, I don't walk around wanting to hurt people, it just happens that my personality makes people BELIEVE I might. However when this I mention is put into system, you can find Buddhist extremist killers even, but it all comes down to fear and a need to eliminate this constructed fear, and the simplest way people believe they can make this happen is through chasing, killing and terrorising their chosen enemies or whom they'd believe were their enemies. Fear breeds fear, just like violence breeds violence. When people feel insecure even the kindest, most peace-loving person may turn into a vicious machine of violence.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by Neo Christian Mystic

yeah no doubt. reminds me of Lenin's decision to have pavlov use his data on making animals all behave exactly alike, to prepare a plan to do the same thing for his own people. he wanted a bunch of robots. if you're that hard up for absolute power, get yourself a fleet of blow up dolls

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 07:53 AM
Why dont you take the gloves off and say you are religous?

Are you afraid of something?Like logic possibly?

This should have been easy but you are an inbetweener you are seeking a way out and you are stuck so you think you need to argue your way out.

If you think you can skirt the issue and try to indirectly defend your religon without stepping forward and representing it you are mistaken.

I would be afraid to answer the questions I posted as well if I were religous.You didnt answer anything which is ok with me,but it is also typical of religous people,they think that they only have to answer to god,in their hearts.

This is the news you are finding difficult,you cant help but seethat the world is onto organised religon in a big way and we arent going away.

At the end of the day I guess it boils down to babies,religous people need to make lots so they can brainwash new recruits and they also need to screw with other mothers by not helping them to ensure that their religous perspective doesnt lose the numbers game.

here we go I answered the question about how you could handle the helpless little children suffering all around the world,first off it suits the religous program,second off I guess if they dont convert then god doesnt care anyways so why shoul you.

Thank you for the reference to my uniqu way of communicating my ideas,please remember that if you are or have ever been religous in your life you are damaged and it takes an extra effort on my and others parts to wind our way through all of the defences your religous idealism have put up in your mind.

Every single point that one would assume is a given from a humanitarian standpoint must be accompanied by a league of "cut them off at the pass"style points,you see your religous scarred perspective is constantly fighting a battle with itself,your humanitarian instincts WILL ALWAYS BE STRONGER THAN YOUR SELFISH RELIGOUS IDEALS.But you have been given an arsenal of rote defences to use ,all religous people have these defences,that is why I must be so verbose.

You cannot run from yourself,and if in a discussion you are given even one little corner to hide in when the heat is on YOU WILL HIDE,simply because you are in a numbers game and without your own league of religous nuts to back you up YOU ACTUALLY WHEN FACED WITH THE TRUTH BEGIN TO START THINKING HUMANITARIAN.

I dont need to hide when the heat is on,in fact if I have a bodyguard and am allowed into your church for a few weeks you will begin to lose followers at an increasing pace,let me have acess to all of your followers and your religon will disappear.Consider it a challenge.

I only find it fair to warn you that I am two generations removed from a close relative who was a founding member of a new age religon that has followers numbering in the millions worldwide,this is a natural communication ability that runs in our family,you wont find it easy to lie to me or BS me.I will always catch you in your lies ,its a talent.Some of us chose to use this communication ability to participate in organised religons and reap the many and great rewards which come with that CAREER,at least its viewed as a career.Others have chosen to spend their time COMMUNICATING with others in a more positive forum,everyday life,the tactile physical world we all live in.

I can show you how you were put where you are right now if you like ,I have been trying already,its as easy as a Gypsy showing you a card trick.

Does it bother you that it is that simple,it might bother me.

Do you understand what you do to children when you indoctrinate them into a religon like a bloody fanatic BEFORE they are able to develope themselves enough to make a choice OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL???

Just for your information,in a home that follows family tradition closely,we ARE NOT BRAINWASHED AS CHILDREN TO BELIEVE THERE IS A MAGIC GOD.

Unless you can pull a relative or two out of your hat that has started their own religon you should be paying attention.

It is a crime to abuse a child either physically or mentally.

Forcing a child to forgo all of the empirical evidence that surrounds it at an early age and forcing the child to develope an alter-ego that can make their parent be happy or pleased is a crime against humanity.Forcing them be believe that which is not real is a travesty and is wrong at its very core.NO MATTER WHAT YOU BELIEVE AS A PARENT.

Dont you realise you might CONVERT and if you do you could doom your children to HELL and a FIERY DEATH.

Try to hide if you need to but there is another question you failed to answer,What about conversion??

What if you converted to humanitarianism but your children didnt?

You might tear them apart from a spiritual perspective,or at the least scar them for life.

Will you answer or hide?

The question is this,how can you for a single moment support any belief system and pass it to your children if it claims to contain only one TRUE GOD?

A doctrine based in truth written by a creator would contain codiciles pertaining to EVERYTHING THAT WAS CREATED.

The simple reference to ONE TRUE GOD,sinks your battleship.


I have no fear of comparing notes,its just hard to figure out what to do once you have freed someone,they look to you right away for answers, to the questions that religon provided lies as answers for.

And the answer you have to give them sounds errily like religon,from within yourself all of the answers are found,from the acts you do to support humanity the answers are found,from a sacrifice of yourself for all other humans these answers are found.

Get it,we just lose the BS and we have an identical dream,oops sorry I MEAN ONCE YOU LOSE ALL THE BS.

Its a talent to be able to put visuals into peoples minds using only words,its not special and these are the last people you want to give a lot of power to.We all need to be equal,this is why,we all cant do this,so there will always be an inequity unless we CHOOSE to level the playing field,and in case you havent noticed people like this are the richest most sucessful people alive,and the hardest to tear away from their money and power,they dont sacrifice for people ,PEOPLE SACRIFICE FOR THEM.

I am giving you an insiders view take it for what you will.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:23 AM
reply to post by one4all

okay, i warned ya. i argue that since we are allowed to pin the sins of anyone that even remotely resembles another person, either in belief or name or appearance, that men in general should therefore be removed from any decision making and given tranquilizers to keep them from destroying the whole damn planet. for example:

in ancient greece, most of the female babies were murdered at birth because boys were preferred. (note: they were not christians)

in ancient china, they killed so many of their female children, that the men, who had no reason to be careful (no wife, no kids), joined roaming armies that overthrew the chinese empire. (note: they were not christians)

in ancient india, they killed so many of their female children that the only people who could afford to have wives were maharajahs. this caused wars between maharajahs to steal each other's women. as a result, when it was clear that an enemy was incoming, they would gather up all their females, from the infants to the old women, and set them on fire in the middle of the kingdom. (note: they were not christians)

in modern china, they have killed so many female babies as a result of the one child program, that there will be an entire generation of men with no female contact whatsoever. they claim this is the fault of their rural people, who still hold traditional beliefs. but they KNEW their rural people were traditional, and they knew their rural people tended to infanticide their females to begin with. and that was without pressure from the government to only have one child. it got much worse when the gov got involved. they overlooked it for nearly a generation. in other words, for nearly 40 years, communist china, forced their people to kill their unborn children, and allowed them to kill almost exclusively, females, before they made it illegal. they aren't just telling their women what to do with their bodies as far as children go, they are forcing them to have implanted IUDs.

in addition, their orphanges are filled with female children almost exclusively and their care in the orphanges is on the order of the worst human rights disaster in the history of mankind. this is the fate of the "people." an entire gender, annihilated for the betterment of the people.
(note: they are not christians).

this is a trend in india again, as well. although it has never gone away, it is picking up steam as the need for money trumps the need for children, particularly females. the parents must PAY the groom's family, and if the groom's family doesn't like the bride to be, they can kill her in whatever fashion they see fit.

here's some statistics
* At least one in every three women, or up to one billion women, have been beaten, coerced into sex, or otherwise abused in their lifetimes. Usually, the abuser is a member of her own family or someone known to her (L Heise, M Ellsberg, M Gottemoeller, 1999).
* Up to 70% of female murder victims are killed by their male partners (WHO 2002).
* In Kenya more than one woman a week was reportedly killed by her male partner (Joni Seager, 2003).
* In Zambia five women a week were murdered by a male partner or family member (Joni Seager 2003).
* In Egypt 35% of women reported being beaten by their husband at some point in their marriage (UNICEF 2000).
* In Bolivia 17% of all women aged 20 years and over have experienced physical violence in the previous 12 months (WHO 2002).
* In Canada the costs of violence against the family amount to $1.6 billion per year, including medical care and lost productivity (UNICEF 2000).
* In the USA a woman is battered, usually by her husband/partner, every 15 seconds (UN Study on the World's Women, 2000).
* In Bangladesh 50% of all murders are of women by their partners (Joni Seager, 2003).
* In New Zealand 20% of women reported being hit or physically abused by a male partner (UNICEF 2000).
* In Pakistan 42% of women accept violence as part of their fate; 33% feel too helpless to stand up to it; 19% protested and 4% took action against it (Government study in Punjab 2001).
* In the Russian Federation 36,000 women are beaten on a daily basis by their husband or partner, according to Russian non-governmental organizations (OMCT 2003).
* In Spain one woman every five days was killed by her male partner in 2000 (Joni Seager, The Atlas of Women).
* About two women per week are killed by their partners in the United Kingdom (Joni Seager, 2003).


in the meantime, i don't really want men to die or be emasculated. but i sure as heck don't want to be told every time i turn around, that i'm responsible for crap i did not do and would not do.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 08:57 AM
here is a picture i painted, mourning the death of the chinese female population

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:41 AM
As a woman you happen to be one of the two most important resources on the planet,you are not responsible for the actions of others.

The reason women are manipulated like this is because of their value.

You are thinking backwards,I'll use China as an example,the reason China implemented the boys only rule was so they could build an army,a conventional army,to take over the world.China knew that once this wave of men reached marrying age and had no partners that a general state of uneasiness and unrest would ensue and it would put their people in a warlike mindset.

I might not go to war for a new car or a steak,but if I feel like there is a conspiricy to prevent me from reproducing ,I WILL ACT.

China knows that cultures will allow their women and children to suffer greatly before they will go to war but CHINA VALUES THEIR WOMEN SO HIGHLY that they have created an artificial sense of malise amongst their people WITHOUT DAMAGING THEIR VALUED ASSETS.They are going to start a war from within without hurting their reproductive capacity in the progress.
You see they value their women more than we do.

I personally believe that women of the world hold more decision making juice than people realise.

If women wanted to turn in Osama bin laden and end the war ,THEY WOULD DO IT IN ONE WEEK.

If women wanted to clean the pedophiles out of the Catholic Church,THEY WOULD DO IT IN A WEEK.

The truth is that women support THE CHILDREN THEY BEAR AND THE MEN THEY LOVE.

But they have power baby.

You should be proud of your accomplishments they sound formidable,congratulations on your family,they are a true gift.

When I discuss the present or the past it is always with an eye to the future,I have no alligiances other than humanity as a whole,I believe that as one goes we all go ,if we allow suffering to occur without sacrificing to stop the suffering we are damaging ourselves,if we put ten dollars in the bank today for our childrens future while there are children ANYWHERE ON THE EARTH that are struggling to simply survive day to day we are cheating humanity,we must expose ourselves and our children to the specific level of uncertainty about the future that our geographical area holds,in other words we shouldnt be banking any FUTURE money at all when others are in dire need,we should work hard and take care of our current needs,only our current needs BECAUSE WE MUST KEEP OUR CHILDREN IN REAL TIME WE MUST SHOW THEM THE TRUE UNCERTAINTY THAT LIFE HOLDS EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES--or they will never be able to understand how the rest of the world feels,they will never have empathy.

We must remind ourselves of this uncertainty to keep our own perspectives current and real.

Each time we try to reach into the future to squirrel away money and resources for our own personal use WE ARE STEALING FROM HUMANITY.

Our world is a physical world,we live it in the present and our resources and their consumption and consideration must remain in the present.

Saving is stealing,plain and simple,because there is no way any one human is worth more than any other human,as a result it is not possible to have an EXCESS OF ANY RESOURCE AT ALL UNTILL ALL OF HUMANITY POSESSES EQUAL RESOURCES.




If you support them you are also stealing by proxy.

A fair and equitable world is a womans world and women are the most important of the two critical resources on Earth ,THIS IS WHAT I AM STRIVING FOR.

You,the mother in Africa we speak for,every mother and child on earth needs to be protected and cared for and they shouldnt have to bow down to a man to have these things,and a single man shouldnt feel like he has to carry the whole world when he considers his familys well being,he needs to know that all he has to do is his share as ONE MAN and we will help him the rest of the way,no strings attatched,we are all born into humanity and have a right to expect to be held by humanities arms till our death,provided we do the work OF ONE HUMAN.

These things need to happen for the right reasons WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

No BS about it WOMEN AND CHILDREN ALL OVER THIS PLANET ,and all men be damned untill every single woman and child on earth is taken equal care of.

The church is THE SINGLE OLDEST MALE BASTION IN HUMAN HISTORY,if women want to start somewhere start looking for the monster that is REALLY HURTING WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

These are the men who arent even doing the work of ONE HUMAN.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by one4all

it concerns me that you think you already know enough about what i believe, to make so many assumptions.

for example: i don't believe hell is what some think it is.
i don't believe there was only one god. in fact, i think the old testament jehovah was sumerian enki and sumerian enlil. i believe there is a divine council of gods and they are not human.

i find it highly unlikely that you could wrench me away from my beliefs, especially since you're assuming i'm in an organized religion, which i am not. and because you tend to stereotype people, which is your weakness.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:24 AM
great find Deaf Alien.
I wounded if the tower of babble is a space elevator?
I did not say it is...
people like you need to go over more of the bible.
if you have any time.
thank you.

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