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Just what the [snip] is going on!?!

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:16 PM
America is divided. There are people taking a stand and those who are not.

The half that are taking a stand may be being lead to do so and they plan to make a big one on the 19th, a date significant in occultist rituals for sacrifice.

The third temple has already been constructed and only needs to be put in place. Conflict is arise again in Israel.

Israel and the US are having marital problems and the reason seems uncertain.

There are talks of wikileaks revealing damning evidence of government coverups....and people saying that wikileaks itself is a CIA front.

Corporations have closed their grasp on the US just a little more.

Media for years has had hidden little meanings, symbols and hints towards certain events, from The Simpsons and 9/11 to music videos seemingly created by illuminati members.

Conspiracy theories have become more prevalent and are essentially mainstream now.

The environment is going to hell. The Earth is doing some crazy, unprecedented #.

Bodies outside space are moving in place and significant events are coming near.

UFO's are becoming more and more common, the Norway light spiral is also simply amazing and yet at the same time utterly mysterious.

New age groups are reckoning in the time of a new age, and talks of ascended masters walking the earth has become more and more common.

Conversely, major religions are dealing with rocking controversies, are claiming that evil walks the earth again, and that the end times are upon us.

Timewave Zero, the Maya, and other significant prophecies are seemingly coming to fruition.

The internet, one of the greatest creations of human ingenuity, is now under attack and could possibly become controlled.

The state of the world and especially western societies are now emulating the events and actions in books such as Brave New World, 1984, and the Illuminatus trilogy.

More and more talk with war towards Iran.

More talk of a major globalization occurring.


We live in exponential times people. Sh!t is going down and it's pretty stinky sh!t at that.

How can you make sense of all this? How can you seemingly wade through all the BS, disinformation, and half truths, and arrive at some general conclusion of whats going on?

You don't need money. You don't need an education. You have the only tool you need, it just requires the correct usage and the necessary background information to be utilized effectively.

It's really come to my attention that amongst all the chaos, confusion and misinformation that even people here, on ATS, are starting to fall for old tricks, or are just plain ol' unthinking. Critical thought is needed as well as a proper disposition towards knowledge.

I don't claim to be a master of everything and I don't even want to be seen as some genius that some people think I am. But I do believe I hold methods, background information and guides that can help you out.

What I bring to you is not some truth about all of what is going on and in fact after this using the same methodology you may come up to different conclusions I have. But with that methodology you can feel secure that at least from YOUR perspective, you feel like you have a grip on things. And through the sharing of different perspectives in the course of polite discussion and debate, a better picture may be made.

I'll admit I'm making this thread as a sort of "in the moment" thing; I haven't planned ahead with this post and I'm not posting any links to anything, although I will be identifying texts, books and ideas that can be looked up and looked into by yourself. So I apologize if this seems rather chaotic.

This thread is not about discussion on any specific idea but a discussion on the methods we use to think and use knowledge. I'll even be dropping a little philosophical knowledge I have on knowledge to maybe influence a more well rounded, manipulative understanding of knowledge.

So I hope this works out, doesn't suck, and enjoy the ride. Readers, feel free to make posts with your own methods. Some advice for myself, for others, corrections, whatever. Bring it on and lets try to straighten out our minds so that maybe, just maybe, we can get a grip on what the *snip* is going on.

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:18 PM

Can you tell us how you really feel though?

Great points that you make, seriously -


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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:26 PM
Nice list.

We live an a sea of human emotion. Emotions are high because the future is uncertain for so many people. This feeds on itself causes more anxiety and collectively these emotions have influence on everything around us including the weather the earth and can even contribute to self fulfilling prophecies.

There is my 3 cents

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by SpectreDC

Living in the moment, turned out pretty damn good. You lumped most of the B.S. that is happening for ?? reason right now into a nice little package.

At least your aware, the "official" answer to you question would be: IT'S ONLY A CONSPIRACY THEORY. But we know better than that.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:44 PM
A good start, I believe, is to ponder just what the hell is knowledge? How do we know what we know and how do we know what we know is right?

I myself take the position Socrates chooses. "All I know is that I know nothing". This isn't just some feign response when someone says your smart and you want to seem modest, but it is a very simple yet deep understanding on what knowledge is, and frankly how ridiculous it is to postulate that any knowledge you have is true or false.

Another way to say this would be "I know by not knowing". Consider this; cause and effect. How do you come about knowing something? What are the prerequisites needed for knowledge to come about on a certain subject? The most important prerequisite is the one most people don't think of; not knowing it. You can't learn something if you already learned it, and you can't gain knowledge in something if you already have knowledge in it.

This of course brings us to a conundrum in trying to reconcile knowing something with learning more about that same thing. And the answer is quite simple; discipline, skepticism, and open mindedness.

Terence McKenna once said "By believing in something your automatically precluded to not believing in the opposite; and thus you lose an aspect of your freedom". You need to put aside what you conventionally believe and let the mind take it's course. Brush aside presumptions you have already made on certain subjects, prejudices versus certain groups or entities, and let in the information from all sides.

Keep in mind the possibilities, and choose to not make a choice. I forget who said this, but essentially the wise man stays quiet. The wise man does not come to a conclusion based off of presumptions. He does not drown out one possibility for another. Rather, he weighs the possibilities on a scale and see how they pan out. He sees how they go back, how they are now, and how they move forward.

The wise man does not make a claim and choose to propagate it as fact; he may make a claim, but it may be but one claim amongst a myriad of other claims he can make. Rather the claim is brought up for other perspectives to scrutinize and dissect. He chooses to examine these perspectives from others for correlations, similarities, and coincidences. He chooses to believe that what he may believe is complete bullsh!t. And in fact, often time the wise man should not do any of this at all, as the field he may be trying to deploy it in is tainted.

The wise man understands the difference between The TRUTH, and what is true. He knows that anything can be shown to be true if one makes the correct presumptions and has some substantiating evidence to back it up. I like to think of it like this; true means that the strain of logic used to come to a conclusion is solid and reasonable. True is relative and subjective. The TRUTH, on the other hand, is objective. It's also never available until the end. Never mistake what is true as the truth.

The whole point of this is to try to condition yourself and how you think. People tend not to understand their own thought processes and that is the greatest error a person can make. Because you may not understand your thought processes, but there are people who do. The human mind is just a complex machine, a very very very very very complex machine. You can't control the human mind but you can lead it to certain conclusions.

As they say, understand the mind of your enemy. In fact, you can read the very playbooks they use. As there are only three. Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, and the 36 stratagems. Between these three texts you can figure out what they are doing, and do very well I might add. Furthermore, understand psychological operations and warfare. The Soviets and The US did much of this during the cold war and it's still used today through new means. Much of what they did is now out in the open and well documented on the internet, so take a look into that.

I know it hasn't been that much yet but that's from right off the tip of my mind. I'll try deliver some more posts (that are better planned and constructed) as time goes by, and again I promote that others add similar posts dealing with how one should wade through the field of bs that exists out there, and indeed on ATS itself.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:48 PM
Im tired of hearing about the great ''new age/occultists'' doing magical political things. As if were going to throw some fireball at all the Christians and create a NWO tyrannical Wiccan Theocracy. Were just a bunch of local and online groups with no real centralized base.. so STOP.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:57 PM

Originally posted by Tanulis
Im tired of hearing about the great ''new age/occultists'' doing magical political things. As if were going to throw some fireball at all the Christians and create a NWO tyrannical Wiccan Theocracy. Were just a bunch of local and online groups with no real centralized base.. so STOP.

Um dude...that wasn't what I was saying at all. Hell, I follow esoteric traditions. I wasn't claiming anything at all, merely repeating major things going on right now. And it's a fact that April 19th has long been a strong occultist (don't know which one specifically) ritual day for blood shed. And it's a fact that on April 19th there will be a large number of people in America standing up to the government, and it may or may not resort to bloodshed. That's all.

I would suggest reading my last post and taking some of those things into consideration so that you don't snap so blindly into rage over something so.....well, stupid.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 09:03 PM
Im surprised this thread isnt in the end times section. Maybe its all the fiction garbage going around nobody seems to notice its already and has been happening for some time now. The state of the world, environment, space, spirituality, novelty... its no coincidence.

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 09:09 PM
Well,I'll post what works for me,how I deal with all this...

First of all,let me say that while a majority of people here are quick to condemn the Bible,I think they are looking for loopholes and contradictions and missing the valuable messages it contains. It covers all the things you see happening in the world around us,and tells us in fact that it is not going to get better!

I would not be okay with that except that I am "born-again" and no longer look to this world to be all it could be,because of what it has become and why. I can accept that certain things are the way they are,and am watching with my eyes wide open in amazement. In spite of my sadness over the tribulations ahead,personally I can deal with it through the grace the Lord allows me through His mercy. I feel His presence in my life every single day.

I can't imagine where I would be without my faith. It doesn't make me weak or unable to think for myself,in spite of what some people say about those who believe in God. Far from it! I will be able to stand up in the face of death and say,"Where is your sting?"

Luke 12:4-5 says,"Do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more..fear Him who,after the killing,has the power to throw you into Hell." I have no fear,because I believe in Jesus as my Savior,and the promises He has made.I am already free from the shackles of this world,in a spiritual sense,and when it's time to go "home",I'm ready!

I don't fear "aliens" or the NWO or earthquakes..though I have the same survival instincts as anyone else. I will persevere for as long as I am able.

This isn't a "shoving my religion down anyone's throat" reply. Honestly,I don't understand how one can cope without a higher faith. Well,I do,actually,because I've been there,and if I was still that person,I would be very angry and not know where to direct that rage. I would be a dangerous person,believe me! I would have nothing to lose and I wouldn't hold myself to the standards that I do now. And part of my faith tells me not to wage war as the world does,that it is for God to avenge. I can live with peace and still love my neighbor and do good when I can.

Sure,I believe there is an entity known as Satan,and yes,I do hold him responsible for "leading the whole world astray". I know I cannot defeat him,but that God will. In the meantime,we are called to "Watch" and share the gospel,and draw nearer to Him. I can do that!

I know this is "old-fashioned",but I don't care. I believe God is the same now as He has always been,and I don't need more "enlightenment" when He has already supplied me with everything I need. Not because of a "book",but because of His Holy Spirit,that has made His word come alive to me.

Everything is exactly as He said it would be. And He offers everyone the opportunity to know Him in a very real and personal way,if they choose to do so. I'm not sure if some people are just "predestined" to believe or not,but I'm nobody special,I don't have any hidden knowledge or right to believe,no "birthright" or anything of the kind. I certainly wasn't born into it,and I didn't get it in a church,because I've only visited a church less than ten times in my whole life and never liked it. It felt phony. I do not claim to be a part of any Religion,except that of knowing Christ as my savior,and letting His spirit direct me as much as my rebellious tendencies will allow. I'm still a work in progress!

So,that's what I make of the world we're living in today. Kind of an "in the moment" response to your "in the moment" thread!

How do others cope with all this? I know the new-agers age going to evolve to some higher dimension,and the patriots want to fight to save the country.What else is going on? What other options are there?

I wonder...

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 09:13 PM
Cool thread.
I was wanting to post a thought I had recently.
There's really no other place for me to make an attempt to put it out there.

If the world didn't use a monetary system, or barter system, or any system of trade at all, would there still be corruption in the world?

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 09:22 PM
reply to post by SpectreDC

You mean this?

posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by SpectreDC

Sorry about that, then. I had just been standing idly by hearing about stuff to that topic in various other threads, and thought that was an attack. I apologize for getting so defensive, I didnt think it through too well, I was leaving as I posted it so it seems more heated now as I re-read it, lol.


posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 10:47 PM
What the hell is going on!?!

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 11:29 PM
Religious delusion is the answer to everything! If you don't understand something, site religion and destroy it. Brilliant. tic

The only thing anyone really knows, is what they do and what effect they experience. Beyond that, a certain measure of measured and calculated trust must be employed. Society is built upon such devices.

If there were no barter or trade? We'd be hungry and starving hunter / gatherers and there wouldn't be a whole lot of people.

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