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A great band an album to check out if your into conspiracies

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 08:12 PM
(hed) p.e.'s album "N.W.O." which is short for new world orphans.
Theyre more then just a regular band. The lyrics in this album actually mean something. This band might not be everyones favorite genre of music, they play a little mixture of things. Theyre kind of like the band korn. But Even if thats not your style. Read the lyrics.

I know most people on ats/bts are into topics concerning conspiracies and the nwo and things of that sort. So its definately an album worth checking out.

Some songs i reccomend from the album are: flesh and blood, planet x, live and die free, ordo(ab chao), and renegade.

The band supports the truth movement and things of that sort. And its very evident in the lyrics. After you check the album, check out the song "here and now". Thats a really good one i recomend.


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