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Seymore's Insanity

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 06:58 PM
*****Ripcontrol left his computer up*****

******It is me the great and powerful Seymore....*****


Seymore what are you doing on my computer....And your on ATS at that...Why are you posting on my name as it is.

******Good sir I have reviewed the T&C. It says in a way we cant use this to start a revolution. Under the deny ignorance clause we can arm them with knowledge*****

Why should we bother? A few might listen, but the rest are hard headed morons. A few have even tried to trade my liberties for their security...

******I know*******

Why are we even on the collaborative writing thread?

*****Your plan to get to them failed. So I suggest another try******

Oh you mean the story angle... It might work but why should I be involved?

*****Because your 2 boys deserve a future. The second is it might buy you some more time. Third, what about your female friends? I have watched you smelling around them. Be or do dude which is it.******

I need to focus on my fight with the VA. So I can then walk over to Social security. From there I can walk into the lawyers office with cash. You know my plan.

***** Put your money where your mouth is. You said some where you asked for two attempts. Lets use this as your second shot. Be or or Do dude which....***

Fine, I am in. What story are we going to tell?

***You remember the time we tried to summon the founding fathers?****

That was a mistake and a half.... Alright it might be a good one...

*** remember what we learned about Magic that day****

Yeah do not leave your computer running while your summoning people...

***I was looking forward to Thomas Paine... I guess it was fate we got who we did****

Well before we start the story I need to do a quick education... We were doing Christian magics. I have evolved a new level of angelics so I decided to extend them to Christian spell casting.

*****I can hear some veins poping now

Well, We had left the computer open and the keys running so to speak... I had the angels nailed down. Auriel for the element of earth... I had moved to the god and goddess. I used Hezues and mother Mary, but before I reached the middle this popped on.

Well I turned to and spoke during the holy summoning.

"What in jesus name is boyd doing here?"

I realised to late what I had done. Before us stood The deceased colonel.

His cigar light and dropping ashes, "What do you idiots want?"

****** We were tring to get ahold of Thomas Paine.******

Well you boys obviously dialed a wrong number. Out sheer boredom , What were you going to bother him about?

An idea flashed through my mind. A rare oppurtunity had presented itself.. The mad colonel was right before me and seymore. Who even better then him to answer our questions. "The present state of america and what he thought. I was hoping to get some insight on how me and seymore here could maybe do something and win. I want be inside their ooda loop so they cant get us, but we can get them..."

"What'cha got?"

***I smiled as I realised what rip was up to. "He might be out of date***

"Son tatics dont change, their implementation on a changing battlefield do."

We both smiled...

*** Here is a post we wrote on the health care bill***

reply to post by ripcontrol

He read this for an hour.

"You need to finish your work. It looks like you started then never finished. I can see serveral issues. I do like the fact you started fresh and then wrote as you went. No finish leave them hanging... Take care of it..... I see what your saying and I agree they bypassed all possible legal challanges so far... Now where the other post you mentioned..."

So we handed it to him...

reply to post by ripcontrol

He read that one then asked

"You really need to finish this one two so what can they do. If you do not start finishing them no one will respect you future threads.Scoot over and let me have a shot at it."

So the great mad colonel sits and begins going through all of our threads. Next he starts surfing all of ATS's threads. Me and Seymore go to sleep in different times... We decide to watch as he reads growls then write something down. A few times he is cussing....

Finally he goes to mainstream media outlets the curses even more.... Idiots is the politest I can post..

*****Finally when I take over for Rip I get to here it. Traitors should all be shot.... Is what I get to hear as he goes on and on. About eight hours later he turns around and has to wake me up. He gentle wakes up both of us. *****

"Well boys I see why you where going for paine I hope what I have to say will do. Those idiots have sold you all out watch your backs is my best advice. Make sure when you post this start off with my bio. Good luck and remember what patton said."

***Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser***

"Close enough, may the force be with you both."

He disappeared with that....

***So we will post his bio First****

Colonel John Boyd

Colonel John (Richard) Boyd (January 23, 1927–March 9, 1997) was a United States Air Force fighter pilot and military strategist of the late 20th century, whose theories have been highly influential in the military and in business.

What is most amazing is his burial

Arlingto Cemetery

At Boyd's funeral, a sizable contingent of Marines dwarfed the Air Force representation. At graveside, a senior Marine Colonel placed the globe-and-anchor insignia beside the urn of ashes; it is the highest posthumous honor the Corps can bestow. In retirement, Boyd developed a fighting system that transformed the Marines. He did so through endless reading — 323 books plus — and ultramarathon telephone calls to the few he trusted, his Pentagon protégés known as the "Acolytes."

An Airforce officer receiving the HIGHEST honor that can be bestowed on anyone by the marines....

That is right. They rarely bestow it on their own. It is done to mark when a true warrior has passed.

Well me and Seymore have some work to do we will post the tail end of this story a little later.

That is if annbody's interested...

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