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My dad's UFO experience

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posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 09:23 AM
A while back on some old forgotten thread, that I can't remember the name of, I mentioned that I remembered my dad telling me that he had seen a UFO while on his way home in the early hours of the morning once.
He told me this years ago when I was a child and I didn't really know the details. I finally got around to asking him about it today, and this is what he saw.
It was in the 1960s and he was passing a quite big park that was in the middle of the town at about 2.30 in the morning. As he looked across, he saw what looked like a big rectangle of light open up on the other side of the park, roughly above the spot where the gardens of a pub back onto it. He estimated it to be about 12ft by about 8ft , and the light that shone out of it was yellow in colour.
He couldn't make out anything above this , but wasn't sure if it was because the light coming from the rectangle opening was just obscuring whatever was above it.
He watched it for a while, and looked around for someone else to confirm that what he was seeing was real, but because of the hour, he was the only person there.
After a while the opening closed again, and there was nothing there to see.
He never bothered to tell people about it because he simply thought that no-one would believe him.
I asked if he minded me posting about it here and he said it was ok.

Has anyone else ever heard of any similar sightings?

I'm assuming that what he saw were some sort of doors in the base of some craft unless anyone can think of some other explaination, and he didn't mention that there was any sound.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 12:00 PM
ooh...does that mean something may have disembarked from the craft? or was it picking up something? very interesting account pantha, tell dad thanks for sharing.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 12:28 PM
Interesting story... my dad told me something similar once, but I do not have as much detail about the craft he saw. He worked at a factory and was coming home late at night. We lived in a rural area in Texas. He saw an aircraft moving very slowly at about tree-top height, and it was shining a light on the ground. He stopped his truck and got out to watch it. It stayed visible for several minutes before it finally went out of his sight. It made absolutely no noise.

Oddly enough, around that same time (my early teenage years), I noticed a straight line cut into the pasture land around our home. The line was cut very cleanly (probably about 3 inches in depth) as if by some kind of farm equipment even though no farm equipment had been in use on our land. You might get the same effect if you had a large axe and dragged it along the ground using pressure on the blade. I was so curious about it that I followed it right up to a barbed-wire fence when I noticed something extremely unusual -- the line went right under the barbed-wire fence without any break or discontinuity; it eventually came to a stop somewhere in the next pasture. Over subsequent days I discovered more lines in other pasture land near ours. In one pasture I found a line that stopped right in the middle of the field and another line was intesecting it at a perpendicular angle and going for many feet. I found quite a few of these lines from time to time during my hikes and eventually got tired of bothering with them. The really egregious part of the whole story is that I never tried to create a map of the lines or even mention it to my father who might have given me a reasonable explanation. All of this land was used to graze cattle and not for planting anything so it remains a minor mystery to this day.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 02:17 PM
Here is a peice from a story that was posted in ATS.

It is here that an entire team of researchers watched in awe as a bright door or portal opened up in the darkness and a large humanoid creature crawled out before quickly vanishing.

That's what your Dad's story sounds like to me. A portal opening. Here is a link to the story.

When I was 11 I was returning from a weekend at my Aunts house. This was in April of 1967. I was seated in the front with my Mom and was looking out the car window when I noticed a round gray object hovering next to a large cloud. I watched it for about two minutes when it finally moved. It traveled left and hovered, then it traveled right and hovered, then it shot straight up and out of sight. No weater ballon I have ever seen could do that. Since then I have watched the skys as often as I can.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 02:46 PM
When I was about 11, my father was reparing a gutter on the front of our house. It was a perfect summer day - hardly a cloud in the sky. There were only vapour trails from jets to be seen. Thinking I was really helping, my dad had me hold the base of the ladder while he did repairs.

All I remember is the ladder trembling and my old man almost fell from the roof. He claimed to have seen a saucer of some type fly by near one of the jets in erratic maneuvers as he glanced up. He wasn't one for telling "fish stories" and he actually bought a journal and wrote about it.

Unfortunately I didn't see it - but I know my old man wouldn't fake the incident and was very rational in deducing what it could have been attributed to...and couldn't think of anything other than he witnessed a UFO.

Sorry if this strayed from the "portal" theme - the reading just sparked the memory.

posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 03:06 PM
thanks for sharing those stories with me they make interesting reading. I'll have to e-mail my dad with the link to this thread.
Thanks for the link Rockmea, I'll have a good read of it all when I get a chance.
My dad is the same as yours muckminer, in that he wouldn't make something like this up. He only mentioned it to me when I was a child because my family were watching a small meteor shower in our garden years ago. the sky was filled with shooting stars, and then we noticed that there were a few stars that were moving around in the sky from one point to another, stopping dead and then moving off in totally different directions.
This was when he mentioned his earlier experience, but it was only today after all these years that I decided to ask him about it.

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