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Its time to go home once and for all, farewell ATS!

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posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 12:39 AM
reply to post by Stop-loss!

Some of our boys are finally coming home! Took damned long enough! Wish you the best of luck with your new life. Hope you have a good support structure, lots of family, and friends to help you readapt. It can be hard.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 04:35 AM
Hey, I may not know you, and I'm still pretty new to the site, but it's good to hear a soldier is coming home.
I agree with the statements made about El Paso. Hell, I live there for half the week with my boyfriend who lives there full time. You can see the Mexican border from his house, and it just doesn't look pretty.
I've seen helicopters flying over that city day and night. Not sure if they've crossed our borders, but it makes me uneasy, hearing them at night, and seeing them during the day.

BUT, on a brighter note, some restaurants you might like to hit up, if you like good Mexican food:
L&J's, the old place by the graveyard
Barrigas (one on each side of the city)
Track One (AWESOME double dip wings and big burgers)
Lin's (super good Chinese food)
The Sushi Place

I'm a foodie. LOL, I can turn anything bad into a conversation about good food. Anyway, I hope you have a safe, speedy return to the states. I wouldn't recommend going to Juarez to party. I don't care how many Americans supposedly do it, I never went in High school to party, nor will I now. ESPECIALLY now.
There are plenty of good clubs in El Paso.

posted on Apr, 3 2010 @ 10:02 AM
Thank-you for your compassion, Stop-loss. The crimes against Iraq by the British and American Governments have been ongoing for over two decades. Between the two Gulf War wars they killed over 500,000 children in Iraq through their sanctions (Democrat compassion-queen (and Hilary Clinton forerunner) Madeleine Albright described their deaths as "a price worth paying").

And for the next four and a half BILLION years children in Iraq will continue to be born into a torment of horrific birth defects and leukemia caused by the radioactive Depleted Uranium dust that now contaminates the land there.

Donald Rumsfeld supplying chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein in the 1980's probably also ranks among the atrocities that Britain and the U.S. have committed against Iraq.

My heart breaks at the hell we have consigned those poor people to. It truly breaks.

posted on Apr, 6 2010 @ 01:02 AM
reply to post by Stop-loss!

Mixed emotions...

Glad to hear that you getting out of there since that place has bad news written all over it.
Great work, soldier! I hope you will find rest soon, back in the "real" world...

Too bad to hear that you will be leaving us, though!
I'm glad I just managed to add you to my "Friends list" before you went.

Wishing you all the best man!
I've always enjoyed your threads, right from the very first one.

You made a positive impression on me, and I am sure that you have done so on several other members.
Mutter will always have a vacant corner for you. Check by anytime you want!

Peace on the road, stay frosty!


posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 06:29 PM
Thanks for all the support everyone. I have made it back safely and am doing my intregration to society currently so I shall be postting good stuff in no time.

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 06:41 PM
Welcome Home SL.

Thank you for your service, and see you around the boards soon!

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 06:46 PM
Welcome home SL. It is good to hear that soldiers are returning intact and not in body bags. I've seen too many friends return that way. Take it slow into your return into civilian life. Enjoy every little moment, and of course, be ready to take arms up again if SHTF.

What I'm trying to say is thank you for your service. You are truly a warrior, a hero, and an inspiration to many of us. Continue your work. You are a very valuable member of this site.

Peace be with you.


posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 07:05 PM

Originally posted by unlocked

Originally posted by Stop-loss!
Through out the times that I have been here I have seen many things that should be questioned like why are we still building up bases if we are to leave at a specific date and why did many people have to die for resources and lost artifacts of ancient times?

OK I have to ask what artifacts? Are you saying there was artifacts in Iraq? If there was then why do we need it?

Perhaps Babylon, the Ur of Chaldees or one of the many ziggurats in the country?
The Al Asad oasis is claimed to have been a resting point for Abraham along his journey. I have been to/through Al Asad a bunch of times and visted the oasis with a Chaplain. It has a certain feeling to it. It's hard to explain the feeling one gets there.

But I digress. Glad you endured that loooooong flight home. I have been out for about 6 months. The only bit of info/advice I can give is to be patient with the job market...
It is horrible

[edit on 14-4-2010 by Acid_Burn2009]

posted on Apr, 14 2010 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Stop-loss!

Welcome back home, nothing like being on American soil is there, sure you will get acclimated in no time, looking forward to your future posts.

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