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Sun and Tanning Bed Exposure Conspiracy

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 01:39 PM
Sun and Tanning Bed Exposure Conspiracy

My dear ats members, as you have seen, the new health care bill has now issued a 10% tax on tanning bed usage. Although, there is a post by Blackjackal already, I need a new thread to elaborate and expand on this issue thoroughly.

I find it repugnant that they should tax us for using tanning beds. That's a clear demonstration of the reality of disinformation/misinformation regarding tanning beds or solar exposure to ultra violet radiation. First of all, there is a variety of beds that are available ranging from very low power, to those that can potentially burn your face off. It has been proven that mild exposure to the sun and/or a tanning bed can produce vitamin D3 which can strengthen the immune system, PREVENT THE FLU and the seasonal colds, and can also help reduce stress levels.

Sun exposure may help cancer

Sun Exposure Cuts Cancer Risk at 16

If you live in an area in the United States where you are unable to receive proper exposure to the sun, hopping into a low power tanning bed as a substitute will rarely tan you let alone burn you.

If you have very very fair white skin, you should NOT be spending a day in the beach without a shade. Use your logic. What they're doing here, is another example of babysitting the American people and atrophying autonomous decision making skills.

We evolved from the sun; the sun is the provider of all life. Unfortunately, a preponderance of those who's ancestors evolved distanced from the equatorial line such as myself, have skin that has not adapted to incessant exposure. If you must spend some time in the sun, use a NATURAL sunscreen, and build up your tolerance over time--WITHOUT ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BURN. Sunscreen has NOT shown its efficiency in reducing the chance of melanoma.


Sunscreen SCAM

Once again, I believe we are being duped into demonizing and subsequently avoiding the provider of all life. We are told to overuse sunscreen products and are becoming psychosomatically victimized by the trepidation invoked by the skin cancer scare.

White Americans and Europeans make a fatal mistake when they live a sun-free life and then decide to sit in the sun the entire day while applying deadly carcinogenic cocktails to their skin. This accompanies the flawed belief that it will provide protection, which is false and detrimental to ensuring safe guidelines for exposure. Sunscreen prevents vitamin D synthesis. By giving yourself an overdose of ultra violet radiation, your skin is unable to cope and as a result suffers from damage. Ultimately, this can damage cellular DNA and lead to carcinogenic cells.

The key here is responsibility. If moderate solar exposure is beneficial to the optimal functionality of our immune system, we also need to keep in mind that it can be deadly as well. The fire-and-forget mentality that we are constantly conditioned to uphold by the big pharmaceuticals, big skin-care, cosmetics, and you name it, needs to be deterred at once. It creates a diffusion in our ability to better care for ourselves.

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