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President Obama appoints Ann Coulter as Ambassador to Alien Civilization

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 11:52 AM
In a surprising and controversial move, President Obama has appointed Ann Coulter as the first US Ambassador to an alien civilization, the Verdant Empire. Reached at her new office aboard the Verdant spaceship “Calypso I”, which is currently hovering invisibly over the White House, Coulter stated that she has actually always been a Verdant “walk-in” and the controversial statements she made were actually meant to show the ridiculousness of the positions she espoused in her “act” which she states was inspired by the late comedic genius, Andy Kaufman.

Her unexpected appointment as the first US ambassador to an alien civilization has drawn mixed reviews from Washington insiders on both sides of the political spectrum. Nancy Pelosi expressed outrage that Obama would make this appointment without first clearing it with senior members of the Democratic establishment. “Ann Coulter a Verdant? I don’t buy it for one minute” she sniffed. Rush Limbaugh seemed dazed and confused when asked to comment on the latest appointment, “This is just devastating to all of us who always believed her to be an exemplary American of the female persuasion. I would never have guessed that she was just another “illegal alien” working without a proper visa.”

Reaction in Hollywood was more subdued. Shirley Maclaine stated “I knew this all along. In a previous life back on our home Verdant planet, Ann and I once roomed together at college. She was a real prankster back then. She has really never changed.”

Obama Appoints Ann Coulter as Ambassador to Alien Civilization

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