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Very recently i've had new dream like experiences

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 11:34 PM
So over the last year starting in 2009, my life has been going through major changes, which over the last few years of being on this webpage have posted and talked about. things that would be too time consuming to go over at this point as they are very complicated and very different.. i dont know what is happening to me but it is the most amazing thing in my life. i've been full of so much energy, emotion and awareness that its changing my life..

i want to talk about some recent events related to dreams and times i am dreaming..

first off a few months ago i had a draem, which was the first dream that didnt feel like a dream but more of a disconnect, i had a vision/perception that i met an old mystical being friend. she looked like computer cgi she was so perfect.. and in the dream or whatever it was it felt like i was in my home, i felt at home and safe lik enever before and was aware that i was not dreaming, this being was in this moment with me to tell me that i would be leaving earth in june of this year.. and that basicly was the message.. i dont know what to think of it but i have thought of it and again what i think about it really is much to discuss as it just connects with everything i been feeling/experiencing and thinking...

another thing i wish to talk about in relation to dream which i didnt post on here was about just under 2 months ago i had a dream, before this mini dream i actually woke up in my waking life and i had a brief sleep paralysis moment... and then as i finally snapped out of the sleep paralysis i was intrigued and closed my eyes again and went back into sleep paralysis, and then woke up again... and then i went to close my eyes again but instead it was like i woke up in my waking life again but i couldnt move, so i closed my eyes and i couldnt open them up again. and in that moment i herd a new voice which sounded super clear and very sure of what it was saying, it was a female voice and it was the best voice i ever herd, not only did it sound very sure and very honest it sounded like the voice of truth, it sounded whispery, echoy and a bit digital. i couldnt open my eyes and the voice said "in this moment i can answer any question about life that you want and it will be the truth" and as i was unsure if i was awake or unsure if i was dreaming so i was a bit confused and shocked at the moment, so shocked i couldnt think of anything to say, and at the moment i couldnt think of anything to say it was like the moment realised i couldnt think of anything and i woke up into my waking life.. intrigued again i hoped to go back into sleep paralysis and be in that moment again with the voice but i couldnt, i did go back into sleep paralysis and something odd happened when i woke up.. i had one vision on my left eye of the bedroom and in my right eye another vision of the bedroom but it was mirrored and things were rearraged.. when i had each eye open byitself i could see each vision and when both eyes were open they were overlapping and it was confusing. i couldnt change it and it freaked me out and i thought my vision was #ed forever but then i had sleep paralysis AGAIn and when i woke up this time i was totally refreshed and not groggy, so i carried on in my daily routeen and went to work..

now last night i had another episode which i can only relate to these others, a dream where it didnt feel like a dream.... last night i recall having a moment in my dream where i was among the stars, but it was lucid, it was like i created this perception. i manifested stars in my dream and was just observing them and their placement in my vision.. i was aware that i created them with my thought and i was aware that i was in a lucid state but the odd thing was that i didnt realise it was a dream. i felt normal.. i knew i didnt have a form or body and i just was in this moment.. i was observing the stars and while observing them i decided that i needed a new way of precieving these stars, i needed a new angle and a new way to view the moment i was in.. So i asked for it... and in that moment i was aware that what i was looking at, as beautiful as it was wasnt direct. i was aware that the vision and moment i was could be different and i understood that what i was looking at and wher ei had placed myself was best described as like looking at someones profile.. seeing the side of their head but not the face, and the stars and my position of perception seemed to shift and the stars "turned around" and like a profile picture i now had a head on shot of what was going on and where i was.. i felt like i learned something major and i had a new feeling that i cannot describe.. a totally new emotion,, a TOTALY new one. i cant even decide on a word right now to relate it to, but it was just new and if anything more clear.. i just has a moment of realiseation and then i woke up.. and then in my waking life i realised i couldnt (at least right now) view things the way i was shown in my dream...

and thats about. thank you for reading this far and i'm so excited for the future and i hope everyone can experience life the way i have been recently. i love you all and i love life..

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