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Catholic PEDOPHILE Racket

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 10:07 AM
Ok Here goes a sensitive one alter boys and girls

I went to a catholic private school in Australia (UK call this a public school) god knows why ...

It was a fantastic school great people and we did have some genuinely spiritually minded nuns and priests working there.


Just like in the papers one of our priests was caught getting up to no good in a public toilet with a minor down near the beach and everyone was shocked, he actually seemed like one of the good guys .... in all honesty we couldn't believe it.

Taking advantage of a minor is such a heinous crime people cant even talk about it, the embarrassment to the church is so profound that if anyone is ever reported they prefer to move them on to a new town to start fresh. IT'S COMING BACK TO BITE THEM!

I have a theory ....

In the medieval times homosexuality would have you burned at the stake ... executed, so if you were attracted to other males or had these desires your family would have ushered you into the church as a kind of safe haven. Now I am not linking homosexuality with child molestation one bit, my mother was a fashion designer for 30 years and our family has more gay friends than most of you have ever met. They are part of our family for every birthday & Christmas so don't even think about trying to say I'm giving gays a hard time because I'm not.

So if your son was not interested in women the church would seem like a better place to go than on the chopping block. In this day and age a homosexual man can express himself how ever he wishes but in those times it was different you were hidden away from society in the church holding back desires that they were obviously born with.

It seems to me that because coming out was not an option, the church was your only place of refuge and you had to live there like it or not. Now here comes the but ..

BUT .... I'm 100% certain (SOME) individuals would have experimented because unlike today there was no way of getting any release! and unfortunately due to their innocent minds and the power of god coming from a priest, young people were taken advantage of in a big way and this cycle has perpetuated throughout time. The power of God and the power of silence ans kept the lids on a suppressed mans experimentation.

Suppressing a mans sexuality and hiding him within a celibate priesthood system from the ancient times has continued on till today and it's coming back to bite them BIG TIME.

People are so shell shocked by what's been going on with the Catholic church they don't even know how to react! People should be rioting outside St. Peters square in Rome saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! No more lies No more hiding.

I believe that it's a DARK RIFT within the catholic church that has perpetuated throughout time till this very day.

I wonder how long it will be until people really stick their neck out against the biggest money spinning organization in the world and say NO MORE LIES.

So does anyone else get my theory?

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 10:31 AM
It is a shame as I was brought up a Catholic and was an alter boy for 6 years, attended a Catholic school and nothing like what goes on now went down. The majority of the priests I encountered where pius, selfless men devoted to their faith. The church is to blame for this pure and simple, by denying these men the right to marry and have children, and healthy sex they have created such a environment that fosters these type of deeds. I am not for a minute defending the priests that are guilty of these disgusting acts however are merely stating the root cause of this and the ongoing cover up that has given the green light for others to do as they wish.
Bottom line is I am embarassed to be a Catholic and believe the Church is one of the biggest shams in history, I havent been to mass in 8 years and have no intention of going, unless it is to family members weddings or funerals. Sell off the assets to give to the victims and shut the whole thing down.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 10:41 AM

Originally posted by On the level
Sell off the assets to give to the victims and shut the whole thing down.



posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 11:08 AM
First, I can agree that SOME men found refugee in the Church because of their sexuality or sexual deviancy.

However, first homosexuality and pedophilia are not the same thing, nor does one cause the other, ie just because a man like to or wants to have sex with males does not mean he wants to engage with a 12 yrs old boy. Totally different categories of sexual behavior.

That being said, as the first sentence states, I do believe that there was a time, and a long time, that men having any sexual urge other than to be with a woman would hide in the Church as to not be pressured into marriage.

I do however, believe this to be a small minority within the priesthood. I see the stories, but in my experience I have never met a Priest that was anything but inspired by God and devoted. The vast majority of the stories coming out now are old, what I mean is crimes that were committed 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago, not any that say just happened last week, or even this past year.

Now, I believe that there is a pedophilia racket, as you said. However, I disagree that it is a Catholic racket. Pedophiles exist in every walk of life, every culture, every religion, everywhere. What we need to do, is come together and figure out a way to keep our children safe, as I do not believe that a pedophile can be rehabilitated.

posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 11:16 AM
I wanted to add that I in no way blame the vow of celibacy on any of the current accusations. First, if it were simply that vow you would find a lot more priest wanting to get married, or being called out for soliciting female prostitutes, or whatever sexual scandal one come up with involving a woman, that is not the case.

Celibacy does not change a person's sexuality. Some, for who knows what reason, try to leap to the comparison of prison inmates "turning" gay while incarcerated. That is a ridiculous comparison as Priests are not on lock down they are free to go where ever they please whenever they please, just as some have found opportunity to engage in the discussed acts, they could or do have equal opportunity to engage in heterosexual acts.

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