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Dominant Fox News Has Best Quarter in Network History

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 10:30 AM
reply to post by Subjective Truth

Originally posted by Subjective Truth This comes down to one thing and the progressives should take note of it. This news station was the only one to go after the current administration everyone else has been on holiday.

No offense but this is an exaggeration and a lie.

By easy on the President, or free ride do you and the OP mean they do not burn him in effigy or put a Hitler mustache on him like the other stations do????

In that case you might be right, but...
I have heard many liberal news media stations bash the President for stepping up the war, dropping the public option, not closing GITMO and otherwise caving in to all those human "unfriendly" Republican demands.
Now they are bashing him for agreeing to drill off our coasts another idiotic useless concept brought to you by the Reptilians I mean Republicans.

When it happens (and how would you know unless you watch those stations) I think these liberal newscasters are being unfair to him and are only trying to appease their liberal base.

Republicans are the mouth pieces, the hired guns for big corporations, investment bankers, insurance, and energy companies.
Other than the oil there is nothing tangible they are selling, no product we can even use. Can you use a defense missile?

They are selling the American people the illusion of SAFETY....and it is making them a bundle.

And FOX NEWS is not a news organization - it is a shill for these mega giant corporations that are screwing you.

You think they can't afford their own news station? Think again.

I hope you feel the love...

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 01:29 PM
Lets see if you hear about this on FOX.

RNC Spends thousands on Jets Limos and Clubs. You can't sway these folks with health care and perks like that. They already have everything so you have to go the extra mile and persuade them with obscene expenses and sexual related favors. Did you get an invite to this? You are the common man. This is a party for the rich and you are not even invited and yet you defend them? Doesn't make sense to me.
Fair and balanced news you say? Clearly corrupt is more like it. How can they be right and everyone else be wrong? You ever wonder about that?
I mean even C Span is part of a liberal news conspiracy and Fox is giving it to you straight?...The only news station out there?
Come on people...SNAP OUT OF IT!!!

A theatrical performance only brought to you by Exxon and Haliburton Wackenhut, a host of investment corporations, Insurers, assorted take a chunk middlemen, financial giants, bankers and Corporate Polluters of the world... United.

You must admit this group exists.
Now think...who speaks for the poor corporations?
I mean besides the devils appointed by Bush....on the Supreme Court?

If you were them how would you manipulate people? Slant hell,
You'd set up a pseudo news station and tell them what you want and make yourselves look like the good guys

So you are not sued for FCC violations you use sub hosts to bring forward the essence the most radical position the regular host always dances around riling the stupid. This way when the host returns he isn't blamed for it.
Beck knows he'd have been off the air if he said what his guest host said.
Now he's back slick as a snake. Not lost on me although even Obermann couldn't figure this out.

Check out this story if you are wanting all the news a quote follows:
Glenn Beck Stand-In Tries to Out-Racism Beck, Says Obama Hates "White Guys and Capitalism"

Last summer, a number of advertisers boycotted Glenn Beck's FOX News show after he accused Obama of being a "racist" with a "deep seeded [sic] hatred for white people or the white culture." Since then, Beck has avoided overt race-baiting, focusing instead on Obama's affection for Marxism, progressivism, fascism, totalitarianism, and many other unsavory "isms," not to mention a few unpleasant "y's" like oligarchy, tyranny, and the Democratic Party. But Beck was off the air today. His stand-in was right-wing radio host Chris Baker, who has a long history of airing "colorful" accusations. In addition to participating in the birther conspiracy theory, Baker has called Obama a Muslim, the anti-Christ, and "a little bitch."

And You wont find this on Fox News. This is more of a "need to know" story for FOX where you are fed a daily dose of corporate friendly BS.

The rest of the News Channels at least try to give you all the news out there and trust you to decide. FOX tells you what to think. Look at the sneers on their faces. It is a wordless psychological trick to say ...who I reference is despicable and if you sympathize with them you are disgusting unAmerican trash too. This is why we love them. Theater at it's finest. There has to be an awards category for the Fox News type of show. Hilarious

When it isn't killing us.

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