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Abortion And Race - An (Im)Perfect Storm?

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posted on Mar, 31 2010 @ 02:18 AM
Georgia Senate Endorses Bizarre Anti-Black Conspiracy Plot

Under the bill’s language, a health care provider could be convicted of a felony and sentenced to up to 10 years in prison for performing an abortion “with the intent to prevent an unborn child from being born based upon the race, color, or gender of the unborn child or the race or color of either parent of that unborn child.”

The bill is inspired by a claim that abortion providers are engaged in a conspiracy to reduce the number of black children born in this country. As Georgia Right to Life has argued in billboards and other outlets, “black children are an endangered species” that need the protection of law against a campaign to eradicate them.

As proof of that campaign’s existence, Georgia Right to Life cites the fact that more than twice as many black women sought abortions in Georgia in 2008 as did white women, even though the state’s population is just 30 percent black.

Wow, is this an inflammatory topic? It's somehow otherworldly to imagine the pro-life movement of the religious right (though certainly not all pro-lifers are of the "religious right") connected to a movement that sees a racial (in this case, specifically, African-American) "bias" to abortion rates. Not typically bedmates.

Can black Americans be labeled as genocidal targets by abortion statistics, despite measurements of education, pregnancy rates, etc?

I might also note that included in this editorial feature is the author's mention of a Georgia bill that outlawed the forced implantation of microchips. Who knew that "progressiveness?" was alive and well in Georgia (my dear home state)?


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