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The Shape of Space

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:38 PM
Space Exploration
The Shape of Space


There is a recent thread on ATS about sources. I myself am limited in what I may say about the sources of information that I pass on to ATS. Not all sources may be named but they are authoritative because they know their subject. The reader is encouraged to read what is presented and to make up his own mind as time passes and man’s knowledge begins to confirm what is presented here. It is for those who love the exploration of space.

Time and Space

The universe, as our five material senses have us experience it, is material. It works according to certain principles and laws that are dependable enough that we can leave earth and go visit within the neighborhood with certainty that we can arrive there with planning. However, as they say sometimes, do not always judge a book by its cover. We can think and travel on the surface without scratching the underlying principles which give rise to space. However, this post scratches the surface just a little to expose some of those interesting foundations the cosmos rests upon.

The universe as book rests upon a foundation that does not always rely upon relativity, and it uses resources that begin outside of space. Even time is not inherent to space, and space itself is un-necessary for most of the important human activities of thinking and doing. Matter originates first as a space potency and then as a cosmic force.

Cosmic Force

There is a basic energy cycle to the universe. I am told that all material energy has the same origin and the same destiny in this universe age. In basic language, the evolution of matter is as follows.

Space potency => Force energy => Emergent energy => Mature electronic energy

Space Potency = It forms outside of the space sheath and may be likened to the seeding from which will germinate force energy.

Force Energy = Cosmic pre-material force (and like its predecessor space potency) seems to be quite unreal to material energy observers. It can be obliquely referenced as an effect, but not measured directly. Science fiction uses the concept as that which encapsulates a ship and prevents injury to it. The real stuff arrives as emanations into space from outside of the space area.

Emergent Energy = This is the product of force energy that has transmuted itself at the boundary between non-space and space. It is pre-electronic and science has noted it but does not know what to call it. Hawking radiation is one of its forms. It has no mass; it has no reaction to space gravity; it exhibits anti-gravity under the right emergent conditions.

Mature Electronic Energy = Most familiar to all as the atom and the various kinds of particles, charged and uncharged, or even massless such as the photon and other boson.

The Particle Energy Cycle

The actual cycle of pre-matter to material energy particles can be summed up like this:

Plus energy:
Emergent energy (+) temperature/gravity extremes = (quanta) + 1 particle.

Minus energy:
1 particle + temperature/gravity extremes = (quanta) + emergent energy

That is the basic energy cycle.

The energy cycle can not go into reverse as far back as cosmic force primarily because cosmic force does not reside in space, and once the barrier of space has been penetrated by emergent energy, it can not reverse itself back into its non-space cocoon. I am told there are also other reasons why energy can not be further reduced beyond the emergent energy unit.

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