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The ThingÖ

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posted on Jun, 3 2004 @ 12:55 AM
Itís Dusky inside some people walking around they have white cotes on looks like experiment they are doing Iím panicking what do day want with me are they goanna do some experiments on me I hope not, but way do they keep me in this cage, I donít like it, its cold and sometimes dark some weird bereaving noises comes from the next cage
What is it that bereaves next to me I donít like it scare me to defÖ

Here they come again the people with the white cotes they have something with them some sort of living thing, there is a long silver table in the middle of the room it seems cold they are putting it on the table cant make out what it is but it haze some sort of brown green skin and have yellow pupils, some sort of scaly skin like a crocodile or snake,

They taking out a huge needle with some black stuff in it and they injects the thing with it itís making offal noises like screaming like if itís getting ripped apart I cant listen anymore itís bad they are doing some stuff to the thing donít know what cutting it open and putting something in it, flashing ball or something and closing the cut again.

The thing is strapped to the silver table and they are leaving its silent again the heavy breathing next to me is also gone, will like to know what they did to the thing.

Some hours later the think it moving, I hade watched it for some time wondering when it is goanna wake up it haze little movement and some sort of moaning. The people are back and unstrapping the thing from the table. They are taking it away. The thing is starting to move a lot it gets lose and attack one of the people the rest of the people are creaming and running away the thing kills the man with the white cote the cote is full of blood the floor is swimming in blood gust blood every where the thing takes of out the room with the silver table.

Some time haze gone bay no sound at all suddenly the cage door opens all the cages doorís opened. I donít want to go out donít know what waits for me outside. But donít want to sty here it my chance to get out of this place so Iím opening the door slowly I sea nothing so I started walking rewords the door itís gust blood everywhere and bodyís lying around so Iím gowning down the hall away from the blood and bodyís donít know where Iím growing I hope I can get out of this place.

Thereís doors everywhere with numbers some with small windows Iím stopping I want to look inside one to se what is inside, heeeeee!!! What was that? Start running again thereís a door saying exit. It locked dam what know thereís another hallway gouging down there the red lights on the side of the walls are flashing must be something to do with the thing that got lose.

Donít know where to go anymore, Iím panicking thereís a open door let look where it goes, some stares itís gouging down Iím straggling downwards itís small stares Iím still gowning looks like the last couple of stares thanks for that Iím getting tired there are some big window like stuff agents the walls itís black windows dam I stop I cant belief it
I seeing myself for the first time what am I look like a grim reaper or something like it but wait it not rite I look like this but I can think for myself and I have emotions what the hell is going on am I a experiment off some sort it cant be it imposable but know I fink of it I look like the think on the table.

Thereís a thing on the floor some sort of metal think it big Iím goanna take it and check if I can brake the black window the window chatters as I throws the thing through the window there it some big rooms divided Iím going into the one room thereís a door that mist lead somewhere its not locked Iím opening it nothing on the udder side Iím going out in the hall itís different from the one where I was.

There are some people Iím screaming help they looking around they first stand in amassment and then starting to ran away screaming Iím running in the posit direction I here something its men with big gins that are after me I mist get away I donít want to be held here any more, they are shooting ate me no.

Iím hit but I still can go on, they are still after me and shooting Iím hit again I fell to the floor Iím bleeding bit itís yellow I have yellow blood I cant get up Iím in pain they are coming closer I here ďare it dead, donít know shoot it again to make shoreĒ they shoot me twice more I feel the billets in me but I cant move but I can still here them talking the one man is talking an a devise ďthis is falcon from Area 51 subject 2A1 of project black it dead, but be on the lookout subject 2B1 is still on the loseĒ

Iím not feeling good the noise is fading awayÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖÖ

[Edited on 3-6-2004 by vaswegpg]


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