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Here it is ATS.... The Big Money Flow

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posted on Mar, 29 2010 @ 10:06 PM
The biggest of the big money flows down this river.
I'm not going to give away anything, but a great tease.
You can jump in if you want.
I've been swimming frantically for years and making progress slowly.

On a waterway, a lock will raise or lower a boat.

Now point your finger to the next lock.
No guesses. It is located precisely. It is on the calender.

I'll show you one to get you started.

Including the Inauguration Day, Obama's first hundred days ended on the cycle. It doesn't always end this way, or on this day. I can look back into the 1970's and still not find another ending on that calendar day although it did come close in 1986. Sometimes the cycle comes and goes quietly.

This time the stock market had been cycling down since late 2007. A few days after the hundred days celebration Obama would make a speech that included something about 72 days. Many of you will remember that speech because it got attention at the top of the news headlines that day. Obama said his first hundred days were so successful (ending a cycle) that his next hundred days would only take 72 days. If you look at July 10, 2009, that 172nd day, on the Dow Jones Industrial graph you will see that the market bounced on that day and hasn't look back since. Go figure.

Does Obama know the cycle? Or is it the guy that advises his speech writer? They broadcast it to everybody.


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