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Reincarnation + Why Memories are Erased Between Lives?

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posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by CavemanDD

I found this research very resonating

I´ve been reading Castaneda lately. I like the feel that im wondering
in some very strange woods in those books, because it gives more room
for me to expand my awareness through another set of metaforic
language. Three things that I like most: the "assemblage point" (altered
consciousness, the decoding mechanism), "knowledge without words", (this
is basically pure experience that cannot be traced back to base level, only
in heigthened awareness) and the "spirit knocking on your door".

Reincarnation is a big step on the foundations of the spirit, it must be
acknowledged and like what Castaneda saids, you must know and
recognizes when it happens without denial ("the knocking").

I read another authors, like montalk, and his proposal also is very
intriguing (he is an abductee) about the 3rd density has a soul "pool" and
spirits can come in if the frequency of genetic, social and the learnings
are adequate. If no spirit comes, another new soul is created from that
very pool and will need a lot of effort to a spirit attach to it (the second
birth) and this can happen at anytime, here or in the astral.

Thing is, my opinion is that these new souls are used and canibalized
by 4D and 5D neg entities here. Its part of the process.

I know this sounds cruel, but where I live, children happens by "accidents"
and there is soo much of this happening that I noticed a trend. People
either dont get kids (waste of money!!!) or dont give a damn. So, these
sons are not wanted, not needed...

The astral camp (of psychic drain) gets larger, and with no spirit knocking,
or sinchronicties, their 3D avatar gets a lot of run, while they function
primarily on the prey/predator and alpha male/female nature scheme of

The ego got the upper hand, only lower chakras are in use, perfect
food for the "gods".

Im intending on having a son.
Me and my wife dream of him/her a lot.


posted on Apr, 1 2010 @ 06:48 PM
I've just come to a point in my life where I've detached from any and all beliefs except the belief in myself and the knowing that I'm alive right now.

I guess you could say I've "shed" everything I thought to be true and thought I knew. Now that I have admitted I don't really know anything and have metaphorically stripped myself of every belief, I can build myself back up. Now, I'm sure it will be a long process and I do plan on meditating everyday. but in no way will I jump to conclusions and cement myself in someone else's belief.

I'm brainstorming here and I'm thinking of (my own personal truths and beliefs) to be like a puzzle which could have 1 piece or 1,000,000 pieces, but no matter how many pieces it has it would be complete with any number. I will question every puzzle piece and analyze it, wondering whether it came externally or internally. Maybe one day I will know my puzzle to be complete, but right now I'm at 0.

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